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Mind & Body

by Doctor Vader

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© Copyright 2012 - Doctor Vader - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; hypno; command; tease; torment; voy; hum; oral; mast; compactor; messy; revenge; reluct/nc; X

Georgia slumped back onto her sofa and lit a cigarette. It had been a long day at work and she puffed away on her smoke, trying to relax. She drew on her cigarette and as she exhaled she laughed to herself, knowing that giving up smoking had to be done with willpower and there was no easy way, like that hypnosis nonsense. She thought back to her trip to the hypnotist a few days ago, and what a waste of time it had been. She was just about to flick the TV on and settle down in front of some rubbish programme or other when the doorbell rang. Georgia huffed to herself as she got up to see who it was. The doorbell rang out again as she was nearing the door.

“Ok, Ok, I’m coming” She called out indignantly to the impatient visitor. She opened the door and was immediately disappointed to see Melissa standing on her doorstep.

“What do you want?” Georgia gruffly asked.

“Not more bullshit about me stealing your husband again I hope” She added rolling her eyes. She thought about the countless times that Melissa had accused her of breaking up her marriage and the arguments that had been born of the subject. She wasn’t in the mood for any of it tonight. Melissa hadn’t said anything, she just stood there with her arms crossed staring, smiling at Georgia.

“Well” Georgia probed, feeling quite uncomfortable with Melissa’s smiling silence. She was about to close the door on her unwelcome visitor.

“Your mind is your own but your body is mine” Melissa almost whispered, grinning wryly. Georgia had enough and went to slam the door. But she didn’t. She wanted to slam the door but simply couldn’t. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t do anything.

“…” Georgia wanted to shout ‘what’s going on’ but her lips simply didn’t move. Not a sound escaped her.

“Good” Melissa laughed, her wry grin grew into a wide smile as she watched Georgia’s complete inactivity.

“Now go through to your living room, kneel, hands in your lap and head bowed” Melissa ordered.

“…” ‘Fuck you!’ Georgia screamed in her mind, but she had already begun to move away from the open door. She felt like she was on autopilot. Like she had no control over herself. She was willing herself to stop, to resist but did exactly as she was told. In moments Georgia found herself kneeling in her living room, her head bowed and looking at her hands in her lap. Georgia heard the front door click shut and then Melissa hurrying into the living room, not that Georgia could lift her head to see but she knew she was there, in her living room, inside her house.

“I bet you’re a bit confused right now” Melissa smirked as she paced around Georgia, looking down at her as she knelt on the floor as she had been told.

“That’s because you’re a dumb bitch” She added still pacing around the still and silent Georgia. She was willing herself to get up, to call out or at least do something. Nothing. Melissa stopped in front of her.

“Tell me you’re a dumb bitch” She sternly ordered. Georgia’s mind was racing.

“I’m a dumb bitch” Georgia couldn’t believe that she heard herself say the words. Melissa laughed, the sound cold and full of malice as she reached down and guided Georgia’s chin so she was now looking up at her as she stood above her.

“Well the hypnotist you visited a few days ago planted a very powerful suggestion deep in your subconscious for me… A few key words from me and I would have absolute control over you… And you’d still be very much awake and aware of what’s going on” Melissa explained with pride. It had worked perfectly. Georgia had no control over herself and was very aware that she was helpless inside her own body. Her mind was reeling, panic, fear and apprehension coursing through her.

“Obviously, it’d be no good playing with you if you were just a mindless zombie, I want you to know exactly what you’re doing, just utterly powerless to resist” She continued with excitement. Georgia was horrified. Melissa was grinning cruelly as she drew a small camcorder from her coat and started recording immediately.

“Now unbutton your blouse” Melissa smiled behind the camera as Georgia swiftly begun to unbutton her blouse revealing her abundantly filled bra.

“Pull those fat tits out… Play with them… Squeeze them… Tell me you’re a worthless cock loving slut” Melissa issued command after command.

“I’m a worthless cock loving slut” Her voice rang out. Georgia couldn’t resist. Her body simply followed Melissa’s commands instead of her own. Melissa kept on filming her and giving more orders for what seemed like hours. Telling her to pull up her skirt, play with her pussy and to tug her nipples hard. She told her to groan like a whore, to say she was ‘a devious slut’ and ‘a dirty piece of cock meat’. Georgia was powerless, her mind trapped in her own body as she did exactly as she was told. She felt so humiliated, degraded and violated as Melissa filmed her. She was desperate for Melissa to stop, to show mercy and end this. Eventually Melissa did stop recording her. She was beaming as she replaced the camcorder in its place in her coat.

“Up on your feet and follow me… Were going out” Melissa chuckled. Georgia did as she was told, realizing as she followed Melissa into the night outside that her blouse was still open and her ample breasts still exposed, swaying gently with each step as she obediently followed. She couldn’t even call out for help. She so desperately wanted to run and scream. But instead she simply followed Melissa as she was lead down several streets and alleyways, very aware of her exposed bust. Melissa stopped suddenly. It was late, but she’d seen a man on the opposite side of the road.

“Go over to that man, kneel in front of him and say cock over and over… If he gets his cock out you suck it like a whore” Melissa laughed wickedly as Georgia strode directly up to him, breasts still out and bouncing and knelt on the pavement.

“Cock… Cock…” Georgia repeated as ordered. She was beside herself, what if the man got his dick out. He looked down at her obviously confused. He looked up and down the road, then simply shrugged and unzipped his trousers. No sooner did he have his penis out, Georgia greedily had it in her mouth. She was licking and sucking, working his shaft and taking him deep into her mouth. She was mortified. She was furiously working the mans hard shaft in her mouth when he exploded. Warm semen launched hard in to her mouth. Melissa was clapping as she approached. The man was startled and running off in a second, trying to stuff his cock back into his pants as he disappeared down a side road. Georgia felt traumatized. She’d just sucked a strangers cock, in the middle of the night. She could still taste his cum as she followed Melissa onwards. Georgia could only wonder if she going to lead her around all night, getting her to suck dicks.

“Here we are” Melissa announced as she led Georgia around a corner. Georgia’s heart sank. Melissa had led her to the dump. She could only wonder what was to happen next as Melissa opened the large metal gates.

“In the far corner, there’s a large blue trash compactor” Melissa grinned wickedly.

“Go over to it, climb inside, hide yourself under the bags of rubbish inside, get yourself deep into the rubbish… Then wait” Melissa smirked as Georgia marched past her holding the gate open and headed towards the large blue machine. Georgia quickly reached the huge machine and was on her way up the steel steps that led to the machines gaping compartment. She climbed into the extensive chamber, almost filled with bags of rubbish. Georgia was repulsed by the stench as she dug her way deep under the bags of rubbish and disappeared from sight. Several bags had split as she buried herself inside the machine, she was smeared with putrid rubbish and the stench had become overpowering and now she simply lay there as Melissa had told her to. She was dirty, she stank and could only wonder what Melissa’s next humiliating command may be.

However, unknown to Georgia, Melissa wasn’t even there. After she’d watched Georgia climb into the machine, she’d simply closed the gate and left. Knowing that if anybody watched the security camera’s, Georgia would be seen walking alone across the dump and climbing into the crushing machine. It would appear like she’d done it of her own free will. Georgia waited and waited. Worried about the next command. Georgia was oblivious, she had no idea, there wouldn’t be another command. She had no idea Melissa was already at home, masturbating as she watched the video she’d made of her. Oblivious that she would still be obediently hiding deep inside the machine when the workmen arrived. That she’d be powerless to do anything to help herself as the machinery roared into life.  Georgia was oblivious that Melissa intended to simply leave her there.

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