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Hitching a Ride

by PolytheneWrappedMe

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© Copyright 2018 - PolytheneWrappedMe - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; office; party; hum; hide; truck; process; crush; trashbags; breathplay; mast; climax; waste; transfer-station; M+/m; discovery; hum; cons; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

Ever got into an embarrassing situation where you just wanted to run away or hide ?

In the 1980s, kiss-a-gram girls, rolly-poly-gram girls, and other things were dreamed up to poke fun at someone getting a year older or reaching a milestone birthday.

Being the office junior meant I was the butt of all jokes and pranks. "Go to the hardware store, lad, and buy some elbow grease" - that sort of thing, where humiliation was the name of the game. They laughed. You cried (if not literally, then you tried to hide it inside). Of course, you pretended that you did not mind, that you were not hurt. You had to show the bullies you were a good sport, that you could take a joke.  It is a tough lesson.

But what if such a joke or prank went too far ?  What if it was the last straw that broke the donkey's back ?

Being held down, and stripped naked, ain't funny to the person it happens too.  Whilst some watchers on may kid themselves it was not their idea, they only watched, and said nothing; their lack of aid to your plight just reinforced the victim's view they had no friends. Not one person spoke out, or tried to defend you. Of course, many of the others, were simply cowards. Too afraid that if they spoke out, the bullies would turn on them instead. Whether in the school playground or the workplace, this behaviour is wrong, and it is about time we all recognised this.

Of course my nemesis, had been bullied himself, at home by a drunken father that regularly beat him, by two elder brothers that did the same, and by an absent mother who offered no protection. Violence breeds violence, and many a victim, has gone on to be a bully themselves, as they lash out in frustration at their own circumstances. But whatever the reason, bullying is wrong.

Not only held down and stripped naked, I was locked out the building, while they jeered and laughed at me inside, as embarrassed, I tried to hide or run.

They almost wet themselves with laugher as I made a big spectacle. Naked in public.

Now older and wiser, I would have strutted my stuff and waited for the police to arrest me !

But back then, I just wanted the be swallowed up. To hide and not be found.

Around the back of the office block, a rear loader garbage truck was parked. The truck's operators parked there each day, while they went to the café across the road, and had lunch. The truck was unattended. Back then, CCTV cameras were not fitted to the hoppers of garbage trucks. There was no surveillance cameras at all back then, in the days before terrorism and crime made every street a target.

So if I could hide in the back of the rear loader garbage truck, I could hitch a ride and escape, unseen.

I knew the office bullies would try to find me, so I had to hide good and proper.

I climbed up the outside of the truck. The steel metal steps, being cold against my naked feet.

The closer I got, so the stench was revolting. But needs must, I suppose.

There was a large plastic guard at the rear of the hopper that protruded out the back, to stop trash falling back out. It was the perfect screen to prevent people from looking inside, as this guard was above head height of most people, so it offered a concealed place in which to hide.

I also liked the idea, as my pursuers, would never think of looking inside here !

Having climbed up, I could see the hopper was empty. It consisted of a large concave, round, shiny steel surface, that the packer plate could sweep and scoop up the contents of the hopper before it pushed them into the main body of the truck.

I swung my legs over the lip of the plastic guard. It was like the lower lip of someone's mouth, ready to take trash into the metal mouth of the huge truck. The plastic guard felt warmer to the touch and slightly less smooth. 

Being so naughty, for some reason made me get an erection.

"Oh my god, of all the times to get an erection !" I thought. Being a young lad, I was used to getting them all the time. When fully clothed, I could attempt to hide my arousal, but stark naked, there was nothing I could do. Now I had to hide !

I climbed further inside, until my weight acted as a counter-balance and I tumbled inside, landing in the curved steel hopper floor. The ice cold steel against my skin, making me shiver once more.

Then I heard Simon's voice. He was the ringleader of the bullies, and the person I feared most in seeing.

"Where has he gone ? He could not just have disappeared into thin air. Find him !"  Simon shouted.

I crouched down in the hopper as low as I could get. I realised I was now naked in the hopper of a garbage truck with an erection. If I was ever found, I would never live down the shame. I would have to leave the office for sure, and jobs were not easy to find back then.

His gang of thugs looked and looked, but no one thought of looking inside the rear hopper of the garbage truck.

Soon the truck's operators returned from having lunch in the café.

"Hey, you lot!" one chap shouted, "What are you doing hanging around our truck ?  F***ing clear off !"

Simon's gang departed.

What was I to do ? 

I could try to get out, but that would only put me back at square one. Naked in public and at Simon's mercy, and believe you me, he had none !!

If I got out, would I be injured as the truck pulled away, as I would fall to the ground naked ?  I was sure the concrete would be unforgiving against my skin.

The truck driver, inserted the ignition keys in the truck, and the large diesel engine fired into life.

Oh shit ! What do I do ?  Think, damn you.

I decided to get out. But found the curved shiny steel floor of the hopper slippery, and its plastic guard that now blocked my exit, did as it was designed to do. It made it difficult to escape, and as the truck moved off, so I fell back into the hopper, and I was taken away.

When it stopped at the first collection point, and the lads got out of the garbage truck to move and load the bins, I was faced with a further dilemma. Do I get found and rescued, and then prosecuted for trespassing and being naked in public, or do I carry on hiding ?

While I was debating this in my mind, the operators had already lined up a 1100 litre commercial bin up against the bin lifter mechanism, and I watched as the massive plastic bin, was lifted high above me.

"Oh god help" I wanted to scream.

The large square bin, with a round top lid, obliterated all my daylight, as it filled the mouth of the garbage truck.

In the semi-darkness, the round lid of the 1100 litre bin, dropped open under gravity of being upended, and inside were dozens of dozens of shiny black polythene bags full of trash.

The bags tumbled out and fell on top of me. If I had wanted to hide, I could not have done a better job, as I was buried alive.

I had always liked the feel of polythene against my skin, and to be trashed under dozens of heavy bags, turned my thoughts to masturbation. Here I was in the hopper of a garbage truck with all the shiny black bags of trash.

I had often tried to look inside rear loaders and I had often wondered what being here would be like. I decided to stay silent.

As the 1100 litre, round top, commercial wheelie bin was lowered, so the packer plate descended over me and the bags of trash covering my naked body.

"Oh my god, I am going to be scooped up with the trash bags !" I said to myself as I began to panic once more.

The packer scooped the bags, and scooped me up with them. As far as the machine was programmed to do, it considered me just as trash. The trucks operators clearly thought the same, as they operated the controls. So I must be worthless trash, I thought, and here was where I belonged. At least, Simon was not here to see and make fun of me.

My naked body was unceremoniously pushed into the truck's stinky payload, which looked like a wall made of flattened shiny black polythene bags.

The packer mechanism, pushed me into the bags, which being softer than a human body, gave way to me, and made room for me. The bags with me, just surrounded me and I was held close by the packer as it came to rest up against the payload.

"Well that was not too bad" I said to myself "I had survived and nothing had broke or been amputated."   I thanked God. Whilst I am sure there are readers that don't believe, trust me you do a lot of praying whilst being processed in a garbage truck !

Only problem was that was just the beginning. There were five round top 1100 litre commercial wheelie bins at that one collection point alone. So I was forced to listen to the other four bins be unloaded and then their contents flattened against me. 

It was getting harder to keep an airway clear, as I mingled with the polythene bags as I was crushed with them. The tight confines made it hard to breathe, for there was not much room for me in inhale, not much air to inhale, nor much means of stopping the shiny bag polythene from being pressed against my face, and covering my nose.

Each time, the packer pressed the contents against the truck's ejector plate, so the ejector plate moved backwards and made more room for the trash.

However, as the day continued, so the ejector plate moved to the very front of the truck and had no more room to move backwards. That was when the crushing got a whole world harder. The bags and their contents started to pop and burst. This relieved some of the pressure but not much. More bags popped and burst.

I wondered at which point I would pop and burst ?

If this was going to be my end, then I wanted to wank, and enjoy one last time.

By now, I was totally enclosed against the shiny black polythene bags. I was unable to move my legs, or arms. I was totally at the mercy of the garbage truck, and this was not that much more merciful than Simon had been.

I started to see stars, as I came, partly from the breathe-play, masturbating with restricted oxygen, but mostly from the intense sensations I was feeling. The smell of the trash. The sound of the packer, and the knowledge that yet more trash was joining you. The fact it was totally dark, and I was smothered in smooth shiny black polythene. The fact I was becoming just part of the council's waste.  The truck's operators were paid to get rid of the trash, and this trash was having the time of his life.

It was not long before I came again. I must have shot several loads, but who was going to notice me having sex in this public place. No one knew I was here.

I imagined people walking passed the garbage truck, just carrying on with living their lives, oblivious to my fate. Trash gets no mercy, why should I expect any.

After hours of being squashed, so the packing stopped; and the truck drove on a longer journey.

Then the truck stopped and I felt pushing from the opposite direction, as the truck's tailgate had been lifted and the ejector plate began to push everything out.

I experienced the movement, moving along the horizontal, as I was pushed out the truck, like a turd expelled from an arse.

I was not prepared for the long vertical drop, as the trash fell into the holding pen at the waste transfer station, ready to be collected and put through the shredder so that recycled waste could be sorted from the worthless rest, and sent for recovery and sold. The metals destined to go to a foundry to be melted down. The plastics to be baled and transported to another processing plant to be melted down somewhere else. The cardboard and paper to be baled and sent to a paper mill. No matter what type of trash, they processed here; everything had to be shredded first to help speed up the sorting process.

I was quite dazed when a bulldozer picked me up, carried me to a conveyor belt and dumped me on it, with the trash bags.

As I sped towards the shredders, so a vigilant operator in a control tower saw some pink flesh between the black ploythene, and quickly pressed the emergency stop button.

Moments later, people came and found me.

"You are so lucky ! You were moments away from being shredded !" said the guy, when I came too. "Were you delivered here in a garbage truck ?  Wow !  Even to survive that was a miracle !  Were you sleeping rough in a dumpster, lad ?

"Yes." I lied.

"But where are your clothes ?" he continued.

I could feel the humiliation and teasing again begin to start, as he quizzed me further.

I could not admit that I had done this to myself and that I had enjoyed hitching a ride.



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