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Jessie's Journey

by DumpsterLife and Trash girl

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© Copyright 2019 - DumpsterLife and Trash girl - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; sexbot; sex; disposal; dumpster; trash; messy; torment; stuck; collection; truck; compactor; conveyor; discovery; rescue; cons/nc; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

“I’ll buy that one. Very pretty, I will have a lot of fun with her!” said the man. One card payment later, and the deal was done.

The product in question was named “The Sexbot Buddie”. The Sexbots were part of the bigger “Buddie Range”, designed by a company that created state of the art robotic companions, to which these robots were incredibly lifelike. They had an appearence eerily similar to humans, and even more amazingly, had been coded to feel emotion. The robots had an excellent understanding of the world too. Some people hailed it as the greatest invention ever, others weren’t so pleased as they seen it as a way towards replacing humans, both in the workplace and at home. Some “Buddies” were primarily designed to do chores around the house, others were designed to give companionship to the elderly. But in this case, the Sexbot’s main function was (unsurprisingly) for sexual needs, a much more lifelike design than your average blow up doll.

After charging the Sexbot for the recommended 12 hours, the man activated her for the first time. She woke up and looked at the man.

“Hello. What is your name?” she asked in a very convincing female voice.

“Hello. My name is Luigi” responded the man.

“Hello Luigi, nice to meet you. It is your personal choice to name me. Would you like to name me now?”

“Yes please” replied Luigi. “I would like to call you Jessie, I’ve always liked that name.”

Once Luigi had finishing completing Jessie’s settings (from accent to hair colour, boob size to Jessie’s height), they had sex for the first time. Luigi found it very realistic, and thanks to the incredible technology, Jessie felt the pleasure too. After climax, Luigi turned to Jessie. “That was amazing, thank you. I’ve been single for a year, finding it difficult to make progress with females. But buying you may be the best thing I’ve ever done. Your technology is amazing!” Jessie was delighted at the compliment. “Goodnight sweetheart.” Luigi kissed Jessie on the head, and then he deactivated her. While her power was now off and she was unable to move, she could still see, she could still feel the thinness of the bedsheets against her, the thickness of the duvet, and she still felt emotion. From the moment she was activated, Jessie would never truly be shut down.

The next three years passed by with Luigi and Jessie having sex on numerous occasions. Luigi loved the freedom of being able to have sex when he wanted and doing the positions he wanted. He could indulge in fantasies and fetishes without having to feel ashamed, and without any repercussions to fear. Having been mocked by his last date for his smaller penis size, but he had no worries that Jessie would complain. With Jessie’s primary function being to please Luigi sexually, his happiness from their sexual excursions increased Jessie’s happiness. However, after three wonderful years together, things were about to change.

Luigi and Jessie were in the car, Jessie unsure of their planned destination. Luigi seemed extremely tense, Jessie could tell he wasn’t his usual self.

“Is everything alright Luigi?” asked Jessie.

“Yeah. Fine” replied Luigi unconvincingly. He was sweating, something definitely wasn’t right. But due to her programming, Jessie was designed to hold back from asking uncomfortable questions, so she didn’t dig further for an answer. Eventually they pulled up near a block of flats.

“I’m sorry Jessie. I have to end this. I love you.” Before Jessie could react, Luigi had deactivated her. Having been deactivated, Jessie couldn’t ask any questions or move her body. But she could still hear and see, feel and smell, her senses and emotion still worked as always.

Luigi continued to speak to the robot he believed to be truly shut down. “I’ve loved every minute with you. But there’s this girl at work now, and I’ve realised that I have become too attached to, well, you. A robot. Things are going well with this girl and I need to get back to reality I guess. The only way to move on from you is to get rid of you. I wish it wasn’t like this, but I need to move forward in life. Thank you for a brilliant three years. I’m sorry it has to end like this.”

What was Luigi on about? What was going to happen here? Only being deactivated stopped Jessie from crying. For the first time in her “life”, she felt sad, but she was also gripped by fear too. Emotionally she had grown attached to Luigi. She wanted to speak back and fight to keep him, but deactivation meant she had no chance.

Luigi stepped out of the car and picked up Jessie. He carried her in his arms, and she could see his face in tears. If he was so upset, why was he doing this? Jessie couldn’t understand why this was happening.

“Goodbye my love” said Luigi. Goodbye, what did he mean? Luigi stripped her off, and then tucked Jessie’s knees up to her body, and closed her arms over her legs. And then...

All of a sudden, Luigi threw Jessie into some kind of metal box. Jessie landed on something squishy, and then she sunk a little deeper into the box. The smell inside this box was revolting. She was unable to move or look around, but she could just about see that either side of her were some black garbage bags. Luigi had tossed her into a garbage dumpster, and having been deactivated, she could do nothing to free herself!

This was not good. The one man she had served, experienced life with, and even grown emotionally attached to had just tossed her away like a piece of trash. If he truly knew she could still feel and understand while being deactivated, would he have still thrown her away? Surely this should be illegal? Humans weren’t allowed to dispose of each other, so why was it different for Buddies?

Within minutes of being in the dumpster, the lids opened. “Is that Luigi coming to get me back?” she hoped. Unfortunately for Jessie, it wasn’t. Instead she saw a young mother disposing of a soiled diaper, which landed right on top of Jessie! Unable to move or react, Jessie had no choice but to accept the soiled diaper sitting on top of her. A couple of minutes later, three black trash bags were disposed of next to Jessie.

“What’s going to happen to me?” wondered Jessie. “Will someone free me? Where does trash go?” She had seen garbage trucks emptying dumpsters and bins before, but had no idea what happened inside the truck, or where the waste went afterwards.

Soon Jessie heard more voices outside. “Quick, it’s going to split!” complained a woman.

“I’m trying!” said a man. The lids opened up.

“On three!” said the woman. “One, two, three!”

The two humans lifted up a huge black garbage bag, and launched it into the dumpster. Just in time too, as the bag split open. Unfortunately for Jessie, she was in prime position to suffer the consequences of the ripped trash bag, and the contents spilled all over her. The trash bag itself and much of its contents landed on Jessie’s midriff, but her face suffered too.

The two humans looked in the dumpster having disposed of the huge trash bag just in time. “Hey look, it’s one of them robot things!” said the man, spotting Jessie.

“Oh yeah, so it is!” said the woman. “I think it’s a sexbot too!”

“Shame we can’t dispose of real girlfriends like this!” said the male jokingly.

“Watch it you!” she replied with a frown. “Good riddance anyway, sick of these things replacing humans. And look at that, one of our condoms landed on her head!” The two humans laughed as Jessie could only lie down, watch and listen to the abuse. 

“Hey, I got an idea!” said the man. He reached inside the dumpster, picking something out from their torn trash bag. He climbed inside properly so he could reach Jessie. She noticed he was holding a dildo. Without a care in the world, he rammed the dildo into Jessie’s mouth. Cue the woman bursting out in laughter. Happy with his handiwork, the man exited the dumpster and the couple slammed the lids down.

 After they left, Jessie started to find the weight of the trash bag and it’s spilled contents uncomfortable. Also, the bag had landed right on top of the soiled diaper that was already on her, squishing it’s awful contents right into the poor Sexbot. Hours passed as garbage continued to be tossed into the dumpster, with no attention paid to the terrified Sexbot. Soon enough Jessie was buried and out of sight, completely helpless. Eventually she fell into re-charging mode (a mobile version for when out and about) and fell asleep fully.

Jessie has no idea what time of day it was, but she guessed morning had come by the sound of vehicles and voices becoming more frequent. She was still inside this container that held the garbage from the flats nearby. The used dildo remained jammed in her mouth. She was uncomfortable, the trash was cold against her, and the smell was getting unbearable. “I’m scared, where does trash go? What’s going to happen to me?  Am I going to experience death, the robot version?” she thought.

Two hours passed. On three more occasions the dumpster was opened for the disposal of unwanted, smelly garbage. And then...

Jessie heard an engine. She heard the sound of brakes. She heard something mechanical. And then suddenly she felt the dumpster being lifted off the ground.

“Oh no! This is it!” Fear gripped Jessie like never before.

Up she went. And then the dumpster tipped upside down. The trash fell towards the truck, and Jessie fell downwards with the other disposed items and bags, landing in the truck’s body amongst the pile of garbage inside. In the process of being dumped, a trash bag had skimmed past her face and knocked the dildo out of her mouth. The garbage truck moved off, and Jessie was left lying on her side amongst the waste. Her robotic vision allowed her to see well in the dark, and right in front of her she noticed a white trash bag with many unpleasant contents, from some uneaten spaghetti bolognese to some used feminine hygiene products. Jessie could not understand why she was in the same place as these types of contents. But then to a human, she had been used up and was no longer needed, hence her disposal.

All of a sudden Jessie was caught out as the next dumpster was emptied into the truck. Immediately Jessie felt a large increase in the weight above her as more unwanted, useless items joined her in the garbage truck. The white trash bag in front of her had been squashed from the incoming garbage, leaving Jessie a new view of a black trash bag. Jessie wanted to scream and cry for help, but she couldn’t do anything.

Then next thing she knew, a loud noise erupted inside the truck, and the wall had started closing in.

“What’s that?” thought Jessie, terrified at this new noise. The metal wall pushed its way through the garbage and suddenly Jessie realised what was happening - she was being crushed inside the garbage truck! All around her, Jessie could hear the sound of garbage bags splitting open and various items of trash breaking apart. Was this the end for her?

Something leaked onto her face from above. Using her knowledge base, it appeared to be gone off milk. The black trash bag that had been in front of her was now showing its contents as the bag ripped open under the pressure of the compactor. Diapers and unfinished meals covered her, alongside what appeared to be the remnants from a hamster cage that had been cleaned out. The compactor finally eased off, but Jessie was consumed in the compacted waste.

This awful ordeal was getting worse and worse.

Almost immediately more trash was dumped inside the truck. Within ten minutes a further two dumpsters were cleared, and the compactor came in again. Seconds later, Jessie felt the pressure building up again. She was submerged further in the garbage, and every inch of her was covered by it. Unable to even fight this, Jessie knew her fate was sealed. Like everything else inside here, she had been disposed of without a care in the world, ready to be squashed and crushed. Jessie tried taking though her databanks to see what happened to garbage after this, but access was denied - sexbots didn’t need to know about garbage. The compactor eased up again and Jessie was stuck even more now.

Jessie would go on to endure a further four hours inside the garbage truck. It never stopped - the constant sound of dumpsters being emptied, followed by the brutal compactor. Not much changed for Jessie herself, being pretty stuck anyway, but more trash around her leaked contents, or became more squished. She had never smelled anything so vile in her life, being inside here was horrific. Jessie wondered how many other sexbots had met the same, terrible fate.

Jessie soon realised that no dumpsters had been emptied for around fifteen minutes now. The back of the truck then opened up... this must be the next stop. Fear gripped Jessie again. Was this next stage going to be worse than the garbage truck? The compactor wall pushed the trash out of the truck. As Jessie fell outwards, it was a relief to finally be away from the pressure of being in the compacted trash, but this lasted just seconds as plenty more garbage fell out, straight on top of her. 

She had been emptied into some sort of pit that held the garbage. A claw was grabbing handfuls of trash from the pit. After 20 minutes of being inside this garbage pit, Jessie found herself being picked up along some other trash. She was dropped onto a conveyor belt. She could see humans removing things from the belt, such as cardboard, plastic bottles and metal cans. They ignored the sexbot though as she whizzed past them. She fell down the slide at the end of the belt and landed in a pile of yet more garbage. From what she could see, there were items in here like condoms, feminine hygiene products, rotten food, and some full black trash bags - basically either non-recyclables or in the case of the trash bags, too much to search through quickly. Trash continued to join them in this container. Then without warning, the container tipped the garbage onto another belt. As the belt was moving, Jessie noticed a sign on the wall - INCENERATOR AHEAD - STAY CLEAR. Incinerator? Incinerator????

Jessie wanted to scream and cry for help. This was not fair, she didn’t deserve this. The entrance of the incinerator was in sight. Closer, closer... ten metres away, five metres away...


A man jumped down onto the conveyor belt. He targeted Jessie.

“Thought so! Hey, Dan, it’s one of those Sexbot things!”

“Does it still work?” shouted the man who was probably called Dan.

The man on the belt tried to activate Jessie. She booted up, and wasted no time in declaring her desperation for help.

“Help me. Please!” said a tired and exhausted Jessie.

“Do you know where you are?” asked the man.

“My master threw me in a dumpster full of garbage. I was dumped into a garbage truck. Now I am here, and on my way to the incinerator. I’m scared, please help me! I don’t want to be incinerated!”

The man couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Did this Sexbot really know what she was going through?

“Have you been deactivated the whole time?” he asked.


“But you still know what was going on?”

“Yes. All of it. I’ve been awake in some form ever since I was first activated. I remember everything that has happened to me today. Please, help me!”

The man looked at her in total sadness. He couldn’t believe that she had genuinely known what was going on.

Dan shouted down to them. “Hurry up mate, more garbage to come yet. Just take her, you’ve been single for four months now!”

“You can come home with me. My name is Brad” he said.

Jessie was saved!


As time went on, life improved for Jessie. Having known Jessie was “awake” for the entire time in her garbage journey, Brad did everything he could to treat her well, just as if she was a real girlfriend. Brad even found himself at the forefront of a campaign for “Buddies Rights”, which would allow Buddies to be treated more humanely and respectfully. He used Jessie’s example to explain how the Buddies never truly shut down even when deactivated, and Jessie herself was allowed to stand up and explain what her garbage experience was like. As Buddies Rights went on to win their campaign a few months later, a lonely Luigi watched their victory on the television, in shock at what he had unwillingly put Jessie through. The girl at work he wanted to be with cheated on him 5 months down the line, leaving him devastated and wishing he had never disposed of the Sexbot who loved him. As for Brad and Jessie, they would go on to cherish many, many years together.


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