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Man becomes Gorgeous Women's Garbage

by Italian2525

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© Copyright 2006 - Italian2525 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; trash; foot; compacted; cons/nc; XX

One lonely night while taking the garbage to the complex’s garbage compactor, I met this beautiful women in her 20’s, 130 lbs, with brunette hair, green eyes, and size C breasts. She was dressed in a short tight black dress with black high heel shoes. I was stunned none the less when I first set eyes on her; at the time I couldn’t gain enough courage speak to her!

I was done throwing out the garbage and on my way back, when I saw her. Like always, I was too shy to make conversation’ ha I couldn’t even say hi if I wanted to! She saw my quick shy glance at her and asked me if I could help her with her garbage. I couldn’t believe it’ a girl like this even talking to me. I shyly accepted.

At this point, I could see her radiant dominance. Her voice was femininely strong and her body spoke another language all together. I thought to myself; ‘I would do anything for this woman!’

After accepting, I quickly took the two bags of garbage from her and we walked the rest of the way back to the compactor.

She commented that compactor was quite full and needed to be CRUSHED. I grew horny and my body quivered at the sound of those words. Trying to keep my cool, I threw them quickly into the hopper for her. I quickly glanced at her to find out whether that was the last of the garbage bags and from out of the blue; she wrongfully took it for me gazing at her beautiful breast. " Are you looking at my breasts?"

I hastily stuttered "NO!" with eyes looking at the ground.

"Then what do you think your looking at you piece of garbage."

I was again stumbling with words in my head trying to find what to say next. It seemed like all I could concentrate on was her standing by the compactor controls calling me a piece of garbage! I finally gained enough courage to answer her.

"I’m sorry; I just wanted to know your name."

"Garbage men don’t deserve to know my name. [pause] God this garbage reeks!"

I turned to shamefully walk away, only to be dominantly ordered me back to finish taking out her garbage. "You are not done yet garbage man, I have 10 more bags of garbage for you to throw away. "

With my head down I yielded to her commands, loading all 10 heavy bags of garbage into the already filled compactor. She stared at me closely the whole time while still at the compactor controls. When I was done, I graciously thanked her for letting me take out her garbage, carefully trying not to look into her eyes and started walking away.

"Where do you think your going?"

"I’m going back home," I said.

"No your not, get your ass over here now! I am not done with you."

Again, I obeyed her every command. As I stood there in front of her and the compactor she again accused me of starring at her breast.

"You are looking at my breasts aren’t you? Do you know what I do to men who get in my way? Are you afraid?"

"I step on them if they are in my path and I crush them if they don’t obey. I used them and then throw them away!"

I was very scared as she was so beautiful and dominating and in total control of the compactor from where she was. This made me extremely horny!

She soon noticed my large erection protruding out my shorts. I shamefully tried to hide it, she then ordered me to lay on the floor laden with garbage. Stomach down, she then slowly walked up to me with her shoes in my face. "Look at your pitiful self, now you know what happens to men that are in my way..." She then took her shoe and slowly stepped on my face. I could see garbage stuck to the bottom of her shoes.

"Now lick the garbage off my shoes."

I looked up with painful eyes pleading and begging not to do the deed. She again looked down at me with shameful pity and demanded her shoes be cleaned. With my hesitation came a slow steady pain of her high heel shoes crushing my hands. Pressing harder and harder, I looked up at her only to notice she was not even looking down at me. She didn’t care what was under her feet!

I finally buckled under the pressure and slowly licked her shoes clean of any garbage she stepped on.

"Good! I thought I would have had to throw you in the compactor if you didn’t obey me."

My heart dropped, she was going to use me and throw me in the garbage! I was afraid and horny at the same time! She walked back to the compactor consol to compact the full hopper container her garbage, only to stop to notice that she is missing one of her rings. She again looked at me with discussed.

"Hey garbage man, you threw out my ring you better find it NOW!"

I said, "I didn’t throw out your ring, it must be missing in the house."

"Don’t you dare talk to me like that! I know you did it! When you took the bags from me."

I couldn’t believe it! I was still on my knees hiding my erection.

"Now you have to find it NOW! I don’t care if you have to dig in that garbage all night! You smell like it anyway!"

I of course obeyed her every word and looked through all the garbage for her ring. Interestingly enough the 10 bags of garbage she threw out contained mostly her clothes including her dirty underwear, household garbage and tampons.

"God this garbage stinks. I think I am just going push this little green button here and crush all of it with you in it! You haven’t found my ring and I don’t have all night!"

Deep inside the hopper I heard her beautiful voice saying that she was going to crush me, which made me totally weak and almost paralysed! I slowly made it back to the top of the garbage hopper and still buried with my head peering out, I turn to look at her. She looked so disgusted!

"I am tired of this garbage! I told you what happens to men that don’t obey me, I crush the shit out of them. Now have you found my ring yet! Do you see where my finger is?"

I saw her hand perfectly near the compactor consol. Her index finger ever so delicately touching the large green button, I remember you can see her beautiful nails where French manicured. I was definitely paralysed at this point. She was going to crush me in the compactor with all her garbage I helped take out and just walk away like nothing happed!

"Well last chance, did you find my ring yet?"

After a long hesitation I finally answered my fate, "NO but... but..."

" But what! You are now officially GARBAGE!"

I pleaded for more time and offered to buy her one just like it or better!

"Nope, once I thrown garbage away, I never think twice about it."

I knew that was it! I then finally gathered enough courage to ask her again what her name was! She laughed!

With that she gently pressed the little green button to activate the compactor and quietly said, "OOPS!"

I shouted out, "NO, help me! Please stop it!"

I could see her looking tentatively at the garbage slowly crushing and glancing at me.

As the RAM reached a quarter of its way I could feel and hear the garbage bags around me pop under the pressure. Many of the bags around me were her bags full of panties and her household garbage.

I could feel the pressure everywhere, and my head was sliding under the garbage right in to her bag of dirty underwear.

With the RAM half way I could hardly breath and I still hear the hissing crushing sounds of all the garbage around me. I could feel all the compactor juices squirting out with every inch closer to the end. She was still near looking in on the destruction’ watching her garbage meet its fate.

"OOPS did I crush you with my little finger, you should of obeyed me so you would have not been garbage today!"

With the RAM at three fourths the way, she walks away and says, "My name is Karen garbage boy".


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