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Julies Best Time

by Riptieron

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© Copyright 2011 - Riptieron - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; dumpster; trash; bags; nude; insert; compact; climax; cons; X

It was a dark night, the dumpster was on the corner, it had a very sinister look to it tonight, and Julie was very horny, she knew everything about that corner, and had been inside the dumpster before. Before getting inside, there is a gate, a wooden gate surrounding the dumpster, with picket fencing inside of chain fence. It’s attached to the restaurant in the back parking lot. A lock on the door prevents midnight dumpers from getting in. They bag most of their trash, and it mostly small boxes, bags and food remains. The enclosure is rather large, this one has a compactor attached to it, but it is broken, never used.

Julie used to work for this establishment, and knows the schedule very well. Every night the trash goes out around 10:00pm, and some kitchen guys stay outside to smoke and talk. Before that, she will have her chance, just after 9:00 pm. The floor workers bring out their trash then. She will have just enough time to slip into the dumpster without being seen.

Julie waited for the last floor worker to leave, and then got out of her car, and started over to the dumpster, just a few spaces away. Passing behind the gate, she swung the big metal door to the bin open as quietly as possible, and peered inside, looked like a busy night, and she disrobed, putting her clothes in a thick bag. She climbed over the lip of the bin, and disappeared inside. This bin was longer than most, to accommodate the compactor, but that just made it easier for her not to be detected.

She knows they will never fix the compactor, the manager is too cheap. When she worked there, he made them push the garbage to the back using a 2x4”, to make more room. Pretty cheap. Julie crawled over the bags to the back, and started to surround herself with the cushy, big food bags. The bags are mostly clean on the outside, but the inside is filled with all kinds of leftover foods, in different stages of decay. The smells around the bin mix to make the old food smell of spoiled milk, rancid sauces, spoiled meats… the air is fresh with refuse.

Just after getting settled, the door to the bin opens and in drops another bag. A random bag. Must be a very busy night. Julie takes another look around, and lays back against the bags, feeling them slide around her body, her firm nipples, and the squishy feeling of the contents. Later she would enjoy popping some of them to roll around in, but for now- she had to be silent. The door to the bin and the gate will be locked at 11:00pm, and will not be opened until 10:00am the next day, when the day manager opens. Julie can climb out of the dumpster from the top, and scale the fence in the corner to get out around daybreak, about 5:00am. She would have plenty of time to get out.

Julie sees the door open again, and more bags drop inside. She counts them, 5, 7, 10… wow, they have doubled their trash for the night! Her excitement and glee just made her more wet, anticipating the events to unfold. There was a pile of bags in front of her and blocking the door now, but it made no difference, they would soon come again and push the bags over, and make the final dump. Julie waited silently, covered by two large bags, staring at the door between them. The door finally opened again, and two fellows were talking about “…that new dick of a manager, he made me clean out the fryer twice today!” said the first, “yeah, and we mopped the floor and changed the filters too, he has a stick up his ass!” The second one chimed in, “All night long he made us check the bathrooms, every time someone went in them! I have done more cleaning today than the whole time I’ve been here! We cleaned out the old supplies in the closet today too.”

Thud! The door swung shut and the conversation was muffled after that. Julie knew that this could be her big night of her fantasies, when everything was right to get the trash play of her dreams! She relaxed a bit, and waited for more to come, she knew there was one more run to go. The bags blocked the door again, and the floor was nearly full around her, tons of big full, soft bags of leftovers, and trash.

Julie was so horny now- she felt around her bags, and found a wine bottle nearby, still in the bag. She felt around some more and found a beer bottle too. Placing the bag in front of her, she worked fast to position it over her pussy, dripping wet. She grabbed the beer bottle and sat on top of it, pressing it thru the bag into her soft little butt, the tip glided over the bag, wet with her juices. Julie moaned softly as she now pressed the wine bottle into her lips, masturbating herself quietly as she could.

Julie heard the door to the restaurant fling open. Noises came out to the dumpster, a heated conversation was happening. From what she could tell the boys were arguing about the dumpster being full. The door to the bin flung open, even though Julie could not see out, she could see now hear the conversation. “The bin is full see?” said one boy.

“Yes, I do see,” said the new manager, “did you try compacting it?”

“Course not, that compactor hasn’t worked in five years!” said the boy.

“Well, today is your lucky day, I replaced the fuse on it this morning, and it works fine now… so get to it.” He said as he walked off.

Julie’s stomach turned over, a cold sweat forming on her body as she rapidly contemplated what to do. More bags were now being mashed into the hole, and they were still outside. The door flung shut, the latch went down, Julie froze with fear. A clanking from above came down, and the arm of the compactor started to move. The bags by the door began to fall towards her, rolling over and toppling onto her. The entire mound of bags pushed into her position on the floor and lifted her up, the bottle she had forgotten about pushed its way deep into her sex. Groaning, and pushing with her arms to stop the bags, she had no chance, her arms went straight into the bags, popping them open, and now the beer bottle forced its way up her ass. She was loving this and terrified at the same time. Her body was at the mercy of the tide of trash. Mashing her into the bags, the pressure built up. Then the arm stopped and began to contract. Her area of trash was stuck together, but no pressure and more important, no danger at the moment.

Clank, clang! The door swung open, and the boys peered inside.

“Wow! This thing is awesome!” and they tossed in the rest of the nightly garbage. Julie count ten maybe twelve more bags. Clang! The door shut again, and the arm started again! Those damn boys had a new toy! The bags moved forward again, and Julie braced for the next wave.

She tried to get her arms down to her sex, and began to position herself, as the trash began to push into her. The bottle was deeply embedded inside her pussy, and she was gasping as it was forced deeper. The beer bottle was shoved up her ass farther, and as her ass widened, the neck of the bottle slipped past the first wide area, and popped up into her, now ¾ of the way inside her ass. The two bottle inside her felt like they were touching on the inside of her, and she gasped as they hit her G spot. A bag popped in her face, and she was covered instantly by wet, steaming garbage, sauces, bread, pie and an assortment of things thrown out this evening. Julie was paralyzed by the intensity of her orgasm, and the trash flowed around her, into her mouth, and she slid with the pile of trash as the arm finally withdrew, letting her fall like a rag doll to the bottom of the heaping mound of trash above her.

Julie did not want to move, she was still in ecstasy, she just wanted to drift off to sleep, and enjoy her time as part of the trash, her best time ever, dumpster diving.


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