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Identical Twins

by PolytheneWrappedMe

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© Copyright 2018 - PolytheneWrappedMe - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+; twins; F/m; naked; bagged; trashcan; kerbside; truck; collection; transported; mast; climax; incinerator; cons/nc; XX

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

I once knew identical twins. This part of the story is completely true. But I have changed their names, for the purposes of publishing on the Plaza.

One girl was nice and always flirted with me. The other girl was always mean and horrible.

They were so identical, I am ashamed to say, that I could not tell them apart. 

I suppose for the girls themselves, this was quite hurtful. Forced to live your life, never to have your own identity and to be confused with your sister.

"No. I am Kim, not Vicky" complained Kim.

"No. I am not Kim. I am Vicky" complained Vicky.

It was all very embarrassing, especially as Vicky flirted with me. And Kim could not stand the sight of me.

So you would make a play for the person you thought was Vicky, only to get a stern rebuff from Kim.

Or worse still, Vicky would wonder why you were cold towards her, for you believed she was Kim.

To make it worse still, they loved wearing identical outfits. 

Indeed, I swore sometimes they used to just play with me, even if I had guessed their name correctly, they might deny it. I had absolutely no way of knowing the truth.

So you can see how easily it was for me to make a dreadful mistake with dire consequences.

The girl I assumed was Vicky, could simply be Kim pretending to be her sister.

So when the conversation with flirty Vicky got around to discussing our sexual fantasies. Who knows who I was actually talking too ?  I realise that now. Now it is too late.

I confessed my trashcan fetish. To be bagged with her waste. To be left in her wheelie bin.

Naturally the person who I thought was Vicky, would rescue me, before the garbage truck arrived.

Whoever I spoke to, did seem repulsed by the idea of my playing in her wheelie bin, but at the same time, willing to assist. Perhaps I should have questioned why she was eager to do so. Was this Vicky trying to please her boyfriend or Kim disposing of me for she never approved of her sister going out with me ?

She even helped me climb naked inside the black polythene lined wheelie bin, as I slid down inside its rigid plastic body. My hands were tied near my cock for easy reach, but not loose enough that I could reach the ball gag she had inserted into my mouth to silence me.

I looked up and watched her close the bag shut above my head, as she treated me as her trash.

Further bags of trash were dumped on top of my naked and bagged body, and the lid of the bin closed. I was now just part of the wheelie bin's contents waiting to be emptied, crushed in a garbage truck, and taken on my final journey to the council's incinerator.

It was very hot inside all that air-tight shiny black polythene.

I wanked like crazy, being disposed of by a pretty girl.  Indeed I shot my load, several times.

I had noticed the air getting stale, and I tried to escape. I thrashed about trying to get my hands up to my gag, so I could cry for help. But all that happened was the bag stuck closely to my sweaty skin, and made matters worse. 

I could hear the garbage truck coming down the street. I could hear the wheelie bins being emptied.

I wanted to wank some more, but I felt quite sleepy now.  Unable to enjoy and unable to escape, I was asleep by the time they grabbed my bin, and it was attached to the rear of the truck.

The movement, however, awoke me from my slumber.

As I vaguely became aware of where I was, so the wheelie bin was upended and I was somersaulted into the truck's hopper, and the bags that had been above me, now formed a soft landing, on the curved cold steel floor.

I tried to wriggle. I tried to make a noise. But the dustmen were far too busy to notice one black bag move, amongst many.

Before the wheelie bin was returned to the ground, the packer had already descended over me.

I was scooped up along with the twins trash, and pushed hard into the truck's hungry belly. 

Unable to clear an airway free, the crushing merely surrounded my face with the shiny black polythene liner.

I laid motionless as I was pushed into the rest of the truck's payload. The trash bags around me, smothering me even more.

I heard things break. I think it was my legs or my neck. I passed out again. The rest of my ride I was unaware of. I remained unaware of the unloading at the waste transfer station. I was also unaware when a bulldozer pushed me inside the incinerator. I vaguely recall feeling some heat. But knew no more, shortly afterwards.

"Well I think it is good that such a loser, disappeared" said Kim, "He was no good for you Vicky."


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