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Human Waste

by diapered_binman

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© Copyright 2010 - diapered_binman - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; dumpster; trash; diapers; messy; stuck; truck; compacted; mast; climax; cons; XX

I was in college now for going on 3 years, I was in a dumpster I had planned on visiting for a long time by that point. Not a day earlier I got a hold of about 10 diapers from the local store as this is my other fetish that I am into. Anyway, I had gone to the dumpster right from school on my way home late one night (around 9pm) and I went in and stuffed my backpack into one of the bottom corners so it was out of the way. This was a decent sized dumpster, a 9 cubic yarder, measuring about 5-6 feet tall.

Well, as luck would have it, while I was lying in they’re enjoying myself, I heard the door to the health centre open. The janitor was doing his rounds and by the sound of it, was hauling out many bags of garbage. So, as quickly and quietly as I could, I proceeded to bury myself and did with not much time to spare. I had the side door partially ajar when he appeared and heaved it open with a grunt. He then proceeded to throw in all the bags, as well as a few small boxes, and then slammed the door. After he did that and I heard him drive away, I proceeded to investigate, enjoying the new garbage. When it came time to leave after about another hour of bliss, I went to open the door, but it wouldn't move!

You see, I was never too successful in moving that side door from where it usually was (which was just enough to slip in/out). The few times I did need to move it, it made a horribly loud screeching sound. So because it was really stiff, and there was no handle on the inside, I was in for a challenge. The lids were normally kept locked and tonight was no exception. From my observations of seeing this container empty every Friday morning I went to school, I knew that pick-up was in the morning, so I really didn't have a lot of time to relax and enjoy myself. I was starting to go into panic!

In the meantime, I had another growing problem. Nature was calling. Luckily, I was intelligent enough to keep one of those diapers in my bag (just in case I did a visit, just to see what it'd be like). So, for the first time ever, here I was taking off my clothes inside a dumpster. Shoes, pants, and then it hit me ... garbage bags felt really good on my naked skin. So I decided to take off my shirt as well and oh ... my ... god. I don't think I had ever been this hard before! I took advantage of this new-found pleasure, and lay well deep in the bags whilst humping a few until I made a big and powerful mess, one that sent cold shudders through my entire body. Afterwards, I was quite exhausted and just lay there, completely nude, in a pile of garbage, dimly lit by a faint streetlight through the crack of the lids. And then nature started calling again, and there was almost no stopping it this time!

I started struggling with the door but I was still exhausted from my adventures and couldn't move it at all! So, with no escape route, I put on the diaper that I originally stripped to put on, laid back in the trash I had been resting in for some time now, and just relaxed. Not too long after, I felt a surging heat from my pelvic area ... everything just wanted to come right out, and there really was no stopping now ... I let it all go and I couldn’t believe the mess I made, soiling and wetting myself so much it made me consider getting a larger size next time. Some of it was even starting to ooze out the sides, and I think the diaper was even starting to leak a bit.

The immense weight, heat and foul stench between my legs was enough to make me go hard again, and within seconds I had rammed my hand down the front of my diaper, encountering all sorts of mess, and began vigorously stroking my hard cock like never before. I exploded so hard while laying on my back that I sent liquid all over my chest and my face. A slow but sensual lick of the lips allowed me to taste my juices for the first time. While disturbing, this felt right and i was truly at ease and in my limelight.

The state I was in, just laying in trash and my own waste, was truly special. I felt like I was real garbage ... soiled, ruined, thrown out, unwanted, ... and I decided that while my life had not been successful at this point, that I would let myself be removed from society a way that I had only ever fantasized ... I wanted to be disposed of like garbage! The idea of trying to get out, with a loaded diaper, with no clothes on, and with cum all over myself, didn't even cross my mind then.

After a few hours of laying in my dumpster, a grumbling started to come close. It wasn't a very deep grumble, so it couldn't be the garbage truck. I was enough in the trash that if anyone were to open the door, they wouldn't see me in my current state. The slam of a door is heard, and within seconds, I can hear plastic being dragged across the pavement, with the sound of a person struggling with their pursuit. The sounds went away briefly, but returned not once, but twice. It sounded as though someone was coming by to throw out excessive garbage.

Just then, grunts were heard trying to get the door open. With each grunt, a faint stream of light slowly grew from outside. Then, quick flashes of darkness as well over 5 trash bags were thrown in, all large and heavy. The first few missed me, but that allowed the remaining ones to land square on top of me, with a noticable amount of weight. After the car door slammed again and I could hear the vehicle drive off, the weight was just enough that I could escape, but I decided not to bother. I had already decided my fate, and this was just further showing that.

As I slowly awoke from a dazed and confused sleep, I quickly remembered where I was and why I was there. My warm sensation between my legs from my waste had cooled noticably, but I relaxed a little bit and my morning waste came flooding out, returning that warm sensation not just to my crotch, but now trickling out across my stomach and down my back as well. Truly neglected and left for removal.

I soon began to hear a much deeper rumble that the one earlier that night. Could my fate be coming to fruition? With the loud chuff of the air brakes, I knew this was the beginning of the end. I thought about bracing myself for what was about to come, but for what purpose? Trash doesn't brace for anything, it just sits there lifeless, as I am doing.

With a metal on metal screech, the rails were slid into the dumpster and quickly, the container is thrusted upwards and slowly begins tilting. The bags thrown out on top of me begin to move, more and more, until I can see the cavernous tomb that awaits me. Seeing my fate before my eyes in the form of a previously unloaded dumpster, I grow willing to let myself become this. I begin to shift on the other bags, and some start tumbling out and crashing inside. I then feel weightless as I am falling through air and landing rather awkwardly on the existing bags, and slowly being covered by those I was with for the night. After a few seconds of the dumpster being shaken about, it is lowered to the ground, the truck revs up and starts to drive away. As every bump and twist in the road came and went, the whole pile of trash seemed to shimmy and shift ever so slightly, back and forth, and a slow sensation of comfort kept growing over my body, as everything began to settle.

Once the truck came to a stop, I heard the engine begin revving again, and sure enough, a slow pressure was felt coming from my side. The packer slowly, gracefully, yet vigorously forced all of the waste further into the truck. Darkness grew over me as a steady mountain of trash slowly blocks out the light of day. Before anything gets too tight, the metal wall stops and returns, only to hear the engine rev up once again. This time, through the sliver of light that I can make out, I see something coming. It's another load of trash, and I can feel every bag as it crashes against the the pile surrounding me. A few loud bangs of the container and it is lowered. Again, the truck begins to drive off with an otherwise full truck.

As soon as the truck comes to a halt, the parking brake is heard with a loud blast of air, and total darkness begins to cast a shadow on me. The lid is slowly closing, meaning that this will be the ultimate force. With a bang, the lid is firmly shut, all of the contents having no way of escaping, and then it all begins.

I begin succumbing to the force of the packer plate as garbage around me gets squeezed into and around me, tighter than the first press with every waking second. My position begins to twist and shift as items are compressed at different rates, a box beside me feeling like its made of steel as it slowly flattens against my face. This is how I wanted it, this is what I desired for the last few hours. I let out a cry "Take me now! Turn me into useless trash" I scream as the pressure builds tighter and tighter. I begin to feel immense pain coming from my extemeties, a sign that I'm either losing blood flow or my body cannot take the pressure anymore. Slowly and forcefully it continues, with no end, as I begin to blank out. The last thing I remember is the oozing sensation of not just my human waste, but all of the other garbage being pressed and smeared over my entire body.

This really was a way to go, as a final shuddering climax goes over my body, my sweet cum ejecting like its trying to escape this otherwise doomed body. My whole physical structure relaxes, knowing there is no hope. As the packer blade continues to reduce this large mass into a smaller space, I feel faeces and other fluids coming out of me as I black out for the last time.

My fate has been sealed, whether it be buried in the ground with the rest of the garbage, or burned to produce power to the ones left behind, I have gone from human being to human waste.

- The End

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