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Living The Dream

by crushedwithdiapers

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© Copyright 2021 - crushedwithdiapers - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; sex; cuffs; chain; trash truck; compacted; stuck; messy; wam; rom; cons; X

Disclaimer: Any references, real and otherwise are a work of fiction. There are no real life situations, and no danger. Please do not attempt any of this as it may result in severe injury and/or death. This is a work of fiction, and it should stay as such, as it would be foolish to replicate this, and impossible to come out unscathed. Please heed this warning.

Part 1 - Retirement:

After about 25 years of being a medical industry executive, I decided retiring was in my interest, as the companies I founded and helped create new products for the world were pretty much autonomous, and I decided to focus on other hobbies. Following retirement, my wife (Lana) and I (Chris) decided to purchase some land in Minnesota, where I can kick back and relax. We had kids early, and so they are pretty much grown. 

We bought a house on a double acreage, and spent most of our days kicking back and relaxing. Lana has taken up things such as arranging flowers, working on writing books and other philanthropic adventures. I decided to look into engineering and doing filmography, having helped many under-privileged schools get on a path of sustainability and teaching kids the joys of the world around them. I had a lab and office where I tested new things, and in general did research. As it was my lab, no one really ventured in there except myself except occasionally when I showed friends what I was working on. My wife rarely came in, at least unannounced, and usually only when I was there (in which if I was out, she usually called if she was looking for something I borrowed, or I’d call her to find something if I was out and needed references.) It’s the last part where things took an interesting turn.

Part 2 - Discovery:

I went out to run some errands, shop and grab ideas to experiment with, leaving Lana at home to work on her book she was writing, and while out and about, I ran into my old friend Dave.

“Hey Chris!” Dave shouted. I looked down the store aisle to see Dave with a shopping cart of items. “Oh, hey Dave! How’s things going?” I replied. “Oh, you know. Been working on some ideas for an invention. The problem is, I can’t figure out how to make a particular material in the shape I need to complete the part.” 

“Oh?”I replied, “What are you trying to do?” 

“Well”, Dave responded, “I need to get wood to curve but have no way to hold it in the position while it takes the form.” 

“You know, I do believe I have something that can help. I create jigs all the time, and I can likely help. Let me call my wife. I’m sure it’s on my computer for the design. I’ll have her email it from my computer in my office” I offered helpfully. 

“Thanks, that would be awesome!” Dave responded excitedly. “Well, you know what my email is, I gotta get back and start dinner for the wife and kids. You should stop by sometime.” “Great! I’ll ring you up next week and we’ll set up an evening” I said enthusiastically, “In the meantime, I’ll call my wife and have her send over the outline.”

Immediately following the conversation, I took out my cell phone and called Lana. “Hey hun?, do you mind on going into my lab and emailing David my drawing for the jig? I ran into him and he needed to do something. You know the password, so just pop on and send it via email. Thanks! I’ll be home in a few hours. Got a few things to take care of. Uh-huh. Yup! Thanks sweetie! Love you!” I hung up the phone, going about my day, unaware of what was going to change my life and rock my world. A surprise was in the works, and I didn’t even know it yet.

Part 3 - Shock:

Lana hung up the phone and immediately went to Chris’ office to hop on his computer. After unlocking the door, she slowly opened it (with a slight creak) and walked over to the computer. Tapping on the keyboard, she disabled the screensaver, entered the password and immediately her eyes grew wide. What? What was she seeing? It looked like plans for something. But she didn’t understand what. it just looked familiar. She hesitated, thought about it, and said “Oh! I know what this is! It’s a trash truck!” she exclaimed. Her saucer plate eyes grew smaller, but more of a confused look slowly overtook her face. “What on earth is he doing with a design of a tras…” she stopped mid-sentence when she saw the other items on the monitor. One was a text file, the other was a rendering of an animation with trash bags, and what looked like a dummy being loaded into a rear hopper, and the packing blade scooping them up. There was something else too... Are those…, are those diapers?

Lana was seriously confused. She was quite unsure what to think. She was flustered and started reading the text document. It seemed to be what looked like: a secret confession.

Lana scanned the document with her eyes. She turned from bewilderment to amazement, and finally a grin came over her mouth, with the corners of her lips turning slightly upwards. Before she realized what this meant. Her husband had a secret fetish. And for some reason, it turned her on. REALLY on. Before she realized it, her hand was already down by her crotch rubbing herself, furiously rubbing herself till she collapsed into the chair in front of the desk. Completely spent and still spasming, she remembered why she was there. After minimizing the windows, she quickly found the document and fired it off to Dave. Besides, she needed time. Time to process what just happened, and even more time to plot. If her husband has a fetish, this was news to her. She thought he was boring due to not really having preferences for anything outside of the normal, everyday sexual act. But now, armed with this info, she was going to help him explore it.

Part 4: Caught:

About four days later, while driving back from Dave’s home, Lana managed to work up the courage to talk to her husband about what she saw. “Uh, Chris..?” Lana asked hesitantly. 

“Yeah?” Chris was confused about what was making his wife so nervous. 

“Well…” Lana slowly answered “I was on your computer, and I think I saw something I wasn’t meant to see.” The color drained from Chris’s face. His mind started racing “Oh crap…” He thought “I left those windows open. Shit! It must’ve put her off.” Chris mentioned that he was reviewing some stuff sent to him for another person. Lana interrupted him mid-thought. “Chris, cut the BS. I know what I saw. And all this time, I thought you were so plain and boring, it made things difficult trying to find something special we can do. But after seeing that, I’m glad at least SOMETHING turns you on that we can explore…” 

Chris was taken aback. “Wait, what?!” Now bewildered, he became confused. He thought was in huge trouble. After all, he had assumed if anyone found out about his turn-ons, he would have a horrible life outcome. Even worse, would the world know?

“Lana…” he said slowly. 

“Chris” Lana replied, “I want to help you with it. I find it cute, and there’s no need to be embarrassed.” 

Now Chris was confused. But at the same time, extremely relieved. “What do you mean? You don’t find it a turn off?”

Lana openly stated “Well, at first I wasn’t sure what I was looking at, and before I knew it, I could imagine you in that scenario, and all of a sudden, I became severely turned on. Next thing I knew, I was masturbating so intensely until I collapsed into your chair.” 

Chris started to get a slight grin on his face. So it wasn’t as bad as he thought if his wife found out. “But, it’s not like I’m going to do anything like that'' Chris mentioned. 

“Why not? What’s so un-doable about it?'' Lana questioned.

“Well..” Chris stammered, “It’s unsafe, and very expensive. Even if I could do it, I could get hurt, or worse, killed.” 

Lana started to ask “Why? If you are as smart as you are, I’m sure you could find a way. I wouldn’t mind helpi…” Lana was cut off by her husband “Nope! Just no! I’m not going to do that! Besides, where would I do that? Where would I find anyone willing to allow me to borrow a truck?”

Lana thought for a few minutes. “Ok, I’ll drop the subject. I just wanted to do something for you. By the way, you remember, right?” 

Chris blurted “Yup! Our anniversary is coming up. I’ve got a nice restaurant on reservation. We’ll make a whole day of it. Got it all planned. Just wear that black dress you have. I’ll wear my tux.” 

Lana sat the rest of the ride in the passenger seat plotting, thinking and devising in her head. She wanted to do something for her husband. By the time they got home, Lana knew just what to do. The next day, she started placing calls.

Part 5: Date Night

Lana woke up on their anniversary. Her husband was still asleep. That’s ok, she thought, she needed the time. She heads downstairs to the kitchen. She grabs her cell phone off the charger and disappears into the basement where she had her office. Once inside, she locks the door and sets the final preparation of plans in motion. After dialing the first number, the other end picks up in 2 rings. 

“Yup?” came a voice. 

“Hey Frank, did you get those items I asked you to track down?” 

“Yeah, but I don’t know what you have planned, and I really don’t want to know. I’m to deliver them by 6 PM, right?” 

“Yes!” squealed Lana. She was trembling from imagining what was to come.

“So why did you want these modifications done?” Frank questioned. He was clearly confused and unsure what he was being used for. Just hopefully not a murder. 

“Never you mind” quipped Lana. “Just get them all here.” 

“I’ll have it all delivered. It’ll take 2 trucks to deliver them, plus a third person will drive the other truck. We just leave them by the barn, right? Is there anyone there to sign off on this?” 

“Yup! That’ll be taken care of. I hired and brought in people who will take it from there.” Lana followed up with “They will unload and sign off. The cash was just transferred now. Thanks for getting all this. It’s a huge help, and I’m glad you did this for me. It’s well worth the $300,000 I paid. I’ll let you know if I need anything else.” 

“Lana, can you tell me what you need these giant barrels for?” Frank questioned to which Lana fired back “Never you mind. Just… don’t open them.” 

“Yeah, but why 40 boxes of trash bags? what are you planni...” Lana quickly hung up. She really didn’t want to release any more information anyways. She was trying to be secretive. She’d already hired a person to oversee stuff while she’s out with her hubby. She was shivering just thinking about what was to come. 

This will be an anniversary to remember. The only other issue is what she will do with the items afterwards. Oh well, that’s for the future. Lana giggled to herself after climbing the stairs. She went to get ready, and had the biggest smile on her face. She hopes her husband will have one hell of a night. But for now, a date!

Part 6: Shock, awe and amazement

Lana and Chris’ anniversary date went great. Shopping for new lingerie, a nice steak dinner, and doing some photo shoots in the park in the city went extremely well. The night was cool, but not too cool. Being summer, it was decent, and not humid or sticky. Such pleasantries went over well, and they had a blast. After the date, Lana and Chris headed back home to relax. it was in the dark, around 9 PM, and unknown to Chris, his day wasn’t over yet.

Chris pulled up into their long driveway (a 1/4th mile long trip) and was bewildered by two large round lights on the path. Is that… Is that a Garbage truck? Chris was starting to get a bit flustered. What was a garbage truck doing on their lawn. “Lana? Is this your doing?” Lana replied “just pull off to the side. I have a surprise.” Chris pulled slightly over to the side of the road. He recognized what it was all right. It was a Mack Mr Leach 2RII. Make no mistake. A rear-loader which he gets turned on when hearing the engine rev with a throaty roar knowing the fate of the bags getting crushed when the truck compacted the bags.

“Ok Sweetie. Hop out, I’ve got a surprise for you”. Lana walks over to a table behind the hopper. There’s a note thanking her for the money, the work, and sitting next to the note was a remote control. It was just like she wanted. Buttons with images, a light to see with and functions labeled so you can see what they were for. Lana picks up the remote. “Seems sturdy enough” she said under her breath as she turned around. “So, uh…” she said in a soft voice, “I’ve got a bit of an anniversary gift for you. Since we are hitting the 20th wedding anniversary, I wanted to do something you’ll never forget.”

Chris perked up. As he scanned around, he saw many empty boxes stacked neatly, slightly out of view. Among them were adult diaper boxes, Luvs, Huggies, Pampers, Rearz, pretty much anything diapers. And there were 50-60 boxes. But they were all open… Where are the diapers? And there were… Victoria secret bags? What?” And that’s when he noticed the various boxes of black, white and 1980’s Hefty brown biodegradable bags with twist-ties. 

He also spotted between eight to ten large barrels between 50-100 gallons. They had indications of medical logos on them. Not sure what that meant, he turned to Lana. “Lana? What are all of these?” 

Lana hesitated a few seconds, then said “Well, I saw all the items on your computer, so I decided to reach out to some friends and had them get me some things and deliver them. I got diapers, lingerie, trash bags, the truck, and in those barrels are a semen replacement, because uh… you kinda said in that file that you wanted to be packed in with diapers dripping cum? I think I got that right”. 

Chris was surprised. He really wasn’t sure what to say. So instead he walks over to his wife, and gently kisses her and says “Ok, how do we do this?” 

“Well, I guess we should start by getting naked.” With that said, she clicked a button, and the truck engine turned on and roared to life. This made Chris’ penis go rock-hard immediately. Lana started to take off her dress to reveal white satiny laced underwear complete with matching bra. The fabric was really silky, and had laces all over. She then took out the hair tie and let down her hair. The dark brown luscious hair went all the way down to her butt. 

Chris loosened his tie, dropped his pants, and took off everything except the boxers. Lana slowly walked over, and knelt down. Immediately after getting on her knees, she reaches up, pulls the boxers down, and immediately starts sucking the shaft, all the while playing with Chris’ balls. As she works up and down his penis, she fondles the balls and when she started to feel twitching while sucking hard and forcing it in so far it slightly goes down her throat which can be seen by Chris, she backed off. Standing up, she starts grabbing Chris' face and kissing him. She sucks and bites his lip, licking and kissing under his chin and on his neck. Chris in response, starts to rub Lana’s breasts. The perkiness is still there, and they fit great in his hands. Soft, and well defined, Chris got harder and harder, almost to the point where it hurt. That’s when Lana grabbed his butt-cheeks, grinding on his ever rock-hardening dick. She positions herself so her lower lips slide along the shaft. 

Lana was so wet, even her panties were overflowing. Soaked in fact, as she was insanely turned on. Inside her mind, she imagined Chris rubbing against the bags, being in the hopper with the diapers, and even with her panties in his mouth. All while bound, and awaiting the packer panel. The inevitable struggle he’d encounter, as a roaring beast came to life. Oh god! She needs to do this now! Lana grabs Chris by his dick and drags him over to the hopper edge. She pulled the remote out of her bra, and pressed a button. Immediately Chris looks over as the packer comes out slightly, releasing the pressure on what was in the chassis. He watches as white and black trash bags fall down into the hopper. He sees in the white bags, a mix of diapers, panties, bras, and white liquid.’

Chris, surprised by the white liquid belts out “Wait! What is THAT?!” while pointing to the white liquid. Lana responds “Well, I called the company you founded as asked if they had anything that looks like semen. They said they had a substitute which is like semen, as is something they used when they tried to create batches for insemination for animals, etc... So I had it ordered, and it was put into the diapers and panties. I thought you’d love the feel of it. Even better, they used a cloning technique. Inside that is sperm with your genetics!. So, they cloned even your sperm for it!” 

Impressed, Chris’ mouth dropped. He wasn’t expecting the full treatment. Before he could grasp what was really happening, he felt a large shove in which he fell over the hopper lip and down onto the bags. The crushed bags. Oh god, they were so smooth, and felt awesome. As he looked over to his left, there was a black bag, slightly torn with panties hanging out. Next to it, a white bag with various diapers. The diapers were wrapped up like they had been worn. There was semen dripping out of the diapers. They had clearly been crushed. He was incredibly turned on. 

Lana hopped into the hopper, right on top of him. She then flipped Chris over, handcuffed and ankle cuffed him, then cuffed the two together. That’s when things got good.

Part 7 - Doing the deed

Lana turned her husband back over. She looked up, and the packing blade was hanging just over them. She could see the bags still in the chassis. It looked like the truck was packed full. “They were very thorough” she thought. With seeing that, she started getting so wet, she felt she was dripping just as much cum as the diapers that were above her. 

She decided to start, by unclipping the clasps on her bra. Still wearing the panties, she slides down him to where her crotch was at his knees. She pulls his boxers down to the ankle cuffs, and starts using her breast to massage his dick. She slowly slides up, then down. Repeatedly while making sure her supple breasts would keep close together, in order to drive her husband wild. 

As she was rubbing his cock, she felt a few bags fall down onto her back. She let out a moan. It felt so good. The feeling of the black plastic. The smoothness, the smells of it. Even the smell of the Luvs were intoxicating. That’s when she noticed the liquid on her back, running down the sides of her thighs, and even down her butt. She felt the white viscous and slippery substance go down her face as well, dripping onto Chris’ face, which looked like it was in pure bliss. 

She relished the idea of being soaking wet, covered by her husband’s cum all over her body. It almost brought her to orgasm being completely surrounded by Chris’ cum everywhere. Even the idea of being crushed against bags full of his cum drove her insane, edging many times while servicing her lover.

After a few moments, she snaps out of the intoxication, right when Chris says “So, when we do get to the sex?” Lana reaches down to her hips, grabs her white panties, and slides them off, from her thighs, past her knees, to around her ankles and removing them off past her feet. Unsure what to do with them, she gets the idea to stuff the totally soaked panties into her hubby’s mouth.

“Quiet. Or I’ll punish you. You just need to sit back and enjoy the ride. If I hear a peep from you, even a sound, I’ll make sure you get the punishment you deserve. You get three strikes or else.” With that, she slips the cock right up into her. Chris lets out a muffled moan. ‘That’s 1!” Lana quipped loudly. While rising and lowering herself on top of the already soaked dick, she decides she’s going to push Chris to his limits, just so she can punish him. She leans over, where she licks his ear, and then while reaching around the back of his head with her hands, she bites his lip while sucking, at the same time grabbing the hair at the base of his neck and pulls. Hard. Chris lets out a larger moan. Panties still in his mouth. “That’s 2! One more and you get punished!”

She starts working her breasts down his chest, dragging the erect nipples across his, while riding on top as much and as fast as she can. She can feel it filling up inside her. The sensitivity is so intense. She feels like she can explode at any minute. She picks up the pace, till she starts to feel her body quiver. And just like that, she explodes. Her back arches back as tremors come over her. Her head aims back with her hair flying backwards, resting atop Chris’ ankles. As she comes, she releases all over his thighs and dick. White sticky cum is coming out of her onto him, even dripping onto the bags. Now her cum is on him too. After spasming for twenty seconds in the best orgasm of her life, she collapses. Her breasts come down and drop into his face. He lets out a muffled sound. Lana whispers into his ear “And that’s 3…”. After recovering long enough, she reaches down, puts her finger on her cum, and lifts it up to inspect it. It’s a bit sticky, and looks just like when her husband comes inside of her. She looks at his face, then touches his lips, leaving a trace on it. The panties were still stuffed in his mouth. She starts to get up, with bags around them. and makes her way out of the hopper before turning around.

“I hope you are ready for the ride of your life. You made 3 noises when I told you not to. Now you get your punishment.” With that, Lana grabs her bra, drops it onto Chris’ chest, and pulls out the remote. She taps a button, and the giant steel monster roars to life. Chris’ eyes grow wide, and watches the packer panel extend out, followed by coming down over. He can see the shadow, and watches until there’s only a little gap where he can see his beautiful, naked wife standing there, with a remote control in her right hand. “Ready? Here we go!”.

Part 8 - Packed for the trip of a lifetime

With the single sound of a click, Chris watches as the packer starts to scoop. He can feel the blade scoop under him and the bags he was lying on. He dick is now hurting as it’s so erect. He feels the bags under him start to bulge, and within a moment, he feels them pushing into his back, and he’s being lifted up by them. That’s when he feels the bags above him. A brown bag is the first for him to contact. It comes into contact with his chest. The bag starts to whistle as it billows up. He feels a rush of air, followed by a pop and the bag deflating. He feels the soft bag break a hole. It’s filled with panties. Tons of silk panties. The next bag he feels pop is under him. This one is filled with diapers. Still ever soft, it’s what he can concentrate on as his face comes into contact with a white bag, in which he can tell is full of a mix of diapers and bras. That’s when he felt the liquid come onto his face. He was being pushed into diapers and panties filled with cum. He almost was going to pass out, not from pain, or lack of air, but from the intense experience he has when he starts coming. He comes onto the bags above him, and feels the warmth touch his legs. He's in almost pure bliss. The smell of the perfume in the Luvs diapers get into his sinuses.

For a few moments, he sits there completely surrounded by bags full of soft diapers and underwear. The intoxicating feeling of the bags pressed around him. Almost like he was trash itself. Then he feels the release under him, and the bags he’s on drops into the hopper. He tumbles with them. Landing face down into the bags, which are clearly popped, squeezing and some contents now forced out of them, he feels himself flipped over. Lana crawls on top of him. She then proceeds to slide his massively overly-large dick right into her. It slides easily in, after her being so wet it pours out, and him covered in his and other cum. Lana leans over, kisses him on the forehead, and begins to ride. She glides up and down, varying from fast to slow, then fast again. She twitches, spasms, moans, and gushes 3 times before she looks Chris right in his eyes. “How about a round 2?” She pulls out the remote, and while still having his cock into her pussy, she presses the button that initiates the full auto packer. Instead of watching her husband being treated like a helpless trash bag, she has decided to join him. She watches as the light disappears over her and then feels her hubby lifting up. her on him. A brown trash bag pops right next to her head as it squeezes. It screams and so do the other bags as they get packed in tighter and tighter. Several pop, whistle, screaming. Begging for anything to save them. She feels cum washing over her. She can smell the diapers, the baby powder and feel the slick bags press into her skin. 

Lana feels the pressure not only outside, but inside. Inside she feels the dick start to ejaculate. She feels the warm liquid shoot up inside her. She’s in bliss too. She leans over and works her arm around Chris’ back, and shoves her breasts into his face, to be squeezed into his nose and eyes. All of a sudden, she hears a crack. Instantly the truck releases it’s hold, and starts the packing cycle again. 

Unaware of what happened, the truck reaches down, both Lana and Chris falling into the hopper, and being buried with bags from the inside of the truck as they land on them. The truck proceeds to scoop and pack again. Each time pushing them up into the container with the other bags. Somehow a bit tighter this time. Right after the packing cycle finishes, it starts all over again. “Shit!” Lana says. “Chris, the remote broke. It’s going to keep packing us! I just realized what the crack we heard was.” Lana was a bit too late though, for the next several hours, she kept getting packed, squeezed and compacted with her husband. Time after time again, they hear bags pop, get pushed more into the chassis of the truck, hearing the roaring engine, feeling the pressure, and have white semen wash over them. about every 3-4 times, it’s enough to make them orgasm. Both have reached their physical limits within that time, they are weak, sore. but uninjured. over that time, they managed to orgasm 80 some times. Each time adding their own cum to the rest, getting them covered. Even Lana’s hair was completely white, as the bags, diapers and panties even further up in the body was slowly having all the white cum substance squeezed to the point where the diapers explode, and even violently forcing its way around the other bags, working it’s way closer and closer to Chris and Lana with every compaction. Shortly overcoming the wall of bags, it starts to flood over and cover them with cum. 

Right around the time of dawn, they hear the truck sputter. The release happens, dropping Chris and Lana into the hopper with a dozen other bags that were fortunate enough to see the light of day again, not totally doomed. As the blade rotates and extends out, the engine dies and the blade comes to a halt. Chris and Lana look at each other, realizing that the garbage truck ran out of gas. They slowly, and sorely, work their way to sitting up, and slowly, but carefully, climbing over the bags and up and out of the hopper. Staggering back to the house about 20 feet away, they carefully crawl up onto the porch, open the front door and stumble inside. After collapsing on the stairs, they manage to make it to the bedroom and crash into bed, both passing out cold, both naked, covered in white cum, and sleep for the next 16 hours.

Part 9 - The Conclusion

Chris wakes up first. Still looking like a mess, he staggers down to the kitchen, turns on the coffee maker, grabs bread and pops it into the toaster. As he pours two cups of coffee, he looks up at the doorway. Lana is standing there, arms crossed leaning against the frame of the door to the kitchen.

“Well, that was a very entertaining night.” Lana Remarks. “I don’t think I’ve come as many times in my life as I did last night” she follows with. “Yeah, I didn't even know it would be that intense. I totally loved it. And I loved being able to do it with you. I was so scared of you judging me, I never brought it up. It’s a bit embarrassing to be honest…” Chris says while buttering the toast. He gets ready to take a bite, and as he lifts the toast to his mouth, he’s stopped by Lana pulling a diaper out from between his butt cheeks. “Oh, never knew that was there. Anyways, is there anything you want to explore?” Lana looks him in the eye. “Yeah, let’s do that same thing again, but this time you gotta wear one and put one on me” still holding the diaper up in her hand so Chris can see. Chris cracks a slight smile. “Ok, sounds great, but next time, we might need a way to call for help. I’ll draft up the plans and engineer a panel inside to hold an emergency phone if need be. Maybe a fuel shut off that can be accessed closer to the hopper. Just in case…”

With that, they both hobble off to the bedroom, only to go for another 2-3 hours of sex round after round. Both madly in love with each other, and knowing that the other has a lot more of a wild side than they imagined.


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