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I was Compacted

by Riptieron

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© Copyright 2010 - Riptieron - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; naked; dumpster; diapers; glue; compactor; stuck; cons; X

I was compacted. I was compacted in a real trash bin, with a real compactor, and it did its job very well. How you might ask did this occur? Well it was my own fault; I told the right group of friends the right amount of information… and my kinky friends made it happen.  They have an overly developed sense of excitement when it comes to kinky things.

I told my girlfriend how much I liked the story that I read off the internet, and she must have told a few people, for they all had a part in my demise. I guess that she wanted to give a huge scene, and found a way to do it without it too much cost… so here I am.

It all started when I came home on a Friday afternoon, to find my girlfriend, Eve and her best friend, Kristy, out front waiting for me. They told me that they wanted to go out for the evening, and I was to get ready. So, I got a quick shower and put some clothes on and dashed out to go with them. Her friend drove, and we went to a restaurant on the other side of town.

I ate a good meal, and we went up to pay the bill. On the way out the door, my girlfriend made the comment, “I bet they have a big dumpster here…” and her girlfriend came back with “yeah, but if you want to talk about dumpsters, there is a new one at my work that is HUGE! It even has a compactor, it’s so industrial!” She exclaimed excitedly. I just waited quietly for the conversation to unfold, thinking that there is only win in this for me.

“We should go see it, it’s not that far from here is it?” asked my girlfriend.

“No, not at all, it’s just off Marshal Street, we could see right now if you like!” She said, with a glee in her eyes. I was not going to deter their excitement for this new quest, and I wanted to see it for myself, but, I sensed that something was not quite level with the two of them.

We reached the place where she worked and it was about 8:30pm, there was nobody there at all. We pulled up in the back, where the loading dock was, and the dumpster was sitting there in all its glory. Brand new, and white, there was a large bin in front followed by a long area for the waste to be stored into. The bin at the front was about 10x10 foot, and the waste would be packed and then as it filled up, would then be pushed deeper into the back of the bin, against the rest of the waste.

“This is so cool, the new designers of this disposal unit have made it so that you can bail your waste into manageable blocks, any size you like!” said Kristy.

“You sure know a lot about this thing…” I stated.

“Yes, I do. Would you like to try it out?” She asked blankly. I could do nothing but stare back at her.

“It is quite safe; we have done all the work for you!”  She said, looking at Eve. They both smiled at me.

“Well how can I refuse?” I said as I wondered how this could turn out…

“Great!” They shouted, and began to strip me down to my birthday suit. All of this had been planned to this point, and I thought that it would be good to let them play it out, and hell, it isn’t everyday you get to live out a fantasy. I stood before them naked and they told me to get into the bin, I hopped down into the bottom of the bin and looked up at them as they closed the door and latched it. I heard them lock it, and run off into the building. Several minutes went by and then I heard the doors open to the loading dock, and carts being wheeled out. They disappeared into the building again and then returned with more carts. All I could do is wait as they busied themselves with the carts. I counted 10 carts in all, a lot of stuff, and I guessed that it was all going to be dumped in here with me. The door to the top hatch was flipped up, and the first cart of stuff poured down from above. It was hand towels, and old diapers, clean, but used diapers.

Kristy is a manager for a diaper service. I guessed that all the waste was the diapers that had been used up, and could no longer be used. The first cart filled the floor with white diapers, and the second cart filled the bin up to my knees.

At this point Kristy peered over the top of the bin, taking in the situation.

“I am going to spray you now, and I want you to fluff up the diapers as it sprays, so they get nice and evenly covered, got it, Trashboy?” she said, and I nodded in response. A couple of seconds later, four nozzles on the top of the bin started misting a sticky light substance down into the bin, covering everything, I began to stir the diapers up, and make sure that they all got an even coating. The sprayer stopped and Kristy looked in, “Got enough? Make sure that it is nice and soaked!” and with that she disappeared and the sprayer came to life again, and I mixed the diapers up again. The diapers were sticky, but they were also slimy with the adhesive, the goo was still very wet.

Now the girls were dumping the next two carts inside, and again they sprayed me with adhesive. This time it was up to my waist, and there was diapers beginning to stick to my upper body and arms from stirring the pile.

“I hope I don’t have to compact you just yet, I have six more carts to go!” and again the diapers rained down into the bin, and now up to my chest, I was finding it hard to move, and the spray of goo was sticking everything together. I was totally covered by diapers and goo, there was only a little bit of my head exposed now. With the eight cart, I was gone. Kristy shouted into the pile above me, “Get on to your knees! I want you in a doggy-style position!”

I pushed down and bent my knees as much as I could, forcing myself into a doggy-style position in the middle of the pile of gooey sticky diapers. Then I heard a metallic clanking sound of a door latching, and then I whirl of a hydraulic motor behind me. I got excited and hard in an instant. The arm to the compactor started to move, and slowly began to push things tighter and tighter. The diapers around me compressed and surrounded my body as the space became smaller and smaller. The gooey substance in them being forced out, and filling any little void around my body, and squishing out of the top of the block as it pressed in on my body. I opened my mouth to get some air but found there was too much goo in the pile and it ran into my mouth, along with part of a diaper soaked by the goo as well.

Slimey and gooey, the pile forced the goo up my ass, and parts of the diapers went along with it. With goo down my throat and filling my nose, I was a bit worried, but soon it was not an issue, as the force of the compactor was making it impossible to breath, the pile was pushing out the air left in my chest. I was so excited and the pressure on my body was amazing. I felt the arm stop and hold. There was silence. The arm released and drew back about two feet. The Pile relaxed, and I could draw in air again. I could not move, but at least there was room for breathing.

Now I was a part of the bail that they had made of me. The top of the bail was at the top of the chamber, still oozing the adhesive, and what was left in the bail was hardening fast. All of the bail was now saturated by the goo, having put far too much into the pile to begin with, the goo had penetrated every area of the bail and made a solid brick of the diapers, I trapped on the inside could not move a muscle. I am frozen on the inside. Kristy and Eve are up top, marveling at the bail, the white cube of diapers, and their little prize on the inside. Still giggling about what they could do with me, they pushed the bail out the end, and loaded me into Kristy’s truck bed. I felt strange being moved around, the bail moved and I had no way to react or do anything about being moved, every move the bail made I made with it, the cube of diapers was my cast.

I had nothing to control, I have no way to get out, and I have stiffened glue inside my mouth and up my rear. Every vibration resonates inside me. There is glue plastered to my body and formed to seal me up with diapers compacted all over. As Kristy drives, the truck jiggles giving me a stimulating ride. They drive for about an hour, then the truck comes to a stop and I feel the bail being lifted and moved again.  I am set down and left alone. I do not know when I may get out and the feeling is too incredible, I am about to lose it just sitting still. It is up to them to release me, and I wonder if they will get me out any time soon.

To Be Continued...


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