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My Dream

by Mike

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© Copyright 2006 - Mike - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; bagged; vacuum; breathplay; compactor; cons/nc; XX

I had been in the city on business and decide that I would my friend Elke on my way home. I drove over to her place and rang the door bell.

It opens and I get a vision of beauty as Elke stands in the doorway and asks me inside. 

Elke is wearing a long white nylon smock and explains to me that she is clearing up and straightening her wardrobes. I followed her inside and she leads me to her bedroom where I also found her friend Yasmin squatting beside the wardrobe. She too was dressed in a long nylon smock and they both welcomed me to join them with friendly smile on their fair faces. 

Both women were large, not your average model, together they would have weighed 280 kg. 

Elke had bought several 130 X 80 cm large vacuum bags, the type with a suction valve (in the trade under "space bag" or "space winners" available).

She didn't manage to fill all of the bags with all her clothing that she was putting into storage, so she had two bags left over. 

Yasmin took the vacuum cleaner and sucked the air from the bags containing Elke's clothing.. 

The air was sucked out very fast from the thick bags and compacted her clothing down to only a 3 cm high plate, which with the air removed pressed the bag surrounds together. 

I was inspired, squatted before one the bags and affected some interest. 

The women looked at themselves mutually and conspiratorially. 

Everything from then on went completely fast. 

The thick Yasmin grabbed me and held me suddenly, whilst Elke reached for an empty vacuum bag and pulled it completely over me. 

Then they tipped me up and locked the opening with the absolutely hermetic zipper. 

By the speed and the weight of the two women I could not resist nor break free from their grasp. 

Yasmin started the vacuum cleaner and pressed the sucking vacuum cleaner hose on the suction valve of the bag. 

The plastic of the vacuum bag set itself against my flesh, moulding itself easily on my skin, when satisfied that she had sucked most of the air out Yasmin stopped the vacuum cleaner. 

I was now completely stuck imprisoned inside the bag. The two women had their pleasure with me! 

I should suffer still more, therefore they used me now as couch. 

They sat down with their thick back parts surrounded by the nylon of their smocks on me. 

Soon they noticed that the nylon and their Pantyhose slid on the plastic of the bag that surrounded me felt wonderful. They pushed their bodies non-stop on me back and forth. They began enjoying themselves, rubbing their sex against my tightly encased body, they laughed as they watched me running out of air and was breathing rapidly

Yasmin observed the fear in my eyes and opened the zipper just 2 cm in length. 

Fresh air flowed in here, before Yasmin locked the bag again hermetically. Then it sucked the bag off again. Withdrawing most of the fresh air that had just entered, bringing the surrounds of the vacuum bag even more firmly together and squeezing my body further. 

Yasmin was finished with sucking off the air and Elke returned with an enormous black shining waste bag and pulled it over me. 

I was about to suffocate! And complained as loudly as I could.

They opened the vacuum bag slightly, but then pulled the waste bag quickly further upward and then took the strong binding belt of her nylon smock and tied up the waste bag above me. 

I got air again to breathe, I couldn't however move myself because of the tightness here inside the vacuum bag. 

They picked me up and placed me inside another garbage bag, the strength of the two women was no match for me in my position, they continued to play with me before they picked me up and carried me outside to a their car. I was placed inside the trunk and they drove off with me bagged and their captive.

They only drove a short distance to the local shopping centre, they parked next to a compactor garbage unit, they lifted me over the edge and I fell  on to the remaining waste inside the compactor and the two women then threw many full waste bags on top of me. 

They closed the door of the opening and I lay buried under the waste in the dark and heard the frightening like noise as the door was locked. 

The compaction unit was switched on and the slide gate valves began to press me non-stop into the rear part. I was already pressed against those already to crush bags, when the women obviously interrupted the cycle. The slide gate valve went back and the door was opened. 

Elke and Yasmin bent themselves over the edge of the opening and observed me laughing loudly. 

Then they threw further waste bags and wooden boxes into the empty-swept large opening. 

The door was locked again with the words "Bye Bye" and a new cycle began. 

The wood of the crates splintered and the waste bags coming to me burst, whistling and slamming. They surrounded my black bag making it even firmer and pressed me further inside the compaction unit. The bags behind me were consolidated already very firmy and did not give way. 

My bag was further compacted by the continued pressure of the machine as it went through it's cycle, the garbage bags pressing themselves against my body. I was struggling to breathe as the plastic covered my face and the pressure built up against my body, making it even more oppressive and enclosing.

I almost blacked out from the compaction as the machine reached the end of its cycle and the slide valve gate began to recide. Leaving me totally enclosed with the refuse, with many bags surrounding me.

The women had obviously had their fun and knocked with their hands and feet from the outside on the compaction unit. They knew exactly what happens to the contents of the compaction unit. In the morning the truck collects the contents and are taken to the refuse incinerator. Nobody will find me and the women laughed as they explained what was going to happen now that I was nothing more than garbage.

I blacked from lack of air and my tightly compacted body lay there unable to move, awaiting my fate.

I awoke and found myself stretched out on Elke's bed, the plastic bags from the previous night evidence to the previous nights activities lay on the floor. My body sore and bruised from the compaction unit, I wondered when we would do this again...


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