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Linda's out with the Diaper Trash

by malus_infantia

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© Copyright 2010 - malus_infantia - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; capture; bond; bin; diapers; messy; bagged; dumped; compacted; revenge; nc; XXX

I lookup at the clock. Nearly time to close. The last few customer's mill about the store, picking up various odds and ends. I'm pretty certain that none of them are going to buy anything. I look over to Sarah, the shift manager, and ask "Sarah, do you mind if I go now?"

Sarah peers about the store, and shakes her head, "No Linda, It's fine. Been a slow night. I'll see to the deposit and closing things out. Do run the trash to the chute on your way out though". I nod to Sarah, smiling. All in all, this gig at the mall isn't so bad. Especially since Sarah fired Jessica. She'd been skimming from the tills, and I called her on it. Sarah got her ass fired, and now things are a bit more tolerable here.

I grab the two bags of trash Sarah set out by the entrance of the store. Light stuff, paper mostly... a few soda cans... there'd hardly be anything if the mall recycled. But instead, everything goes in the trash. There are various chutes throughout the mall,  and while we have one close to our store, I go out of my way a bit to the one by the family restroom. I have to use the bathroom rather badly, and I've always found the family restroom the nicest and cleanest. Besides, there is something calming about the scent of baby powder that lingers in there.

I walk down the corridor that leads to the trash chute and the family rest room. I open the rather large door to the chute, and toss the trash bags in rather unceremoniously. I then pop into the rest room. I'm immediately greeted by the scents of baby powder, the slight tang of urine, and the semi-sweet yet noxious order of baby poop. There is a large trash can in the corner of the room where parents deposit their children's soiled diapers. I give it a glance as I walk to the lone stall in the room.

Since it is late, and the mall was closing, I didn't bother to lock the door to the family restoom. I do however, out of habit, close the flimsy latch to the stall. I go about relieving myself, relaxing slightly as I do.  It was just as I was about to wipe that I hear the door to the restroom open and shut quickly, then the door lock. Just as I was about to say "Occupied" the door to my stall swings open violently as it is kicked in.

I stare, my mouth gaping wide, at a black clad woman with blonde hair and a pretty face. I recognize her as Jessica, as she reaches into the stall, grabs my shirt, and pulls me from the toilet with a strength I didn't know she had.

I start to yell, but have the air knocked out of me as I fall to the ground hard. My pants are around my ankles, so I'm having a hard time getting back up. I moan on the ground as I feel Jessica step on my back, pushing me to the ground, as she grabs my hands. She keeps them behind my back, and swiftly wraps duct tape around my wrists, binding them together. Next she grabs my hair, and pulls my head up. With her free hand, she slaps a piece of duct tape over my mouth, effectively gagging me. I'm confused, in pain, and bound up. I start to cry, despite myself.

"Hello, Linda", Jessica says to me in a sweet voice, "or should I say, hello trash!" I try to cry out, but just a muffle escapes. "You really shouldn't have made an enemy of me. You really should have kept your mouth shut... or talked to me before you turned me over to Sarah."

I writhe about on the floor. My panties and jeans are at my ankles, I'm cold and terrified, but sweating. "Well... you're not going to live much longer to regret it. When stupid trash like you fucks with me, I make sure I get rid of that trash, in the way that trash should be gotten rid of!" I'm confused as Jessica speaks, still trying to fight my way out of this impromptu bondage.

She grabs my hair again, pulling my head up and making me stare at the large trash bin/diaper pail in the corner of the restroom. "I'm going to throw you in there, with all the messy, shitty, baby diapers. Then I'm going to bag you up, and throw you down the trash chute. You'll wind up in dumpster with all the other diapers." I'm fighting very hard, but there is no way out of my predicament. I cannot believe this is happening to me. Maybe I will wake up any second now, drenched in sweat, but safe in bed.

"And Linda, you diaper trash, you get to be collected tonight. That's right, my aunt runs the truck that does this route. I asked her real nice if I could ride with her when she does the trash. She was so happy to hear me ask," Jessica is whispering in my ear right now, and it seems like she's getting a thrill out of this. "When it comes time to pick up the diaper trash, I'll be the one that gets to compact you. You'll be crushed up with all those diapers... just a compacted bag of diaper trash... then off to the dump with you".

I'm weeping openly now. I can't wake up. This is really happening.

Jessica stands up fully, and hoists me over her shoulder. She walks over to the enormous diaper pail and opens the lid. "Whew! all these messy baby diapers. looks like I'll have to make some room". Jessica dumps me on the ground, I land hard on my side, badly hurting my shoulder. My cries are contsant now, but I 'm loosing energy.

Jessica tips the diaper pail over on it's side. Disposable diapers of all sorts spill out. Huggies, pampers, pull-ups, some bigger diapers spill out too. The scent of piss and shit is strong, but still it mingles with baby powder. She empites the diaper pail out by about half from what I can tell, and then she sets it backup. She gathers me up and brings me over to the lip of the pail. It's essentially a large trashcan, with a thick, white trash bag lining it. I'll easily fit into it. I try to resist one last time, but Jessica just dumps me into the large diaper pail. I land on a mass of wet, messy,disposable diapers.

"You look just perfect in there, trash!" Jessica says to me with a sweetness so inappropriate as to be malicious.

"Before I cover you up with the rest of the diapers, I should give you one last humiliation," and with that, Jessica lowers her pants, and her panties to just above the knee. She then clambers her way to the top of the diaper pail, and somehow balances herself well enough to sit atop top it. I gaze up hatefully at her sex as she eclipses the light. She seems to relax a little, and then a torrent of hot piss comes out of her. It splashes on my face, and trickles down my neck, soaking into my clothing. I'm out of tears, I'm just numb now. I'm drenched in piss like a damned diaper.

Jessica climbs off of the diaper pail, redresses herself, and then looks back into the pail. "Now you definietly look like you belong, like a filthy fucking diaper". I just gaze at her dumbly as a strand of urine soaked hair tumbles in front of my eyes. Jessica disappears from view for a moment, and then starts filling the pail with the dirty diapers she had emptied out before.

They come in, one by one at first, then by the handful. A soaking wet pampers diaper hits me in the face, a messy huggies diaper lands on my head, sticking there stubbornly. Eventually, I'm buried in wet and messy diapers.  The super thick white trash bag surrounds me. This is really how it's going to end. I can't believe it.

Jessica then closes the lid to the pail, blocking out the light. "Time to get rid of all these messy diapers," she chirps winnsomely. I feel the pail being dragged. I know we're going to the chute. Oh god... this will be it soon.

The lid opens again, I see light and hear a faint rustling as Jessica ties the trash bag closed. I hear her whisper, "I left hole for you... diapers need to breathe, I 'm told. Besides... I don't want you to be gone before you get compacted."

I can only see some light filter in from the pile of diapers on top of me, and then that diminishes as Jessica ties the garbage bag I'm in shut. "Good bye diaper trash" Jessica chrips... I fear it will be the last human voice I ever hear.

I feel the bin tip over, as Jessica dumps me and the bagged contents of the diaper pail over the mouth of the chute. I get the strange weightless feeling you get in dreams some times. It lasts for only  a second, as I land with a heavy squish on the other bags of diapers in this dumpster. The wind is knocked out of me again, and I can feel my trash bag sink slightly as the plastic rubs against the thick plastic of the other bags of dirty diapers.

I writhe slightly, struggling against the load of messy, wet diapers I'm bagged up with. I can hardly move. I try to cry out, but no one will hear me. It feels like an eternity, but also like a few minutes before I hear the roar of an engine coming near. This is it... God, Christ... this is it.

I begin crying again as the dumpster I know I 'm in is jostled. I sink further into the bags of disposable diapers that surround me as it is lifted up. I get that weightless feeling again as I'm dumped into the hopper of Jessica's Aunt's garbage truck.  I land on other bags of trash, and am immediately covered by even more trash bags full of diapers. I barely hear the dumpster land on the ground with a loud, clanging thud.

That's when I hear the hiss. The trash compactor has started. Bags around me rustle as the push against me. The diapers in my garbage bag begin to push against me, a fatal embrace of infantile detrius. The steel wall of my death pushes closer and closer, and the pain starts. It hurts, christ, it hurts.

I don't know what breaks first, or really, at what moment it ends... but it does end, in this trash compactor. I'm just like a disposable diaper. Pissed on, thrown away, and compacted with all the other diapers. A diaper that doesn't feel, just dead to the world, ignorant of the compactor cycling through again, and again.


I pull the lever of my aunts truck, and hoist you up into the hungry maw of the garbage truck. "Auntie, I'm going to watch it get crushed" I say to my aunt.

She just laughs and shakes her head, "Be very careful. Like I showed you. I don't want you getting crushed."

"Of course Auntie" I say as I exit the cab.

I clamber up the ladder to the maw of the garbage truck. I see you in there Linda, barely visible beneath the mounds of trash bags full of dirty diapers. My aunt pushes the button that starts the hydraulic trash compactor, and I watch with glee as you're compacted. The trash bags rustle softly, and I see your bag in particular writhe a bit as you are slowly crushed. I listen very, very carefully... and there it is, the snap of bones of your compacted up like the dirty diaper trash you are. I am satisfied beyond words right now.

I climb back into the cab of my Aunt's truck. Reflecting, as we drive away to the dump, that maybe you getting me fired wasn't so bad. Maybe I could quite like being a garbage woman...

And with that, we're off, to dump our load of compacted diapers of at the dump, where all dirty diaper trash like you belongs.

-the end


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