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Kinky Car Crusher

by Disposee

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© Copyright 2018 - Disposee - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; junkyard; forklift; car; transport; machine; crush; compacted; climax; death; cons; XX

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life WILL result in injury or death

This story is strictly fantasy! Do not try anything in it for real. The text of this story is released under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license, meaning that you may share and modify this story so long as you credit the author, “Disposee”.

Cassie knocked on the side window of the car. “Are you two ready?” she asked.

All she heard in return were the moans of the two women in the back seat. That was answer enough. They had asked her to do this after all.

“Last chance!” she said.

Still no answer.

“Okay girls, you two have fun in there. I’ve got to get to work.”

Cassie went over to the big forklift, climbed in, and started it up. With a smile, she drove it over to the old, rusty car the girls had chosen. Cassie wasn’t quite sure why the girls had wanted to do this, but apparently it turned them on. Admittedly, the power Cassie had over them thanks to her position got her a bit excited as well.

Slowly, she slid the forks under the car, then lifted it the three feet off the ground she needed it to be at. She giggled at how the car wobbled from the movements of its passengers. She’d never done this to a car that had people in it before.

She drove the forklift over to the machine the girls had chosen. There was one crushed car already in it, but Cassie knew that it could easily fit four cars that size. She set down the bucket of bolts, passengers included, and withdrew the forklift.

She powered off the forklift for a moment, just to confirm what she thought she was hearing. She could hear the girls moaning and giggling and whispering. “Do you think she’s really going to?” “I sure hope so, this is amazing.” “Just what I always dreamed of.” “You’re so beautiful.” “So are you. Oh, wow... we’re really in the crusher. Make me cum!”

Cassie, having heard enough, turned the forklift back on, drowning out the girls’ voices. She drove it forward again, pressing the tips of the lift against the cars in the crusher and pushing them all the way to the back of the machine. The side of the car crumpled under the pressure, but that was only just the beginning.

Cassie briefly thought about changing her mind, but then shrugged, and with ease she pressed the button to start up the car crusher. There was a mechanical hiss as it began to descend. It would take twenty seconds to completely crush the car, but things would get tight for the two kinky girls long before then.

She could hear them in there, though their voices were hidden under the din of the machinery. After the first few seconds, the crusher was about to reach the top of the car, and Cassie heard one of the girls exclaim that she was about to cum. Then, the crusher descended further, and the crunching of metal drowned out any sounds its two occupants could be making. Ten seconds later, the ram was fully extended. Where once there had been a car there was now just a long, flat hunk of scrap.

The crusher lifted up slightly and then came down again with another solid crunch, squeezing out any air pockets it had missed the first time. Cassie smiled as it lifted up again. From the outside, the wreck looked no different from any of the other crushed cars, but she knew that inside it were two girls caught forever in the throes of passion. They had been crushed along with the car, each of them likely no more than an inch thick now, and with how kinky they were they had probably enjoyed every moment of it.

Cassie took a sort of perverse pleasure as she compacted two more cars on top of the girls’. She’d been happy to help them enjoy their ultimate fantasy, but now, it was just business. After the fourth car was crushed – reducing the girls’ car to an even smaller size in the process – Cassie brought the forklift over, picked up the four crushed cars, and drove them over next to the big shredder.

She knew that the next morning, Alexander would come in and process the cars. The shredder would tear them apart. The scrap metal would be separated out for recycling, while all the rest would get sent to the landfill. Most likely, the two girls wouldn’t even be recognizable after going through the shredder, but if they were... well, it wasn’t Cassie’s job to inspect the cars before compaction. If anybody did find the squished girls and asked her about them, then she surely had no idea that they had been there.


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