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Messing up the Public Office

by TeaSer

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"That bitch really should have her ass kicked," Peter exclaimed loudly. His friends slowly nodded while sipping their beer. The fact that Peter had been loud really didn't mean a lot. First they were seated round their regular table at the regular, noisy pub, secondly everybody around would agree with Peter.

The particular bitch was a civil servant. A rather young and good looking girl, who was the mayors spokesman. She did an excellent job, using her pretty face to smoothen out the most outrageous political cracks, but this time the task had been too tough. The core issue was the renegotiation of the trashworkers settlement with the local community. The community had refused any of the workers requirements and the workers had started a working confict - leaving all but medical trash.

Even if trash had piled up in about every corner of the community, and the stench was getting worse in the summer heat, the health administration had not yet raised an alarm. And the one to present the official standpoint was the forementioned bitch. Of course she was not involved in the discussions and negotiations, but she was the one to make public statements on behalf of the mayor. And in the public opinion she was the core problem. The fact that she herself lived in the nearby city didn't help either.

Peter looked at his fellows: "Somebody should do something to this bitch," he said. And from the sternness in his voice it was evident that he allready had decided what should be done. And as being his friend for many years it was very evident that we was the ones to do the doing. We sighed and finished the beer - leaving the pub for some more private talk.

Late evening at the Public Office

Samantha was tired. All day she had been trying to figure out how to handle the public relations regarding the garbage conflict, which buttons to push, statements from the official and from the garbage workers sides. Some strategies was created, tested and discarded. She really didn't know how to solve this task.

After her lawyers education, she had been working at minor offices until she met 'xxxx', whom she had started to love. But he had betrayed her as it appeared he just wanted her as a mind control subject for some chemical substance, which had forced her to be locked in a public toilet for almost a week (see 'Toilet trained'). It was only due to an accident caused by her severe malnutrition and exceptional strain, that some user had discovered her and brought her to medical care. Since that experience, she had been careful with any close relationship, and her general selfesteem had been severely hurt. So the job at the public office might be below her education, but at least it was a stepping stone to regain her former confidence.

There was all kinds of sounds in the building in the evening. Samantha was accustomed to working late, and in general she didn't notice those sounds. At least she was never alarmed about them. This evening, however, was different. First she had heard a truck stop right outside the building. Of course it was no problem, that some truck stopped - but she did wonder what it was doing in the small alley.

She imagined hearing a door in the house being opened, but no sound indicated that someone was entering. She wondered if she should investigate herself or if she should call the police. She did neither. There was some more noise from below, like someone dropping things. Uncertain she started to write her experiences on a sheet of paper. Just in case someone would abduct her. Her conscious mind told her, she was silly, but the experience in the public loo had taken it's toll.

After half an hour the sounds stopped and the truck was driven away. Silence! Samantha started to pack her bag, but then decided to take a look downstairs. Her heels clicked loudly on the stairs as she descented. Somehow this was an assuring sound - telling any trespasser she was getting closer. Downstairs all was silent like if she had been dreaming. The stench of garbarge was much more noticeable at night than during the day, she thought. But all over town, the stench was present. She opened different doors - assuring herself everything was safe.

The door to the city counsil meeting room seemed to be stuck. As she worked it open, it suddenly gave in, and she stumbled into the room. Here the stench was overwhelming. Surprised she stood for a moment, not noticing the door being shut behind her by some garbage bags shifting. As soon as she heard the click, her hand flew to her side - verifying that she didn't carry the identity card. She had put this in her bag at the office - along with her cellphone. Failing to turn on the light she cursed the technicians, who to save energy had installed a timer cutting off power to the light at night.

Samantha felt despair reaching out for her, and she willfully took hold of herself. Even if she couldn't see, she could move. There was no insane man playing with her mind. She could move and she could act. Carefully she felt around herself. Bags all over - most places in several layers. She didn't care what they contained - the stench clearly indicated it was some public waste - most likely gathered along the nearby roads. Then at least some citizens had gotten their garbage collected, she bitterly thought.

At first she tried lifting the bags down - storing them behind her. But it was soon evident that the bags was too heavy for her - she would not be able to store them densely enough. Further many of the bags was torn - leaking their content over her business dress. Even after moving only a few bags she felt how the dress was getting wet from the garbage. With a smile she thought it was lucky the light was out - now at least she didn't know what was soaking her.

Instead of moving the bags she started climbing. High heeled shoes and old garbage bags was a bad combination though. Trying to leverage herself on a bag only meant her heels breaking the plastic, more garbage leaking out, and her foot occasionally getting stuck. So she had to lay down on the bags and pull herself forward. Now she didn't break the bags as easily, but keeping her balance on the slippery bags proved very difficult. So her route was like a dolphin in the sea - going deep and working her way up again. She felt soaked all over - the hair clinging to her head, smelly streams of ... something ... flowing down her face. And even if she tried to wipe it away, some of the fluids entered her mouth.

Eventually she reached the front door and started to move bags to allow her to open the door. It was then, she realized that this door needed a key from inside as well as outside to open. And her keys was - along with her identity card and her cellphone - in her bag at the office. Samantha desperately pulled the handle and the door, but nothing happened. Whoever had put the bags in here had been able to unlock this door and they had locked the door when leaving. At this moment Samantha gave up - sitting herself on the messy floor, crying her heart out. As the tears dried out inside her and the streaks in her face started itching, she reconsidered her possibilities: Windows - No. Since some burglaries some years ago, the windows had been barred. And to avoid the council members to forget closing the windows those had been locked closed when the new ventilation system was installed. As an afterthought, Samantha noted, the ventilation was cut off together with the light. There was no sign of the stench being cleaned out.

Another possibility could be using a cabled phone in the room. Samantha visualized the room - trying to locate such a phone. No! The city counsil didn't want a phone in this room. Other possible communication means? A computer? Again Samantha was sure it was negative. After the burglaries, no stationary computer was installed, and the only chance of a computer being here, was some council member who had left one. Samantha just couldn't pull herself together to go looking for such one.

Baggy night As the options for an immediate release was reduced one by one, Samantha kind of accepted her fate. There was no way she could get out - something she should talk with the security team about later. In the morning someone would take care of the situation, and even if her condition was very embarrassing, it wasn't too bad. Then it dawned on her: This was Friday evening. As usual she didn't— have friends to go to, so it really didn't bother her to work late on a Friday. But this being a Friday meant that she might have to stay in the smelly room for the whole weekend.

Samantha started to evaluate her situation. First, of course she was stuck with a pile of garbage bags. The aggregated stench was devastating, so most likely it was different kinds of kitchen waste. In order to have some kind of control, Samantha decided to make arrangements for staying the weekend. Her clothes being ruined by sweat and garbage was one circumstance she could do nothing about. But eventually she would need to pee and most likely take a dump as well. She stared into the dark room, imagining the different parts of the room. Finally she decided on a particular spot to declare her toilet. After this she crawled over bags to get to this spot. She moved bags around while searching for almost empty bags. Eventually she had her toilet ready: An open bag held in place by some heavy bags - and some more bags serving as a fence to avoid stepping into the toilet during dark hours.

Even if the stench made her stomach twirl, she knew she would need a little to eat during the weekend. And even more important, she would need something to drink. So the next adventure was an expedition searching for consumables. Samantha was realistic that whatever she might find, wouldn't be high quality, but she did need to find things that could give her some water.

This search was even more messy than the previous, as she had to dig into the bags - trying to feel something edible and drinkable. And when she found some candidate she would need to stick her nose deep into the substance or even taste it right away. Lots of the candidates was definitely not eatable. There was several bags of female intimacies, some bags of heavily used diapers, scraps and dust, rotten fruits and the like. The rotten fruits was collected - not that she wanted to eat those, but they did contain water, and she might be needing this.

Every bottle she came across was evaluated, opened, smelled and in most cases she tasted the content. The treasures she found, got piled up along a wall for later use. While working she kept warm and sweaty, but as her speed slowed down she got cold. "Great," she thought. The wonderful new practice about cooling the building at night and avoiding too much air conditioning during the day made sure she was in for a cold night. Accepting that this was a days work, Samantha crawled onto some pile of bags and digged well down the pile. Being there would at least keep her from the cold wind, but it also meant she would be soaking even more in the garbage.

Well - nothing to do about it now, she thought. As she started to relax, her hand found way to her crotch. Strangely she was wet and giddy. She couldn't understand this as the situation was definitely not erotic in any way. Still she felt her nipples being hard and some needs that had been kept quiet since the abuse in the public toilet, now started to push their way into her mind. Actively delaying further evaluation she let her hand stay between her legs - softly carressing herself. This way she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

The day wakes

Some neighbor had called in late Friday wondering about a truck that had been located outside the city hall. Carl really didn't expect this to be a problem, still there had been break-ins and when he woke up Saturday morning, he decided to take a look. He drove to the city hall and parked in the quiet street. Morning was nice and sunny. Still not too warm and the city didn't smell too bad from the garbage containers overly filled all over. Still Carl was annoyed that the mayors office didn't solve the work conflict. He inspected the city hall from outside - there was no sign of forced entry. About to leave again, he noticed some bags in the big meeting room. The windows was hard to see through so he wasn't sure. Alas, he went around the building to enter. He did notice that the alarm was not active and made a mental note to check who was the last to go. Sure this one should have a reprimand.

Inside the building the stench of garbage was stronger. Carl wondered about that as part of the problem was that people inside the building didn't get affected by the garbage as people in the streets. He went towards the meeting room puzzled by the notion that the smell of garbage seemed to be stronger the closer he got. Opening the door to the meeting room did solve this puzzle: The meeting room was filled with hundreds of bags of city garbage. There was piles all over many of them spilling their content onto the floor. Carl noticed a line of bottles along a wall and wondered why the bottles was positioned like that. There seemed to be some fruit and vegetables too. He made an annoyed grunt and shut the door. Now this weekend was ruined. He would have to clean up the mess. Right now he couldn't figure out how and to where to move the garbage. Sure no normal garbage worker would help as they had this working conflict. And Carl really didn't know if the city dump would accept the garbage. Well - things to deal with. But first Carl would make sure other people than himself would have the weekend spoiled. And there was the question about the alarm as well. As he left the building he thought he heard someone yelling, but he really didn't care. He had work to do.

In spite of the smelly room, Samantha had a good nights sleep. She was tired from work and tired from rumbling around in the messy room. When she finally woke up, she found herself fairly excited. Her hand was still between her legs - now even more wet from her own juices. Softly carressing herself turned her on even more and soon she was eagerly masturbating. The other hand found way to her erect and sensitive nipples - pinching, twisting, pulling them making her more and more excited. As the release came, she was taken by storm. She hadn't experienced such an orgasm in years. However right at the peak, she heard a mans voice. Not something intelligent, just some annoyed sound. Shifting from screaming her orgasm out to being totally quiet didn't seem to calm down the sensations. There was someone in the room, and this person could detect her having orgasm. Even if being locked in a room with garbage was embarrassing, being spotted exploiting this to have sexual relief was worse. And before Samantha got a hold of herself, the door clicked shut again.

Samantha hurried to the door to verify it was once again locked. It was! She then tried to bang on the door and yell to attract attention. But no reaction was returned. The man, most likely a guard or a council clerk, had opened the door, seen the mess and had left again.

Samantha now had more urgent needs to attend to: First she needed to pee, and second she needed to drink. She crawled over the bags in the direction of her self-made toilet. Sitting on a filled bag and peeing into an empty bag was a weird experience, but at least it solved her problem. She arranged the bag with the pee to avoid it spilling and crawled towards the storage area. Samantha noted how different things had turned. Since her involuntary stay at the mens room, she had been fanatic about washing hands after using a toilet. And her kitchen at home was spotless to make sure no disease was carried from one dish to another. Now she had left a messy bag with her pee and moved over some messy bags to get to the wall of supplies. No washing was possible. And she would have to eat from the dirty floor without being able to clean her food either. Sure she was going to get sick - but somehow those thoughts made her crotch tingle.

Even though the airconditioning had stopped, the room was still chilly. This had the benefit that stench wasn't quite as bad as early in the evening. But Samantha was worried she would get sick, so she would have to find somewhere to stay that wasn't quite as cold. She found her selected bottles and opened the first. The liquid inside was some cheap limonade - not too bad. She took the bottle and selected some vegetables that didn't look too bad either. Then she returned to the place where she had slept and got herself down between the bags. Feeling kind of cosy she started sipping the drink making sure to get the most out of every sip. She wasn't sure if there was enough drinks around and she didn't want to waste any. She then started eating the vegetables trying to avoid the rotten parts. At home she would have disposed it all, but right now it was nescessary nutrition. Samantha softly laughed by the thought that maybe these carrots was in fact some she had dumped herself. Long time ago - yesterday morning.

After finishing her meal, she put the leftovers aside. It was kind of amusing to take the rotten parts of the vegetables and just throw them somewhere in the room - not caring where they landed. At least the cleaning staff would have their hands full on Monday. Finished eating she again noticed the hardness and sensitivity of her nipples and a hand slipped down to her crotch. There wasn't much she could do here, so playing a bit with herself was a good way to spend time. As she got more and more excited, she wondered why she hadn't called out when the man was present. Of course she would later explain that she was asleep and had called out when she was awaken by the door clicking shut. But this wasn't true! She had been awake and was about to explode in an orgasm. Still it would have been possible to call it off and get attention from the man right away. Why had she remained silent?

As her excitement rose, Samantha let a hand search for waste she could rub against her body. It was deliciously naughty to grab something and carress her body with the waste. By now her dress was all messed up, so it really didn't matter. Still feeling other peoples waste against her made her arousal reach a peak much faster than she used to and soon she exploded in another orgasm. Letting herself cool down from this, she softly carressed her belly and thighs with her dirty hands while enjoying the everpresent smell of garbage. She felt this was wrong, still the satisfaction from letting go of conventions was such a treat.

When her breath was again normal, she decided to do a little housework. She smiled at this - doing housework a place like this was a bit weird. Still she got up and started moving bags from the room towards the locked door. At some point someone had to remove the garbage and she might as well spend her time making their job easier. Well, it wasn't all for the benefit of those workers, as she carefully opened each bag and had a good look of the contents. The bags containing used diapers was quickly closed again and tied up. She put those in a group. Others mostly contained kitchen waste and she let her fingers squeeze the content enjoying the way it passed through her fist. At some point she removed her dress just to be able to smear some waste on her body - massaging it into her skin.

There was bags mostly containing dumped clothes. She had fun trying out the clothes she was able to put on. Again it was a kind of naughty to wear other peoples clothes - using their clothes to clean waste from her body. And this breaking normal social rules made her crotch wake up again. When she had been abducted by the millionaire, she didn't understand it. It was a rude assault on her person and the effects had taken long to overcome. Now she got a clue of his rationale: Doing something that just wasn't appropriate, something that should never be accepted, not caring about the cost for others. It gave her an emotional thrill. Not that she would ever want to abduct and abuse others! But playing around in the garbage, the spillings, the leftovers. This gave her a thrill that could not be ignored. Wearing some mans knickers, a womans shirt, a girls scarf and most likely some boys cap and gagging herself with some smelly socks, she stood surrounded by waste and had another stormy orgasm.

After having moved about half the bags, she needed to have a dump. She took the scarf and went to her toilet, squatting over the open bag. Finishing off she used the scarf to clean herself and dumped it in the toilet-bag. Once again she had this flash of doing something wrong and she went to the supply-wall to have something to eat and drink. Most of the drinks was fairly destroyed by now, smelling rotten or sour. She got some juice from some fruit and had herself a half eaten burger. Again she was awarded with the feeling of doing socially wrong and she went to the sleeping area to enjoy herself some more.

After bringing herself to a pleasant level of arousal, she started considering the situation. By now it was Saturday afternoon. She still had some food and something that give her some water. She was able to pee and dump, and even if this would be smelly it really didn't matter much on top of the smell of garbage. Being here another night wouldn't be too bad, but staying until Monday sure would be a problem. She wouldn't die from lack of drink or food, but it wouldn't be nice either. She was sure there was plenty of oxygen in the room and even if the garbage was getting more rotten, she didn't expect to suffocate. Along with her considerations she felt the underlying emotions. She wanted to get out and she wanted to stay. Her arousal grew and while she used an empty bottle as a plug she was quite happy about being locked away. Then after the climax subsided she really wanted to get out, have a long bath, some clean clothes, some descent food. As she knew the maximum timeframe, she didn't despair the way she had done in the public toilet.

The afternoon was spent with those considerations, those waves of emotions and lots of sexual heigths. At some point the peaks of desirering some normality eroded and the acceptance of being trash herself got stronger. Her mind was lost in emotions of pleasure - her cunt so sensitive from all the stimulation. And the sounds of human voices - some quite agitated took time to reach her consiousness.

Garbage crew with ties

The mayor wasn't pleased! He didn't like his town to smell like a dump, and those bloody garbageworkers not wanting to work unless he payed them a higher salary...... They should be behind bars all of them. Unfortunately most people had other kinds of jobs and the government had put a limit to how many foreigners was allowed to work. Besides just telling all the garbage workers they was out of job wouldn't solve anything on a short scale.

Of course dumping garbage in his town hall was a criminal offence. But as Carl had pointed out, the town hall didn't have cameras to monitor the building (Carl had quite inconveniently pointed out that this expence had been cancelled by the mayor), so getting anybody convicted was not likely. Apparently his own lawyer Samantha had left the building without turning on the alarm. The mayor considered firing her for this, but it was difficult to do so. Besides he had used Samantha to sort out delicate problems quite often, and she might be able to release some uncomfortable information.

The city director wasn't pleased either. He had expected to go to the beach with his family, but instead he had to go to the city hall to move waste. Of course he had called the senior staff to help do the work, but still he would have to spend time handling waste instead of enjoying the sun with the family. If only the mayor would have spent those few extra dimes on the garbage workers salary, this wouldn't have happened. It sure was a bad day to go to work.

They was called into the mayors office where the secretary had prepared coffee and cold drinks. "Where's Samantha," the mayor wanted to know. "She's not replying her phone," someone said. Another call to Samantha startled them all as they heard a phone ringing at Samanthas office. A quick investigation revealed nothing - except that her phone, keys and access-card was located at her desk. "This may be a fellony," the city director suggested. "Maybe we should notify the police?" But the risk of notifying the press along with the police made the mayor decide to wait.

It took some time to connect to people who was able to transport the garbage, and it took some time to have people at the dump open and accept it. But finally they went to the city hall to start removing the waste. This was what Samantha heard as she blissfully had one more orgasm.

Samantha got up - not sure if she was right. There was people in the building, and they might come to this room. She hurried to where she had dropped her dress. Or rather to where she remembered to have dropped it. It took some eager searching to find the dress, half covered by some open wastebags. What was a kind of exciting adventure a few minutes ago was suddenly turned into an embarrassing situation. The dress was definitely not clean. In fact it soaked in different kinds of waste. No matter what, Samantha pulled it over her head and tried to get as much waste out of her hair as possible.

Then she remembered her toilet-bag and hurried to that spot to make sure the bag was properly closed. As she pulled the final knot on this, the door opened. Samantha stood up - face to face with the mayor, the city director and a lot of her colleagues. She felt embarrassed and humiliated seeing all those clean people when she herself was such a mess. Apparently the mayor was caught out off balance too - his expression changing from eager anger to a complete lack of understanding. Did you do this? he wanted to know, immediately realising this question was inapropriate. I mean.... what happened?

Samantha explained about the sounds she had heard when working late Friday evening. And how she had wanted to investigate what had caused the sounds and how she had been locked inside the room. Addressing Carl, she also made a note about working on the locks, as this was actually a fairly safe situation to be locked inside the room. In case of a fire it would have been fatal. She did notice the colleagues wrinkle their noses of her appearance and once again felt utterly misplaced. And weirdly this feeling made her excitement build again.

The mayor explained about their plans for removing the garbage and suggested Samantha should go home. As she couldn't go by public transport the way she looked and smelled, she suggested she should help moving the garbage now she was messed up allready. Then Carl could perhaps give her a lift? Carl was happy to do so and soon the room was emptied. The mayor, the city director and most of her colleagues had left when Carl asked her to help him clean out the room. He would then go home to get some clothes she could wear during the drive. Samantha happily agreed on the condition that Carl brought her keys and access-card to the room. At this time Samantha didn't want to be locked in the room any more.

While Carl was away, Samantha let her arousal loose - enjoying the sensations she had felt when her colleagues entered the room. She had enjoyed the humiliation and she had enjoyed being locked in the smelly room. Of course it was still smelly, but she was no longer locked in there. And in some way this was a miss. Samantha allready started creating a different scenario to replace it.

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