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Holiday Cleanup

by Compacted

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It was Thanksgiving week and I was off work for the whole week and wife had to work through Wednesday.  I was not sure what I would do the whole week while she was at work but decided to plan a trip to the hunting ranch on Tuesday and return late Wednesday.  After speaking with Megan about this she agreed as long as I was home before Thursday.  She stated she needed help getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner and would prefer me to stay home but since it was the only time I had to go, I could if I wanted.  I agreed and began to make plans.

Well on Tuesday after Megan left for work Michael called at 8am and cancelled stating he was too busy and had too much to do.  I decided to not go as well and enjoy a little fun time and surprise Megan when she got home and I was still there, I decided to leave her a note in her loungewear drawer about my surprise so she would know I did not go hunting and expect me to be home. I went to the garage and found my special box that contained all my bondage gear.  I never get to use any of it with Megan since she was not into it. 

I quickly removed all my clothes and put them in the laundry room.  I then removed a diaper from the box and put it on.  I am not sure why but I have always liked diapers with my bondage.  I knew that my wife hated me wearing them so this was one chance I had while she was gone. I then removed my leather bindings and ball gag from the box.  I began to search for something in the house to get in and pretend I was tied up.  After searching for like 20 minutes and not really finding a great place I began to wonder what it would be like to be tied up in a garbage bag.  I then went back into the garage and looked into the large wheelie trash cans.  One was very full and was tied shut and the other had a brand new bag in it and was empty except for a few newspapers.  I decided to use this in my bondage session. 

I opened the lid and made it rest against the wall.  I then removed the newspapers and placed them on top of the full wheelie bin.  I then grabbed a sleeping bag off the shelf for padding and placed it into the wheelie bin.  I then climbed into the bin.  I was surprised at how large these things really were.  After setting on the bottom for a minute I then began to secure my ankles into the binding.  I then used the leather strap to tie ankles to chest.  I latched the buckle on the tightest notch I could get it on.  I then secured the ball gag into my mouth and latched the buckle. I then reached up and pulled the newspapers back into the can so I would be covered up.  I then closed the lid and began to secure my wrists under my knees to my ankles.  I was now bound inside the garbage can. 

Although with a little work I could still get loose, I decided to stay a little while.  I shifted around until I found a comfortable position and then got still.  Now if someone was to open the can all they would see is newspapers and a half full bag.  I was not worried anyone would look into the bin since Megan was at work.

After over an hour of being in the bag I heard a noise.  I then could make it out, it was a vacuum cleaner.  I was not sure if my wife was home or if she hired a cleaning company to straighten up the house since we were so busy with our work.  She like to have a cleaning company come during holiday weeks to clean so she did not have to worry about it, but I have not heard her talk about it lately.  I then could hear two ladies talking and realized she must have called the cleaning company. 

After about 45 more minutes I heard the door leading to inside the house open.  I could hear the ladies talking.  I began to get really nervous that they would look into the bin and I would be discovered.  I could hear them walking closer and could hear a rustling noise like they were carrying more bags of trash.  Then it happened I heard them open the full can.  One lady said, “this one is really full and has no room”.  I can hear her shut the lid.  Then the lid to the bin I am hiding in opens.  I try to remain still as possible so I would not be noticed.  All kinds of thoughts now run through my head, should I move and be discovered or wait until they leave and try to get out without being noticed.  I decided to stay still. 

They then began laughing and talking more as they began to throw several smaller bags into the bin.  I then felt them pushing really hard on the smaller bags trying to make room for more.  I then felt them throw two more bags into the bin.  I now have trash all around me but still have not been discovered.  I continue to lay still although most of my movement is restricted by trash.  They then use the lid to compact the remaining bags into the bin.  I could feel one of the ladies climb onto the top of the bin and sit down on the lid.  Now all my movement is very limited.  Surprisingly I can still breathe pretty easily but am not sure how long that will last.  Then one lady asked the other it they should tie the bag shut.  The other lady said the other one is zipped tied so we better close it up.  I then hear one lady leave.  I then hear her come back.  I begin to panic knowing I am about to be sealed into a trash bag, bound with straps and gagged.  I began to try to move to get them to notice but it does no good the bags restrict all of my movement. 

I then hear one lady began to remove the bag from the top of the can and gather it closed.  I then hear the sound of a zip tie ratcheting shut & then I hear the lid to the bin shut.  I am now in panic mode wishing I would have not used the ball gag.  I hear total silence as the ladies have left.  I realize my fantasy has come true I am bound in a trash bag as nothing more than trash.  It begins to get harder to breathe so I try to poke a hole in the bag near my hand.  After several tries my finger was able to puncture the bag.  I am now able to breathe easily again.  But still cannot move. 

I then hear the garage open; I realize it is Megan coming home for lunch like she always does.  She then pulls her Yukon into the garage right next to the bins.  She gets out of the car and goes into the house.  After like 30 minutes she returns to the garage and opens her car.  I then hear her start the car but do not hear the door shut.  After a few seconds I hear her heels walking on the cement towards the can.  The lid is then lifted on the bin I am in.  I began to wiggle and scream as loud as I could but it is all muffled and drowned out by the sound of the motor running.  I then hear her throw a few coke cans on top of the closed trash bag.  I then hear her shut the lid and began talking to herself.  She says, "I better push these cans out since Tommy is not here to push them out because they need to be emptied before Thanksgiving". 

I then hear her began to wheel the other can out to the street for pickup.  I began to think about what day it is and am relieved to remember it Tuesday, not trash day so I still have a chance. I then hear her return to the garage and grab the wheelie bin I was in.  I then hear her grunt as she begins to push it out to the street with the other bin.  When she gets there I hear her breathing really heavy and asked herself why that one is so much heavier than the other one.  She then says, "it’s not like I put Tommy in there but it feels like it!"  I then hear her walk away and get into the car.  I hear her back out of the driveway.  As I sit there I remember the note I left her, hoping that when she got home she would come look for me and find my box in the open in the garage.  She is very smart and would put two and two together.

I have now been in the can bound for 6 hours and still have at least 4 to go before she gets home.  I drift in and out of a sleepiness stage and finally fall asleep.  While sleeping I began to dream I am bound in a trash bag by the curb.  I then hear the truck coming, stopping every so often to flip a can into the truck with the mechanical arms.  As it close's I realize this was it.  As the truck pulls up and grabs the can I am in I begin to panic.  As it raises the can to the top and began to tilt I pour out of the bin into the hopper with the rest of the trash.  As I land I wake up and realize it is just a dream.  I am now sweating fairly badly because of the dream.  It takes several minutes for me to catch my breath.   I then began to try to loosen my bindings so maybe I can get loose before she gets there but was unsuccessful. 

I then begin to take in the sounds of the town from a trash bags prospective.  I hear cars driving by, cars honking and people talking.  I then hear the rumble of a diesel engine.  I do not panic because the trash truck normally comes on Monday and Thursday.  The rumble begins to get closer and closer I started to get worried.  As it gets about two houses down I realize that it is the trash truck and because it’s a holiday week they come on different days.  I begin to panic knowing I will not be here when Megan gets off work for her to find me.  The truck then pulls up in front of my house and grabs the other bin.  I hear the truck idle up as it lifts the bin.  I hear a bang and then hear the can being sat down on the driveway.  I know I am next and wet myself out of fear.  I then feel the truck grab the can I was in and begin to lift it into the air. 

Just as the can begins to tilt I hear a familiar voice it is Megan.  She’s yelling at the driver to stop she thinks threw something away on accident.  The driver then sits the can down and drives away.  I then feel Megan pushing the bin back towards the house.  She began to say, "Tommy I hope you were in this one because he already emptied the other". 

Once in the garage she opens the lid.  She then removes the zip tie from the bag and sees nothing but more bags of trash.  She too now begins to panic.  She frantically removes bags one by one until only the newspaper remains.  She then says "I hope he’s in here".  She then removes the papers finally revealing my gagged face.  She then said, "What the hell were you thinking you could have been crushed to death by the trash truck!"  She then entraps the gag.  After several minutes of her looking at me and me looking at her she breaks out laughing.  She then realizes I am bound and wearing nothing but a diaper.  She then said "Did little baby fall into trash can and almost get smashed, maybe we should put him back by the street to be hauled away.  I’ll tell you what I will give you 5 minutes to get out of the bondage and out of the can.  If you do not make it out then I will assume you are trash and will fill the can back up".  She then shut the lid and I could hear shut the door to the garage.

I immediately began to try to get free while I could somewhat move.  Since I had now been in the bin for hours, my legs and arms were very sore and were cramping up a lot.  This made it hard to move to be able to free myself from the bindings.  After a few minutes, of trying I realized I would not get free without help, but continued to try. 

After six minutes Megan returned to the garage.  She came over to the bin and opened the lid.  She said, "Well looks like I need to take out the trash". 

I screamed no but she quickly threw in the newspapers and other trash bags.  I then hear her twisting the top of the bag closed finishing it off with a zip tie closure.  I then began to cry knowing she is going to get rid of me as trash.  I then hear her on the phone.  From what I can tell it is to the trash company and she tells them they missed one of the bins.  I tell she is not happy about what they are saying as she hangs the phone up.  She then comes back to the wheelie bin and says, "You are lucky they are not coming back for you until next week".  She then said, "I need the bin so I am going to look for a place to dump you". 

I then hear her call her friend Stephanie.  She asked her if her apartment had trash bins because she needed to empty hers.  She then said great and hung the phone up.  After several minutes I hear our door bell ring.  Megan answers the door and greets Stephanie with a hello.  I then hear them walk into the garage.  I then hear the garage door open and the girls talking.  I then hear Stephanie ask where I was.  I tried to yell but it was very muffled sounding do to bags being compacted back into the trash bin.  All I could do is hope she would hear me.  Luck was not with me as I hear Megan tell Stephanie to back her truck up so they can load the bin into it. 

I hear Stephanie start her truck and back up towards the garage.  I then hear Megan lower the tailgate with a bang.  I then feel the bin begin to move as Stephanie begins wheeling it towards the truck.  Stephanie then asked, "What’s in this thing, it’s very heavy". 

Megan replies, "Just a bunch of worthless crap, and trash."

I then feel the bin stop.  I hear both girls grunt as they lift it into the truck.  Stephanie then says, "This thing must have a body in it.” 

Megan replied, "Yeah Tommy's".

They then both laughed as I hear the tailgate close to the truck.   Then the truck started to move and I wonder where they are taking me.  I try to feel every corner they take but lose track of where we might be.  After a short drive I feel the truck stop, back up and then stop again.  I then hear both Megan and Stephanie get out truck and they are still talking.  I then hear the tail gate drop again.  I then hear both girls climb into the back of the truck and began maneuvering the bin towards the back of the truck.  I then feel the lid to the bin open and fall against the back of the bin.  Stephanie then says "Tommy will be glad you got all the trash gone before the Holiday".

I then hear Megan say, "I am sure he will be very shocked when he finds out what I had to go through to get rid of it".

Stephanie then asked, "Where is he anyway?"

Megan replied, "He's tied up with his work right now". 

I then feel the bin begin to tilt again as the girls both get silent as the bag begins to slide out of the bin.  With a thud the bag I am in lands on several others bags of trash and I assumed that they threw me into a dumpster.  I then hear Megan thank Stephanie for helping her get rid of her trash.  Stephanie said, "No problem glad to help". 

I then hear them close the bin and the tail gate.  I then hear what I know is my fate now as Stephanie says to Megan, "Go and close the door to the compactor so I can smash the trash". 

I began to thrash about in the bag knowing I am in the hopper and Megan is fixing to get rid of me as trash.  I then hear Megan close the door and laugh as she says, "Goodbye trash". 

Once I hear the latch shut I hear Megan tell Stephanie, "That was easy". 

Stephanie then jokes it would be so easy to bag up our boyfriends and throw them away. 

Megan burst out laughing as Stephanie presses the compactor button. 

Inside I am screaming at the top of my lungs hoping someone can hear me.  As the compactor cycles I feel my bag moving and slowly all the air is pushed out of it.  I hear bags popping under the pressure and realize I am now taking my last breaths.  I then blackout from lack of oxygen and go out a way I never imagined as Megan’s Trash…….


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