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I'll Forgive You In the Morning

by Doctor Vader

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© Copyright 2012 - Doctor Vader - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; bond; straps; collar; gag; bagged; trash; messy; transport; dumpster; revenge; reluct/nc; X

Georgia stirred and groggily woke from her slumber. What a night she thought to herself, must have been a good one. She didn’t remember drinking that much, but she’d been out cold for awhile she guessed as the light came streaming in through the windows. She tried to rub her eyes. She couldn’t move her hands. She could feel the familiar leather cuffs locking her hands behind her back. She blinked furiously. That’s when she saw her boyfriend, Paul at the foot of the bed pulling a strap tight around her ankles.

“What’s going on?” She asked, still a little dazed as she strained to look down the length of her body. She was naked. She could feel her snug collar around her neck and see the tight straps around her waist, knees and now her ankles.

“Aw sweetheart… Did you have a good sleep?” He asked sweetly.

“Yeah, but what’s going on, I want to be properly awake before playing any games” She said as she let her head fall back onto the pillow. Georgia loved their games, but had never woken up in bondage before.

“Yeah, but were not playing a game honey” He smiled. She lifted her head and looked at him quizzically. He was looking into her eyes.

“I know you’ve been fucking John” Paul softly spoke still looking into her eyes. Georgia looked away, bit her lip, knowing her guilt was written all over her face. Paul always knew when she was lying.

“Yeah, nothing to say, I didn’t think so” He said with a sharper tone now. She turned back to him and was about to at least say she was sorry, when Paul shoved the ballgag deep into her mouth and buckled it tight. She tried to plead with him, but she could only manage a few muffled sounds. He gazed at her for a moment and then simply turned and left her there closing the door behind him, leaving her alone, bound and gagged on the bed. Georgia thought she could hear him talking to someone, perhaps on the phone. She thought she heard him say “… Cheating bitch is all done” and then nothing. She lay there, helpless for what seemed an age.

“There’s the fat slut!” Jenny spat. Georgia was startled. Jenny was John’s wife and her friend. Georgia felt a mix of panic, fear, shame and guilt rush through her as she looked at her friends furious face. Jenny quickly strode up to Georgia, prone and helpless on the bed and with a fast fluid motion landed a spiteful slap across her face. Georgia felt the burning sting immediately.

“How could you, you fucking bitch!” Jenny yelled landing another hard slap. Georgia had never seen Jenny like this before, but then she’d never been caught out sleeping with her husband before either. Perhaps she deserved this. Jenny glared at her for a good few minutes before storming back to the door. Paul was waiting there.

“I say do it, keep to the plan and do it” Jenny calmly said to Paul trying to curb her anger. A plan Georgia thought to herself straining to look at them as they talked.

“I don’t know” Paul replied obviously unconvinced at this point. Georgia was somewhat concerned what this plan maybe.

“Come on, she fucked my husband and we’ve been friends since school… and she cheated on you and you’ve been together nearly three years now… If she wants to be a cheap trash whore, then we treat her like one. Right?” Jenny was whispering now, trying to convince Paul the plan was the right thing to do. He looked at Georgia helpless on the bed, the hurt of her betrayal flowing over him. Then he looked back to Jenny smiling sweetly at him and rubbing his arm reassuringly. He nodded slowly.

“Good lad, I’ll get the stuff” She grinned and disappeared. Paul walked slowly over to Georgia, she looked at him pleadingly worried what the plan might be. He took a few moments just looking at her. He regained his resolve, Jenny was right. He quickly sat her up, grabbed her legs and forced her knees to her chest. Deftly he wrapped a strap around her and pinned her into a secure ball tie. Jenny returned with a handful of large empty garbage bags, quickly flicking them open and placing them on the floor, one inside the other.

“Ready” She asked and Paul smiled wryly and nodded confidently. Paul and Jenny lifted Georgia easily off the bed and placed her gently into the open garbage bags. Georgia’s fear and apprehension was growing rapidly with each passing moment as she sat in the garbage bag.

“Well sweetheart, If you’re gonna behave like trash I’m gonna have to treat you like trash, understand?” Paul spoke softly as he knelt looking at Georgia now gently beginning to sob. She looked at him blankly. Jenny stood a few feet away arms crossed, grinning.

“I’m gonna bag you up like a worthless piece of trash, cover you in trash and filth and leave you in a dumpster over night… And when I come for you in the morning you’re going to beg me for forgiveness… Do you understand!” He continued harshly spelling it out to her. Georgia was scared, but she loved him. She regretted cheating on him from the moment she’d done it, and each time she slept with John after that too. She would do anything for him to forgive her. She nodded slowly, reluctantly and then simply hung her head in shame. Jenny was immediately there as Paul stood, she was pulling the side of the bags up, engulfing Georgia inside. She sobbed inside her black plastic prison, apprehensive of the things to come but at least she had the light at the end of the tunnel. His forgiveness in the morning.

“A special gift for the trash” Jenny smiled as she peered into the bag. Georgia looked up as Jenny thrust a pair of her knickers over her head and yanked them down so the crotch was at her nose. Then Jenny spat on her. She was shocked as she felt it hit her face through the knickers.

“Bitch!“ She sneered and then disappeared from view, quickly replaced by Paul. He had grabbed the kitchen bin and was now raining it’s contents down on her. She felt the trash thumping and slopping against her. The leftovers from dinner, the empty yoghurt pots, banana peels stuck to her clung to her. She felt like garbage in the bag and that’s exactly what she was supposed to feel, wasn’t it she thought. Jenny appeared again with more trash. It came pouring in mercilessly sanitary towels, cotton buds and used tissues. Then leftover spaghetti, the strands left hanging in her hair. This wasn’t her trash Georgia thought, Jenny had brought this with her. Jenny was splattering her with an array of her own garbage. It didn’t take long for her bag to become quite full as the relentless assault of garbage continued.

“There, she looks like a proper piece of shit now!” Jenny laughed cruelly at her as she sat in garbage up to her neck. Georgia had been sobbing uncontrollably for some time towards the end of her trashing but Paul and Jenny had simply ignored her and continued to throw the garbage on and around her. She looked up out of the bag, looked towards Paul, her tear streaked face pleading for some mercy. He met her pathetic gaze, and if he’d looked for a moment longer perhaps she would have felt some mercy from him.

“Let’s dump this where it belongs” Jenny announced abruptly, perhaps sensing Paul was close to faltering. His gaze snapped away quickly. Jenny swiftly gathered up the top of Georgia’s garbage bags, plunging her into darkness inside. Jenny tied off and zip tied the bags shut, she didn’t want any garbage getting out. Georgia was utterly helpless, at their mercy, now sealed inside her bag of trash. She felt the garbage bag lift and swing suddenly. They were moving her. Paul and Jenny were silent as they heaved her downstairs and then moved her outside. She heard the trunk of the car open and quickly felt her garbage bag swing and thump inside. She was locked in the trunk. They were really going to do this to her. Punish her, treat her like trash and leave her in a dumpster over night. She heard them get into the car and the engine start. The car was moving. Georgia was beginning to feel like worthless trash, that deserved her night in the dumpster. She had no idea which dumpster she was being taken to as the car drove on for quite sometime and she had no sense of direction from inside her dark bag of garbage. The car stopped abruptly, they had arrived at her dumpster and within moment the trunk popped open.

“Right let’s get her in” Jenny’s said assertively and they hauled the bag of garbage out of the trunk and began to manoeuvre it towards the waiting dumpster, waiting for it’s overnight guest. Paul hoisted the bag up and offered it to the dumpsters open mouth, pausing for a moment. He was obviously reluctant, but Jenny was there to urge him on with a reassuring nod and a smile. He let the garbage bag topple in. Georgia landed amongst the other garbage bags with a soft bump. All she could do now is pray for morning when she would beg Paul to be forgiven like she’d never beg for anything before. She settled in her bag of filth knowing this was to be her place for the night.

“Trust me honey, when you come back in the morning she’ll be a completely different woman and I can tell you she’ll never cheat again” Jenny smiled as she walked back to the car with Paul.

“I know… I know you’re right” He smiled weakly.

“Are you sure you don’t need a ride back?” He asked as he settled behind the wheel.

“No I’m sure, I’ve got something to do in this part of town before I head back home darling” Jenny replied sweetly and began to walk towards the end of the alley and turn the corner onto the street. She waved as Paul drove to the end of the alley and passed her in his car. Jenny watched as he drove into the distance. Sure he was on his way home, she turned quickly and began to jog back to the alley and headed for the dumpster. She stopped a few feet away. Jenny felt such power knowing Georgia was a piece of the trash inside. She pulled out her phone and dialled.

“Hey Donnie” She said cheerfully as he answered the phone.

“Hi Jenny, John out of town again already?” He asked.

“No, I just need a favour from you at the moment honey” She replied sweetly.

“Sure anything for you lover you know that” He answered.

“Good can you bring your garbage truck and do an emergency pick up for me?”  She asked sweetly.

“Odd favour, but fine no problem, where’d need me?” He asked.

“The alleyway behind Main Street… Oh and Donnie, If you let me run the compactor for it… I’ll let you have a… Well you can have whatever you want honey” Jenny cooed sexily.

“Hell yeah, I’ll be there in ten minutes” He replied eagerly. Jenny hung up the phone and strode slowly over to the dumpster containing Georgia, unaware of Jenny’s new arrangements.

“I know Paul will forgive you in a heartbeat… But I never said I would” Jenny whispered as she leant against the dumpster.

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