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The Landfill

by Doctor Vader

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© Copyright 2012 - Doctor Vader - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; bond; gag; bfold; tape; oil drum; encased; transported; dumped; buried; nc; XX

Georgia was forced into the room. Her arms tightly pinned and bound behind her back, a harness ballgag firmly buckled filling her mouth and a leather blindfold secured over her eyes. She had no idea who had done this to her or even remember how. Susan tugged and yanked her into the middle of the room and positioned her next to a large oil drum. Once in place Susan bent down and immediately began to bind her ankles together roughly. Melissa stepped out of the shadows and stood, arms folded just a few feet in front of Georgia.

“Ah, at last here she is” Melissa beamed. Georgia recognised her voice instantly. Unable to see, due to the blindfold she lifted her face in Melissa‘s direction. Finished with her ankles, Susan began to tie Georgia’s legs at the knee, the ropes pulled so tight they bit into her flesh. Georgia moans into her gag, obviously trying to talk.

“I really have no interest in anything you have to say, hence the gag you dumb bitch, so just do us all a favour and don’t bother” Melissa barks. Susan, now finished binding Georgia’s legs tightly together, stands beside her holding her steady.

“Now lets have a look at these fat trouble makers of yours” Melissa says as she quickly unbuttons Georgia’s light blue shirt, pulling it open to reveal her breasts. Georgia tries to squirm but Susan has a tight hold on her. Melissa pulls her breasts from her bra, gives them a painfully hard squeeze and looks at them for a moment.

“Well, not that great… Just the sort of fat meat you’d expect on a rough slut like you” Melissa sneers cruelly.

“But I think we can do something with them” She adds pulling out a length of black electrical tape that she deftly begins to tightly wind around the base of one of Georgia’s exposed breasts. Melissa relentlessly winds the tape tighter and tighter around the breast until it is cruelly tight and swollen, and then continues on the other breast until the same desired effect is attained.

“There much better” Melissa grins as she roughly grabs at each breast, testing how immediately swollen and hard they have become. Georgia can only squirm and moan at her discomfort as her now painfully swollen and sensitive breasts are manhandled.

“I’d be much happier with them now if I were you… But lets put them away” Melissa chuckles as she buttons Georgia’s shirt back up, leaving her tightly bound breasts uncomfortably straining against the material of her shirt.

“Now lets put you away too” Melissa chirps, with that Melissa gives Susan a nod and they both quickly lift their captive off her feet and stand her in the oil drum. Georgia is quickly forced to slide down inside the oil drum as both Melissa and Susan push down on her shoulders and force her to sit in the bottom.

“You can go for now Susan” Melissa says. Georgia’s confused Susan is one of her best friends and she’d never do something like this to her.

“Just give me a shout when you’re ready for the next bit” Susan replies and leaves Melissa and her captive alone. Georgia’s shocked, she recognised her voice and that really was Susan. But why would she help Melissa do something like this.

“Comfy” Melissa asks Georgia sarcastically peering into the oil drum. There’s not a lot of room inside and Georgia’s knees are uncomfortably pushed against her tortured breasts. Georgia can only squirm and groan.

“You’re jammed in the bottom of an oil drum, but this is what happens next my darling” Melissa pauses for a moment.

“I’m going to seal this drum up and lock it, don’t worry there are air holes in the lid for you, but what happens then will be entirely up to you.” Melissa whispers.

“I’m going to give you the key to the lock and then you will have to choose…  If you think you deserve to, all you need to do is simply unlock the drum and you can leave” Melissa whispered sweetly. Georgia was shocked and confused, how could she unlock the drum from inside!

“But… If you think you’re a worthless fat titted slut like I do… Just stay in there and I’ll happily drop you off at the dump… I’ll put you deep in the landfill site where you’ll be buried under tons of garbage… Where you can die and rot like trash!” Melissa spat with obvious malice. Georgia was franticly trying to struggle and squirm, moaning and crying into her gag. But she was utterly helpless. She froze for a moment, she heard the clang as Melissa tossed the key into the oil drum with her.

“I’ll give you five minutes to make you mind up… but we both know you’ll make the right choice” Melissa taunted Georgia. The lid was on the oil drum within a moment, and Georgia heard the slight metallic click of the padlock being snapped shut.

Georgia was helpless, cruelly bound, harshly gagged, blindfolded and locked inside the oil drum. She frantically tried to scrabble around the bottom of the drum to find the key, but she could barely move, it was cramped inside and her hands were numb from the tight ropes. What good would the key do, the padlock the key was for was on the outside of the drum, and she and the key were inside.

“Times up” Melissa called and banged on the top of the drum. Five minutes already. Georgia was terrified. Melissa wouldn’t really do this, she wouldn’t go through with it.

“Good! I knew you’d make the right choice” Melissa taunted from outside. Georgia felt the oil drum shift, tilt and then move quickly. Melissa was moving the oil drum on a dolly. She felt every bump and bounce as she was quickly wheeled outside.

“Come on Susan lets get this loaded” Melissa called out as she wheeled the oil drum towards the van. Melissa and Susan struggled and heaved to get the drum into the back of the van, but managed to handle it into an upright position in the back. Georgia was sobbing uncontrollably into her gag. Not a sound escaping the oil drum she was inescapably sealed in.

“Right off to the dump with you then” Melissa called out and banged the van doors shut.

Georgia heard the van’s engine roar into life and then the van was moving. Georgia was beginning to lose all hope, she couldn‘t think of anyway out of this, anyway to escape. She knew she was on her way to the dump. On her way to join the landfill and be buried with all the garbage. Georgia tried not to think about it, but she wondered how long it’d take her to die once she’d been buried. She had no idea how long the journey was, she’d lost all sense of time. Had they been driving for minutes, hours, she couldn‘t tell. The van stopped and the doors swung open. Georgia felt her oil drum being manhandled out the back of the van just as she had been loaded into it. Melissa and Susan heaved the drum down onto the ground with a jolt. Georgia was beside herself, horrified, terrified. She couldn’t believe this was really happening.

“Welcome to you’re new home… I think you’ll fit in perfectly here!” Melissa said as she kicked the drum. Georgia was jammed tight in the bottom of the oil drum, her painfully tied and swollen breasts squashed against her knees were agonizing and now she could smell the rotten garbage that she was intended to join.

“We need to get her over there” Melissa told Susan and pointed out a spot in the landfill.

“That’s where auntie Jo is gonna unload and bury this fat bitch for us” She added. They tipped the drum onto its side, letting it fall with a thump and began to roll the drum over into the desired position. Georgia felt the rolling motion as her world turned over and over, her weight shifting from her back and then painfully to her front as she was rolled across the landfill. Georgia was thankful, when the rolling stopped she was on her back, her weight on her back a slight relief from her tortured breasts.

“There we go my fat titted slut… You’re about two minutes from being buried under half a ton of garbage” Melissa spat victoriously. Georgia could hear the faint beeping sound of a truck reversing growing louder and louder.

“Goodbye and good riddance you worthless piece of trash” Melissa called out, further away now. Melissa was on her way to greet the trucks driver. Georgia’s heart sank. She was utterly helpless. This was it. She was going to be buried like a piece of trash in a landfill site. She could only wait now for the inevitable landslide of garbage to rain down and bury her alive. Georgia wondered again how long it’d take to die.

“Hi auntie Jo” Melissa chirped cheerfully as she approached the truck.

“Hi honey… So you really did it?… Is she down there?” Auntie Jo asked in amazement as she climbed down from the truck.

“She that oil drum right there… The bitch is in it” Melissa pointed.

“Do you want to unload and bury her yourself then?” Auntie Jo asked sweetly and Melissa nodded smiling wickedly. Immediately she headed for the controls at the back of the truck. She quickly jabbed the buttons and the back of the truck began to slowly tip and unload it’s contents as she gazed at the oil drum below.

“Here we go!” Melissa clapped ecstatically.

Georgia felt the oil drum jolted and bumped by the first pieces of garbage to hit it, and then the garbage came beating down on the drum as the torrent was unleashed. Melissa watched intently as the garbage struck the oil drum Georgia was sealed in and then began to rapidly cover it. Moments later the oil drum had simply disappeared, it was lost, buried deep under the trash. Melissa was satisfied. Georgia could virtually feel the silence inside the oil drum now buried deep beneath the garbage. She was trapped, buried alive… Now a permanent addition to the landfill.

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