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Motherly Love

by Trashy Canadian

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© Copyright 2021 - Trashy Canadian - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; garbage; naked; mast; incest; tape; bond; gag; balltie; bagged; truck; transported; messy; collected; landfill; XX

Bored. I was so unbelievably bored. Today was particularly dull, as many of my days often are. School was as monotonous as ever for me, I usually got top grades, and nothing challenged me. I never really participated in any sports teams, preferring to keep to myself, and though I had my share of friends, I was often by myself with just my thoughts and my laptop to keep me company, by choice rather than circumstance. Oh, but where are my manners? My name is Sarah, I’m 24 years old and I live in Toronto, Canada. Life in the city is pretty good, but dreadfully boring most of the time, and the nightclubs and restaurants and other entertainment available rarely did much to quell that boredom. There was one thing though that did however: the garbage.

Now I know what you’re thinking: how could anyone, especially a girl like me, enjoy garbage?! It’s dirty, stinky, slimy, and just all-around nasty. But that’s just what I love about it. It’s something most people wouldn’t ever consider attractive, it’s taboo and exciting. I loved to climb in my supply of trash bags at home, smell the rotting waste from our family garbage cans, and I adored taking out the trash on Tuesdays. My family eventually found out and to my surprise they didn’t shun me or make me stop, in fact they didn’t seem to care much at all, only asking that I not be too reckless. Most supportive of all though was my mom. She encouraged me to explore my fetish, being a quite sexually active woman herself, and even offered to participate in my activities. That offer was a year ago, and what had started out as simple baggings and bondage transformed into dumpster diving and garbage collection play. Which brings us to today, with garbage day around the corner it was time for Mom to throw me away. To say I was giddy would be an understatement as I practically jumped up the steps to the front door. 

“Mom! Dad! I’m home!” I called excitedly. 

“In here, Sarah, dear!” My mom replied. As I entered the kitchen, I noticed that mom was standing in the middle of the room with a garbage bag already in hand, a playful smirk on her face. “Thought I’d accidentally forget to dispose of the trash today?”
I laughed hard. “Hell no, Mom. I know you wouldn’t miss the chance to throw me in the trash.” I moved to grab the bag and put it on, but mom pulled away. 

“Ah ah ah! Not so fast, young lady. Dinner and homework first, then disposal.” I playfully rolled my eyes and submitted to her demands. I knew I’d have plenty of fun in the trash tomorrow and no amount of waiting could spoil the fun. Dinner was delicious, fish and chips, my absolute favourite, and as my dad and sister went to bed, mom called me in; it was time. 

“Strip and get on the floor, Sarah, and roll into a ball.” I did as instructed and felt my hands and feet tied with duct tape. Before I could thank her, mum stuck my panties in my mouth. “Trash doesn’t talk, young lady. Now, to get you disposed of properly...” 

The bag from earlier was gracefully pulled over me, black plastic encasing me in darkness with just a small hole at the top to see out of. I heard mother grabbing the kitchen garbage bin full of slimy rancid food waste and scraps. I could smell it already and couldn’t wait until it joined me inside my trashy prison. Egg shells, fruit and vegetable peels, meat bones, and other filth stinking to high heaven covered my naked body. I knew she wasn’t done when she returned with the bathroom trash full of tampons, used tissues, maxi pads and more. It all filled this bag. 

“Wait a bit longer, Sarah. I have a surprise for you…” Mom said, chuckling to herself. The last and best trash came next: my diaper pail. I loved wearing adult diapers and using them, and mom even got in on the action and started wearing them too. Like I said, kinky woman. The stench inside increased tenfold as my used diapers covered me completely. Ahhhh this is heaven. I thought to myself, breathing in the foul stink like it was perfume. A second bag was pulled over and both were tied closed with their drawstrings. Mom also tied a red ribbon to the bag so I could be found at the dump. My bag was lifted off the floor and I felt myself being carried outside to the curb and thrown on the curb. A few minutes later, three more bags and a wheelie bin joined me.

“Enjoy yourself, Sarah. Tomorrow you get hauled away.” I mumbled a thank you and listened as my mother walked back inside. Once again, I was left alone with just my thoughts to keep me company. With one hand I jammed my fingers into my dripping pussy and the other smeared some loose filth onto my body. God, I feel so naughty, doing this to myself. The stomach-churning scent of rotting food, shitty used diapers, and sanitary trash mixed and combined into one all encompassing reek. I breathed it in greedily, inhaling it in like it was my fresh spring air, wishing it would never go away. I fingered my cunt the whole time, the stench only making me wetter and more garbage was rubbed against me, making my body even filthier. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!” I screamed in pleasure through my panty gag, crying out as I finally came, covering the trash around me in my juices. I was sure my loud shriek woke somebody up, but I didn’t care; all that mattered right was being the good little trash slut that I was and waiting for the garbage truck to haul me away to the landfill. Part of me wanted to be disposed of there for good, but I knew well that people would question where I’d gone and truth be told, I didn’t want to leave my mom alone while I rotted in the garbage dump.

Even as I came down from my orgasmic high, my hand managed to rest on something flat and plastic, couldn’t be a used diaper, so what was it? Could that be…? I grabbed and took a good look. A fresh diaper! Thanks, Mum! Hugging the diaper tight to my trash-caked breasts, I began the slightly difficult process of putting it on inside a garbage bag. It was a little annoying, but I managed to get it on my waist. I looked down at my padded crotch and sighed. Huh. Not my best work but could be worse given the circumstances. Mentally shrugging, I rolled with it and set about using it; moments later what had been a clean plastic disposable was freshly used. Ahhhh! Few things better than a used diaper. Drained from the orgasm I’d just had, the annoyance of trying to put on a diaper inside a cramped bag of rubbish and feeling light-headed from the toxic fumes emanating from the rotting garbage, I inevitably went to sleep, dreaming of being buried in the landfill. Thoughts of being dumped in the incinerator or the garbage shredder were a no-less arousing thought, having dreamt of being disposed of that way for years, and though I did not relish the pain, I’d accept my fate and wouldn’t dare scream; I was a good little piece of trash through and through!

I awoke the next morning to the sounds of birds chirping, lawns being mowed, cars driving through our neighbourhood, and the nauseating stink of garbage in my nose. The overnight rot had made the smell ten times worse than it was already, but I was happy all the same for it. I cherished it, I needed it! The dump was where I belonged, and very soon, it was where I'd be taken. I could hear the diesel roar of the garbage truck coming down the street and the beast devouring each and every disgusting meal the collector fed into its ravenous maw. Soon, it stopped at our house and the collector jumped off. 

“Hi, Mom!” she called! What?! My sister was on this route today?

“Hey sweetie. Hope your route’s going well. I brought you some water.” 

“Thanks, Mom.” She drank it greedily and tossed the bottle in the hopper. “Lots of trash to take to the dump and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Mom laughed. “I’m sure you wouldn’t. I left you a surprise in the trash, I’ll leave you to figure out what it is. Ciao, Alex!” 

As our mother went back inside, my sister grabbed the bags around me and deftly threw them in the hopper. I felt her grab mine and hoist me up. 

“Fuck me, this is heavy! What did mom put in this?!” She tossed me in the hopper. I landed on the pile of trash already inside and promptly got buried under the load of trash in the wheelie bin. I was well and truly stuck now and couldn’t get out even if I wanted to. Sis’ truck drove along to the other houses in our neighbourhood, burying me even more in kitchen garbage, diaper trash, yard waste, and even more rotten filth. I was compacted in with it all, the steel plate showing no mercy and eating me up like a tasty snack for this mechanical beast. Every few minutes the truck would stop, more waste would be tossed in and devoured, and I would be compacted more and more. The pressure was amazing, I truly felt like a piece of trash being disposed of without anybody knowing or caring whatsoever. I was truly crushed in a solid wall of garbage, completely stuck and at the mercy of this beautiful truck and my clueless sister who did her job without a care in the world.

Next stop was a daycare, I could tell by the smell of baby powder and used diapers. The truck ate it up happily and this was the point where my bag finally decided to split open. I was now exposed to the trash inside, my naked body becoming even more covered in grime and swill. I wish I had a mirror to admire my trashy self. I thought as I lay there in the block of trash. More stops followed, a restaurant, an old folk’s home, more apartments, and more besides, it was all devoured and crushed into me. Eventually the pressure was too much for some bags and they popped one by one like rotten, stinking balloons, spraying their revolting contents all over the place, much of it covering me and making me even more filthy than I already was, and I welcomed it happily, grinning widely as the disgusting spray caked my naked form.

Eventually the truck didn’t collect anymore trash and went for a much longer drive to the garbage dump. By my own estimation, I’d been in Alex’s rear loader for about 3 or so hours now and it was time to get rid of it all. The beast drove on, briefly stopping to get weighed and for Alex to do the paperwork before driving to a landfill cell. I felt the truck reverse, its warning alarm blaring loudly even from inside the garbage truck, before the tailgate lifted and the main body began to rise. Trash spilled out in a waterfall of refuse. I too fell out, resisting the urge to go “Whee!” like a little kid as I fell onto the pile of trash, tumbling a little on impact. I managed to remove my restraints and gag and started to climb my way out of the cell when my sister suddenly hopped out of her truck, noticed me, and ground to a halt. We stared at each other for what felt like hours. 

“What the fuck?! Sis? What the hell are you doing in the landfill?!” My sister all but screamed at me as she hurriedly moved me out of sight at the back of the truck. 

I rubbed the back of my neck nervously, embarrassed. “Uhhh, hey Alex. I sort of…rode in your truck. Heh heh.” 

“You rode in my- Oh. My. God!” She immediately facepalmed. “So that’s what Mom meant by ‘surprise’.” Alex rolled her eyes. “Anyway, I’m gonna need you to put this on,” She held up a large garbage bag. “I’m not having you stinking up my car.” Despite her clear revulsion at my scent, my dear sister couldn’t help but smirk.

“Ha ha, very funny.” I did as she asked and bagged myself, getting into the same ball position as yesterday. Alex easily dumped me into the hopper and drove the truck over to the lot. It wasn’t nearly as fun as being disposed of for real, but I cherished being in the hopper all the same. She returned and carried me to her car. “In the trunk, you little piece of trash. Don’t need garbage stink on my upholstery.” Even I had to laugh at that one. I did smell awful, even if I loved it. I’d have to ask her if I could ride in her truck again sometime. Somehow her knowing about me getting compacted made it even more fun. One thing was for sure: this wasn’t my first trip to the dump, and it certainly wasn’t going to be my last, not for a long time…


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