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Marissa's Bad Decision

by Traitor

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"Now remember, don't do anything crazy while we are gone!" Said Mary as she and her husband Don headed for the door.

"I already told you I'm sleeping over at a friends house tonight" replied their daughter, Marissa.

The door closed as Mary and Don left. She had the whole house to herself for now. She had lied to her parents, but it wasn't a big deal, because she wasn't going to cause any trouble. Marissa had just wanted to tie herself up in the garbage and experience what it is like to truly be garbage.

Her plan was to throw herself away in the kitchen garbage bin, which was quite large. She would then tie herself up and play with herself until her parents got home, then she hoped her parents would throw some garbage on her. She would wait for her parents to go to bed and then she would untie herself and get out. She really hoped that she would get garbage thrown on her or even get taken out to the curb, which almost made her orgasm just from the thought. Tomorrow is garbage day, so she had high hopes!

Marissa quickly got her things together, 3 heavy trash bags, some rope, and a gag. She got her things and put them on the counter, next to the trash can. She then took the garbage bag out and reinforced it with another 3 heavy bags before putting the trash back into the can. Marissa then hopped up on the counter herself, positioning her feet above the can, then she slid off the counter and into the can.

The can was about 3/4 full so she squished down pretty far. A pop was heard from the trash as a milk carton collapsed and Marissa felt wetness at the bottom of the bag. She secured the gag, grabbed the ropes, and crouched down into the bag. Marissa's pussy was very wet, but in her haste to get into the trash can she forgot to get her dildo. Looking around she found a rotten banana and an empty spray paint can. She worked the spray paint can into her pussy, and then gagged as she thought about putting the banana in her butt.

"Well, I guess if I'm garbage, I should accept garbage into my body also!" she said as she slowly worked it into her butt. She pretended it was her favorite dildo.

After filling herself with garbage, she crouched and balled herself up in the garbage before grabbing the rope and going to work. It took several minutes but she finally got herself tied up tightly so that she wouldn't be able to get out easily. Marissa settled back and started to rock back and fourth, which pressed the paint can in and out of her pussy. She was working toward an orgasm when she suddenly realised something was wrong. She was mostly on top of the trash, not in and part of it. To fix this mistake she moved around, twisted, and turned until she was near the bottom and invisible to anyone looking down into the trash can.

Marissa had orgasm after orgasm, at one point the banana crushed in her butt causing a sticky mushy feeling to invade her anus, but she couldn't do anything about it, so she continued rocking back and forth, trying to get more orgasms.

Right in the middle of a powerful orgasm, the front door squeaked open and the lights came on suddenly. A frightened Marissa had to contain any noises until the orgasm faded. Mary and Don were home. Marissa didn't think it had been that long, Mary said that they would be gone for 3 hours, but it only seemed like 20 minutes to Marissa, who had been enjoying herself so much.

"Ahh, Home sweet home!" said Don as they entered the kitchen. Marissa heard them whispering to each other.

"Can you pour some wine while I get myself ready?" Said Mary.

Marissa heard Don getting the wine ready. A few minutes passed before Mary came out looking beautiful in her lingerie and fresh makeup. She was carrying her full ashtray, Don likes it when Mary smokes as they have sex. Mary dumped her full ashtray out into the kitchen trashcan before approaching Don and kissing him. Marissa heard her parents making out and whispering to each other. She had an orgasm when her mother dumped the ashtray onto her, and struggled to not make a noise. Just like she wanted, she was just a bag of trash to her parents.

It started with kissing, then Marissa listened and heard her father's belt rattle as it was undone, and then heard a zipper before finally hearing wet kissing noises. Marissa knew, of course, that her mother was giving her father a blowjob. It seemed surreal to her that here she was in the garbage, with her parents having sex right beside her in the kitchen.

Bizarre as the situation was, Marissa was on the verge of a strong orgasm. Marissa started panting as she neared the edge, still rocking back and forth as quietly as she could, trying to reach orgasm. "I'm just garbage, just trash!" She kept saying in her head.

Suddenly she felt a tickle in her nose, a sneeze was coming! "Oh no, please not now" Marissa thought.

Mary was sucking on Don when they both unexpectedly heard a squeak from the garbage. Marissa had sneezed but tried to keep it as quiet as possible, only a squeak got out. Mary suddenly stopped sucking on Don. It was quiet for almost 15 seconds as both Mary and Don looked at the garbage can, the source of the sound. Marissa was terrified, hoping that she had not just been caught, but didn't hear the sounds of her mother sucking on her father.

Marissa feared the worst when suddenly her mother started screaming. "A MOUSE! DON ITS A MOUSE GET IT OUT".

Both Marissa and Don knew that Mary was terrified of mice. Marissa, relieved that she had not been caught, was now extremely excited. Her mother was demanding that the garbage be taken out.


Mary was in the corner of the kitchen, as if trying to escape. Don quickly bunched up the top of the bags, not questioning why the garbage was quad-bagged. Marissa saw the light fade and was picked up out of the can and carried out of the house. Her ultimate fantasy was coming true, she was being thrown away by her family!

Don rushed to the curb, opened the can that was sitting on the curb, and was about to drop the bag in when he suddenly exploded. He practically threw the bag onto the ground and started to kick Marissa's bag. "Fucking mice, FUCKING TRASH".

Don kicked the bag hard several times before picking the bag back up and dropping it hard into the can, the bag went all the way to the bottom. "Get a blowjob for the first fucking time in 5 years and a bag of trash cock-blocks me!"

He grabbed a few of the bags sitting around and started stuffing them into the can, on top of Marissa, who was having orgasm after orgasm.

"I hope you can't get out now you stupid fucking mouse."

As a final act he climbed onto the can and started jumping on the garbage, insulting the trash with every jump. A minute later he grabbed the lid, forced it down hard on the trash can, and went inside. Marissa didn't know what to think of her fathers rampage. She had several orgasms from her father treating her like garbage, but at the same time several of his kicks hurt, probably bruising her pretty bad. It didn't take long though for Marissa to drown out her pain with the pleasure of orgasms.

Several hours later, or so Marissa thought, she decided it was time to get out, she knew that time was going faster than she expected, so she wanted to get out before sunrise and definitely before the garbage truck came that morning. She sighed to herself, not wanting the experience to end, and started attempting to undo her restraints.

Unfortunately after nearly an hour of trying to get herself free, she was stuck. The garbage was compressed too tight from her father jumping on it for her to move much. She started to panic, suddenly feeling claustrophobia set in. Three hours of struggling later, she had to stop. Exhaustion had set in and she was hungry and thirsty. She knew the sun had come up though, because the birds were chirping and she heard some kids walking to school. Marissa started to cry.

A few minutes later, through her sobbing, she heard the garbage truck pull up. Marissa could only cry louder, which just went unheard by anyone. The trash guy got out and started to throw the bags in the back one bag at a time. Marissa could feel the pressure being relieved and finally, she could feel herself start to float as she was being disposed of for good.

"That bag of trash," Marissa could hear her father, Don, over the rumble of the truck. "That bag of trash, if you can believe it, cockblocked me last night!" Don said to the trash guy.

The trash guy responded, "Well don't worry, it won't be cockblocking you again".

Don watched as the trash guy threw the trashbag in the back of the truck. "What happens to this garbage?" Don asked.

"Well, most of it ends up in the incinerator, so if you ever have another bag of trash that cock-blocks you, I'll make sure it gets burned to ashes!" The trash guy was laughing.

When Marissa heard about the trash going to the incinerator, she shit herself, banana and all. Her tears intensified as well, she was terrified and regretted throwing herself in the garbage. 'How could this happen?' She thought 'I was having so much fun, so many orgasms'.

She tried to say something, "Daddy please help me, get me out" but it was too unrecognizable through the gag, and the truck's engine was too loud.

Don watched as the truck pulled away and disappeared from sight.

Mary didn't finish the blowjob last night, in fact that was the end of their play time, Mary was too shaken up to have sex. Don desperately hoped that the mouse in the trash would die a painful death in the incinerator...

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