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Littering is a Crime

by Traitor

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© Copyright 2014 - Traitor - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; court; punish; bond; rope; bagged; garbage; messy; public; trashbag; dumpster; cartunk; truck; disposal; mast; climax; reluct; X

Shyanne looked up at the judge in disbelief. She had just been sentenced to 'community service' which meant that she would be kept in a large public trashcan for a week. The punishment was for littering, If she littered she would be littered upon. 

Her parents broke down in tears as the judge gave the sentence. Their beautiful daughter didn't deserve to be treated like trash. It was a simple mistake, throwing a cigarette butt on the sidewalk. Unfortunately the judge despised smoking and gave her a harsh sentence. A tearful Shyanne was quickly taken by police from the courtroom to their squad car and then to the mall, where she would be kept in a large trash can.

The two police men were laughing and joking around as they tied Shyanne into a ball. It was pretty common for them to throw girls away since the new law had been passed. Curiously though, most men that were caught littering got away with a slap on the wrist.

Shyanne had to admit though, in the back of her mind she was sort of excited. She had always wanted to be treated like an object and now would be her chance. She quickly dispelled these thoughts and continued crying. She was carried by the police men to the middle of the mall next to a pillar where the large trash can was sitting. Most of her family and even a few other bystanders were watching. Her family was giving encouragement and expressing sorrow. "It'll be okay, It'll only for a week, Be strong and you will make it". One said. Another said, "I love you and I'm sorry you don't deserve this". Some of the bystanders took out their phones and started recording. It was a very embarrassing time for Shyanne.

Shyanne was naked and tied up to the point that she couldn't move when the police officers picked her up and slid her into the trashcan. She slipped down feeling the cool plastic on her skin as she sunk to the bottom. There was hardly anything in the trashcan because it had just been emptied. Her crying continued as she watched the swing lid come over her and then she heard a click as they padlocked the lid onto the can. She was really stuck now, she was just garbage now for a week. For whatever reason through her tears she felt an excitement building inside her, although she tried to suppress it.

It wasn't long before most of the bystanders dispersed. Some of her relatives dispersed but some stayed and talked to her through the can. She couldn't reply back because of the gag in her mouth, though. Her father hugged the can and pressed his tear filled face against it and expressed his sorrow over the situation. It was at this moment that the first person came up to the trashcan, ignoring the crazy crying man that was hugging the can, and threw his half eaten ice cream cone into the garbage. Shyanne saw light briefly as the swing door came open and she felt something cold suddenly as the ice cream hit her skin. She had an involuntary orgasm when this happened. Nobody noticed but she still turned bright red and felt very embarrassed.

Eventually all her relatives left except her mother, who sat next to the garbage can in a chair as if looking out for her daughter. Her mother watched as many people came by to get rid of their trash. She watched as they threw trash onto her daughter. When they did this she would protest and tell them that that her beautiful daughter was in there. Her mother reluctantly left though after the security guard escorted her out for 'disruption'.

Most of the mall had closed at this point so Shyanne was left alone. She had stopped crying and accepted that she was just trash for the week. She had started to get stiff and hoped that she could make it for 6 more days. 

The next day came along and people started to fill the halls. For some reason Shyanne had another involuntary orgasm last night when the janitor opened the garbage, looked down at her, ignored her, and pulled the bag out. The janitor then put the bag on the floor and crushed the trash down as much as he could. Shyanne, then in the afterglow of an amazing orgasm, felt herself get stuffed back into the can and locked in. To the janitor it was just trash.

Throughout day 2 Shyanne cried periodically and had plenty of orgasms that she despised having. She tried to deny her sexual feelings for objectification but she was losing the fight. Throughout the day all sorts of trash piled up around her. In the morning mostly coffee and cups were thrown on her with the occasional paper plate or half eaten food item. Sometimes she would have boxes shoved onto her which sometimes hurt. From afternoon to evening she would have food thrown on her and candy wrappers, plastic bottles, paper products and just about every trash item she could think of. 

Day 3 & 4 went about the same. The trash in her bag was now packed tightly around her from the janitor packing it at night. The only eventful thing that happened to Shyanne during these days was when a man peed into the can because of a dare from his friends. Although disgusting Shyanne drank it because it was hard for her to get a drink in the trashcan. Her parents came around frequently to comfort her throughout her ordeal. On one occasion her father accidentally spilled ink on his shirt. He was playing with a pen and it exploded. "Ah crap this was my favorite shirt". he raged.

Without thinking he took off his shirt and threw it, along with the pen, into the garbage can before stomping off to buy another shirt. In that moment his daughter was nothing more than a bag of trash in a trashcan. Her mother had accidentally thrown some stuff away on her daughter too, which she was ashamed of. Shyanne had massive orgasms when it happened. For some reason she enjoyed being regarded as nothing more than a bag of trash. The orgasms had started to grow on her over the past several days, and she had even started to enjoy those moments when somebody would throw their trash on her.

Unfortunately her bag filled up at the end of the fourth day, and like all bags of trash it had to be taken out. Shyanne had her biggest orgasm yet as the janitor completely ignored her and tied the bag closed. She was disappointed because she thought he was going to let her out. She didn't really want to come out at this point. She was having so much fun. She felt herself being carried in the bag to an unknown location. All of a sudden she felt herself fly into the air and hit something soft. She knew she had just been thrown into the dumpster.

Shyanne had several orgasms at being thrown away in the dumpster. When her excitement faded she started to get worried. How would anybody find her to let her out?

The last days of her punishment were spent in the dumpster, having bags thrown on her. The dumpster had completely filled up and she was in the center of it all. Knowing that she was just a bag of trash to everyone gave her constant orgasms.


On the fifth day her parents came to comfort their daughter in her trash prison. Upon arrival the father hugged the trashcan and her mother started giving words of comfort. "Honey it's us, Only 3 days to go you are doing great I have faith in you!" It wasn't until the father sat on the trashcan and it moved with little effort, indicating its emptiness, that they realised that the garbage had been taken out. They looked around and found several dumpsters but didn't know which one she was in, so they gave up and hoped for the best.


The final day, Shyanne had counted. Today she was to be let out. She was to be let out as a new woman, one who had learned from her punishment that littering is unacceptable. She wanted out because she was hungry and stiff, but she also didn't want out because she was having constant orgasms.

The day dragged on and Shyanne wondered when they would get her out. She secretly hoped that they would forget about her. That they would forget that she was in the garbage. She secretly wanted to be taken by the garbage truck. Everytime she thought about it she had a strong orgasm.

Finally after some time Shyanne woke up with a jump, she didn't know how long she had been asleep, but she heard something rumbling. The sound got louder and louder as she realised it was a diesel engine. The rumbling got closer until she felt her dumpster shake. Shyanne was in paradise, She could hardly stay conscious from the constant orgasms she was having, one after another without end. "This is it", she thought with what little brain power she could muster. "I'm literally just trash now". She felt the dumpster start to pitch before it came to a stop.

The police were there with the garbage truck. They had wanted to give the girl a scare and hope that she never littered again. After digging through several layers of garbage bags, they found the one Shyanne was in. It was marked with a yellow ribbon on top. Shyanne was very disappointed, but at least she was safe. When she was pulled out the police officers lectured her through the bag before hinting to her that if she was caught littering again they might forget that she was in the bag. This planted a seed in the back of Shyanne's mind. 

Because she was so dirty and disgusting, her parents decided to leave her in the bag on the way home. She was stuffed into the trunk of the car and driven home to safety.

---------------------------------------------------------------------Ending 1---------------------------------------------------------

Upon getting home Shyanne was let out of her bag by her parents. When she was pulled out most of the bag's contents came out with her because everything was stuck to everything else. Shyanne had been so tightly packed in the bag that the trash had cocooned her. She was stiff when her parents cut her free and could hardly walk. She took a nice long shower and went to bed with thoughts of trash in her mind.

Several weeks later Shyanne couldn't get the thoughts of trash out of her mind. She had tried playing in the trash at home, but it wasn't the same. She had also tried finding a dumpster nearby, but none of them were used near as much as the one at the mall. She hadn't had an orgasm since she was pulled out of the bag, and she needed one soon.

She took her cigarettes and went to take a walk along the streets. Just as she was crossing an intersection, a police car pulled up. Shyanne threw her cigarette to the ground and acted innocent. The police rushed out of their car to arrest her...

---------------------------------------------------------------------Ending 2---------------------------------------------------------

Upon arriving home Shyanne was set in front of the house as her parents went around the back of the house to set up the garden hose and small swimming pool so she could be cleaned up. The moment her parents disappeared behind the house Shyanne could hear a diesel truck pull up to the curb. The trash guys got out of the truck to pick up the trash on the curb. "Hey what about that one up there by the house?" One of them asked. "Go get it they probably forgot to set it on the curb". Shyanne felt herself get lifted, but thought it was just her parents. When she heard the diesel truck getting louder she realised what was happening and started to lose herself to orgasms again. She felt herself get thrown back into the truck and started to black out from orgasm. 

Shyanne's father came around the house to find the garbage men at work. He went up to talk to the trash guys without knowing what had just happened. They made small talk before the trash guys set off. When the father turned around to get his daughter's bag, it wasn't there. "Guess the wife got to work cleaning her up" He thought. Going around behind the house his wife said, "Got our little garbage girl?" It was at that moment that they realised what happend and went running down the road, but it was too late, The truck was long gone...

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