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Jessica and the Garbage Plant

by Dirty Trashbag Girl

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© Copyright 2010 - Dirty Trashbag Girl - Used by permission

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Jessica Salt, a cousin to Veruca Salt, whom she used to tease about what befell her at the chocolate factory. She is an intelligent girl, who worked her way up in her fathers Garbage Sorting Plant, she finally made it to become supervisor of the day shift.

Jessica and the Garbage Plant

It was a normal day for Jessica, she arrived on time as she had done for the last few years, today was a special day for her and her father, they where installing a new system to sort the trash. Jessica had heard it was made by Wonka Inc and was going to speed up the trash process at the plant, most of the workers were displeased that a machine might be replacing them.

Jessica was tasked with reassuring them that they would not be losing their jobs, this was true so she thought. But her father had already planned to trim down the workforce.

“Hello guys, thank you for coming into the office this morning, as you know we have been testing a new machine which speeds up the trash sorting process which has been slowing down our recycling commitment.” Jessica started the meeting reading from a cue card, it was written for her.

“We here at Salt Waste Management want to assure you that there are no planned job cuts, each one of you is considered part of the family,” Jessica carried on reading, some of the workforce booed her at this point, she just shook it off.

“There will be a general meeting later this week to discuss, possible job reassignments, I will be holding meetings with you one on one to discuss where you will fit into the company, thank you for you time.” Jessica stepped down to more boos from the employee’s, she left and went to her office.

Jessica entered her office and got herself a cup of tea, she shivered at the words she just said, most of the men who worked here knew her from when she was a little girl, it was hard for her to sack them, but that was her job and she knew it.

Later in the day Jessica held the first few meetings, a lot of angry people yelled at her, calling her horrible names, she knew they were more angry at her father than her. Over the next few days, the work force was trimmed down, the new system worked wonders. Jessica was promoted to Assistant Manager, a position she did not want.

It could be said you could set your watch by Jessica, always on time for the morning, always left on time, this would come back to haunt her one fateful day.

Jessica arrived as she normally did, she parked her car in her normal spot and did her make up before she stepped outside of the car, she got out adjusted her hair then suddenly it all went dark on her.

“Help me, please someone, help!” She screamed.

“Now Miss Salt, don’t panic, its just your fathers former employee’s, don’t worry we are not here to rape you, that is not our intention” Said one of the shadows, Jessica realised she was now inside some sort of plastic prison, it was a trashbag.

“Please let me go, please,” she begged.

“We will let you go soon, but first we have to sort something out!” This was followed by laughing.

Jessica felt the bag being moved, she could tell it was to another part of the car park, she tried screaming again. Because of the noise from the factory most of her screaming was cut out, but also most of the staff where friends of the laid off men, none paid any attention to the screaming trashbag.

The bag was opened, Jessica looked up and saw 3 men she used to work with, their names was lost to her, but they knew who she was. “I am Max, Jess, do you mind if I call you Jess” said Max.

“Why are you doing this to me, please don’t hurt me” Jessica reply with weeping eyes.

“No need to worry Jess, we are just going to do a little test on you, it won't hurt at all” Max said to the weeping young lady.

“What kind of test?” Replied Jessica.

“Well, Dave here used to work in the sorting department before your father added that new machine and he came up with an idea, you see, in the old system, if something that did not belong in the trash, found its way into the sorting department, Dave here would pull it out, we don’t think the new system would,” Said Max

“I don’t get you, you want to test the new machine, its proven it can sort trash” snapped Jessica.

“True Jess, it has proven it can sort trash, but the test is, can it sort, maybe….. you!” Pointed Max.

“What!” Jessica yelled back, she tried to get out, but the trash bag around her ankles prevented her from doing do, she slipped and the men laughed at her.

“See Jess, we are going to bag you up, like good piece of trash, put you on the sorting line, it should by all means, see you as well... Human, you're not trash are you”? replied a now laughing Max.

“Well it might recognise you as good trash!” Dave giggled.

“Oh yes, it might do that, well if it does you know what happens to good trash, it gets sorted into recyclables,” Max said to both Jessica and Dave.

“What if she is bad trash?” Dave said.

“Well I think it gets out into the plant and out to landfill, isn’t that right jess?” Max replied, looking at Jessica.

“Yes that is what the machine does, but it won't do anything to me, I am not trash, good or bad, you will pay for this I swear it!” Said an angry Jessica.

“I would not go off at us Miss Salt, remember, we three will be the only ones who know you're in the processing plant and we are the only ones would can save you from a horrible fate!” Max snapped to Jessica, he was not joking either, they where the only ones who knew she was going into the plant, but not as the assistant manger, she was going in as a trash.

“Right, get her ready, the trash truck arrives in 10 minutes.” Max ordered to the two other guys with him. Jessica tried one last time to beg them to let her go, she promised to speak to her father about getting them back into the company with Max responded to, “Oh Jess, after today, you will do it, trust me.”

They tied her legs and feet up and Max applied a gag to her, he then took out a sort of tracking device. “This Jess will make sure we don’t lose you in the plant, it will be placed under the skin, we know how rough the ride will be for you if you're sorted and any other type of device will be broken or lost, we would not want you to die today Jess.” Max re-assured her he had not intention of killing her, this was a test so he kept saying.

Jessica, now completely tied up was moved over to a trash bag laid out for her, she noticed other trash bags in the room with them, they put her inside and told her to get bunched up like a ball, she did not want them to hurt her, so she did as they ordered, she was thankful they have not ordered her to strip. She heard the tearing of bags and soon foul smelling trash was dropped onto her. “This is to make sure it’s a fair test” Max said, all sorts of trash was placed into the bag, bathroom waste, kitchen waste, but they saved the last and worst for her, she knew they planned it. It was bathroom waste from her office, her used pads now in her own face, she screamed at them but they just giggled. Max and the others sealed the bag up, they placed holes so Jessica could breathe, they made sure could not suffocate. Max tested the tracker which beeped on a control pad, he smiled at them. “Well Jess, it's time for your trip, hope you enjoy!”

To anyone, it was three men carrying a now overfilled trash bag, but they knew it was four people heading towards the trash truck, which was slowly pushing out its contents to the loading dock conveyer belt, which lead to the sorter, Max carried Jess over to the belt and dropped her in, she felt the drop and a “Bye for now love” from Max, the belt moved quickly to the sorter, a new system which measured how good or how bad a trash bag contents was, it was designed to make sure no non-trash item was allowed to enter the plant. Jessica knew the plant would recognize her as Human and she could get out of this mess she was in, the belt started to sort itself into bag holders, each bag taken to sort, slowly ripped over, good had a ping noise and a sweeper pushed the contents to another belt, bad had a loud noise and a chute under the sorter would open and the contents fell deeper into the plant.

Jessica’s bag was next, the pings where getting louder, the plant was doing good today, lots of recyclables, Jessica knew that there was no workers near the sorter, it was all automated. The bag started to rip as the mess that was Jessica’s bag fell down onto the sorter, Jessica re-adjusted her eyes to see the huge meter in front of her, a Big Red BAD and a Green GOOD. The machine was taking its time with Jessica and her trash, she knew it would recognize her as Human and would get her some help, she was not prepared for what was about to happen next, the meter moved to BAD, a larger noise rang out as the chute below opened up and Jessica with the rest of the trash fell down into another more stinkier dumpster, she could not believe it, she was now bad trash, she cried at this point, the stinky grime in her hair, her clothes covered in filth, she was trash as far as the machine had decided.

The dumpster now sat at the bottom of the chute, more bad trash fell on poor Jessica, the dumpster was filled to the brim with stinky horrible trash, then another sound came, Jessica had not been down this part of the plant, the bin started to move, another automated system was moving the dumpster down the plant. Jessica tried in vain to get the gag off her, she also tried to loosen the bindings on her, the dumpster moved slowly down a corridor, she then noticed it stopped, she then realized another chute above her. “Oh no” Jessica looked up, then raw fish and other food waste poured onto her, it was horrible and smelly, she wanted to gag but she couldn’t, the dumper then moved on, then the bins lid was put back on. She and its contents where moved outside the plant to a large landfill, it was where the bad trash was sent, Max still with his pad watched on as the dumpster arrived at the loading dock.

“Here she is fellas” Max pointed at the dumpster.

Jessica’s bin was hoisted and soon spilled her and the contents down the smelly depths of the land fill, she landed with a splat among other trash, she cried more, she was in tears.

Max had climbed over the fence and walked down towards Jessica, he found her face up crying “Well Well, Miss Salt, you do smell nice don’t you” He joked at her, Jessica was out of energy to care “To think you, the most kindest person in this place is bad trash after all, oh I forgot” He untied her, he knew she would not put up a fight covered in trash.

Max helped Jessica off the site, she was covered head to toe in filth, the other guys waved their hands across their faces, “Man she does sure stink, maybe we should put her back, she is bad trash after all, aren't we breaching the rules here” Dave said

“You know Dave is right” Replied the other man, who had not been named.

“I did not want to kill her, I wanted to punish her, I think after this experience, she will give us our jobs back?” Max cut them off, Jessica, nodded in approval.

The three men where back at work the next day, Jessica quit her job at the plant, she left to do something with her uncle at his Nut Sorting Company.

The End

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