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I Promised You

by Doctor Vader

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© Copyright 2012 - Doctor Vader - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; naked; trashcan; caught; punish; hum; bagged; messy; bond; gag; binned; insert; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

“Catherine!” Her husband Paul’s shout woke her from her fantasy. It wasn’t just a shout, he was yelling at the top of his lung’s. She thought it sounded like he was furious, she knew he was on his way to the bin. He was going to drag her out and she was going to be in big trouble, but she couldn’t help it. She loved to get naked, climb in and writhe around in the trash. She loved the way it felt against her skin, made her dirty and made her feel dirty. Usually she’d play for a couple of hour’s, she’d be trash until she was hot and horny. She’d bring herself to a climax before Paul got home from work, she’d be out and showered before he’d even know. He’d caught her a few times before, when she’d lost track of time. He was home early today and she was about to get caught again.

“If you’re fucking in there again!” He was yelling, much closer to the bin this time. He was on his way she thought to herself. The bin rocked and opened suddenly as he yanked the lid away, he was looking in at her. She looked up at him with a twinge of fear and shame, trash hanging from her and in her hair. Her skin grubby and stained by the trash in the bin with her. He looked at her for just a moment, she could she the rage flashing behind his eye’s. She thought she’d never seen him so angry before. Without a word he reached in and grabbed her arm hard. With a swift hard yank, he’d hauled her out of the bin in one motion. She fell to her hand’s and knee’s as he let go of her before she’d had time to find her feet. She looked up at his angry face without getting off her hand’s and knee’s.

“Get your pathetic arse into the back garden now!” He seethed and she felt humiliated at his feet. She felt hot and aroused too, but if she showed it now he’d get even angrier. She slowly stumbled up to her feet and made her way into the back garden, her head lowered in shame. A second later Paul appeared with the garden hose. He’d marched her up to the shower when he’d caught her before. The sudden, hard blast of icy cold water was a shock to her to say the least. He was hosing her down in the garden, she’d never felt such shame and humiliation before, the icy water pelting her skin stung a little. The hose stopped. She stood there drenched, shivering and naked in the middle of the garden. He glared, she thought she could see, feel even the rage still flashing in him.

“If I ever catch you again!” He fumed.

“I promise, I’ll put you out with the trash, do you understand!” Paul spat. She nodded slowly as he turned and quickly disappeared into the house. She stood there a few moments longer, still reeling from the shock of her hosing, shivering, wet and cold. She padded softly back to the house and went straight upstairs to dry and put on fresh clothes.

Paul didn’t say a word to her when she came back down, dried and dressed. She knew better than to talk to him until he was ready. She quietly prepared dinner in the kitchen. He came out to join her in the kitchen, she was hopeful he would start talking to her again. She smiled coyly at him, but he ignored her as he fetched a beer out of the fridge and paced back to the living room. Catherine brought his dinner to him as he continued to watch TV, he took the plate from her without acknowledging her. They ate in silence. He was being cruel. She was loving it, secretly of course. After dinner she sat next to him on the sofa and he glanced at her as she sat down. The fire in his eye’s has cooled she thought as she snuggled a little closer to him. She quietly shifted closer still and then lay her head in his lap. He put his arm around her and began to softly stroke her back. Forgiveness she thought to herself. She was comfortable in his lap, but keen for bed time. She was very much aroused from her afternoon of being trash and then getting caught and humiliated by her husband. They sat comfortably like that for an hour or so. She stood up and took his hand she smiled sweetly and winked at him. He smiled wryly and let her lead him upstairs. Thinking of her husband hosing her off in the garden whilst they had sex that night brought her to a rocking climax like none she’d ever had before.

Over the next few day’s Catherine had thought about climbing into the bin more than just a couple of time’s, she did her best to resist. Then she caught herself standing, peering into the open bin in a daze and wondered how long she’d been staring in. Lost in the memory of Paul catching her last time, feeling the shame and humiliation at his feet, being hosed in the garden. She was longing for it. She was longing to be trash, but now she was longing to be caught as well. It was four fifteen and Paul would be home in just about an hour. She’d never played in the bin twice in the same week and if she got in now she was going to get caught. But she was literally burning for it. The next few moments were like she was on autopilot, she’d jogged back inside, upstairs and undressed. She found herself looking into the bin again, only now she was naked. He’s going to be livid she thought, but she was already lowering herself in. She felt the trash shift and ooze like fluid around her as she wiggled her way down amongst it. She already felt dirty and sticky. She got comfortable and drifted into her fantasies. She thought she heard Paul’s car pull up. She waited. She was beginning to think it wasn’t him.

“For fuck’s sake Catherine!” Paul yelled as the bin tumbled over, spilling her and the bin’s contents out. She tumbled onto the ground, the wind knocked out of her. He was already pulling her up on to her feet.

“Kitchen, now!” He breathed with rage as he pulled her close to his face. She didn’t hesitate as she submissively did as she was told, she stopped in her tracks as she entered the kitchen. There were bin liner’s, roll’s of tape and rope. He’d gotten these things together instead of coming straight to the bin to get her, that’s why she had thought it wasn’t his car pulling up. She felt a pang of fear. He grabbed her by the arm as he followed her into the kitchen, yanking her to the middle of the room. He was quickly tying her wrist’s behind her back. He’d never tied her before. As the rope bit tightly into her she knew she liked it and let out a small gasp.

“What are you doing?” She timidly asked as he cinched her elbow’s tight.

“You want to be trash, well, you’re going to be trash like never before!” He smirked and manhandled her into position. She quickly noticed she was standing in the open mouth of a bin liner he’d laid out on the floor.

“But” She was interrupted by the tape slapped across her mouth, and then another piece. He roughly plastered several layers of tape across her mouth and she could barely manage a mumble. He pushed her to the floor and resumed her bondage. Quickly her ankles were bound and her knees. Within moments she was totally immobile, her knee’s drawn up to her chest and rope wound around her, tightly locking her position. He was pulling up the side’s of the bag, she sat bound and gagged in the big black liner. She was trash, already dirty and sticky in the bottom of the bag. She didn’t know what to think, but she was as horny as hell. Her husband was treating her like trash. Humiliating her and she was loving it.

She was taken back when he reached into the bag, brandishing a mostly empty ketchup bottle. He held it for a moment in front of her face, smiling wickedly to himself. She was confused for a second, but then she instantly knew what it was for as he began to press it against her pussy. The bottleneck easily slid inside her, she hadn’t realised how wet she was. She moaned. She shuddered as an orgasm exploded through her. Then came more trash. He’d gone out to fetch the trash and barley looking at her, he was emptying it into her bag. The leftover food from earlier in the week clung to her, hung in her hair. She moaned and whimpered softly, still reeling from her orgasm. Her bag was filling quickly. Cigarette end’s from Paul’s ashtray.

She had never felt so much like trash before, excited, humiliated and so horny. The bathroom waste, her sanitary towels and used tissues tumbled on her and settled around her. She was packed quite tightly by the trash in her bag, she could hardly move. The trash had stopped tumbling in and she wondered what Paul was doing. She heard the TV in the living room, he was leaving her in the kitchen as trash in a bag. She was embracing her fantasy. Trying to rock herself gently in the bag, the ketchup bottle doing as it should with every move she made. She drifted into a daze as she rocked herself to another orgasm. She was woken from her daze as something hit her in the face. Beef chow mein. He’d had a takeaway. I didn’t hear the door go she thought. It didn’t even cross her mind that she hadn’t eaten with him. He began to pull the bag together to tie it off and paused.

“One last piece of trash” He muttered as if talking to himself. He hadn’t made eye contact or acknowledged her since dragging her into the kitchen. She was horrified. His wedding ring dropped right under her nose. His wedding ring, the sight of it in front of her, in the trash. She looked up to see him, but the bag closed quickly. She was locked in darkness, smothered in trash. Her husbands wedding ring in the bag too. She was horrified, confused, the fear rushed back and began to overcome her. The bag was moving. Her Fear rose to panic as she heard the bin lid open and felt the sudden drop of her bag. She was in the bin. She was outside in the bin. She tried to struggle but with every move the bottle jammed inside her sent a flash of heat through her. She tried to call out to Paul, but could hardly manage a sound with the tape stuck firmly across her face.

“I promised you I’d put you out with the trash, didn‘t I” He barked as he dropped the bin lid back into place. She froze. Silence. She was alone outside in the bin. In a bag of trash. She had remembered what he’d said a few day’s before, but didn’t think he was serious. She loved him, he loved her. He’d come back out and get her any minute she thought. She didn’t know how long she waited. What if he’s not coming back she kept thinking with a sense of dread. She tried to fight, struggle and cry for help, but she was getting tired. She sobbed uncontrollably. Her husband had thrown her away like trash. She was trash.

She was startled as the bin moved. Had she slept, how long had she been in there, she couldn’t be sure of either. As the bin tipped she thought Paul was going to get her out at last. The bin didn’t just tip, it was moving too. Her mind raced. It was bin day. She heard the waiting bin truck rumbling. She was being dragged out to the bin truck. She sobbed and cried but the bin man couldn’t hear her. She was helpless. Paul had bagged her like trash, dumped her in the bin and any second now she was going to go into the bin truck. She felt the bin being attached to the back of the truck. She was about to be hoisted up on the truck’s mechanical arm and emptied into the truck to join the other trash.

“Hey buddy” Came Paul’s voice.

“I’m going to need that one back mate” He called out to the bin man and she felt the bin being unlatched.

“Throw out something you shouldn’t have mate” The bin man said as the bin was tipped and moved again.

“Yeah, think my wedding ring’s in there” Paul replied happily to the bin man and dragged the bin back to the side of the house. She heard the lid open and immediately her bag was torn open. She looked up at him with her tear streaked grubby face. He just reached past her and grabbed his ring putting it straight back on his finger. Then her looked down at her with a wry smile.

“Right sweetheart, if your going to be trashed, were going to have some rules” He sternly announced as he peeled the tape from her mouth. The tape coming off hurt her lips.

“What?” She said stunned, her mind awash with mixed thought’s and emotion’s.

“First and foremost, you’re trash when I say you’re trash, never on your own, not on bin day, understand” He reeled off.

“But, I, but” She stammered, confused.

“I was never going to throw you out sweetheart, I’ve been planning this since the first time I caught you” He chuckled.

“So you did all of this to be cruel and make me think… You bastard!” She scowled with a cheeky grin creeping in.

“Mind what you say, you’re not out of the bin yet” He laughed.

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