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I Got More than I Bargained for

by PolytheneWrappedMe

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© Copyright 2017 - PolytheneWrappedMe - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F+/m; mast; caught; hum; fantasy; hide; naked; wastebin; trashbag; messy; maid; hogtie; bond; compactor; process; dumped; trashcan; climax; cons; X

As a small guy, I often fantasized about being taken out with the trash. Small enough and light enough to go unnoticed. Just treated as trash. Nothing special, just to be treated like an item of garbage. To feel the silky-smooth enclosure of a nice shiny polythene bag or liner. To be inside, naked. Unwanted. Unloved. Disposed of, when no longer needed at the end of my usefulness. To be just an object.

I lived in a large house growing up with my mother and two sisters. Being wealthy, my mother employed a domestic maid, to dust and clean the house. The maid was so pretty, with her long ginger hair, and curvy young body. I was so shy, I hardly spoke to her, but longed for her to notice me.

I often watched her empty the kitchen bin, as part of her domestic duties. It was quite a large bin, and I was sure I could fit inside.

She would often struggle lifting the glossy white bin liner out, heavily laden with heaps of discarded bottles, paper, food cartoons, tissues, and food scraps. There was no recycling here. Everything form of trash from the kitchen, was just dumped inside, and taken away as general household waste.

After removing the full polythene bin liner, her young hands would make swift work, of spinning the bag around, to seal the neck of the bin liner, and she would then tie it up, and then carry it out to the family dustbin, for collection on Mondays.

The household generated enough trash for the kitchen bin to require emptying at least half a dozen times each week, and so the maid was employed daily, except weekends and bank holidays.

One night, I had crept downstairs, in my pyjamas, and I had gone to the kitchen bin, to masturbate fantasizing about going inside. So potent was the fantasy, that I writhed in ecstasy. Most nights I had pumped my load into the bin. If only I had the courage to get inside, and hide. To bury myself in the trash inside the bin. Then wait until the family had finished breakfast the next morning, and gone to work as normal. Then for the maid to arrive, dust and tidy the house, before taking me out with the trash. Naturally, I would make sure the garbage truck had been that week, before I tried it.

Whilst the ultimate fantasy would be to be compacted in the garbage truck. I knew that death would be certain.

My luck was always bad. Whilst enjoying myself one night, my mother came downstairs, unexpectedly. I am not sure how much she witnessed!

"What are you doing, David" she asked.

"I've just popped down to get a glass of water", I said lying.

Whether it was my red face, or my bulging trousers, or whether she saw more.

"Well the tap is over there, as are the glasses!" she said.

"Yes, Mum", I replied and did as she suggested. I took the glass of water back upstairs.

We never spoke of that night.

But I would have to wait, before I tried anything again, for fear of being caught.

A few months went by. Mum had even had a new kitchen fitted. The bin was kept, but everything else, was now hidden behind new fitted cabinets.

To the uninformed, the kitchen appliances looked like cupboards. Behind one wooden door, was a washing machine. Behind another wooden door, was a dishwasher. Behind yet another was a fridge. The rest of the fitted wooden doors were cupboards, ........ or so I thought.

Concerned about the large amount of trash we generated, and the fact the council would only empty one dustbin; mum had also had a domestic trash compactor fitted.

Mum instructed the maid "When you empty the kitchen bin, place the trash in the compactor, like so" showing her how to open the concealed trash compactor's door, and place the waste inside "and then you smash the trash by closing the door, and operating the green button like so". The maid watched, as instructed. Mum continued "It should hold at least two full bins, once the trash has been crushed. Then once full, the compactor's yellow light comes on, and you can take the trash out as before".

Naturally, nothing was said to me.

Meanwhile, I had managed to buck up courage to live out my fantasy.

I had told the family, I was leaving at 3 a.m. to catch a really early train and that I would be away for a few days; there being no need to get up and wave me off.

"Get up and wave you off at 3 a.m. You are kidding, we will be fast asleep!" They assured me. Hopefully that would be true, I wished.

I crept downstairs once more, only this time I was not wearing my pyjamas. Indeed, I was not wearing a stitch.

Completely nude, I climbed on the kitchen work surface next to the waste bin.

This was it. I was finally going to live out my fantasy!

I opened the lid, and felt a shiver go down my spine, as I dangled my feet into the trash bin.

This is so naughty! My penis responded well.

I lowered myself into the large bin, and managed to close the lid above me. I then moved the trash around, inside the bin, until I had settled beneath the surface of the trash.

I curled myself up into a ball. I just hoped I would remain unnoticed.

I wanked myself silly, and managed to ejaculate three times.

I was actually part of the family waste, and I wanted to be treated as such.

Somewhat exhausted from my pleasures, I soon drifted off to sleep, inside the bin, as nothing more than an item to be disposed of.

I woke to the sound of my two sisters and mum pottering about in the kitchen, as they made themselves breakfast, oblivious that I was naked in the kitchen waste bin, swallowed in its large white polythene bin liner along with everything else.

I heard footsteps come towards the bin. I held my breathe to try to remain unseen.

The bin lid opened and two steaming hot teabags was flung at the trash above me. The lid closed, I could feel the heat come through the trash. I had narrowly missed a scolding.

The three women chatted at the breakfast table, as they munched their breakfast cereal. Before they left, an empty milk carton, was dropped on top of my hidden body.

Then I heard them leave for work. The first part of my plan had worked.

Reliving the picture of them dumping trash on top of me, was enough to get off again, and I enjoyed myself some more.

I had become as sticky and as stinky as trash, so it was quite fitting I was where I wanted to be.

Then I heard the maid arrive. The vacuum cleaner started up, and off she went cleaning the house.

I was now naked in the kitchen bin, while the maid was cleaning!

I pictured what her curvy body looked like as she went about her chores, her long ginger locks flowing as she moved back and forth, cleaning and dusting.

All too soon, she arrived back in the kitchen, with some bins from my two sisters' bedrooms, my mum's bedroom, and the family bathroom.

I laid still, as she opened the bin lid, and she upended the bins on top of me. I was greeted by the musky smell of used female sanitary pads, and tampons, and loads of tissues with discarded make-up and perfume on. It was as if I was to be part of their personal waste.

The kitchen bin was quite full now, and she pulled the bin liner off the mouth of the bin, and tugged on the liner.

I felt an upward movement, as the heavily laden bin liner slipped out of the kitchen bin, with me caught in the middle of the trash.

I heard an unfamiliar click, as she opened the door to the trash compactor.

I had expected her to carry me out to the dustbin, and put me inside. Then I aimed to climb out when the coast was clear.

Instead, she lifted the bag inside this unfamiliar enclosure. I felt the bin liner, and contents, settle down inside an unfamiliar square metal box, which was lined with a heavy duty polythene liner.

I am being double bagged, I thought as I almost squealed with delight.

Then I felt a draw-like structure slide closed, and it went dark again.

Why is she putting me in a cupboard, I pondered ?

Then she pressed the green 'on' button and I heard the whine of an electric motor start up.

What's happening! I panicked.

Then I felt the trash above me get squashed down onto me, and I pushed back, put instead of the trash moving away from me, I was pushed further down inside the liner, as the trash beneath me gave way to the force of the compactor's vertical ram as it descended.

I pushed with all my might, but the cartons and plastic bottles that I shared this ever-decreasing space with, just popped as they were flattened.

I imagined that somehow I had ended up in a garbage truck, and this is how the trash felt as it was squashed into one large solid mass.

I grabbed my cock, and jerked off some more. I realised that I had truly been disposed of.

An used sanitary pad was forced onto face, and a tampon was pushed up my nose.

Eventually the ram stopped and retracted, allowing me to free myself from my new "attachments".

But the maid had now left for the day, and I was now locked inside the trash compactor.

My plight, excited me some more, as I pictured being at the mercy of being compacted again and again. If I was not found, I would be thrown away for sure!

No one knew I was here. How stupid was I ? I thought.

I started to feel pangs of regret.

But my struggles to escape had triggered the compactor's sensor to register it was full and needed emptying.

My mum was the first to arrive home.

I heard someone moving about in the kitchen.

I was unsure whether to call for help. Half of me wanted to be rescued. The other half of me was far too ashamed to be caught. What if it was the sexy maid that I fancied, or worse still one of my two sisters.

My mother saw the yellow full indicator light on the compactor illuminated.

"That's strange" mother said to herself "Why did not Rachel the maid empty it ? And it should not be full after just one bag of trash ?" She went to investigate.

There was a click, and I felt the compactor drawer be pulled out, and I was almost blinded by the daylight after several hours in total darkness sealed inside the machine.

Mum gasped "David, what on earth are you doing in here ?!"

She looked down at my naked body, still covered in sanitary pads and tampons, along with kitchen waste; and she realised that I must have compacted along with the household waste. The only conclusion she could come to was either Rachel had put me inside the compactor....... but why would she do this ? She was such a lovely girl....... Or, David had hid in the trash, and been compacted along with the trash!

Then mum remembered seeing me wanking near the kitchen bin, that fateful night many months ago, and everything started to make sense.

"You got compacted in the trash!" a confused mother announced. "But how ?" she asked.

"I was hiding in the kitchen bin while you, and Debbie and Carol (my two sisters) had breakfast this morning." I sheepishly admitted.

"I did not see or hear you", mum asked inquisitively.

"I was hiding under the trash", I replied.

Mum noticed the sanitary pads and tampons sticking to me.

"And I suppose when Rachel came, you could not get out of the bin because you were naked; so you just lay there and let her cover you in the bathroom trash, before she bagged you with the trash, and fed you into the trash compactor, all without saying a word!" A startled mum shouted.

"I did not know it was a compactor....." I said.

"Well you got a shock then, you pathetic boy, where do you think the trash goes!" mum said angrily. "Next I'll suppose you'll admit that you like women to treat you that way."

My secret was out!

Part Two

"Well if you like that sort of thing, you should have told me, earlier!" said mum, when she calmed down from the initial shock of my kinky perversion (I still say it is normal behaviour).

Excited, I asked her to explain.

"It is nothing fancy, but your two sisters and I have been wondering when you would finally leave the nest and we three women can have the house to ourselves! The problem with you David, is you are just too much like your father. Useless and pathetic! replied mum, adding "Not that he would ever disgrace himself by getting inside a trash bin to get his kicks. He may have had his faults, but at least he was a real man."

I felt somewhat hurt at the remarks. It sounded like she actually did want to dispose of me. Maybe even dispose of me, permanently!

"Of course, I won't say anything to Debbie and Carol about how you leave home, in case they don't understand ..... or call the police" she muttered under her breath. "I will just tell them you have gone, and they can fight over your empty bedroom. I suppose Debbie will want it for her shoe collection, while Carol will want the extra space for her dresses. But that can wait until after I have disposed of you, they can fight then. I have some plans to make first".

An evil grin appeared on her face, as Mum's mind started scheming.

I even felt quite afraid. I had never heard her like this before.

Perhaps this was my punishment ?

If it was, then it was only right to enjoy it, I thought. After all, it is not everyday, a trashcan enthusiast finds such a willing aid.

The next morning after the sisters had left for work, mum stayed behind.

I arrived in the kitchen for breakfast.

"Oh, you are not going to eat, dear, well not human food at any rate", mum chuckled upon seeing me. "You can start by stripping naked!"

I hesitated.

"What are you shy now ?! Pathetic. You were happy enough to be caught inside the trash compactor in nothing but your birthday suit. Why are you now being so bashful ? It is not as if I have not seen you naked, bathed you naked, wiped your shitty bum naked, and all the countless things every mother has to do to be a mother. So when I say 'strip', you fucking do as you are told! Or I shall simply devise a worse plan that the one I have already. A plan even more humiliating." she retorted.

It was quite clear she was enjoying being wicked, and she was in no mood to argue.

So I stripped.

"Well like the rest of you" she said remarking about my height and statue, "your cock has not grown very much either. As no girl would want that, becoming trash is probably all you are worth, to me, or anyone else!"

I hung my head in shame.

Then she added "Now get in this council black sack and kneel down!"

She handed me a large black polythene sack, like you would use to line a wheelie bin.

My cock started to respond, both at my predicament and the lovely smell of fresh new black polythene that wafted in my direction as mum shook the bag open.

I climbed inside. It was so shiny and smooth against my naked skin. Unlike the smaller kitchen bin liner, this was so tall, it easily went over my head. This was how a much smaller object of trash must feel as it is thrown away inside a normal bag. Just swallowed whole, without a trace. My dick started to grow, as I knelt down inside the trash bag just like she had commanded.

"Oh you like that, do you ? Well as it is your last and final trashing, I suppose you had better enjoy it!" she commented.

What did she mean by last and final trashing ?

I was about to ask, when she grabbed my arms, and she tied them together, to the front, as she wanted me to be able to reach my erection. Then she pushed me forward and I fell onto my face and front; and she proceeded to tie my legs and feet together behind my back.

"What are you doing!" I yelled.

"Making sure the trash does not move", she replied in a matter-of-fact voice, as if this was an everyday occurrence. Well I suppose, in a way it was. Everyday, around the globe, trash is tied up, and no one gives it a second thought.

Then she stuffed the sanitary pads from the compactor into my mouth. I tried to spit them out, but she merely inserted a ball gag, and my mouth was sealed shut.

Making sure I was restrained and immobile, she lifted me back into the empty trash compactor, and I felt the tight enclosure once more of the heavy duty lined chamber, as I slid down inside it.

"Now I shall compact this bag of trash on top of you. It is full of things I have sorted out from the attic, like your old stuffed toys, you had as a child. This will act, as a cushion, for what happens next. I have asked Rachel, to come and help me sort through the place. I am sure the second bag of waste, that I will make her load into the compactor, will be a lot more slimy, as it contains a lot of leftover food, as I also cleared out the fridge this morning. See how lucky you are, I went to all this trouble!" she said gleefully.

"After your second compacting, Rachel and I will take you out to the dustbin. If you move, wriggle, or make a noise to alert Rachel, I will make sure the dustman take you on Monday. Whilst you might survive the compactor in the kitchen, you sure as hell won't survive being processed in the garbage truck as trash. That trip will either suffocate you, or break your neck like a twig - so you better behave!!" mum said menacingly.

Moments later, mum returned with a bag of my old soft toys, and these were loaded in the trash compactor on top of my bagged and bound naked body. Then she shut the door, and I was squashed along with my old toys. Once they, like me, were loved, but we were all just trash now.

Then I heard Rachel arrive.

"Oh good" said mum "thanks for coming round to help. I'll pay you extra for working on your day off".

"Oh thanks, Mrs Murfin" said a delighted Rachel. As a hard up university student, any extra cash was always welcome.

Rachel lifted the bag of discarded meat from the fridge into the compactor, and mum watched to make sure I stayed still, at the bottom on the compression chamber.

"What's in the other bag ?" asked Rachel, as I felt her dump the other bag on top of me.

"Oh just more waste meat" mum replied.

"It seems a shame to throw it away, it is probably only just passed its sell-by date, and I would love to go home and cook a large joint of meat like that", said Rachel pointing to my bagged form.

"No I think that piece of meat is well passed its sell-by date!" mum replied.

As I laid there and I could not believe what I was hearing, my mum and the girl I fancied were debating whether to crush me in the compactor again, or eat me for Sunday roast!

But Rachel complied, and the bag of meat from the fridge was loaded into the compactor on top of me, and the drawer was closed, and I heard the now familiar whine of the compactor start again, and I was crushed and smothered.

When the compactor ram retreated, the drawer was opened, and I heard Rachel tie the heavy duty compactor bag, and mum helped her lift me and the contents out of the compactor, and I was taken to the dustbin, and dropped inside.

For the next few hours, bag after bag was dropped in the dustbin, and eventually the two women, struggled to close and lock the dustbin lid. I was now trapped inside.

Eventually, I was left alone with my thoughts and fantasies.

I had started rubbing myself, virtually, as soon as I was concealed enough to hide my gentle movements, and heavier breathing.

After, a number of hours, my arms and legs had gone numb, and my cock was totally exhausted, having had my sacks almost milked dry.

I concluded it must be night by now.

Then I heard voices, what sounded like Rachel's and an older man.

"But dad" Rachel said "Its a large joint of meat."

"But it will be mangled, after you crushed it in the compactor", her dad replied.

"It still looked unharmed as we put it in the dustbin" Rachel pleaded. "We could cook it in the large oven in the café. We could empty the bag into the oven. All we have to do is set the timer, and come back when its cooked".

I broke out in a cold sweat when I heard her words.

Then I heard the bin lid get lifted off, and the smaller bags get moved from on top of me, until my black polythene bag was on show.

"There!" said a delighted Rachel "Let's load it into the boot of the car".

Moments later, the trash bag was pulled, and I was freed from the dustbin.

Rachel and her dad struggled as they put me in the back of their car. But as they grabbed the polythene tightly, no one felt the warmth of my body heat inside the trash bag. I was carried to their car, and they were none the wiser. I was lifted inside.

Next I heard the boot slam shut, and they got inside the car. The engine started and I was driven away.

Was this all part of mum's plan ? Was this just a joke ? Would they simply have a good laugh and free me ? Or what ?!

Tightly bound and gagged, and bagged; I was in no position to argue or protest.

They arrived at the café, after opening hours, and I was carried into the deserted kitchen and rested down on the table.

"I am not sure I want to eat something that has been trashed", Rachel's father said.

"When can we afford a large joint of meat like this ?" said Rachel. "It is no different to dumpster-diving. I'll turn the oven on, and set the timer. Then when it beeps, just open the oven door, and empty the bag inside."

Moments later, the timer went beep!

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