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by Katie

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© Copyright 2007 - Katie - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; F/fm; M/ff; bond; bagged; cons; X

The night started like so many of the other Saturday nights the three of them had hung out. What they all didn’t know was that tonight would be like no other, and for Brad, his deepest fantasy would come true. Not only that, but his girlfriend Kimberly would not only be assisting in his fantasy, she’d be taking part as well.

Around 7pm Kimberly arrived at Brad’s house. Along with her was her friend Ivy. Whenever Ivy returned to town, which was about once a month, the three of them liked to hang out together. Tonight, they planned on having some drinks, ordering some pizza and watching a few movies.

Brad answered the door and let them both in. Brad has always liked Kimberly’s friend Ivy. She was considered a kind of wild child with her purple hair and leather skirts. Both Brad and Kimberly were far more conservative, but that was about to change.

After having a few drinks and ordering some pizza, they decided on watching “Pulp Fiction”. Throughout the movie, the drinks continued to flow and the friends enjoyed each other’s company. When the movie ended, they sat around discussing their favorite scenes. Brad noticed they were out of wine and beer.

“Let’s do tequila shots” exclaimed Ivy.

‘Why not?” Brad shot back as he got off the couch to retrieve a bottle of tequila from the dining room. He returned with three shot glasses, a salt shaker and some lime wedges. The three of them began to have some shots and continued their discussion on the movie. When they mentioned the bondage scene, Ivy blurted out “I have a ball gag just like the one in the movie.”

“You do?” Kimberly laughed.

Ivy went on to explain that she enjoys indulging in light to mild bondage play ever now and then. Brad leaned in listening intently.

“When was the last time you did something like that?” Brad asked.

“Hmmm, maybe a few weeks ago” Ivy replied. “Don’t the two of you indulge in some risqué fun?”

Kimberly remained silent while Brad just smiled. Both of them knew they never did anything outside of the norm.

Ivy laughed, “Geez, you two need to have some fun.”

‘We have fun!” Kimberly shot back.

“But nothing …um. ..different I assume.”

“What’s different?” asked Kimberly.

“No fantasies for either of you?” Ivy asked.

It probably was the drinking, and the warm buzz it produced, but suddenly Brad exclaimed, “I’ve always wanted to be tied up and stuffed in a plastic trash bag!”

Ivy practically spit out her tequila shot as she began laughing.

“ok...” she chuckled.

“You what?” Kimberly asked.

‘It’s true,” said Brad. “Since I was a teenager I’ve had a fantasy of being sealed up in a trash bag while I’m tied up.”

“Well, that’s certainly different,” Ivy replied. ‘I’m going outside for a cigarette, I’m sure you two have a mini discussion that’s about to happen.”

Kimberly moved closer to Brad.

“How come you never told me this Brad?”

“Well, it’s not something that one discusses at will,” Brad replied, “Just forget it anyway, I’m over it.”

At this point Ivy came bounding back into the house and into the living room.

“While I was outside I thought we should indulge Brad in his fantasy. It sounds like too much fun not to! You have got any trash bags Brad?” Ivy asked rather excitedly.

Brad laughed, “yeah, under the sink in the kitchen.”

Ivy grabbed Kimberly by the arm and dragged her toward the kitchen.

“This is stupid, we’re not doing this,” Kimberly shot at Ivy.

“Oh relax Kim, this will be fun. Besides, we’re drunk, and this is what drunk people do, things they wouldn’t do. We’ll do it, have a laugh and a memory.”

“Geez Brad, these are really big trash bags, what do you need them for?”

“They’re 55 gallon size,” Brad claimed from the other room.

Ivy and Kimberly returned to the living room. Ivy was holding the box of large black trash bags in her right hand.

‘Hmmm…how should we do this?” She asked. “Ok Brad take off your shoes and your jeans, that will work.”

Brad just stood still, declining Ivy’s request. He looked over at Kimberly.

“Go ahead…do it Brad.” Kimberly responded.

Both girls noticed Brad’s excitement as he stood before them. Ivy pulled a bag off the roll and held it in her hand, running it between her fingers.

“Have you got any rope or tape in the house?” she asked.

“Yes, in the kitchen drawer,” Brad responded.

‘Go get it Kim,” Ivy said as she began to shake open the large black trash bag. Kimberly returned with a roll of silver duct tape and handed it to Ivy.

‘Oh no Kim, you’re doing it, I’m just an assistant here.” Ivy claimed as she handed the roll of tape back to Kimberly. “Go ahead & tape him up.” Kimberly approached Brad, who at this point was so excited his legs began to shake. Kimberly pulled the tape off the roll and began to wind it around Brad’s wrists behind his back. After going around six or seven times she ripped the tape off the roll.

“Too tight?” she asked Brad, who responded rather quickly with a “not at all”.

Ivy suggested they get Brad in the trash bag now, then finish securing him. Between the two of them, they managed to slip the trash bag under Brad’s feet and pull it up to his chest.

‘Hmmm, this is a challenge,” Ivy blurted out. “We need to get him to sit down in the trash bag.”

Ivy and Kimberly helped Brad to the floor and began to pull the bag back up around him. Kimberly reached inside the bag and began to wind tape around Brad’s ankles. When she finished, she popped back out of the bag but Ivy was no longer in the room. Seconds later she appeared holding a bandana.

“Sorry, it’s not my ball gag, but it will do,” she claimed as she stood over Brad and pulled the bandana between his teeth before knotting it behind his head.

‘There we go…he’s all yours Kimberly, seal him up” Ivy laughed. Kimberly stood next to Ivy, looked down at Brad in the trash bag, then gathered up the top in two handfuls as best she could, twisted them so they were tight and gathered together, then tied them together, thus bringing the trash bag closed on Brad. Kimberly and Ivy took a step back and begun to laugh.

‘Let me go get my camera!” Ivy shouted as she ran out to the car. Kimberly couldn’t help but feel a strange sensation in her as she looked at her boyfriend tied in the black trash bag.

‘Are you ok in there?” she asked.

“MmmHmmm,” Brad kinda replied.

Ivy ran back into the room and began to snap pictures furiously.

‘Go stand next to him,” she said to Kimberly. “Pretend like you’re going to throw him out!”

Brad heard those words and could barely contain himself. Here he was, tied and gagged in a big black plastic trash bag completely sealed on him. Done by two women nonetheless as well. He was living his ultimate fantasy. Little did he know it would soon become Kimberly’s as well.

Part 2 - Kimberley joins in.

Ivy and Kimberly stood over the bagged Brad for a minute of so. Ivy had snapped multiple pictures by now, and Kimberly was quite concerned with Brad being in the trash bag for a couple of minutes.

"You want to give it a try?" Ivy asked Kimberly. 'I can help you out if you want to join Brad. I mean, why should he have all the fun right?"

"No thanks, I'm quite good." Kimberly responded.

"Didn't I say that both of you needed to have a little fun. I think you should join Brad in the trash." Ivy exclaimed.

Ivy grabbed the box of trash bags and ripped a fresh bag off of the roll. Brad began to moan with the combination of him being in a trash bag, the conversation going on outside the bag, the thought of Kimberly bagged up and the depleting air flow in his bag.

'Easy in there big fella," Ivy laughed. "See, he thinks it's a good idea too."

Again, it was probably the combination of alcohol, the feeling she got seeing Brad all bagged up, and the influence of her friend, but Kimberly heard herself exclaim, "Oh hell, why not". Kimberly laughed as she kicked off her shoes. Ivy placed the bag on the floor and Kimbely stood over it. Ivy began to tape her wrists behind her back. Once she finished, she taped her ankles together as well.

"Now you I can handle," Ivy said as she eased Kimberly to the floor and into the trash bag.

"Just one last thing," Ivy said as she produced another bandana and tied it in Kimberly's mouth. Then she gathered up the top of the trash bag and tied it closed in a tight knot. Ivy grabbed her camera and took a few more pics.

'These pictures are going to be so great. Brad and Kimberly tied up in trash bags." Ivy went over to Brad's bag and tore a small hole near the top. Brad could feel the cool air enter the trash bag.

"We can't have any of us checking out tonight!" Ivy laughed. "Hey Brad, I did give you an air hole, but if you want Kimberly to have one, you'll have to get out and tear her one," Ivy said. Kimberly's heart dropped. What did she mean, how could Brad get loose. Was Ivy going to let her suffocate? She bagan to kick at the bag. Ivy grabbed the ponytail of the trash bag and pulled Kimberly right next to Brad so they were side by side.

'That should help you out Brad. I'm going outside for a smoke," Ivy said as she left the room and went outside. Kimberly began to struggle hard but to no avail as Ivy had tied her up very well. Brad was in his glory, tied up in a sealed trash bag with his girlfriend next to him in the same situation. Kimberly, was not quite as excited as Brad. In fact, she was quite nervous. She could feel the air in her trash bag already getting low, and the gag in her mouth made it feel like it was harder to breathe. Both Brad and Kimberly heard the door open and Ivy return. She grabbed Kimberly's bag and pulled it away from Brad's

"Still not out I see." Ivy laughed as she started at her two friends, both helpless as can be inside black trash bags. "Well, I've kidded around long enough". Ivy went over to the bag Kimberly was held in and ripped a small hole in the top of the bag much the same as Brad's.

"That will help you out," Ivy proclaimed.

Kimberly could feel the fresh cool air enter the trash bag as she drunk it in through her nose. Then she felt the bag get tighter around her as Ivy once again grabbed the top of the trash bag and pulled it back next to Brad's.

"Hmmm, how long should I keep the two of you like this?" Ivy wondered aloud. She heard both Brad and Kimberly attempt to speak through their tight gags, but it came out more like a muffled mess than anything else. Kimberly seemed to be the more vocal of the two.

"Ok, I get it, time to come out, the fun is over," said Ivy as she began to rip open the trash bag that held Brad captive. Soon she had pulled the bag apart, exposing a sweaty, but very satisfied Brad. Ivy pulled the gag from his mouth and grabbed a pair of scissors to begin cutting the tape from Brad's wrists and ankles.

'Was it everything you thought it would be Brad?" Ivy asked. She noticed a large wet spot on brad's boxer shorts. 'I guess it was" she chuckled as Brad tried to hide his embaressment.Soon Brad was completely free and Ivy went to tear open Kimberly's bag but Brad stopped her.

"Hold on a sec, I didn't get a chance to see Kim all bagged up. Go get your camera again Ivy, I want some pictures of me with Kim in the bag."

Ivy retrieved her camera as Brad grabbed the top of the bag and pulled it tight around Kimberly. Ivy snapped away as Brad made various poses with the bagged Kimberly. Then, shocking both Ivy and Kimberly, Brad exclaimed, "let's leave her in the trash bag for the night, I want to keep drinking."

Kimberly began to make various noises through her gag, none of which Brad or Ivy could understand. She began to kick and roll in her trash bag as the two of them looked on and laughed, sharing a few shots between them.

'You know Brad, I never got my turn in the bag. It looks too fun to pass up." Ivy exclaimed.

Without hesitation Brad grabbed the box of trash bags and pulled a new one of the roll and andvanced toward Ivy...

Part 3 - Ivy's a Bagfull

Brad shook open the large black plastic trash bag right in front of Ivy. Ivy kicked off her heels and looked all too eager to join in on the fun. Brad grabbed the duct tape and quickly pulled Ivy's wrists behind her back. He proceded to wind the tape around her wrists until he felt satisfied she was securely bound. Ivy could feel Brad's "excitement" on the small of her back. Brad instructed Ivy to stand on top of the bag on the floor and she did. He soon had her ankles well taped as well.

"Hold on Kimberly, I'll be joining you soon!" Ivy yelled. Kimberly let out a soft moan, suprising the two of them. Brad then forced Ivy to the floor in a sitting position and pulled the trash bag up over her head.

"Oops, be right back," Brad said as he left the room. He soon returned with a new bandana and instructed Ivy to open wide, which she was more than happy to do.

"Damn, I should have had a cigarette fir..... mmpph" Brad quickly tied the bandana tight in Ivy's mouth.

Ivy looked up at Brad wide eyed, almost giving him the green light to tie the bag shut. That's exactly what Brad did, as he gathered the bag together then pulled a zip tie from his jeans pocket and zip tied the bag closed on Ivy. Ivy felt the trash bag balloon up around her, letting her know it was sealed air tight! He then pulled Ivy, in her trash bag, over next to Kimberly. Ivy let out a muffled "who-hoo" sound, obviously excited in taking place in the fun. Brad grabbed Ivy's camera and began to take a few pictures. He then grabbed a few pieces of paper from the printer next to the computer and pulled out a black sharpie marker from the desk drawer. He wrote the names IVY and KIM on the papers then placed the papers in front of the corresponding bagged girls. Then he clicked the camera a few more times. When he was done with the photos he sat back on the sofa to admire his two lovely trash bagged girls. He couldn't help but to pleasure himself to the site of the two of them all bagged up on his living room floor.Could this really be hapening he thought? Ivy was still having fun, even as her air grew lower in the bag she was tied in, as she tried nudging Kimberly in her bag. Kimberly, was still making soft moaning sounds.Obviously she was having an experience.

At this point, Brad had felt like this was plenty for the three of them and ripped open Ivy's trash bag. He never did give her an air hole. Soon Ivy was visable through the ripped trash bag .Ivy smiled wildly through her gag revealing her teeth. He removed her gag from her mouth and cut away her tape. Kimberly remained in her trash bag for a few minutes as the freed Ivy and Brad set the timer on Ivy's camera for one last picture of the three of them (although only two of them were seen in the photo.) Ivy and Brad began to rip open the trash bag that held Kimberly. Once she was visable Brad removed the gag from a very sweaty Kimberly's mouth. Kimberly let the gag fall from her lips, barely moving her body as if exhausted.

"You ok?" Brad asked.

Kimberly was shaking quite rhythmically. Both Brad and Ivy looked at each other. Finally Kimberly spoke. "Mmmm, that was amazing" she exclaimed. She was quite wet.

"Really?" said Brad.

"Really," replied Kimberly as Ivy laughed with excitement.

"See I told you it would be fun" Ivy shouted.

The three of them sat in silence for a minute or two, Kimberly still shaking in Brad's arms.

Finally Ivy exclaimed, "What did we just do here tonight?" as she stared at the ripped trash bags and cut duct tape all scattered among the living room floor. The three of them looked at each other and collectively let out a huge laugh. They began to clean up the mess and get ready for the close of the evening, which was now 2am. They piled all the debris into, what else, a trash bag, sealed it up and placed it next to the door. Kimberly and Ivy then grabbed their coats and headed for the door.

"Always a pleasure Ivy... and thanks" Brad said with a huge grin. Ivy smiled back and gave him a wink. He then kissed Kimberly good night. "I'll see you tomorrow?" he said.

"Yes" replied Kimberly.

'We should do this again sometime!" Brad said jokingly.

"Definately," Kimberly and Ivy replied simultaneously, without a hint of doubt in eithers voice.


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