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Late Night Bagged

by Trashbagme2

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© Copyright 2005 - Trashbagme2 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; bagged; compactor; breathplay; cons; XX

Well, I found this trash compactor in this shopping plaza close to my house. I had been in it once before. It's in the back, near an empty lot of trees and bushes, so it's easy to sneak in to. The compactor was like 2/3 of the way full and I had to dig my way in a little, which was easy because all the trash was bagged and the thick, plastic bags hadn't been under enough pressure to burst open. 

Once inside I piled the bags of garbage up in front of the opening to the outside. I quickly undressed and took out my restraints and fresh, shiny-black, trash bag. I opened the 55-gallon bag and got inside putting my toes in one corner and my ass in the other. The smooth, cold plastic felt so good as it rubbed gently against my skin. Then I put the leather cuffs on my ankles and wrists. I clipped my ankles together before pulling the bag up my naked body to my armpits. Next, I pulled a few bags of garbage around me, partially covering me in a heap of smooth, plastic bags.

Finally, I pulled the bag I was in up over the rest of my body and head, then sealed it shut with a small zip-tie. It was then that I realized how excited I really was by noticing how hard I was! I put my arms under my legs and used the clip to bind my wrists and ankles together, keeping me in a crouched position. I wiggled around a bit to sink in a little and test my bonds. The plastic was now warm and starting to get a little condensation built up inside. I began to caress the inside of my legs, and relax a bit (I always get so nervous and excited when doing this sort of play). I lightly squeezed my balls with one hand and started to j/o with the other. The scent, sound, feel, and sight of the plastic bag was so intoxicating!!! 

Suddenly I heard a sound outside getting closer and louder.

The sound was getting louder and closer. I quickly realized it was the sound of a cart like the ones janitors use to haul trash to compactors with. 

"Oh shit" I thought! 

I didn't move a muscle. I didn't even breathe in the fear of the janitor hearing the plastic rustle and me being discovered like this. This also meant that my fantasy might unexpectedly be coming true that night. Thankfully (or not), the compactor was not full. I was in a state of shock as I listened to the person unload the cart, bag by bag into the trash compactor. Just as sudden, I heard the compactor motor start up. It was to be everything I had imagined only more exciting and way more scary! 

I could hear the plastic, garbage bags begin to crackle as the hydraulic ram pushed them toward me into the container of the compactor. I began to franticly grab for the clip that was securing my ankle and wrist cuffs together. I was able to get my right wrist free before the garbage bags surrounding me started to press in around me and squeeze the air out of my bag slowly with a squeal. I pushed my head between my legs so that I could breath the tiny air pocket left between my legs and torso.

The pressure of the bags of trash around me was beginning to build as I panicked and tried to thrash about wildly. It didn't help one bit, I could barely move and in an instant, to my relief, it stopped and began to recess. Just as fast I lost my fear and realized how fuckin horny I was. I grabbed my cock and balls and continued to j/o until the compactor motor stopped. I could hear the person throwing more bags of garbage into the compactor and I actually hoped for a second round knowing that I was safe for at least one more. 

Well, I got my wish. The compactor was activated again and I could faintly hear the cart rolling away over the loud compactor motor and rustling bags. This time I raised my head up wanting to suffocate when the real pressure started. The plastic was now warm and very wet. It stuck to my entire body and felt so smooth and sexy. I pounded my hard erection as the bags again pressed in around me. 

The dark plastic wrapped around my head and face suffocating me unforgivingly. The pressure was building as I exploded in a powerful orgasm making my body shudder in waves of ecstasy. I was gasping into the tight plastic covering my face as the compactor began to release its deadly grip on me. As soon as possible I used my free hand to tear the plastic bag I was in wide open. This took quite a bit of thrashing about being buried in bags of crushed trash. 

As soon as I was able to breath I just relaxed for a second to catch my breath and then started the task of getting myself unrestrained and out of the heap of trash. As I was doing this, I thought about you being there to restrain me earlier. I’d probably be taking my last few breaths just about then, doomed as a bag of trash.

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