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Just a Game

by Doctor Vader

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© Copyright 2012 - Doctor Vader - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; F/f; cuffs; gag; latex; trashcan; outdoors; caught; captive; bagged; bond; rope; transport; dumpster; disposal; cons/nc; X

Kim loved to play this little game with her boyfriend. She’d leave Paul a little clue, go and hide somewhere and tie herself up with a bit of self bondage. As long as he found her in good time, his prize was her complete submission. She would be his deviant slave and obey his every command until the following morning. She loved this little game and he was due home from work in just over two hours. It was time to play.

She had already gathered her toys, her ropes, collar, handcuffs, ballgag and her latest addition. A pair of latex knickers with an ominously large dildo attached inside. She couldn’t wait to try them out. She hurriedly undressed and put her clothes away. She hastily pulled the collar around her neck and buckled it firmly. Playtime had started. She snatched up her new knickers and stepped into them, the dildo approaching her crotch as she worked them up her legs. She carefully eased it into herself as she tentatively continued to pull the knickers all the way up. The dildo filled her easily. A little uncomfortable but as she moved, it moved inside her and sent a thrill right through her. Just walking was giving her constant pleasure.

She was pacing the house, trying to think of a new place to hide, her excitement growing all the time. She thought of somewhere she hadn’t hidden before, there really weren’t many. She scribbled her little clue, left it on the kitchen side with the key to the handcuff’s, crept out into the back garden and hurried to the side of the house. There was the wheelie bin. She lifted the lid, took out the half full garbage bag from inside and set it to one side. Looking into the bin, she wasn’t so sure this was one of her best idea’s. It was grimy and dirty inside. What the hell he’ll be in there less than a couple of hours, she thought to herself and began to climb in.

She half closed her eyes as the dildo moved deeper inside her as she sat in the bottom, sending waves of passion through her. Regaining her composure after a moment, she reached up and yanked the bin lid, letting it fall and close her in. She then proceeded to tie herself up. Starting by binding her knees and ankles firmly, then the ballgag that she pulled so tight the straps dug slightly into her cheeks. She always liked a tight gag, the only good gag is a tight gag she’d say. Finally when she was happy, she put her hands behind her back and clicked the cuffs firmly around her wrists, knowing that her only way out was when Paul came and found her with the key.

Happy with the predicament she put herself in, she began to gently rock herself in the bottom of the bin, working the dildo inside her and was quickly building herself to a climax. Suddenly the bin tipped and was quickly being wheeled somewhere. Kim was in shock. She tried to stand, to push the lid open but it wouldn’t. Someone had locked the bin and she hadn’t noticed while she was pleasuring herself inside. Kim’s wheelie bin was hastily being dragged somewhere while she was a helpless passenger inside. Suddenly the bin stopped and jolted as it became upright again. Kim heard the lock being disengaged and waited apprehensively for her captor to raise the lid. Slowly the lid rose.

“Hi honey, interesting hiding place today” Sara smiled peering inside, Kim’s apprehension quickly dissipated. Sara was her next door neighbour and best friend.

They had been friends for years and shared everything, Sara knew all about the little game that Kim loved to play. She must of seen her getting into the bin and thought she’d have a good chuckle with a practical joke.

“Out you come” Sara laughed as she gently tipped the bin and sent Kim rolling out. Then without a word she hauled her onto her feet and hoisted her up over her shoulder. Sara always was deceptively strong, Kim mused as she bobbed on her friends shoulder as she was easily carried into the kitchen. Sara planted her back on her feet in the middle of the kitchen.

“We’re gonna play a slightly different game today” Sara smiled as she tested the ropes Kim had applied to herself, happy that she’d tied herself well. Kim looked quizzically at her friend as she stepped around her bound form. She felt a sudden tug on her elbows, Sara was tying her elbows together, tightly too. Kim was confused. Sara had never allured to anything of this sort before. Sara just continued to tie her, tying her wrists uncomfortably tight now and removing the now redundant handcuffs. How’d she get my handcuffs off Kim immediately wondered and tried to turn to face her.

“Yup, I’ve been into your house, taken your key and your clue, how else did you think I knew you were in the bin, aside from all the noise you were making in there of course” Sara smirked, but Kim was furious now, scowling at her she wanted answers.

“Aw don’t get yourself all worked up” Sara taunted her with a mock frowning face as she tilted Kim to force her to lay on the kitchen floor. She quickly and expertly pulled Kim’s legs up to her chest and had her bound in an exceedingly tight ball tie. Kim was rendered utterly helpless at this point, as if she hadn’t been helpless since the point Sara had gotten her hands on her.

“Nice knickers, let’s give them a proper go shall we” Sara winked as she pulled out a large vibrator and plunged it right into the sweet spot, thrusting the dildo hard into her and causing it to vibrate too. Kim was dazed as she was forced into hard orgasms over and over. She was reeling from her rush of climaxes. She had no idea how long she’d been on the kitchen floor, or even how long Sara had been gone, as she realised she was now alone. She did her best to compose herself and regain her senses after her climatic assault. Sara reappeared coming through the back door.

“Back with us in the land of the living… at least for now” Sara chuckled as she saw Kim scowling at her again, she wanted to be released. The orgasms had been great and the tight bondage was perfect, but this wasn’t really a game she wanted to play with Sara, enough was enough and she wanted out now.

“Anyway, in today’s little game you’re leaving your boyfriend and I’m going to console him and be there for him and ultimately take your place… I’ve just been round to leave your new note and packed your suitcase” Sara smiled as she calmly explained.

“A beautiful letter, explaining about your affair with another lover and you’re so sorry but you can’t keep up the deception, touching actually” She added. Kim was stunned at the fiction, she’d never cheated, never deceived Paul. Kim was dubious but knew how well Sara could replicate her hand writing, she could write a letter like that and it’d look totally authentic. She was beginning to seriously worry now. This was going way to far beyond a joke. She was suddenly snapped away from her thought’s by the sound the big black garbage bag made as Sara flicked it open.

“But now we need a really good hiding place for you” She laughed as she laid the open bag out on the floor. Kim went quickly from seriously worried to somewhere near terrified. Sara was wiggling her into the bag. She wanted to put her inside the big black garbage bag. Kim did her best to resist but she was rendered helpless sometime ago and Sara easily manipulated her into the bag. Kim now found herself sitting in the bottom of the big bag, just as Sara had wanted. She couldn’t see Sara now and then she peered into the bag’s open mouth above her. She was smiling down at her.

“I’ve got some other stuff I need to throw away” She winked as she released a fistful of clothes into the bag with Kim. Her mind raced, other stuff to throw away, what did that mean. She looked at the clothes. They were hers. Sara was hurling fistfuls of her clothes into a bag with her to throw away. To throw away with her. Was she going to throw her away like garbage. More clothes tumbled in, her favourite skirt, a pair of her best heels, the blouse she wore on her first date with Paul tumbled into the garbage bag with her. Then it stopped for a moment. Sara disappeared from view.

“Oh, I like this, you don’t mind if I keep this do you?” Sara asked sarcastically as she peered back into the bag smiling. Sara quickly continued to toss more of Kim’s clothes into the bag and the bag was becoming quite full now. Sara deftly used her foot to pack the black bags contents tightly down, packing Kim firmly into place inside the bag and making a considerable amount of extra room. She wasted no time in filling the extra space with the rest of Kim’s clothes and packing them tightly around Kim, now totally immobilized, packed inside a large black garbage bag of her own clothes up to her chin.

“Now do you know, I think I’ve just thought of the best hiding place ever for you… There’s a dumpster across town… And best of all it’s not due for pick up for nearly half an hour… If we’re quick we can get you in just in time” Sara teased her friend as she peered into the bag. Kim was desperately trying to shake her head and plead to her friend, but she simply smiled and pulled the bag closed and tied it off tight. Kim was plunged into darkness. Then a tiny pinprick of light near the top of the bag, and another and another.

“Air holes, don’t want you to expire in there” Sara cooed. Ok, she’s bagged me up, gonna race across town to get me in a dumpster before the garbage truck comes to get me and she’s worried about air holes Kim thought obscurely. The bag was hoisted up and swaying steadily as Sara heaved the bag with her through the house and out the front door. Paul had just pulled into the driveway next door.

“Wow, looks heavy, you need a hand” He asked as he saw Sara struggle with the weighty bag. Kim’s heart skipped a beat.

“If you could just get it in the trunk for me would be great” She replied politely and unceremoniously let the bag fall to the ground with a thud and popped the trunk open. Kim did her best to wriggle squirm and cry out as she felt Paul haul the bag up and drop it in the trunk of Sara’s car, but she was packed too tightly by her clothes and she always gagged herself so well. Paul had no idea she was in there.

“You having a clear out” He asked as Sara slammed the trunk locking his girlfriend inside.

“Just getting rid of some worthless crap that keeps getting in my way” She chuckled as she opened the drivers door and climbed in. Kim was sobbing quietly in her garbage bag as Sara drove out of the driveway and began to speed across town hastily. She was soon backing up to the dumpster she had picked out. Kim thought it had been quite a short drive as she had expected and suddenly the trunk was open and she could feel Sara tugging and yanking at her garbage bag as she dragged it out.

“Now that is perfect timing” Sara laughed, the sound of a diesel engine drawing closer. She heaved the bag up to the edge of the dumpster, held it there, pausing for a moment and then just let it fall inside. Kim felt the soft thud as her big black garbage bag fell into the dumpster to join so many others just like it. Sara looked into the dumpster, scanning it’s contents for a couple of seconds. Kim’s garbage bag wasn’t just like the others inside. It was identical. Sara couldn’t tell which bag Kim was helplessly sealed inside, even if she did want to, which she didn’t.

“This really will be your best hiding place ever… I bet nobody’s ever gonna find you now!” Sara called out to the anonymous bags of garbage knowing that inside one them Kim can hear her.

Kim did hear her, and the approaching diesel engine. She knew what was coming next.

The truck was pulling near and jostling into position to pick up and unload the dumpsters contents into it’s deadly bowels. Sara stood back and watched intently as the garbage men hooked up the front loader. Quickly the dumpster was hoisted up and was soon spilling and tumbling it’s unfortunate contents into the depth’s of the garbage truck. Kim felt her world turn upside down as she was added to the trash inside. Sara watched every single bag as it fell inside, then she spotted one of the garbage men looking at her, bewildered as she stared at the garbage. She winked coyly and gave him a wave. He smiled and pulled a lever at the back of the truck. She smiled broadly at that sound that followed. That hydraulic hiss of the compactor in action, knowing it would mercilessly and relentlessly crush everything inside.

Kim felt everything around her moving, closing in on her, pressing against her. This was it. This is the end. I’m about to be crushed like worthless garbage she thought…

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