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Melodie's First Time

by Melodie

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© Copyright 2009 - Melodie - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; bagged; dumpster; gag; first; outdoors; dream; cons; X

The sky is just starting to turn blue to the east. I am walking in the warm night with my back pack. The streets are all deserted while people are still sleeping. In two minutes I will reach my goal. The air is warm in this early June morning. I feel a little bit cold in my leggings and light tank top. I walked by the building which house a daycare center, dry cleaner and a convenient store. I look at my watch and it is 04:11 I turn left and walk the path going around. My goal is there, a big blue metal box shinning in the single light at the top of the building.

I look around me and nobody around. I go behind it and take care of some business, I don't want to have any problem inside. I should not have to go until tonight as I didn't drank since last night except a little glass of milk with my breakfast. I climb on the side of the container, lift the heavy plastic lid. Even in the cool night air, there is still a light stench coming out. It is about half full. Another look around, nobody, take a deep breath and jump in. This is my first time in a container. I am sure there will be no problem as I watched it regularly for the last 3 weeks. It won't be picked up before two more days. I have fallen on those slick black bag. I have more than enough time to get ready but I don't want to waste any unnecessary time in case I want to get out before it is too late.

I open my back pack and take out a black bag, it is much larger than those around me, it is the biggest I could find, 55 gallon garbage bag. I open it up, put it on the highest bag already in the container and throw my back pack in it then step in. I sit down in the bag. I prefer to keep my clothes on as this is my first time. I want to be on the safe side in case I want or need to get out quickly. I just put on a ball gag to prevent me making any unwanted sound. I pull up the side of the bag over my head and bring the end together closing it on me then tie a ty-wrap around the bag sealing me inside the bag. I press the button on my watch and look at the time: 04:17 The little light coming in from the outside the container doesn't get inside this huge garbage bag.

I fumble inside my back pack, get some old newspaper. I scrunch them and put them all around me, I scrunch more paper and put some under me. The air is getting thicker in the bag as it as been sealed for a few minutes now. The good side is that I start feeling warmer even with the cool morning air in this bag. I still continue to scrunch paper. I know from tests done in my room that I can last at least 20 minutes. I check my watch 4:26, I am sealed in this bag for 9 minutes now. As I am a bit nervous and moving a lot not laying still, I don't want to go pass 15 minutes sealed in.

The bag is now almost full of scrunched paper. I only have little space near my face free. If somebody now open the lid and take a look inside the container, he will see some garbage bags, mine black as the other, maybe not the same size and tint of black but a regular puffed out bag anyway. The only tell tell sign is the top as it is closed from the inside. This will be taken care of soon. A last look at my watch as I feel it harder to breath this thickening air: 4:30. I start rocking from left to right and in no time I fell on the side my head below the lower part of my body. The bag below and the paper inside my bag absorbing a good part of the shock. Now nobody will see any difference between the bags in this container. With my hand I clear the paper that gathered around my face and make a small hole in the bag so it won't be seen from the top of the container.

I am now breathing fresh air if you can call the stench I get from outside my bag fresh. I am in heaven, this is a long awaited dream, being sealed in a garbage bag in a garbage container. Well not the best dream as I am still free except from the bondage of the thin plastic film of the bag and pressure of the paper around me but I prefer to play safe for a first time. I preferred staying fully clothed and not bound for this first time. I also have a small bottle of water in my bag. I don't plan to use it but just in case as I don't know how hot it will be with the sun shining on this metal can today.

In less then a half hour, the sun will rise, people will start waking up soon after, then just before 6:30 the workers of the day care center will show up. not long after, the clerks of the store and dry cleaner will show up. Unless I want the risk of being found climbing out of the container and all the embarrassment that go with it, I am now stuck in the container and bag for at least the next 17 hours, maybe more. I just hope that the air will not get too hot inside.

I drift into daydream after a short while and then to sleep. I am woken by the sound of car door closing. The first employee just arrived. I stay still as much as possible not wanting to be found. Over the next half hour, 4 others cars park in the back. Every time I held my breath and stay completely still until I am sure they are away. I now hear faint sounds around as people are busying around me, going to work, walking the dog, driving kids to school, delivery truck going to the next drop off point,...

At one point I hear a door opening in the back of the building. I stop breathing and stay still. Not long after, I hear some foot steep coming toward the container. I hear a faint dropping noise then the squeaking of the lid being opened. My heart is racing to the max. Will I be found? Will some body drop something heavy or hard on me? What if is it sharp? Not long after I hear a loud puff just beside me then the squeaking of the closing lid. My heart start slowing down as I hear the foot steps going away and the door closing. That must have been a daycare employee taking the morning trash out.

That was my first close call. Luckily, no arm done. The good side of it is that the air is a little bit more breathable. As the lid had been opened for about 15 seconds, the hot air and stench escaped through the opening. As I am out of my daydream, I realized that the air was getting warmer as the container is heated by the sun. I feel thirsty also, no problem, I can still hold on. I look at my watch, 9:54. Just over 5 and a half hours that I am in this garbage bag. I don't want to drink from my bottle, at least not yet. This also prevent any mishap in my bag. Still about 12 hours to go.

More daydreams as I imagine myself naked on a bed. My boyfriend pulls my legs over me, he pulled me toward the end of the bed, I fell him playing with a dildo on my lips before he inserted it in place. He then takes a smaller one and does the same in my rear passage, this time, I fell pain as he didn't put any lube on it. He then start wrapping me with thick industrial wrap. At some point he pushed my bottom up, I am now head down, knees close to my face, toes on the bed. He continued to wrap me and pull my legs tight on to my breasts. Both dildos are now sealed inside my body with the plastic wrap. He then pulled my feet up and wrapped more layers around my body. When he reached my feet, he pulled my toes toward my bottom and wrap more layers bending my feet backward toward my bottom. When he is done, he turns me face downward, pulled my arms in the back and ask me to clench my hand together. I quickly comply, soon after he started wrapping them together and go up my arm toward my elbow wrapping my arm in multiple layer then start circling me around in a cocoon. It is starting to get hot in this heavy duty plastic wrap.

He then produced a ball gag and ask me to open wide. Before I have time to open my mouth completely, I feel him press the ball in. He then ties it in the back of my head. Soon after, he ask me to take a deep breath and start wrapping my head going all around, under my chin, over my head. I now have a few layers all around my head even nostril and mouth. I start to fell a little panic when I see him with one sharp 4 inch nail and he tells me to hold still. I see him putting his hand on my face and with the nail puncture 2 holes under my nose. I can now breath again. He then use the head of the nail and carefully used it to make the holes larger. I now relax, for a while I wasn't sure if he would suffocate me to death.

Not much time to relax as he press my head down on my knees. He then wrap my head down tight with my body. This time he leaves a big hole near my nose free but wraps me all around multiple times. I am now totally immobilized unable to turn from side to side or even rock around. I am also unable to make any noise except for a faint mmmmmmfff that is blocked by the plastic wrap around my face. "Hello Melodie, I hope you enjoy this a lot because you are staying in this wrap for life, well what left of it."

What is he talking about? We had multiple bondage sessions before but he always released me after some time!

"See here, I have 2 big garbage bag and a lot of newspaper. I am going to scrunch some newspaper in the first bag then put you in before I fill the bag with more paper then seal you in. With all the paper, nobody will be able to see the contours of your cocoon. If someone looks at your bag, there won't be a single tell tell sign that there is a human being in it. You won't even be able to make any movement or noise to try get their attention. Just in case, I will put you in a second bag with more paper between them. I will finally toss you in a container nearby so no garbage man will have to lift your overweight bag."

What??? He's talking about throwing me like garbage? I thought that we made the perfect couple!

"Two days latter, after you have been collected and disposed of, I will call the police the report you missing. I will then be free to go with Lidya. We have been secretly together for the past 2 months. Enjoy your new life."

"No! No! this is not supposed to be like that. You can't just throw me out like that after all the time, I let you put me in bondage" Of course he hear nothing of this as I am only able to make faint mmmmffff that are blocked by the plastic wrap.

He start scrunching the paper...


I immediately get back to reality, somebody is lifting the lid of the container I am in. I just hope I haven't make any noise when I woke up.


With the loud noise I felt a bag dropping on the lower part of my body and then feel it partly falling behind me. Luckily I had a ball gag because I was unable to prevent making a 'Hummp' when the bag fell on me. I stay still hoping that she didn't hear me. No. she is closing the lid again. As I calm down, I realize that the air is really hot inside my bag. I move the paper that shifted around my face and ensure that my hole is not blocked. I take a look at my watch, 13:12. Almost 9 hours in my bag, about 9 more to go. I now fell pressure on my bottom and feet. The paper inside my bag is now compressed near my bottom, I can feel the pressure of what is inside the other bag. No problem, the paper did the cushioning.

I feel really thirsty now, and hot with that. I just hope I will be able to stay in. I don't want the humiliation of being seen climbing out of the container. The next 3 hours should be the worst. The air really stunk by now as the garbage around me are heated by the hot air inside the container. I should not have taken a container behind a daycare center but it is the only one in the neighborhood. Too late now to change my mind or pick another one. I resist drinking from my bottle of water.

The hot air makes it difficult to go back to a daydream. I try to move my mind away but keep coming back to the hot air. 13:48. Another half hour has passed. I could really take a sip, no a long gulp of water. I have to remember to find a container that will not only not be behind a daycare center but also not in the sun in the afternoon. At least not during the summer. Unable to go back to my day dream, I try to make mental note of what I need to remember for my next container. That is if I want to do it again after this one. Another look at my watch: 14:21. Ten hours in this container, over 7 more to go. Although this morning was really pleasant, the last hour or so is not that pleasant.

I hear a loud truck coming in the back of the building. I hope it is not the garbage truck. Not supposed to come today. What will I do if it is. Ok no problem the engine justed stopped. Must be a delivery for a business. About 10 minutes later the truck starts again and leave. A look at my watch, 14:43. I think I will be able to last the entire day. The temperature inside the container should now go down not up. I am still able to resist drinking. My tank top is all sweaty now.

Another truck coming in the back. Again another delivery truck, by the noise I can conclude it must be a soft-drink or beer truck. This time it takes longer that the first one. Another look at my watch, 15:33. I have been in this garbage bag inside a container for the last 11 hours. Still more than 6 others to go. The temperature is now manageable. I am still thirsty but should be able to hold the urge to drink with the air cooling a little bit as the sun has past the zenith.

He started scrunching the paper. There is now a good layer in the bottom of the bag. He lifts me up and deposits me in the bag. I try to speak to him making him come back to his senses and not throw me out with the garbage, but I can only make a faint mmmmffff. I am almost completely covered by newspaper. He continues to scrunch paper for the next 3 minutes before closing the bag. I hear him tying the bag then opening a new one.

"Hey, make a hole in the bag!!! I will suffocate in this sealed bag!!!!" but of course the only noise I make is a series of faint mmmmmmfffs. This time my boyfriend is getting rid of me. This is not like all other bondage sessions we had before. He never told me what he was doing. Just tying me up. Wrapping me up. Sealing me in a bag. Putting me in a garbage can before releasing me after some random time but this time, after ensuring I can't even move the end of my little finger or make any audible noise, he told me that he will dispose of me in a container before fleeing with another woman. This is really not what I was expecting from a bondage session.

I hear him thru the plastic bag, paper and multiple layer of industrial wrap scrunching more paper. After a while the noise stops and I feel my bag being lifted up then but down on something soft. I then hear him make a hole in the bag. "I don't want you to suffocate yet. I want you to live until being crushed in the garbage truck in a few days. This will make you go crazy"

"No! no! no! I don't want to die. Just release me and go with that women. I want to live!" but again this all come out as a series of faint mmmmmmffff as I am gagged and my head is fully wrapped in multiple layers of plastic wrap except 2 small holes for breathing.

He then starts scrunching more paper. I can fell the pressure increasing as he continue to put more paper between the 2 bags. After a while I feel a pressure from above and hear the plastic being pulled. I realize that he is about to close the second bag...


Again, I immediately get back to reality, somebody is lifting the lid of the container I am in one more time. This time, I am not panicking as I really doubt that I made some audible noise. I am just expecting a bag to fall somewhere around. Poufff mmmmff. This time the bag hit me directly. It fell on my torso and slid down toward my head. The lid is closed once again and I vaguely hear a women talking to someone else as she is walking away from the container. They talk for about 30 seconds before entering their car and driving away.

I move the paper around my face and check my breathing hole. I can feel a bag close to mine just outside the hole. I can still breath without problem if you don't count the pressure that is now on my torso. I check the time on my watch 18:04. Almost 14 hours in my bag. My confidence of being able to last until dark increases. I should be able to do it. The temperature is still warm but not as hot as this afternoon. I am still thirsty, my throat is dry but I can support it now that the temperature came down a few degrees. I would also like to stretch after being in a fetal position for nearly 14 hours but this will have to wait.

I am living my dream being sealed inside a garbage bag in a container. There are still things that are not perfect but for a first time, I preferred to play it safe. So I am not tied up and still have my clothes on. I do have a ball gag but there is only a strap to hold it in place, no lock and my hands are free so I can remove it in seconds if needed. I am in a bag full of scrunched newspaper with a layer of garbage bags on top of me. The paper inside my bag is now damp from my perspiration and respiration. I am thirsty as except for a small glass of milk early this morning, I haven't drunk anything for about 20 hours.

I relax in my bag thinking about what the container looks from outside and nobody having a clue about the exact contents of one of the bags inside it. All those people that are going to their destinations, working around, mowing their lawn, walking the dog while I just lay inside my bag. I hear my boyfriend tying the ty-wrap closed. I am tightly wrapped in a ball inside a cocoon with a ball gag in my mouth, my head fully wrapped in multiple layers of industrial wrap with only 2 small holes for breathing. I have 2 dildos firmly held in me by the plastic film. My cocoon is inside a garbage bag full of scrunched up paper that is itself put inside another garbage bag with more scrunched up paper between to two of them. I can't move at all, not even rock and unable to make any noise except some really faint mmmmmffffs. That would be amazing except for the fact that my boyfriend just told me he is about to toss me in a container before leaving with another women.

"Perfect! Except for the weight, this is just a normal full garbage bag with no tell tell signs. I just have to get ready then put you in the trunk of the car. I have already spotted the container that I will toss you in on my way to meet Lidya."

"No! No! let me out let me out!!!" Of course again I was just able to make some mmmmfffff mmmff mmmmmmmfffff. This is unreal, what started as a regular bondage session turning to a nightmare. I then hear him rummage at the top of the bag, he is tearing a hole in the bag then I hear some noise as the paper is moved around.

"As I said earlier, I don't want you to suffocate now, so I made a hole in the outside bag in I am putting a tube in it to reach the hole of the first bag. I want you to live until you are crushed in the garbage truck".

I am left there for about 10 minutes before I feel the bag being lifted. He is carrying me outside. I hear him opening the trunk and I am dropped in the trunk before he tilts the bag on its side. He then starts to drive. I fell my cocoon moving with the car as he is stopping, turning and accelerating. The bumps are not so bad with all the paper under me. After a few minutes the car stops. He opened the lid of the container and then the trunk of the car. I feel him lift me from the trunk then soon a little more as he lifted the bag to the top of the container.

"Bye bye Melodie, better luck next time"

With that he pushed me and I fell head first inside the container. The drop is short probably 2 feet maximum. I am expecting him to close the lid on me. It is over now, he will leave me there awaiting the be collected by the truck with no hope of somebody finding me...

Bangg. What's that? I listen carefully, I can hear some kids talking around. It must be some kids that are fooling around. I carefully move my arm to look at the time without making noise. 21:04. Good, the sun has set about 10-15 minutes ago. I should be able to get out soon. This as been an excellent day inside my garbage bag. I am here for almost 17 hours now. In less then 30 minutes, it will be dark. There is still the light on the edge of the building but the light is faint. At this time, people will mostly be in their houses, kids in bed or getting ready to go into bed.

I could really drink a long gulp of water now. As I don't want to be found out, specially by some kids, I wait again. The kids are really taking a liking to this place as they are still outside. I am really looking for the time they will leave. 21:12. I wish they would go soon. During that time, I relive my dream from today with my dreamy boyfriend. I would really like to be wrapped and bagged like that except for the small detail that I would like him to pick me up before the truck. That would be really cool being unable to move or even rock around unable to attract attention and left inside a container for hours or even days.

I listen carefully, I can't hear the kids anymore, 21:27. they must have gone home. Just to be safe I stay in my bag feeling the pressure on me, just taking pleasure of being sealed in that garbage bag inside a container. After a while I listen carefully again, not a single sound that would mean the kids are still around, 21:36. Over 17 hours in that bag. I try to push to bag from over my head but I am unable from inside my bag. I will have to tear it apart. I hope that nothing have run from the bag on top of me. I make a hole on the side, with my hand I pull the bag that is on top of me to the side, I can now get up and remove my ball gag. I finish to tear the bag apart, rummage to find my back pack. I retrieve the bottle of water and take a long long gulp. I empty to bottle in no time. Next time, remember no container in direct sun light. This is really too hot.

I listen carefully, no sound around, 21:45. I open the lid a bit , take a look outside, nobody. I climb out of the container and start walking home thinking about the next container I will spend some time in.


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