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Mean Girls

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2011 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM; F+/f; M+/f; bond; tape; bagged; dumped; susp; revenge; hum; sex; anal; cons/nc; X

Kris was a popular high school senior, with equally popular and attractive eighteen year old friends just like her. "Just like her" in the sense that they were pretty, and impossibly shallow, and usually attracted guys just long enough for them to get the first fuck. So the saying goes, "why buy the cow when the milk is free?" The guys probably thought the proverbial free milk was kind of sour, and not worth the second helping! Kris only started counting when she turned eighteen, but was over thirty guys so far. She was especially popular because a perpetual ache problem left her on "the pill", so she was a no condom girl for the guys, with clear skin. Or as they saw it, a pretty place for them to dump their cum.

Kris had a problem, she had wrecked her new C300 for the third time by texting while driving, and her parents were getting strict. They wouldn't let her use one of their other cars this time until hers was repaired, and one of the necessary parts had to come from Germany, after Mercedes made it! They also took away her phone, as necessary to a popular teenager as oxygen! She realized she would be without a car for weeks, and popular girls didn't ride the school bus. So far she was getting by with bumming rides from her friends, until she found herself stranded at the mall, and the real trouble was about to start. She had seen her friend Beth's newest boyfriend at the mall and told him she needed a ride home. He was only too happy to show off his new red sports car to Kris, she knew he would be after the look he gave her in her new Victoria Secret Summer dress, and high heeled sandals. Kris suspected she would "have to pay" for this trip one way or the other, but she didn't mind because she regularly gave it away for free anyway. Just before her house Tim pulled the small car into a dark trail as far as the low car could go, and shut off the engine.

There was so much lust inside the small car you could smell it in the air! Tim put his hand on Kris' thigh and rubbed back and forth and said he liked her new dress. She said she thought he would, and she noticed with every rub the hem of the skimpy white dress crept higher. Kris told him half heartily they should stop, because if Beth found out it would be trouble, implying that would be the only reason TO stop now. Tim said he wouldn't tell if she didn't, and that was all she needed to hear. Her new panties were damp, and in the way of her fun, so she stripped them off without lifting the skimpy dress and hung them on his rear view mirror. At the same time he was struggling to strip off his pants and shorts while still in the drivers seat, all possible thanks to a tilt steering wheel, and reclining bucket seat.

Kris obviously wasn't big on foreplay, and she hiked up her dress as he fumbled in his center console for a condom. She put her hand on his and told him he didn't need those, and she shimmied over into his bucket seat and made to mount him. With her dress still on and only hiked up, he had to feel around for the right spot, his hand guiding his rigid cock to her well lubricated pussy. After he hit the spot she did all the work from there, and ground her hips up and down on him controlling the pace. Kris pulled his shirt off and started playing with his nipples, and she sensed he was about to pop off far too soon for her, moaning like a girl! She grabbed his erect nipples with her fingers and pinched them hard enough to make him yelp, and hold off his impending orgasm.

To Kris, Tim was just a living sex toy, with a car. She worked her muscles on his cock and rode him roughly, and then eased off, teasing him without mercy again and again. The whole time Kris was riding him her head was bouncing out of the sun roof, reminding her of a horse race. When SHE had enough, and as a treat for a respectable performance, she pulled her sun dress over her head in one well practiced, graceful, fluid motion. The first sight of her magnificent body had the anticipated result, and he started toward his most intense orgasm of his life, at least so far. This time HE grabbed two hand fulls of her perfect tits and mashed the perfect orbs like modeling clay. The pain had the opposite effect on her and she was well on her way to the best orgasm of the week. They both came at near enough the same time and her experienced pussy milked his cock of all it had to offer on reflex.

Kris' pussy clamped shut as soon as she dismounted him, holding his seed inside her. She felt his hands all over her ass as she tried to get into her seat, but she still had to get out of the car to retrieve her dress. When she did he followed, and she noticed he was hard again, and she had an evil idea. She walked around to the front of his car, and sat her perfect naked ass on the edge of his hood. Tim stood between her straight legs, looking even more perfect with her high heels still on, and got close enough for his rigid cock to touch the place it wanted reentry. Tim grabbed her behind the knees and rolled her back onto his warm hood.

Kris loved the feel of the warmth on her back, and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he easily reentered her sloppy pussy. She had her heels locked around him and felt the thin hood crunch under her when he started to thrust into her. She held onto the top part of the hood, pinning her arms over her head and stretching out her tits nicely. She told him to pull out, and when he reluctantly did, she told him to go lower two times until he understood what she was offering. Tim had never had any ass before, and here was one of the hottest girls in school asking him to take hers. His cock was messy enough, and while he may have never done it before, she most certainly had. He pushed into her relaxed ass as she grunted out her encouragement, her well used ass not much tighter than her pussy! Her high heels ended up by his shoulders, and he hammered into her hard enough to rock the small car back and forth. His second go at Kris lasted longer than his first, but eventually ended as he flooded her back door with cum. With the ride paid for in full, she found her skimpy dress and got back into it before he took her home.

The next day in school Tim's ruined hood was the talk of the senior class. It was apparent how it got that way, and most of Beth's friends assumed it was her sexy ass that made the dents in it. Only Beth, Tim, and Kris knew the truth, and Kris hoped Tim kept his word. Beth dumped Tim that day, and she vowed to herself to make whoever humiliated her like that to pay her back, with interest...

...Kris was invited out to Tina's cabin at the lake for the long weekend, Tina being one of the other girls in the hot girls clique. Kris had nothing better to do without a car or a phone so she accepted, and was surprised to find Beth, Jessica, and Kim all in Tina's borrowed Escalade for the long trip up to the lake house. Beth was obviously upset at being humiliated in front of the whole senior class, and that explained her sullen attitude. The other girls acted like everything was normal, but Kris was bothered by the fact that other than Tina, she had fucked at least one boyfriend of the other three over the last year. She thought with a laugh that if they ever found out this could turn ugly, especially with her being trapped so far from home without a car.

The lake house was technically a log cabin, but as nice as any house any of the others lived in. Kris had been there before and the small lake had several other houses around it like the one Tina's parents owned, and the families had all owned them for years. There was only one other house lit up across the lake when they arrived, and Tina knew the college aged guy who was staying there. He was like a brother to her and the two had spent a few summer vacations together. It was apparent he had some friends over, and Tina thought she may go over later and say hello, depending on how the the girls made out with Kris. Tina had nothing against Kris, but agreed to disappear while they confronted her about their suspicion of her "activities" with their boyfriends.

Tina walked the half mile or so to the other side of the lake, and found her friend Tom and some of his college buddies partying. Tom's friends looked at Tina like fresh meat, but he told them she was off limits, much to her disappointment. She talked with Tom and told him what the other girls had going on, and he offered his and his buddies help under one condition, they wouldn't "force" her into anything. Tina wasn't sure what the other three had in mind, except it would involve some humiliation, if Kris was guilty.

...While Tina was gone things hadn't gone well for Kris, the three girls pounced on her and pulled her tee shirt over her head and wrapped her left arm around several times in the sleeve. The shirt was twisted tight on her wrists, and she was helplessly bound in the arm holes as long as the shirt wasn't allowed to unwind. Jessica wasn't going to let that happen. The other two wrestled her sexy legs and pulled down the loose fitting cut off jean shorts she was still wearing. Kris wasn't fighting back for real yet because she didn't know what prank her friends were playing at...

One time at this very lake Jessica and Beth got into a mock chick fight, and the two girls rolled around on the beach until they had managed to strip each other of their bikini's. They then had to run across the street naked and dive into the porch of the lake house before too many people took notice...

With the denim shorts around her ankles Kim twisted them up tight like the tee shirt was and held onto Kris' kicking legs with them. She wasn't going anywhere until her friends released her, and Beth had her friends roll Kris over so she could match up her panties with the ones she found under Tim's seat! Size one, same style, same color, Kris was in trouble! Beth ripped the skimpy panties off of her tiny ass, and showed her friends and her that they matched. Without any plausible excuse of how her stinky panties found their way under Tim's seat, Beth had her culprit. The three girls played their best bluff and wanted to know what happened to her panties with the other boyfriends. Kris was so shocked she blew it by saying she didn't know what the other guys did with them. Now she had three very pissed off girls to deal with, and she was bound and helpless, and had no way home!

Beth had a plan, and it looked like Jessica and Kim would help now, but it wouldn't have stopped her if they didn't. Beth had brought two rolls of duct tape with her, and intended to make good use of them. Kris told the girls she wanted out of there, and Beth said she would escort her out of the house once she was properly dressed. A piece of the sticky tape was put over her pretty mouth, silencing any more comments from Kris. Beth asked her if her older sister ever found out about Kris fucking her college boyfriend while she was in class. The terrified look in Kris' eyes was all the answer she needed. Beth told her if she wanted to keep that a secret she had better cooperate this weekend. It was a good threat and Kris decided she would be a willing submissive for her friends until she got back into their good graces, or escaped.

Jessica pulled Kris up into a standing position by her wrists, and Kim stripped off the little she had left on. Beth decided Kris needed to be dressed before they went out, and she started wrapping her perky tits with the duct tape. Beth, much to Kris' horror, was making her friend a duct tape bikini top. Her friends just laughed at her plight, and Kim suggested taking it off later would be much harder than putting it on. The top looked good, but it pulled at her sensitive skin with every move. Next her legs were forcibly spread and a duct tape bikini bottom was made. This one would likely rip out all of her hair when it was removed later, but that wasn't Beth's problem.

With her party clothes on, and not likely to fall off easily, they went to work taping her sexy legs together at the ankle and knee. Her arms were released and her wrists were bound behind her back with the same duct tape. By then Tina had returned and looked at her pathetic friend and shook her head. She didn't even have to say "you brought this on yourself", her look said it for her! The girls had a quiet conference and Tina told them the guys would play along with whatever they wanted. Kris was picked up and put into a large three mill thick black plastic leaf bag, and she had her wrists bound to her ankles, after the tape was cut away from her knees. It became too tight the moment she was forced to kneel inside the trash bag. Kim thought she would make a more appealing captive if they taped her elbows together, and she did. The bag was pulled up and it came up to her shoulders perfectly, so as not to strangle her. The look on Kris' face was that she couldn't believe this was happening to her as her friends put her bag into a wheeled cart for transport to the community dumpster. They pulled her cart out the door and to the curb, and left her there like garbage waiting for pick up day! The three girls showered, and dressed to impress the college guys across the lake in their tiny shorts and half shirts, all while Kris waited at the curb.

It was easy to tell that Kris would be the hit of the evening, weather she realized it or not. The girls came out and Kris was waiting on the trash cart, right where they left her. Tina threw some rope and a softball on the cart with her, and the girls took turns pulling the cart toward the dumpster. The closer Kris got to the dumpster, the more frightened she got with the mental image of her bound body getting compacted in the garbage truck. The spiteful girls stopped in front of the dumpster and told their friend if she failed to live up to their expectations, she would find herself in the dumpster with the other trash. If she wasn't before, she was now properly motivated, but she didn't know what for yet. On the way across the lake the girls were picking up sticks of various shapes and tossing them into cart with her.

At the guys place they left Kris at the door and they went in to mingle with the guys. After some time passed they dragged her into the large living room and Kris was humiliated beyond description at being bound in a trash bag and seen by all the guys. It would only get worse! Beth told the guys that their party needed something, and made a great show of pondering what it needed. Finally she said their party needed a pinata, and the softball was put into the plastic bag, up high on the inside, and the rope was tied around it on the outside. The guys hoisted Kris, and her bag up on one of the rafters about chest height with the same rope. They moved the mattress from the futon under her, and Kris realized she was now a human pinata as she hung helplessly for their entertainment. The sticks were handed out and the girls each took one and handed the others out. Tina didn't take one and was disturbed by the blood lust in her friends eyes. The guys weren't much better and their erections were clearly visible in their shorts. Tina had a feeling this thing had already gone too far, and that there was no way to stop what would happen to Kris, even IF she had the courage to try!

Beth went first because she was the most recently wronged, and she whipped the bag, and Kris with the stiff stick in an attempt to tear the bag and dump her out on the floor. The stick made a swish as it cut through the air, and Kris tried to yelp past her tape gag when the stick hit home. Each person with a stick took a swing, and Kris was getting a whipping like she never had before. The heavy duty bag protected her from the worst of the whipping, but also refused to rip and end her torment. Jessica went outside and when she came back in she had cut several branches from a rose bush and handed out the thorny sticks. It was much rougher on Kris and she got scratched up, but the bag finally was tearing enough to dump her onto the floor, but the guys caught her instead.

The duct tape bikini got the guys attention, and they were on her like lions on a fresh kill. They tore at the tape to release her arms and legs first, and then to painfully strip her of her bikini. The tape was brutally removed, and it hung onto her tits without mercy, but the guys were not to be stopped! The girls thought they weren't even noticed leaving the party, and Tina felt bad for her part in what just happened, and what would likely happen. There was no way to stop it now, she thought, and the little nympho would surely get all the cock she could handle, and then some. Kris must have had her mouth untaped because she could be heard howling across the lake by the time the girls made it back to their place. The first pangs of guilt must have started for Beth by then, because she closed the drapes facing the guys house so she wouldn't be temped to look.

Nobody slept that night; the guys had entertainment like they had never even dreamed of, Kris was getting the fucking of her life, and the girls had unbearable guilt and hoped Kris survived this.

The girls must have fell asleep eventually, because they were woken up by the distinctive sound of the garbage truck emptying the dumpster. Beth woke and remembered telling Tom last night to throw whatever was left of Kris into a garbage bag and throw her into the dumpster. It was all for show last night, but the way things got so out of hand she wasn't sure he understood that now. The girls were only wearing sleep shirts and Beth ran out to the Escalade followed by the other girls, with the intention of chasing down the garbage truck to free their friend. Tina was driving and they saw the garbage cart next to the dumpster before they left, right where Kris told the guys to leave it. When the girls saw that they freaked, and chased after the garbage truck all the way to the landfill. They must have looked quite the sight running across the landfill after the truck, wearing nearly nothing, and getting grabbed and wrestled to the ground by the security people until their story could be checked out.

...Kris woke in Tom's bed, scratched and sore all over from the gangbang of a lifetime she had last night. Tom had put her into the hot tub after his friends had left in the early morning, and likely ruined the expensive filters with all the cum that washed off of and out of her abused body. His friends and him wanted to put on a good show for the other girls, and he thought to himself that he would be lying if he said he didn't find the whole situation a kinky turn on. After the girls left, Kris had the tape removed from her lips carefully, so as not to tear them off. Kris was on her back on the futon mattress and the first thing she wanted to know is why they weren't that gentle with her tits. The guys could tell from her gentle tone that she wasn't going to yell rape or anything, quite the opposite in fact! Tom said they wanted to put on a good show for her friends, but he said with friends like, who needs enemies? Kris asked Tom when the rest of the show starts... and the guys gave Kris the fucking of a lifetime, and with her mouth free she howled and moaned loud enough that her friends couldn't miss it...

...Months later Tom and Kris were still together, Kris was very honest about her needs, after all Tom had seen her at her very best, or worst, depending how you look at it. Tom was willing to do whatever it takes to keep her satisfied, including setting up the occasional party with his friends, much to their delight.


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