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The Ins and Outs of Dumpster Diving

by Trashy Trashbag

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There is nothing quite like hopping into a full dumpster, playing around in the rubbish and burying yourself under the bags.  That is the ultimate way of satisfying a trash or garbage fetish.  But how to go about it if you've never done it before?

Many trash bag/trash can fetishists start out with trash bag play, fantacize that they're trash or garbage, and may even put some rubbish into their bag with them.  I wore trash bags from a young age and I would—and still do—stuff them full of newspaper and other trash.  And this is a great and enriching experience for any trash fetishist.

But it's only just the start.  The ultimate experience is, of course, getting into a dumpster with loads of trashbags.  If you find that your trash bag play is leading you toward a full-on fascination for trash or garbage, then dumpster diving is the way to go about satisfying it.

Anyone who's not gotten into a dumpster before is always a bit nervous about it.  There are the obvious questions such as:  What if I get hurt?  What if someone catches me in there?  What if I can't get back out?  What if I discover something in there I wasn't expecting?  It is also understandably disconcerting to read those notices that declare: "Do Not Play In or Around."  Let none of these things deter you from what can be a very enjoyable trashy mission!

It is best to search around for a dumpster you fancy, one that contains just the sort of waste you're looking for.  One guy I knew preferred Dunkin' Donuts dumpsters because he loved all the stale donuts and paper bags their trashbags contained.  Another guy preferred kitchen garbage and so he searched for residential dumpsters he could get and play inside.  As for me, I look for office block dumpsters as there is usually the sort of refuse inside that I find attractive:  loads of wastepaper and plastic packaging.   By selecting your dumpster in such a way, you can minimize the fear of encountering something inside that is not to your tastes.

If you love garbage, then it is always advisable to "vet" the dumpster first.  Try to examine it as throughly—and as secretly—as you can before going inside, to ensure no vermin are present.  You must also take care to avoid any dumpsters in which toxic wastes are stored.  Chemical or biological wastes do not make for sexy playtime considering the very real harm they can cause, so such wastes are to be avoided.  If, like me, you go for the so-called "clean" trash, then really nasty waste or vermin can be completely avoided, even on hot summer nights.  (There's only so much smell that bags containing mostly paper and plastic trash give off!)

As long as you are reasonably fit and healthy, there's no reason why you couldn't get in and out of a dumpster relatively easily.  There is some amount of jumping and climbing involved, but the adrenalin surge you'll feel at the thought of being in there with the trash or garbage will lend you the strength you require.  Getting in can be done through one of the side openings or from the top, but when getting out, the side opening may be the only way.  I would highly suggest entering a dumpster through a side opening as leaving the two big front lids closed gives you a lot more privacy for your play.  You cannot close those big lids once you are inside. Getting out is sometimes different from getting in because of the nature of the refuse and the physical dynamics of the dumpster itself.  Nevertheless, getting out is rarely ever a problem. 

If you go dumpster diving during the dark hours, which you definitely should in order to be more secretive about it, having a flashlight with you can help with your footing and landing if your night vision isn't so good, thus minimizing the possibility of hurting yourself.

Obviously, don't bury yourself completely the first time.  Just lie on the trash and experiment with covering yourself.  The more you experiment, the more you'll know your level of strength and just how quickly you can leave the dumpster should you have to.  If time is not wasting, however, then it's simply a matter of removing bags slowly and methodically till you can squirm your way out.

There is no reason why you should be caught either.  There is usually no-one around to see you during the late night or early morning hours.  I usually dumpster dive between the hours of 12:30 - 4:30 a.m.  You might want to research whether or not the building to which the dumpster belongs has a security guard present or if there is a CCTV camera aimed at the dumpster.  But dumpsters are often far enough away from and out of immediate sight of the front of the building where the security person would be, and usually there are no security cameras involved either.  Nevertheless, it is always best to research these possibilites once you have found your dumpster, just for peace of mind.

For instance, if there are a few cars in the parking lot where one of my favorite dumpsters is located,  then I will ensure, as secretly and quietly as I can, that there's no-one inside those cars.  If the cars are all empty, then I have nothing else to worry about.  Explore the entire area around the dumpster before having your way inside it, just to be on the safe side.

Many trash fetishists also fantacize about having bags of refuse dumped on them while inside the dumpster.  To fulfill this wish, you would have to know when the custodian throws the rubbish out, and that will involve some research.  Once, when I was vetting a particular dumpster with the intent of being inside it when the trash was emptied, I just sat somewhere where I could see the dumpster but not be noticed by anyone else. I sat in that spot for an hour before seeing the janitor wheeling out a dolly containing five bags of trash!  This was at 6:30 p.m.  So I returned the next day, in which the rubbish was taken out and dumped at 6:10.  The next day, it was at 6:22.  So, I knew, after three days of observation, that the trash would be dumped between 6 and 6:30 p.m. 

After very carefully checking the lot to make sure no-one was around, I hopped in with a trash bag, buried myself under some trashbags, covered the rest of myself up with the loose bag, and waited.  About 11 minutes after getting inside the dumpster, I heard the dolly being rolled out and the side doors opening.  This is a nerve-wracking moment.  You really wonder what you're going to say if you are caught, especially if you've got very little clothing on (more on that below), but if you take care to completely cover yourself with a combination of trash and a trash bag, there is no reason why you will be noticed.  And the sounds of the bags being stuffed in and then landing on or beside you is a must-have experience!

There was a time when I was noticed because I was careless.  I was playing around inside a dumpster behind a bank, an area I had not previously reconnoitered sufficiently, having assumed there was no-one else around.  It was about 7:30 in the evening.  To my surprise, a side door suddenly slid open and there was a tough-looking custodian looking at me.  And there I was, lying spread-eagle on the bags of trash, wearing only a pair of fishnet briefs and sneakers!   Although the man clearly thought I was kinky to a crazy degree, this worked to my advantage.  I wasn't fully clothed, therefore I couldn't be accused of sifting through the bank's trash for nefarious reasons.  Because I was wearing only a skimpy pair of briefs, I just admitted my trash fetish to the janitor, who, of course, had no trouble believing it.  He just said, "to each their own" and walked off.  It was actually a nice moment in retrospect, as there is a certain wonderful thrill in being caught, especially in such a state of undress, because I AM kinky!  But it's not something you should aim for.  So again, know the activity around the dumpster as well as you can before you dive into it.

With regard to the clothing you should wear for your dumpster diving activities, I would suggest they be as minimal as you can get away with, though this does depend on the weather.  On warm summer nights, as aforementioned, I get into the dumpster wearing only briefs (or Speedos) and sneakers.  I want to be as naked as I can be from the moment I land in the trash, and when I'm buried under the trashbags, I pull the briefs down so that I am completely naked.  This is, in a word, orgasmic to the nth degree!  I highly suggest it.  I can't imagine NOT being bare-assed under the trash!  In cooler weather, I wear spandex tights and a sweatshirt.

But this is a matter of personal choice.  There is nothing wrong with going into the dumpster wearing pants.  I just find it thrilling to hide my jeans (or shorts) and shirt in a separate location and hop into the dumpster in my minimalist state.  It simply makes for more enjoyable and kinkier trash play, but it's completely up to you.  (In the winter, wearing tights won't involve undressing as you can wear them on your way to the dumpster.)

I will say, however, that once buried, pulling briefs or tights down is a lot easier than unbuckling and unbuttoning a pair of jeans or other pants. It's just more restrictive if you're wearing pants.  And you don't necessarily need to wear briefs—for the more modest, a pair of shorts will suffice and will be just as easy to remove once you are covered by the rubbish.  I just prefer to be in the dumpster in briefs—it's sexier and more exciting!

During the winter, dumpster diving is still possible because the trash acts as a great insulator.  I once went for a dumpster dive in 20 F conditions, but was perfectly warm and toasty after only five minutes buried under ten trashbags!  I don't go dumpster diving in the rain—unless all doors to the dumpster had previously been closed—as I don't like trash when it's wet.  I also don't go during severe cold snaps, i.e. temperatures in the teens F or lower.  That's just TOO cold.

You can spend many great hours in the dumpster.   Once you've achieved, it's nice to just lie there in the trash until you feel horny again.  Being buried under trashbags feels warm, safe and secure and it is a gorgeous feeling.  I usually come five or six times during a session in the dumpster and in between orgasms, I just relax, simply happy to be in the trash.

As long as precautions are taken and you don't draw too much attention to yourself while getting in or out of the dumpster, then dumpster diving is a perfectly safe activity.  In fact, you cannot truly say you are a trash or garbage fetishist until you have been inside a dumpster.  And once you have had a dumpster experience, you will be back for more.  You will, in fact, soon have a list of several dumpsters that you could spend all night satisfying yourself in!  I do.

Happy dumpster diving and trash play.


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