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Moretta Stultified her Master

by Schattenrose Miriam

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© Copyright 2014 - Schattenrose Miriam - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; M+/f; D/s; naked; bond; rope; susp; display; tease; torment; bdsm; whip; nipple; gag; bagged; hood; truck; disposal; landfill; cons/reluct; XX

(nb: Stultify: To cause to appear stupid, inconsistent, or ridiculous.)

'All right.' Moretta thought while she had to gulp down her Masters manhood. 'He's using my mouth so it can't be as worse.'

Moretta was on her knees, her mouth widly opened by a huge ring gag. She was nude except for the collar of her Master. Her head was still in pain from the recent hit she took. Only a few minutes ago she got woken up by her Master using aromatic salt at her nose. At this time she was in his living room, but she couldn’t remember how she got inside of his house. Then she was on her knees down into his basement where he put the ring gag on her and started to please himself with her mouth.

Her Master was always a caring Master and was just cruel during play times. Besides of play times he treated her almost like a human being even if she was his slave. For Moretta it was best decision of her life to submit to him as his slave. He was happy with her and she was happy to be his slave. This went on for almost two years now. And even if her duties got more and more difficult by time, it was never too hard to manage.

To be honest Moretta had to admit, that she simply enjoyed getting punished and used at her Masters will. She also enjoyed it when other Master visited them to make a party, where she had to suffer for their entertainment. On different times the other Masters let their dog run at her, to let them lick at her vulnerable sanctuary. And that just to watch the expressions at Moretta's face. She simply lost count about how often she came from all those treatments.

* * *

This day started up very well for Moretta. In the morning her Master ordered that she had to clean herself up and to shave all necessary spots. Gleeful she took her time to obey this order. She knew each time he came up with that, there must be something special. Mostly that meant some visitors and a lot of nice action.

Moretta was right with her thoughts. A short while after she'd finished her shower and shavings her Master came to lead her out into the garden. Already a few steps in front of the door she heard one or maybe two dogs barking outside. Her Master must have at least one or two guests this day and that meant, Moretta had to entertain them a little.

But as Moretta and her Master stepped into the garden, her eyes grew very wide. There were not just two other Masters as guests today. Quickly she tried to count all of them but lost track at about twenty people. Most of their faces she knew of earlier visits, but there are also a few Masters she'd never seen before. Either they were friends of her Master, she not knew until now or that must be friends of the other Masters.

Her Masters friends stood loosely spread in the garden and were politely chatting. But as Moretta and her Master left the house, they all got silent and looked at them.

“Hello, my friends and friends of my friends!” Moretta's Master started to talk. “Welcome at my home and to my little entertainment for you today. Please take a seat and then I'll explain the further happenings.”

Suddenly all visitors started to move like ants through the garden. For Moretta it was somehow a fun view, even if she was nude in front of them all. For a few moments it looked like total disorder, but soon they all found a place to sit.

Now Moretta saw a row of stools set up into a half moon circle in front of what looked like a frame for a swing. This frame was build up onto a sort of stage with a higher level than the rest of her Masters’ garden. He took a hold of her left arm and lent closer.

“Is there a need to gag you today? Or will you be brave enough to make no noise?” he whispered into her ear.

“I'm pretty sure I can handle this, Master.” Moretta replied as he led her up onto the stage and right under the frame.

All eyes of the other Masters were on Moretta now. She also notices some other slave girls at the sides of their Masters. But it didn’t look like they had some orders yet. The slave girls simply knelt there and watched her with interest up onto the stage.

“Thank you very much for your visit here today. I want to introduce my slave Moretta to those, who not already know her.” Moretta's Master spoke to the audience. “This is going to be the largest entertainment party I'd ever hosted. But before I explain further, I heed the helping hand of another Master. Who volunteers?”

Dozens of hands rose up and this made Moretta feel warm inside. Right at the start of this she got a lot of attention. Her Master picked one out and waved him to enter the stage.

“Help me to bind her wrists.” her Master said.

Both Masters took a length of rope and wound them around Moretta's wrists. She clenched her teeth as they tied the ropes very tight. Then Moretta watched both Masters led the ropes through rings at each side of her and at the upper part of the frame.

“On three we pull.” her Master told and started to count. “One, two and three.”

Both Masters used their strength to pull at the ropes. With that they forced Moretta's arms to the sides and over her head. They pulled further until Moretta's feet left the ground and dangled a few inches above it. The tension in her arms was heavy but nothing she couldn't handle.

“Now her ankles.” her Master told them and again both Masters took a length of rope.

Barely helpless Moretta watched them wind the ropes around her ankles. She also felt their eyes on her crotch, which gave her a tingling feeling down there. She bit her lower lip in shame and growing arousal. Just a little moan escaped her lips as both Masters tied the ropes very tight at her ankles. Then she watched them lead the ropes through similar rings but at the lower part of the frame. A light shiver of excitement ran through her body.

“On three we pull again.” her Master told, “One, two and three!”

Both Masters pulled at their ropes and forced Moretta's legs spread open. The tension in her legs grew and also in her arms. She grimaced a little, but made no further noises. As the Masters finished tying the ropes off, Moretta hung there, spread eagle and fully on display for all guests. Her Master thanked for the help and the other Master left the stage to take his seat again.

“Now all preparations are done.” her Master said to the audience. “Thanks again for the helping hand. Please give applause to my friend.”

The audience clapped, while Moretta felt the tension affecting her. She was completely helpless now. The ropes were biting into her skin and the tension in her limbs was very strong. But she felt that all this was sending special feelings through her body, which ended up straight in her crotch. She felt herself getting wet!

“And now this is how I thought we can play today. Over there is a box, with a lot of tools like clamps, paddles and whips,” Moretta's Master explained. “I thought about to let you all draw lots, to set the sequence. Then each of you can go to the box to fetch one tool out of it, to use it on my slave. As you may have noticed, she isn't wearing a gag. But she has been ordered to not talk with you or to make too loud noises. I want to show you with this event, that she can obey this order, while we're going to hurt her.”

Again the audience applauded and Moretta felt goose bumps all over her skin. Listening to her Masters words, she knew this wouldn't be an easy job for her. She started to worry a little that she couldn't stand it, if the pain and pleasure are too overwhelming. But now it was too late, to tell her Master that she would need a gag.

* * *

Things went relatively well for Moretta so far. With growing excitement she watched the other Masters drawing the lots. The first one, who was allowed to use a tool at her, pulled a pair of clamps out of the box. With those in his left hand he came over to Moretta and with the fingers of his right hand he started to tease her nipples. First her right nipple, gently he rubbed his finger over the sensitive tip of her nipple. Then he let his fingertip circling over her areola, watching with a smile on his face as her nipple started to harden. Finally he lent forward a little and started to let his tongue flick over her nipple, leaving it glistening of saliva.

Moretta closed her eyes in joy and tried hard to control her breathing. The sensations were wonderful for her, but they got suddenly interrupted by a snapping noise and a biting hurt, racing through her body. Her eyes flung open and she almost cried out of pain. With clenched teeth and without breathing she waited a moment until the peak of this pain subsided.

The Master did the same to her left nipple, but this time Moretta was prepared for the coming pain. As the clamp finally snapped into place, she just grimaced a little and a soft moan escaped her lips. Looking satisfied the Master returned to his stool, making room for the next one in the row of waiting punishers.

During the following hour almost the whole body of Moretta fell into agony. That entire group of Master's were really cruel to her, whipping her back, her belly, her breasts, her thighs, calves and arms. They used clamps on her nipples and labia. They removed those clamps so that others could put them on again.

But it wasn't just pain Moretta felt. She also felt incredible pleasure due to the steady attention to her body. At least two times she came, each time with more power than the one before. It was very hard for Moretta to keep her reactions down to just twitches, grimaces and barely silent moans.

But then a Master came to her she had never seen before. It wasn't one of the sportive ones because his belly hung over his pants. Moretta got a little nervous as he grabbed up a cat o' nine tails and came over to her. Just to eye up her swollen and glistening labia. Right in this moment it was clear for Moretta that he was about to whip her sanctuary. She had to gulp hard, because there was no way to avoid this. And in her currently state of arousal, she was unsure if she really could make no noises.

At first the Master gently rubbed the leather of the cat over her swollen labia. The fabric felt cold and soothing to her. She bit her lower lip and couldn't help but to push her hips forward to meet him.

“Ready?” the Master asked and without hesitation he brought his arm back just to let the nine tails slap immediately onto her pussy.

Moretta threw her head back and saw stars dancing in front of her eyes. Again the nine tails hit her pussy, sending waves of pain and pleasure through her body. She clenched her teeth to stay as quiet as possible. But on her face, you could see that she was very close to crying out. The Master laughed and whipped her with increasing pace. Moretta threw her head from the right side to the left, then back. Tears of pain and joy came up in her eyes and the first one rolled down her cheek.

The Master took his time on her. The blows came in steady shortening intervals and they also got harder. Moretta pressed her eyes shut. In her imagination she saw and felt her own Master, standing in front of her helpless form. He was pounding his hips into her, driving his manhood deep into her holy place.

'Yes, Master. Please give me your rock hard tool.' Moretta thought while blow after blow hit her sensitive labia and clit.

Moretta felt another huge climax building up in her depths. It was just a matter of time until it would wash all the pain away and bath her soul in pleasure. Another hard blow hit her.

“YES! Master, please give me your seed!” she thought and suddenly all went still.

Moretta started to wonder about what was happening now. No more hits onto her boiling hot sex anymore. Nothing that would drive her closer to the climax she waited for. It felt like an infinite moment for her. Moretta was be able to open her eyes a little and lifting her head so that she could look at the Masters.

Obviously the Master who whipped her had anger in his eyes. His whole face looked similar to a tomato. His carotids were pushed outwards and pulsating strongly. The whip in his hand made creaky noises because his fingers were clenching around it. Then the scales felt off her eyes. She not only just thought those last words, she had spoken them aloud!

“I'm...” she started to excuse herself, but the Master was faster and gave her a hard blow to her head, sending her into unconsciousness.

* * *

“You disobeyed my orders!” Moretta's Master grunted while he used her mouth. “I'm going to teach you a lesson. I'll show you your place in this world, not following my will!”

With that he pulled his manhood out of her mouth and threw her to the ground. Moretta looked up into his eyes. Never before had they looked as cold as now. Moretta froze at his look.

“Here. I want you to fetch all those things!” her Master ordered and threw a piece of paper at her. “And you're not allowed to walk! Keep on your knees the whole time until you've brought all those things to me!”

Moretta gave her Master a single nod. She did not dare to take the ring gag out of her mouth nor wipe the saliva off her chin. Her knees were already hurting, but she followed her Masters order and crawled away to fetch the items he wanted to have.

* * *

It took a couple of minutes for Moretta to fetch all items her Master had listed on the paper. She put them all into a bag, which she carried back down into the basement, where her Master waited for her.

“There you are.” Moretta's Master called out. “Give me that bag. Then turn around and put your arms on your back!”

Moretta's hands were trembling as she handed the bag to him. Looking up again into his eyes, she still saw that cold expression in his face. Lowering her head she slowly she turned around on her knees and brought her hands back. Immediately her Master grabbed her wrists and twisted her arms until her hands were up her back between her shoulder blades. Then he took a length of rope and tied her hands in that position. Moretta had to grunt a little, because there was an unknown ache in her elbows. Then she felt her Master wind another rope around her elbows and her torso, leaving her tied up into a tight reverse prayer. Now it was impossible for Moretta to move her arms even a little bit without hurting herself. The tension in her arms was intense.

Now her Master motioned her to sit on the cold floor of the basement. Taking another length of rope he started to tie her ankles together. He tied the rope off very tight, so that it was biting hard into her skin. He checked the rope and as he was satisfied that Moretta was effectively secured, he continued to tie her off right above her knees. Then he pushed her knees to her chest and wound a length of rope around her ankles and thighs to secure her feet at her bottom. As he was finished with that, he wound another rope around her legs and torso, tying her up into a ball tie.

“There. Now you can't go anywhere.” Moretta's Master told with a devilish grin on his lips. “You're staying at that place; I'm going to send you to.”

With those words her Master pulled a huge black and shiny trash bag out of the pouch of things, Moretta had fetched for him. Moretta already wondered for what her Master would need that trash bag. But after his words and seeing him take the bag, she got a pretty good idea about it. Shaking her head she watched her Master opening up the trash bag and settling it to the ground next to Moretta. Then her Master grabbed her, lifted her up and sat her down right in the middle of the open trash bag. All Moretta could do was to watch him grabbing the sides of the bag and pulling them up over her head. She looked up just to see the face of her Master in the opening above her. He was grinning at her, but in his eyes he still had this cold expression.

Her Master lowered the sides a little. Moretta saw that his manhood was as hard as a rock. Obviously this was arousing him. Moretta was in deep worries about the situation. Holding the trash bag with his right hand, her Master started to jerk off. Moretta couldn't help but to watch his hand rubbing up and down on his huge and hard shaft. Instinctively she moved her tongue along the ring of the gag. She hoped to get some drops of his seed into her mouth. Right as he used her mouth a few minutes ago she wanted to taste his semen. Now her urge to taste it grew more. It doesn't take very long for him to shot his loads across her face. Moretta closed her eyes as the first hot wad hit her skin. She shoved her tongue out more to get at least one load onto it. The grunts of her Master above her got slower after the fourth or fifth load he shot. Then just a few single drops hit Moretta's face and her Master was done. She heard a rustling sound around her. She opened her eyes, but she was in totally darkness.

“I'm back in a few moments.” she heard her Master say and then she noticed footsteps moving away from her.

Moretta's Master had tied off the bag above her head. Moretta was unsure for how long she would have enough air inside this bag. Her heart was beating very fast now. She tried to struggle in her bonds, but all that happened was that she fell onto her side inside the trash bag. As her air was slowly running out, Moretta started to imagine the look from the outside. Since she was tied up very tight inside the bag, it must look like a usual sack from the outside. There would be no sign that something other than usual trash was inside this bag, Silently Moretta started to cry.

* * *

A few minutes later, with the air already very thin inside the trash bag, she felt movements. Hands grabbed her helpless form from outside and sat her upright. Then she heard a rustling noise above her head and soon fresh air and bright light came in. She blinked upwards to adjust her view to the light.

“This lesson isn't over yet!” her Master told her. “Take this.”

Moretta's Master reached in and shoved balled up panties into her open mouth. It felt dry on her tongue and as she tried to whimper, not a single noise came out anymore. Again her Master lowered the sides of the bag a little. Moretta saw him aiming with his soft manhood at her. Just a moment later a stream of warm urine hit her head, drenching her short, blonde hair and flew down over her helpless form. As he finished urinating onto her, he shook out the last drops and bend down a little. Moretta was already shaking with fear and the cool air on her wet skin. Then she saw her Master holding a hood in front of her face.

“With this you can't see anything and you are effectively gagged now. No noise will come out of your mouth, which is too loud.” he explained her. “In your position it isn't necessary to make any noises. But you will be able to breathe through the opening for your nose. And you can still hear what is going on around you. So you'll be aware of what punishment I have in mind. You stultified me in front of my friends, you little worthless slave!”

With that Moretta's Master pulled the hood over her head and started to tighten the laces. He did it very well and as he was finished with his work, the hood felt like a second skin for Moretta. The leather of the hood had no opening for her mouth and due to that, it was impossible for her to push the panties out of her mouth with her tongue. Now all she could do was breathe through her nose, listen to all noises around her and turn her head around a little. She felt her Master exchanging her collar with another one. The new one was a little tighter than her usual one and it was covering almost her whole neck. Now it was also impossible for Moretta to let her head slump forward, to the sides or backwards without going to choke herself.

Next she felt her Master throwing other stuff into the trash bag with her. It felt soft to her skin and seemed to dry her a little.

“Some old clothes my slave won't need anymore.” Moretta's Master commented.

Her Master took his time to settle the clothes around her. As he was finally done, the pile of soft clothes was up to her neck and put light pressure onto her helpless and trapped body. This was also to avoid her toppling over again.

Moretta was in a dazed state now. Even if her nose was free, the tight collar and the pressure of her clothes made it difficult for her to breathe. She was also in fear and she felt the urge to pee. It was very hard to hold it back in this situation. She still hoped this lesson would be over in just a few more minutes. Then she expected her Master to free her, so that she could use the bathroom for relief.

A cold shiver ran down her spine as she heard her Master tying off the trash bag again with her inside. Now there wasn't much air again sealed in with her like the first time. Panic rose up in her mind and again she tried to struggle. But it was no use for her, because she was tied up very well and packaged into her clothes. She had to shiver as she heard a few poking noises around her head.

“Those holes are for air. You'll need it while you wait.” her Master explained and then she felt him hauling her bag over the floor.

Muffled grunts of her filled her gag, as the bag bumped against the steps of the stairs. Her Master was pulling her out of the basement and she didn't know where he wanted to take her. As she heard the front door going, it was like a shock for her. Her Master hauled the trash bag outside, but why. Was he about to dispose her?

Now she felt him lifting the bag up and carries her to a unknown place. Silently she whimpered into her gag, wanting to tell him how sorry she was and that it wouldn't happen ever again. Suddenly she felt a soft bump from below followed by rustling noises around her.

“You're now out on the curb.” Moretta's Master explained only loud enough so she could understand him. “And here you'll stay. Now it's 10 PM and tomorrow it's trash day. That means the lorry will come in the morning to pick up all bags. If I'm not up until then, you'll be picked up as well, gone into the back of the lorry and start your way to the landfill. There you'll end up like garbage just like all the other trash. This will be the place for you since you stultified me.”

Moretta heard the footsteps of her Master moving away and she started to cry again. Obviously her mistake was much bigger than expected. And while she cried to herself, she wondered if her Master really wanted to get rid of her or would he fetch her before the lorry comes.

* * *

Somehow Moretta fell asleep after hours of waiting. It wasn't very cold that night outside on the curb. She was packaged in her clothes and that kept her warm. It was the loud noise of a motor, that finally woke her up. It was so loud and it came closer to her.

'Oh shit!' Moretta thought 'That can't be! Master, please come and fetch me before they do!”

Again the sound got louder. It was two, maybe three houses further away now. Moretta heard men chatting during their business. Her heart beat was racing and she tried to struggle, but no avail.

'Please, Master. I promise! I'll never stultify you anymore.' Moretta called out in her mind in hope her Master could hear. 'Please come and get me out of here!'

Then the lorry was almost next to her. Moretta tried to call out for help, but she was gagged too effective and the loud sound of the motor drew out the remaining noises. Tears flew down on Moretta's cheeks. Suddenly she felt a movement. One of the bin men was taking one or two of the other trash bags next to her.

'No! Please! I'm in here. Please let me out!' Moretta's mind called out.

Then it happened. The bin man grabbed her trash bag and lifted it off the ground.

“Oh man. This one is heavy.” she heard him commenting. “What do the people throw away these days? Whole pigs?”

'No! That's me. I'm inside! Please open up that bag and free me!' Moretta's mind called to the bin man.

Moretta felt, how the bin man placed her trash bag on the edge of the lorry. For a little moment she got held there, but then she felt herself toppling forward. She fell far downwards until she landed with a soft bump, followed by some rustling noises, as her bag was settling with the others.

'Oh god, please no! That can't be.' Moretta's mind cried, 'That must be a nightmare or so. I'm inside a garbage truck now!'

Suddenly something changed around her. The sound of the lorry's motor started to mix up with the hydraulics noises as the compactors blade came into life. Desperately Moretta tried to free herself out of her bounds. But there was no use. Slowly she felt increasing pressure onto her body as the compactor shoved the trash bags deep into the lorry's belly. Her bladder was aching very badly now, it must be hours since she felt urge to pee first. In this situation she lost control and her pee flowed out.

To Moretta's luck the compactors blade didn't hit her directly. It was just shoving her deeper and pressing other trash bags onto hers. Moretta was still crying and a hissing sound told her, that the compactor was pushing some air out of her trash bag. If her panic could grew even further, it would do so right now.

'Oh my dear God! I'm going to suffocate inside the belly of a garbage truck!' Moretta thought.

Somewhere deep inside Moretta's mind there was a wish, a wish to die by asphyxiation. But she always imagined it would happen in another way. In most of her fantasies she dreamed about to get strung up by her Master or someone else. But in those fantasies she saw eyes on her and knew that she was entertaining them with a long dance on the noose. But this situation was completely different. No one could see her inside the trash bag. She wouldn't entertain someone if she suffocates here. The only one who knew she was in this bag simply discarded her.

More trash bags followed her into the belly. She counted the compactor working at least two more times. The pressure onto her helpless form was incredible. But somehow she was still able to get a little air through her nose. It wasn't enough to keep her conscious but it was enough to keep her alive, at least for now.

* * *

Moretta woke up as she got a huge amount of fresh air into her tormented lungs. She tried to open her eyes, but they were still blocked by the hood. She felt some harder bumps hitting her body. And right now she wondered where she was. After a few fruitless struggles she tried to remember her Master's words. He told her that she will go to the landfill, where all the other trash ends. Silently she started to sob into her gag while more and more trash bags fell onto and around hers.

* * *

Some hours later, she was almost running out of air again, she felt a strange movement. Then she got new fresh air into her lungs and the pressure onto her body decreased. Moretta felt her bag moving and the rustling noise was above her. Suddenly she felt hands at the laces of her hood. As the hood got removed, she had to blink several times to adjust her eyes to the bright light. All the while the gag got untied and the panties pulled out of her mouth.

As her eyes started to regain normal eyesight, she stared up into her Masters eyes. Her mouth stood agape and even if she wasn't gagged anymore, she brought out no word.

“Did you really think I would discard you?” her Master asked with a warm tone in his voice. “I told you that I would teach you a lesson and now I think, you learned it, did you?”

“But.... how....” Moretta babbled.

“How I found you down in the landfill?” her Master laughed and tapped onto her new collar. “This collar has a transmitter which I could localize with this tool.”

He showed Moretta a little device in his hand which was showing a blinking point on a display next to the central grid. Then her Master put the device away and lifted Moretta's still bound body out of the trash bag. It was almost dark again and no one was around, as her Master carried Moretta off the landfill and towards his car.

“I think, we'll go to buy new clothes for my slave.” he chuckled as he locked Moretta into the trunk.

The end?

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