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Mistress's Trash

by Blzebub

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© Copyright 2009 - Blzebub - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bond; bdsm; bagged; trash; dumped; compacted; cons; XX

Note: Based on a short story found on the net.


As I arrive at her house she is ready and waiting for me, as I am 15min late. She points to a kitchen chair placed in the hallway and orders me to "Strip." I quickly get out of my clothes and place them neatly in a pile on the chair. I get down on all fours and crawl as quickly as I can from the hallway down into her kitchen.

She is sitting at her kitchen table smoking a cigarette, as I enter the room I quickly grab a furtive glance at my Mistress, she doesn't look too pleased with me, I then proceed to assume my slave position with my knees on the floor, hands held behind my back and head lowered with my eyes fixed to the floor, submissively awaiting my Mistress. She leaves me waiting there, whilst she continues to enjoy her cigarette, the tension seems to be building as I await her desire and my fate.

She stands up and walks over to me and puts the cigarette out on my shoulder, twisting the butt on my naked flesh and leaving a burn mark from the hot embers. She states that she will punish me for being late, that's she hates tardy submissive's who cannot be bothered to adhere to the expected time of arrival. I know better than to offer excuses, talking at this point is not allowed and would result in some severe form of punishment from her, I have learnt well from previous experiences.

I kneel at her feet as she goes to get something from behind me. She brings over a ball-gag and places the ball in my mouth, she pushes the ball in as far as she can and then tightens the straps around my head, making sure that the leather strap cuts into my cheeks, and the ball is as far back as she can manage without choking me.

She then comes back with some rope and starts tying me up in a fetal position, binding my legs together at my ankles and then my knees, she then tied my wrists to my ankles, she keeps pulling on the rope making sure it's nice and snug. She then places a rope around the back on my neck, placing the two ends either side of my neck, she then pulls this rope down and begins tying this to the ropes around my ankles, pulling my head further down in the fetal position, she continues until she is satisfied that I cannot move from my position. I'm now a tightly tied bundle on her floor, I test the ropes but I know from previous experience I would not be getting free until she decided to release me.

She then starts telling me that I 'm not worth her time, that I'm worthless worm who doesn't respect their Mistress. Then she leaves me there for a few moments as I hear her sitting back down for a quick smoke. I feel ashes being flicked on me as she smokes and thinks about what to do with me. I can only squirm in my ropes, testing the limits on my movement from her expertly tied ropework, her bondage had always been inescapable and tightly bound like this I could expect no mercy from her.

As she finishes her cigarette she grinds it out on my butt and walks away again. The hot burning sensation quickly cools as the ashes fall away from my now marked flesh. I wonder what she wishes to do with me.

I hear her walking back towards me with a box of 55 gallon garbage bags, she says, "Since you wish to be trash I will make it happen".

This is one of my fantasies that she had forced out of me during one of her punishment sessions where I was bound tightly in her dungeon to an X-frame attached to the wall and she had used a variety of implements to extract a confession out of me. I had been lashed, burned, pierced and lashed again with several more wicked whips as she called them. Only when she was satisfied that she had learnt everyone one of my darkest fantasies did she untie me and placed me in her containment cell for the rest of the night.

She opens one of the bags and starts to slip it under my tied body, slipping it up and above my head. I can only now see out through the opening in the top of the bag. I can hear her moving around the kitchen and follow her footsteps as she gets closer to the bag. She then dumps her kitchen garbage down on top of me, the garbage contained food scraps; coffee grinds; paper and other wastes that you'd expect to find in the kitchen bin. I hear her footsteps get further from the bag and then disappear altogether. I sit there in the bag as the garbage runs down over my naked, bound body, the coldness of the wastes hitting me as it reaches more sensitive areas of my body.

I hear her footsteps return to the kitchen and then see her face as she looks down into my bag, satisfied with the way the garbage has covered my body. Her face disappears and her hands come into view holding another bin, she then tips her bathroom garbage inside with me, the debris hitting my head first and then sliding down to join the rest of the garbage. Tissues, floss and other bathroom garbage starts to come into view as I look at what the recent additions she had added. I think there was a tampon or two as well. She continues making more trips around the house, bringing back more refuse to tip in on top of me making the bag quiet full.

Then she started taunting me with her lighter telling me that trash should be burned and lights the top of the garbage bag on fire and sits back for a few seconds watching. She watches me squirm as the plastic starts to melt and she quickly puts it out with some warm water. Then she ties the top of the bag up over my head, she then places me in several more plastic garbage bags, each one adding to the overall strength and therefore adding extra layers to my plastic prison. The heat starts to build up in the bag and the air starts to get stale, the smell of the garbage is getting quite strong as I breathe in what available air I have inside the bag. I know soon that the air will run out.

After several bags had been used to place her slave inside the plastic prison, Mistress sat down and lit up another cigarette, watching the bag move as the rubbish slipped around inside the bag as her slave tried to get himself out from the bags, she thought of the air now becoming stale and she knew soon that the slave would not have enough air to survive. She took great delight in the torment and suffering her slave was going through, she had played breath control games before and enjoyed the feeling of power it gave her over the lives of her lowly slaves. Maybe several minutes had now passed as she finished her smoke and walked over to the bagged slave, her foot kicking the rear of the slave inside, the feel of her boot hitting the slave gave her a thrill. She knelt down and burnt a hole through the plastic bags with the remnants of her cigarette, the slave inside saw the orange glow from the heat as it burnt through, the cigarette pushed inside to join the rest of the garbage. Only then does she push her finger through to enlarge the hole slightly to enable the slave to breathe again.

She then adds some zipties around the knotted top of the bags, adding to the bondage of the slave inside, again the power she feels over the object inside sends delightful shivers down her spine. She leaves the worthless slave, now just a mere object on the floor of the kitchen as she goes about tidying up around the kitchen and beyond into her home.

I sit inside my bags with the rubbish now covering me, I sit in what was once my Mistress's waste, I am now my Mistress's waste, her garbage, nothing more than that. I'm am no longer a human being just some trash bagged up on the kitchen floor. I get hard at the feeling, knowing that I am trapped here until my Mistress decides otherwise. I occasionally hear her footsteps as she walks into the kitchen, but I am totally ignored as you would with any garbage bag left on the floor, I am nothing to her now, just trash.

Later I hear her footsteps enter the kitchen and get closer to my bagged body, I feel the top of the bag start to close and starts to drag me off some where. The bag is dragged across her floor, I can feel every bump as my bagged body runs across the flooring. I felt the step of the front door hitting the base of my spine, a sharp pain as the timber hits against my bagged flesh, then quickly we are over the threshold and outside into the daylight, though I could not see the light, only feel the cooler air as we reached the outside of her house. I feel her lift me into the trunk of her car, and I feel more bags being tossed in on me. Without a word she closes the trunk lid of her car with a thud, the sound reverberating around the enclosed space of the trunk of her car.

She climbs into the drivers seat, starts the engine and engages drive, soon we are on the road, the sounds coming up through the tires from the roadway. I lay her in the trunk of her car bagged up, my bag looking no different from the rest of the garbage. I wondered where we were going, but really I was now just trash and trash shouldn't be concerned with such thoughts. I slipped into my submissive space and lay there enjoying the experience. My Mistress continued to drive around for a while, taking in some bumpy back roads, she also stopped a couple of times and got out of the car. I wondered what was happening, but she had stopped to pick up some shopping and other things. Once she even opened the trunk and dropped some items in, but again no acknowledgement that I even existed came from her.

She drives around for a bit more and I can hear the radio a little. We stop and she gets out, then opens the trunk and gets the bags of trash out including me. She then lifts me up and drops me in something I assume is a garbage dumpster. I hit the bags below me with a slight thud, the breathe knocked out of me from the impact. More bags come down on top of me, each once hitting me and sliding to one side or the other. Finished with clearing the trunk of her car, she looks down into the abyss of the dumpster, satsified with the outcome she presses a button and I feel myself being pushed somewhere when I realize that she had put me in a trash compactor.

I wiggle around but to no avail as my bonds are too tight and the bags enclosing me allow me little room to manouver, the bags either side of me restict whatever movement I would have had, I am indeed trapped in here now, a mere object of my Mistress. I feel the pressure of the other bags in the dumpster pressing against me and then I 'm in the container. The pressure builds inside my bag as the compacter pushes the garbage into the collection container, I hear some bags popping as the pressure rises. I get more constricted until the compacter stops it's cycle and the arm retreats back out to the outer part of the machine.

I then hear my Mistress's voice, "Cum while you can cus here comes some more trash".

I start to wiggle and hump the trash as best I can bound as I was, while trying to cum she puts the other bags of trash in the compactor, then turns it on. I start moaning and finally cumming as I feel the other bags of trash being pressed against me. I see stars as my climax reaches it's peak and I fear that I may be blacking out from lack of oxygen, but I continue breathing, my breaths rapid from my recent cumming and the excitement of being nothing more than my Mistress's trash. I feel the machine stop again and I let out a soft sigh as the pressure ease up inside the compacted waste container. Now spent and feeling thoroughly used.

I again hear my Mistress's voice, she says she will be back later tonight as it is too light outside to get me out now and to enjoy the day of compacting and she drives away....

After a long day of cumming and compacting I hear some crickets and I know it's night time and I hear someone walk up to the door and open it, tossing things around and then opening my bag and I see her.

She wasn't joking as she frees my bag and then drags me away, back to her dungeon for a bath and more torture...


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