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My Mistress Took Out the Garbage

by Veronica Vinyl

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© Copyright 2007 - Veronica Vinyl - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bdsm; bagged; dumpster; cons; X

Hi everybody, this is an absolutely true experience. I had the most intense experience tonight. I'm literally writing this mere hours after my Mistress threw me in the dumpster. I'm sending it out while its fresh in my memory, but let me tell this from the beginning.

Mistress Kiva has been my Mistress for years and we have indulged many of our fantasies both mine and hers. We've made lots of fetish videos together and traveled all over the country selling my fetish erotic art and her fabulous fetish toys. You can see Mistress Kiva at and my art

A couple nights ago we took a walk during the glooming on the banks of a beautiful lake and soon our conversation turned all the fabulous fetish fantasies we have yet to indulge. So Mistress Kiva asked me what I would like to do. My mind reeled I have so many fantasies I have yet to explore. I am a devote and completely perverted fetishist. I finally settled on one I thought we could achieve in short order in the comfort of our dungeon gallery. We had to act fast though as we are moving our dungeon to a bigger facility.

You see around the side of building is a big steel dumpster. I explained my fantasy to the Mistress and she was delighted. So last night I arrived at the dungeon with a new purchase in hand.

Mistress Kiva ordered me to my knees and informed me, "Its about time I threw out the garbage! "

She then presented her high-heeled foot in my face and said, "I stepped in some sticky mess earlier. I want you to lick it clean."

It was really disgusting what ever it was. It was sweet and gritty with dirt and I crawled forward on my hands and knees and began to lick it clean. All of it. I didn't hesitate even with Mistress Kivas' straight vanilla friend David watching me debase myself in front of her. I am a good slave.

When Mistress was satisfied she dragged me by the hair to the center of the room and told me to kneel. She then brought out her dreaded single tail whip. I bought it for her as an apology for causing her embarrassment at a Fetish convention years ago. She knew I was scared of the whip. By buying the whip, it was more than a 'I'm sorry', it was declaration of my absolute trust in her and her skills as a professional dominitrix.

Mistress started in on my back and she said, "You better not even whimper. Because I know exactly what you can take."

David who had been laughing at the whole situation up until that point suddenly went very quiet. I think up until that point he thought Mistress and i were only role playing and that our S/m lifestyle was merely slap and tickle bedroom games. Thirty kisses of the whip later and I was completely in my submissive role.

"Time to take out the garbage!" Mistress said as she opened the gift box of the fifty gallon trash bags.

She opened the trashbag and said, "Get in there you piece of garbage."

Without hesitation I stepped into the bag. and squeezed down into it. Mistress kicked me over and pulled two more trashbags around me. She handed me a piece of aquarium tubing and said, "You better not wimp out on me. You're garbage now."

And then she pulled the top of the bag over my head and around the tube, then tied it off with a zip tie. I stuck the tube in my mouth and began to suck air greedily as the temperature inside the bag immediately started to climb. I felt panic swelling up inside me as the air quickly was spent in the sealed bags. The big problem is that I am claustrophobic. I remember one time Mistress bound me and locked me in a steamer trunk. I thought I was going to die. This was worse. Still I said nothing as I knew I was just Mistresses' trash on its way to the dump. I would not disappoint Mistress Kiva I would be garbage.

Mistress and her friend David were laughing and chatting as they dragged me across the floor. I was spinning in all directions and bouncing off their knees, the heat grew even more stifling inside the bags. I didn't know where I was until the air I was sucking through the tube became colder. I could then feel the cement under my butt cheeks. Mistress Kiva and David took a lot of effort trying to lift me into the dumpster, at one point my head struck the pavement. "Ouch!" I complained.

Mistress Kiva kicked the bag with my ribs just inside. "Shut up garbage. Trash doesn't talk! Time to be thrown away."

Up I went and over the lip and down into the dumpster face first. Part of the top of the bag opened and my face popped out. I rolled and thrashed until I was mostly on my back resting on soft bags of garbage all around me.

Mistress looked in on me. "Wheew it stinks in there!"

I smiled weakly, gasping and gagging. Mistress wasn't in the least bit affected.

"Its about 2 a.m. and today the truck comes for the pick up. I should have done this to you a long time ago. You are not to try to climb out of there. You are to stay where I put you. Is that understood garbage?"

I nodded my agreement, as she had already told me garbage doesn't talk. I wasn't about to disobey her. Even if I had to stay all night and get hauled away to the city dump. I would never disobey my Mistress.

Mistress turned to David and said, "Lets go and clean out the refrigerator."

Then she slammed the two lids on the dumpster and I was left alone, discarded, thrown away and completely humiliated. Or that's what I thought.

After a half an hour Mistress and David returned. They opened the lid to the dumpster and threw two very heavy bags in without even looking. One bag burst open and curdled milk splashed my face and ran down my neck. I heard Mistress Kiva giggle and she walked back inside. Now my humiliation was complete, I truly was just a bag of trash in amongst all the other trash and I waited and listened to the trash as it settled around me and on top of me.

Pretty incredible fun I'd had tonight, the fear of being discovered or hauled away was worth the experience alone. It's a shame the digital camera wasn't up, but Mistress Kiva had so much fun. She informed me she is going to do it again, next week. I heard her on the phone telling another Mistress that she threw me away in the garbage and her friend is going to join us. Mistress Kiva this time promises that she is going to up the ante in the fear factor department as she thought I didn't seem convinced of her disposal intentions.

I can't wait. I am the luckiest little slave on planet earth to have a Mistress who not only indulges but intensifies my kinky musings.

I love Mistress Kiva


Carpe Noctem

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