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Mean Girls

by Garbage Girl

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Storycodes: Solo-F; F+/f; revenge; capture; bond; gag; trashbag; messy; dumpster; bagged; disposal; truck; collected; compactor; conveyor; rescue; nc; X

Julie was finishing putting up the volleyball team equipment when she heard the locker room door open and close and the sound of a large 80 gallon trash can on wheels being rolled into the locker room. She figured it was just the custodial staff as she goes over to her locker to get her stuff so she can leave. As she turns the corner there is Lacy and four other member of the cross country team standing next to her locker with the large trash can. There had always been some rivalry between the two teams. Julie nor the rest of her team never liked them as they were always breaking rules and somehow never seem to get caught. However Julie had tipped the administration off about their drinking parties and they ultimately got caught. Julie had no regrets about this either.

Lacy then says, “Look what we have here.” to which Julie responded, “I don’t know what you are talking about”.

“Yes you do” said Lacy. “We know you ratted us out and we are going to make you pay for this. We got community service and we are here to clean things up” said Lacy. With that Lacy grabbed Julie and pushed her against a locker causing her to black out.

When Julie regained consciousness, she realized she could not move as she found her hands and legs bound and she had been gagged with a pair of panties taped over her mouth. She looked around and saw black plastic and knew she was sitting in some kind of cylinder shaped container. She looked up and saw Lacy looking at her. Lacy said, “Well it looks like you have come around. You look like you're adjusting to your new home you worthless piece of trash. Thanks to you we have to go around and empty all the trash cans and sanitary napkin receptacles in all the girls restrooms throughout the building. Now it’s time to take out the trash.” And with that Lacy dumped the first trash can from the locker room onto Julie.

The contents of the first trash can fell out onto Julie covering her with paper towels, school papers, old gym uniforms, a couple pairs of old pantyhose, a worn out sports bra, some stained panties, used tampon applicators, wrappers from the tampons, used maxi pads, panty liners and wrappers. They then wheeled the trash can with Julie out of the locker room and down the hall to the next restroom. For about an hour the girls went around emptying all the trash cans from the restroom and dumping them onto Julie.

After they emptied the last trash can Lacy said, “Oh look the trash can is full. Time to take it out to the dumpster” and with that they wheeled it down the hall to the receiving area where the dumpster was located. They then tied up the bag, poked a couple of holes in it and tossed it into the dumpster. Lacy then said, “I hope you enjoy your new home you trash slut!”

Julie felt weightlessness as they had tossed her into the dumpster and then landed upon a bunch of other trash bags with a soft thud. She was in disbelief as she was coming to reality that she was really in a trash bag in the school dumpster and could not believe what Lacy and the other girls had just done to her. As she sat there for a while she hears the door open as another cart of trash was being wheeled out. She was hoping someone would rescue her, but it was not looking too good as she felt more bags of trash being tossed into the nearly full dumpster. She tried to make some noise, but it did not work as the custodians could not hear her since they had been listening to music on their headphones while they worked. After they tossed in about 12 trash bags, they closed the lid on the dumpster and went back inside.

After a little while Julie heard a truck pull up. As she heard the backup tone on the truck, she became concerned as it got louder. She heard the hissing of the air brakes as it stopped next to her. She became relieved as she heard the overhead door of the truck open. It turned out he was making a delivery, but the driver he had no idea Julie was in the dumpster. Julie tried to make some noise, but he was not close enough to hear her. She lost hope as she heard the truck start up and pull away.

Julie tried to wiggle free, but the bindings were very tight. She became exhausted as she tried to get free without success and finally dozed off. Julie was once again woken up when she heard the sound of another truck backing up. She was hoping for another delivery, but this time it was the garbage truck. She heard a loud clank as the garbage man locked the pins on the dumpster to the truck and a small clank as he hooked the cable to the dumpster. She heard the truck engine rev up and felt the dumpster start to lift as it was getting ready to dump the bags of garbage into the back of the rear loader garbage truck.

She felt movement as bags started to tumble into the hopper of the garbage truck. The garbage man then pulled the lever causing the packing blade to open up and start compacting the first load of garbage bags into the truck. As the first cycle is being completed more bags fell into the hopper of the truck. Julie became concerned as she didn’t want to get caught on the edge of the packing blade or she knew she might get hurt. She tried to make some noise, but the garbage man could not hear here over the noise of the truck.

Once again, the garbage man pulled the lever to start the compacting cycle again. As the blade moved forward to compact more bags in the hopper, Julie could feel the movement below her as it was grabbing bags to compact and push into the truck. She was relived as she was certain it did not catch her, but she felt bag tumble out of the dumpster and into the hopper of the truck. As the second cycle was completed the garbage man once again pulls the lever to start the compacting cycle again. The garbage man can’t see what is in the black garbage bags, but Julie can see faintly through the bag. She sees the packing blade extending out and the shadow over her and the rest of the garbage bags and she watches the light disappearing quickly. It does not treat her any different as it extends out taking another handful of garbage bags from the dumpster and begins to press down on them showing them no mercy.

All of a sudden everything went dark. Julie could hear bags popping and plastic crunching as the packing blade started pressing down on all the bags in the hopper. She could feel the other bags pushing against her and everything in her bag was pressing against her as well. This forced one of the plastic tampon applicator between her legs into her G spot causing her to have an orgasm as the blade continued to compact all the bags. As it started to get tighter, she felt movement as it pushed her and the rest of the flattened bags into the back of the truck. The movement stopped for a few seconds before the garbage man pulled the lever to start another compaction cycle.

Julie felt the pressure release as the packing blade extended out for one more load of bags. Julie saw yet another glimpse of light when the packing blade extended out before it went dark again only to feel the next load of bags being compacted and pushed into the back of the truck against her and the bags already compacted from previous cycles. It was only now when Julie realized awful smell from all the garbage as the last cycle was completed. The garbage man lowered the dumpster back to the ground, unhooked the cable, unlocked the pins and drove truck away to its next stop.

Julie was not sure what was going to happen as the truck continued picking up garbage. Julie could tell when the truck was moving and when it stopped. She also could feel more garbage being compacted against her as she figured out it would occur about every twelve or so stops unless they had a really large load or were emptying another dumpster. This left Julie wondering if this was going to be it for her as it continued on for several hours.

After a little bit she knew she was still moving, but she had noticed the compacting had stopped before she started to feel some pressure coming from the opposite direction. It pushed against her and she started to move as the truck was at the transfer station emptying the garbage out onto the floor. Julie fell out of the truck with the rest of the garbage into a big pile. She could hear the heavy equipment around her moving as it started scooping up the bags and then dumping them into a hopper to be processed.

Julie became worried as she could feel the front end loader scooping her bag up with a bunch of other bags and then she felt weightlessness as it dumped them into the hopper. She then could feel the movement as the bags below here were falling into the chute and landing onto the conveyor to be processed. She too then fell though the chute and onto the conveyor and started to move along with the rest of the bags. She was certain she was going to meet her fate as she did not know if she would be chopped up into fine garbage, buried in a landfill or burned in the incinerator. She then felt the convertors stopped briefly as someone grabbed her bag and pulled on it before the conveyor restarted to continue processing garbage. Her bag was ripped open and she could see the face of a worker and the plant supervisor who happened to be her uncle.

Julie was surprised and she asked how did you find me? Her uncle said that her team mates had contacted him when the found out when one of Lacy’s friends was talking about what they had done to her. Her teammates had called down to the plant so they knew to be watching for her. However even with the volume of garbage being processed, when it is on the conveyor, it is run though an infrared scanner. He said to Julie, “you were not aware of this, but because you were alive, the infrared scanner detected you so that is how we knew to pull this back and check. The design of the plant system is to scan all bags with the infrared scanner as a safety measure should their ever be a live human, whether it be in a bag or of a worker were to fall onto the line. The only time we won’t ever scan a trash bag is if we are backed up and need to bypass it, but it does not happen very often.”

Julie’s uncle took her up to the locker rooms in the plant so she could get cleaned up. After she showered her teammates met her to take her back home. She and her team mates were determined that Lacy and the rest of the cross country team were going to pay for this and they knew they were going to have to come up with a plan.

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