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Her Desire to be Trash

by Jordan Laine

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© Copyright 2019 - Jordan Laine - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; threesome; bisexual; fantasy; bagged; trash; arousal; objectify; trashcan; MM; disposal; conveyor; waste; machine; voy; surprise; switch; trick; oral; anal; sex; climax; cons; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

Although everything ends up happily for this story’s characters (despite that seeming unlikely at some points!), trash play can be quite dangerous. Don’t try to replicate anything found in this story for real. Though, some of what is described is unrealistic enough it really CAN’T be replicated, so there’s also that.
Enjoy! I hope at least some readers will enjoy this as much as Robert and Michael did…


Robert and Michael looked out over the processing floor. There was trash everywhere, most of it bagged up in hoppers and sitting on conveyor belts all waiting for the two guys to fire up the machines which would destroy it. But today, there was something more—something special. One of the trash bags, one of the ones on the conveyor right over there, had a very special piece of trash in it. Her name was Lindsey. The guys had met her the previous night, at the bar, and had taken her home. It had been a long, lovely, lustful night, but things didn’t get really interesting until she found out that they worked in the disposal industry.

When she found out, they feared she would be grossed out and run off like so many women had before her—but instead, she actually got hornier than ever. She immediately began acting even more submissive, and started calling herself things like “trash” and “worthless garbage”, saying how good it was that these two handsome men knew just how to deal with refuse like her.

The guys, for the first time in a long time, both ran themselves dry, then went to clean up. They were amazed. Here was a girl who not even liked them after learning what industry they worked in… she loved it! This chick might have to be more than just a one-night stand.

Given her eagerness, it was hardly a surprise when, after the guys had washed her juices off their dicks, that she had a request for them. Rather than cleaning up and then heading home or (if they’d let her) sleeping in their bed, she wanted something else.

“I want… I know it sounds weird, but it’s been a fantasy of mine as long as I can remember… if you can… I’d like to, uh… well. Could you… throw me out? Just bag me up, like the trash that I am, and treat me… well, like nothing special. Like trash. Worthless, disposable trash.”

The guys looked at each other, then down at Lindsey, then back at each other. “I think that can be arranged,” said Robert, and then Michael went to get the trash bags.

And now where are they? At work. The following day. The same as any other Thursday, except that today, one of the trash bags down there contains a very special piece of trash. Michael could no longer even be certain of which one it was. Robert thought he knew, but wasn’t entirely certain. So many of the trash bags looked so alike. Not that it mattered. “Like nothing special”—like worthless, disposable trash.

“Well?” Robert said, with a glance at Michael. He noticed the hard-on hidden in his lover’s pants. And it was true… Michael was excited. In fact, he was loving this… he really did want to see their special trash destroyed. He’d never thought he could think such a thing, knowing there was actually a woman down there, but wow… fuck… there was something about it. About the power. About knowing he was up here, and she was down there, and she was just a switch away from being permanently considered trash.


“Well?” Robert said again, snapping Michael out of his dumbfounded haze. “Shall we?”

Michael nodded, an eager grin growing across his face. “We shall.”

Then, together, they began to switch on the controls arrayed before them…

Michael thought back, in amazement, to the night before. At the mindblowing sex, yes, but also all the stuff after. How they had gotten out three sturdy 2mil trash bags, each able to hold almost 100 gallons, and placed her inside. First inside one bag… then tying that bag off… then another bag… and tied… and a third bag… and tied. He remembered how they had poked a small hole through the plastic, so she could breathe, but not until she had started to struggle. She was a good bag of trash though. She said not a word, and once her air returned, she fell still and silent, playing her role as a piece of trash perfectly. He remembered how they had moved her into the living room and used their “trash” as a footstool while watching porn, while commenting on how hot the actresses were compared to “that lame chick” they’d brought home today. If she felt the humiliation, she said not a word… but they did hear, a few times, the rustling of plastic, and saw the bag shifting in a way that could only be from her hand placed upon her pussy.

“It’s getting late,” Robert had said. “Let’s get rid of this trash and call it a night. We’ve got an early morning tomorrow for work, after all.”

He remembered how they had picked up their “trash” and carried it out to the garage, and also how they had opened the roller bin there and commented on how it is awfully full.

Michael removed the topmost bag from the bin, then Robert hefted up their special trash and dropped it unceremoniously in. Michael replaced the bag he’d removed. “Yeah. It’s really full this week. I know we normally take it in on Fridays, but maybe this week we should make an exception.”

“Yes, let’s. First thing tomorrow, we’ll load this trash into the pickup and take it to be disposed of.”

“Just like trash should be.”

Of course, Michael hadn’t meant it seriously at the time. His plan was that they’d take her along, let her out somewhere at work, and probably fuck her silly up in the control center while the machines down below destroyed the trash she had nearly been a part of. The guys would get lucky—two days in a row!—and judging by her behavior, she’d have the time of her life.

Of course, by morning, something changed.

“I think we should do it,” Robert said as they lay in bed after waking up to their alarm. “I think we should give her exactly what she wants. Just treat her like trash, the whole way through.”

“What?” Michael said, not understanding. Then he repeated the word, aghast at the idea.

“Sure, why not? It’s what she wants, after all. And with that new disintegrator they have at work, it’s not like there’ll be any trace of her left to find. And after all… I dunno about you, but seeing how eager she was to be treated like trash yesterday… fuck, I’m still feeling turned on. I even had a dream. I saw her there, with the trash, on the way to her disposal, and… well…”

He pulled the sheets aside to reveal his rock hard cock.

Michael knew just what to do with that. Bringing a girl home was always nice, but the guys knew how to have fun on their own as well. This morning, that was for the best, seeing as the only girl in the house was actually just trash waiting to be disposed of. Trash eager to be disposed of, even…

“I can just see it,” Robert said as Michael rode him. “I can just see her, down there on that conveyor, on her way to meet the same fate as all the other trash. It’s what she wants. Why don’t we give it to her?”

In the heat of the moment, Michael had to agree. Treating her like trash last night had been amazing. Both her self-deprecating language, and the bagging, and tossing her in the bin…

Why not just go all the way?

“What about the security cameras?” Michael asked, once they had finished.

“We leave her in the bag. They’ll never see anything other than trash.”

“What if we get caught?”

“We tell them we didn’t know she was in there.”

“She has our cum all over and inside of her.”

This gave Robert pause. Then, he smiled. “True. Good thing disintegrated trash can’t be DNA tested.”

And now, they watched. Watched as the conveyors ground into motion. Watched as, over there, trash was piled up into the incinerator. Or over there, where it all landed in a giant compactor, ready to be crushed and baled to minimize its space. Or how about the sorting machine, its blades swinging left and right and separating the recyclables from the real garbage. Of course, today, those were all a sideshow. The main attraction, as far as the guys where concerned, was the disintegrator. It was the newest, most powerful machine in the facility. It cost a whole lot of money to run, so they typically saved up trash for a week or so before turning it on.

The disintegrator was designed to deal with “problematic” trash… generally, hazardous waste, things like batteries, medical waste, biohazards. The disintegrator was foolproof. Anything that it processed was gone, entirely and permanently—disassembled at an atomic level as though it never had existed.

It was perfect for their special trash.

The machine worked in waves. The conveyor would start up and move about ten feet forward, bringing ten feet of trash into the disintegration chamber. Then, a faint humming sound, as the machine fired up, and then… poof. A momentary zap. The trash was just gone. Dissolved into oxygen and other natural elements that left the conveyor empty. The conveyor ended there, right at the end of the disintegration chamber, since nothing ever needed to be removed from the disintegration chamber. It was the height of modern trash management—or would have been, if only it wasn’t so dang expensive to use. But for their special trash, it was perfect.

The guys watched, both of their cocks hard and excited, as the conveyor lurched forward, slowly beginning to process nearly a week’s worth of saved up hazardous waste. And there, near the end of it, the special trash bag they had brought with them. It would take almost an hour for the machine to reach it.

Michael watched, wondering if Robert would change his mind, if he would hit the emergency OFF switch and call the whole thing off. Michael certainly had no intention of doing so himself.

Meanwhile, Robert was wondering the exact same thing about Michael. It was a massive game of chicken, both expecting the other to give up on the game. Surely, each of them thought, he can’t be THAT serious…

But their excited cocks revealed that they were, and before long, their pants were around their ankles and their hands and mouths were upon each other.

That morning, they had opened up their trash bin and loaded the bags into their pickup truck one by one, very intentionally not being gentle with that one heavy bag in the middle. If she wanted to be treated like trash, they had no reason to be soft with her.

“I love that free disposal is one of the perks work gives us,” Michael had said as they had tossed their special bag into the truck.

“Right? It really is perfect for dealing with stuff like this. Why, that bag weighed so much they probably would have charged extra to pick it up at the curb. Much better for us to just take it in and dispose of it ourselves.”

There was a metal clank as they had closed up the back of the truck and then gotten into the cab. Robert was driving, as usual.

“Everybody buckled up?” he asked.

“I am,” Michael said. “And since we’re the only people here…”

“Oh, right.” Robert said with a smile. “It’s just us and the trash, and it’s not like trash needs seatbelts. It’s all just going to get destroyed anyway.”

The drive was uneventful. Busy morning traffic, as always, but nobody knew there was a third passenger in the back. And their passenger, to her credit, was as quiet as ever.

“Do you think she’s sleeping?” Michael whispered.

“Nah,” Robert said. “Probably shlicking herself silly back there, but trying to keep it hidden, just like good trash should.”

“If she’s such ‘good’ trash, why are we disposing of her?”

“Because even good trash is just trash. What else would you do with it?”

Michael grinned. “I kinda liked what we did with it last night.”

“Well, sure. But that’s before she was filled up. Now she isn’t good for anything is she?”

“No… no, I suppose not. She’s all filled up like a cum-filled condom and should be disposed of like one.”

“That’s the spirit! And oh, look, here we are…”

They pulled in to work as normal and, also as normal, took their trash bags out of the back of the truck and shoved them, one by one, down one of the trash chutes. Normally, they sent their personal trash to the incinerator. This time, they went one chute over. Robert was surprised Michael was letting it go so far, but he was having fun, and there was still plenty of time for them to rescue their trash without anyone discovering what they were up to. After all, with how automated everything was, they were the only two workers in that particular processing floor on Thursday mornings—things wouldn’t start getting really busy until the afternoon.

As they often did, they put that time alone to good use.

It was perhaps the hottest sex the two of them had ever had without getting a third person involved. Up in the control room, hearing the clanging and roar of the machines beyond the glass, knowing with each distinct hum and zap that the disintegrator was one load of trash closer to destroying everything they had brought with them from home. Their cocks had been drained empty by that very trash the night before, but already, both of them felt fresh, Like they had abstained for a week and were ready to burst, with each run of the compactor or incinerator or that amazing disintegrator running through their ears. Once in a while, they took a look to see what the status of everything was.

Closer… closer… their trash inched toward its demise.

They still had a half hour to go.

Time for another round.

Robert was surprised. He’d really thought Michael would chicken out on the whole thing, but he actually seemed more into it than ever. “That trash is going to be gone,” Michael said during a brief break. “Just gone. Forever.”

“Well, yeah,” Robert said. “That’s our job, after all. Run the machines, monitor the trash. Make sure it all gets taken care of.”

“What do you think she’s thinking down there?”

“Probably on her tenth orgasm of the morning. Lucky girls, getting to do multiple so easily. She probably loves it down there.”

“Do you think she knows?”

“Knows what?”

“Knows what’s going to happen to her?”

“Probably. I mean, she can surely tell where she is just from the sight and the sound. And since she asked for this, yeah. I think she knew what she was getting into when she asked to be the trash of two guys whose job is to see to it that trash gets destroyed.”

“I wonder what it’s like in there. In the trash bag.”

“Hot and wet, I would assume.”

“Oh… so you mean… like this sexy thing here?” Michael said, his hand making its way down to Robert’s cock once more.

Robert took another look over the processing floor, watching their bag of trash inching closer to its fate. Then, he looked back to Michael, and surrendered himself to pleasure. The trash would take care of itself, after all. The disintegrator would do its job and get rid of it. Robert had no reason to intervene. Besides, Michael would, before it was too late. He’d have to; Michael would never let the situation go too far.

The thing is, Robert had a secret. Robert wasn’t actually worried about the trash down on the conveyor, because the “special” bag of trash down there was in fact not the one Michael thought it was. Late last night, after Michael had gone to sleep, Robert had snuck out of the bedroom and had swapped the trash bin in the garage with the nearly-identical one out behind the house. Lindsey would be sitting there, safe and sound, even now. Robert had filled another trash bag and placed it in the bin that he had moved to the garage. It was the perfect prank: Robert could take the fantasy of disposing of Lindsey all the way through to completion. If Michael stopped the disintegrator early, that would be fine… the game would be up, they’d go about the rest of their work day, and come home to find Lindsey stuck in the trash and likely ready for another night of fun. And if Michael didn’t stop the disintegrator… well, then Robert would just be excited to see the look on Michael’s face when they got home and he got Lindsey out of the other trash bin.

Meanwhile, Michael had given up on even keeping track of which trash bag was theirs. He didn’t care; as far as he was concerned, he could let it be destroyed. He instead focused his attentions on his lover, knowing that surely, surely, Robert would stop the disintegrator before their trash reached it. Robert would never let things go that far. But it was fine… even if Robert didn’t stop it, Michael had planned for that. Earlier that very morning, while Robert was taking his morning shower, Michael had had an idea. He’d realized how he could make Robert’s wet dream come true, and had gone to the garage and moved that trash bin out behind the house. Luckily, he found the other bin to be quite full as well, and wheeled it back to the garage. Lindsey (Michael thought) had spent a whole night sitting indoors, so she could surely spend a day waiting outdoors in the trash until the guys got home and let her out. And, now, Robert’s fantasy of watching their trash head right into the incinerator could come true. It was the perfect plan.

So there they were. The two lovers, each having made all the necessary arrangements to please the other, to make the other think that it really was Lindsey that was heading into the disintegrator. They both knew—or thought they knew—that she wasn’t really down there. But the trash on the conveyor was indeed from the very bin they had so carelessly dumped her into the night before. Several very full bags of trash, all on their way to be destroyed…

There were only two men in the world who could stop it. Only two who could shut the machine down before it was too late. But why would they? They were both quite convinced that they knew what was on the conveyor, and that Lindsey was not a part of it.

Not that that would stop them from talking and playing as though she were…

Michael drew his mouth away from Robert’s dripping cock, a line of spit connecting to his lips for a moment and then breaking to fall upon his chin. “You know what’s great?” Michael asked.

“What’s great?”

“Sucking this cock, knowing that just last night it was buried in the pussy of that garbage girl.”

“Are you saying my dick tastes like garbage?” Robert said, mock offended.

“Oh no, no!” Michael said, playing along. “That got all cleaned out this morning after that fun little wake-up call we had.”

“Glad to hear it,” Robert said. “Now, how about you get back to work?”

Michael smiled. “But of course.”

Robert sighed with pleasure, and took another glance out over the processing floor. The trash (which he was quite confident did not include Lindsey) was starting to get close to the disintegrator. “She” probably only had another five minutes or so to go.

“On second thought…” Robert said.

Michael pulled away, thinking that maybe Robert was finally giving up and was ready to call off the disintegration.

“…on second thought, how about you put your hands up against the glass there. Let’s make sure we have a nice view together while that trash of ours is…” he paused, savoring the word… “disposed of.”

Michael didn’t need to be asked twice. He got up off his knees and went to the window, leaning forward and presenting his ass for Robert. Robert placed a hand on each cheek and then slowly eased himself forward, pressing into his lover and pushing him lightly against the glass.

While they fucked—slowly this time, gently—they could see everything. All the machines, all the trash being processed… and most of all, there: the conveyor to the disintegrator.

“There she is,” Robert whispered, leaning in to Michael’s ear, pressing his finger against the glass to point to the appropriate bags. “There’s our little trash girl. Just a few minutes now, and she’ll be gone. Poof… vanished into thin air, gone along with the other ‘problem’ trash which requires such thorough disposal. Are you excited? Are you excited to see the trash destroyed?”

Had he thought Lindsey was actually down there, Robert’s whispered words might have given Michael pause. Might have made him realize how fucked up this little play-session was. But since he thought Lindsey was safe in the other bin back home, he was ready and eager to go along with Robert’s game.

“Yes,” he said, and it wasn’t even a lie. He was excited to see the trash destroyed. Throwing Lindsey out the night before had been an amazing turn-on, and the idea of finishing the job now brought all those horny memories flooding back, even if it was just a fantasy.

“Yes,” Michael repeated. “I want to see it destroyed. I want to see the trash—our trash… our worthless, used, dirty trash—I want to see her vaporized. She wants it… she needs it…”

“She even deserves it, doesn’t she?” Robert cut in. “Yeah… she asked to be treated like trash, well she deserves to be destroyed with the trash.”

The machine hummed and then poof disappeared another load of trash, bringing the guys’ trash even closer to its own fate.

Robert thrust a bit harder, then eased off as they watched the next load roll into the machine. She wasn’t in this one, but would be in the next. She was so close… so tantalizingly close…

Robert was stunned Michael hadn’t done anything yet, hadn’t tried to shut it all down. But Robert didn’t care. Robert thought the trash was empty.

Michael… well, when he had a cock up his ass he typically had trouble thinking straight, so there was even a chance he would have let the disintegrator do its thing even if he had thought she was in there. But, since he was quite sure Lindsey was safe at home, he felt no urgency to move at all. He could just stay there, against the glass, feeling his lover pressing into him and whispering in his ear…

“I wonder what she’s thinking down there,” Robert was saying. “Is she excited? Scared? Perhaps both… I wonder if she’s down there, rubbing herself, trapped in plastic with a night’s worth of her own juices, eager to be processed. Do you think she knows what’s coming?”

“I hope so,” Michael said, speaking slowly, between thrusts from his lover. “I hope so… she probably… she probably knows… exactly what’s coming. She’s probably… eager for it…”

“Eager… yes. She was ever so eager last night. I wonder if she still would have been if she had known about the disintegrator. Oh look… there it just fired up. Her turn next. Her turn to be disposed of.”

The conveyor lurched forward, slowly bringing a new pile of bags into the disintegration chamber. One of those bags… that one, right in the middle… that one had been the middle bag from the guys’ trash bin that morning.

“Here it comes…” Robert says, quickening his thrusts.

“Surprised…”—Michael’s words were broken by gasps—“she hasn’t… called for… help.”

“Why would she? She knows this is it. She knows this is where she belongs, she knows that she is trash, she knows this is what happens to trash. It gets destroyed. She wanted this. She’s down there… look, there, she just rolled into the machine… she’s down there, happy. Thrilled. Getting destroyed with the trash is her fantasy come true. Besides… even if she did call out. What good would it do for her?”

“Nuh… nothing…” Michael gasped. He was so close… so close to cumming, and he could feel Robert was as well. Right on the edge of orgasm, right while their trash was on the edge of destruction.

“There she goes,” Robert said. “Bye, bye, trash.”

“Bye, bye, trash,” Michael echoed, smiling, horny… watching intently through the window, listening to that little hum as the machine came to life. He imagined what it would be like for her down there (as is she was down there). Hearing that hum… knowing what it meant… probably on the edge of orgasm herself. It was almost a shame she was actually missing the whole thing, she really would have probably been turned on by it all.

Robert timed his thrusts well. “And… now… she’s…”

The disintegrator fired. A brief sound, a momentary zap, a momentary rush of air, as all the trash inside dispersed into a million little particles and then those vanished into nothingness.


Robert came. Michael came. Robert painting his lovers’ insides, Michael spreading his seed upon the window. Both of them groaning with pleasure, and watching… still watching… seeing how the conveyor was already lurching into motion again, already moving on, as if that last load of trash had been nothing special. Nothing special at all.

“Fuck!” Michael cried out, and Robert groaned in answer.

As they began to ease, and Robert slipped out, Michael looked on in amazement. He’d never had an orgasm like that before.


He almost misspoke, almost said that she was fine back at home, but he wanted to save that secret for later on that evening.

“She’s gone,” he finished.

Robert reached around Michael’s chest to embrace him from behind. “Yes… yes, she is. The trash is destroyed.”

“That was amazing.”

Robert squeezed him a little tighter. “We have got to do this again sometime.”

“You mean, fucking here at work?”

“No… I mean… disposing of… you know… trash. Like her.”

“Oh… yeah.” Michael smiled. “Definitely.”

They released, and fell back into the chairs they normally sat in to observe the processing floor. Clean up could wait.

Robert laughed.


“I just… wow. I was honestly expecting you’d hit the shutoff.”

“Do you wish I had?”

“No… no… this was perfect.”

“I’m glad. You told me about that dream you had last night, and I knew that we had to make it come true.”

“Well… you did that. Even made her dream come true in the process, too.”

They smiled at each other, happy and drained after their lovemaking.

“So, why didn’t you shut it off?” Michael asked after a short pause in conversation, not accusing, just curious.

“Why would I? She volunteered to be trash. Our job is to dispose of trash. Stopping it wouldn’t have made a bit of sense.”

“So you…” Michael looked at his lover, not sure quite what to think. He was turned on by the whole ordeal, but the fact that Robert wasn’t showing even a hint of remorse gave him pause. “So you let her… I mean, she’s just… she’s gone. Forever. Just like that. And we just…”

“…let it happen? Hell yeah, we did, and I’d do it again. I mean, when was the last time we had sex that good?”

Michael thought for a moment. He couldn’t think of a better time than they’d just had.

They fell into silence, watching the trash get processed, each feeling quite certain that Lindsey was back at their home, but neither of them truly knowing just what had been inside the trash bags they’d let get vaporized.

The rest of the work day went somewhat normally, though they couldn’t hide their little smiles and lusty glances. They were still feeling hot, and now, after the fantasy they’d just played out in real life, they both found themselves getting strangely turned on while monitoring the processing of the regular trash.

Eventually, it was time to leave.

“Shall we head to the bar again?” Robert asked. “See if we can find us another trashy girl like… uh… oh, what’s her name?”

Of course, he remembered her name, but it was more fun to pretend he didn’t. As for going to the bar… well, as far as Robert was concerned, she had been in the trash can back home long enough that a couple more hours couldn’t hurt. Besides, picking up another girl could make for a very special night.

Michael had other thoughts. He was getting much too horny again to delay their return home by stopping for drinks. “Actually… I have a better idea.”

“Oh? What’s that?”

“I have a surprise at home.”

“A surprise?” Robert’s interest was piqued.

“Yeah. If we head on back, I can show you. The bar can wait for another day.”

Robert considered for a moment. “Is the surprise your cock? Because we’ve played that game before.”

“Well,” Michael shyly lowered his eyes. “I suppose that could be part of the surprise.”

“Well then. That sounds like a surprise I’ll like,” Robert said. He let out a little laugh, then got the truck in gear and began the drive home, thinking all the while that he also had a surprise in store for Michael. Little did they realize that their surprise for each other was one and the same, and that it would not go as planned…

They arrived home, laughing and reminiscing about how thoroughly they had rid the world of their trash, knowing that nothing—nothing—that ever went into the disintegrator ever came back out. The trash was, truly and thoroughly, destroyed.

Robert parked the truck in the driveway, and the guys hopped out.

“So what’s this surprise about?” Robert asked.

“Come ‘ere,” Michael said. “I’ll show you.”

Michael walked along beside the house. There were tracks in the grass, footprints and wheel tracks from when he had moved the bin earlier. He just hoped Robert wouldn’t notice them. While, meanwhile, Robert was hoping that Michael wouldn’t notice them, thinking they were all his own.

Once they were behind the house, the trash bin in sight, Michael turned to Robert. “Are you ready for your surprise?”

Robert smiled, not sure where this was leading but expecting it to be good. “Sure.”

“Ta-da!” Michael said, sweeping his arms in the direction of the trash bin. “Here’s your surprise! It’s in the bin of trash.”

Robert’s face fell for a moment. He figured that he’d been found out! That Michael must have heard him moving the bins around the night before, and had turned the script on him. Lindsey being in the bin was supposed to be Robert’s surprise for Michael, not the other way around!

Oh well, he supposed. Even if it didn’t go as he’d planned, it was all still good fun. He could play along.

“A surprise? In the trash?” he asked, incredulously. “Why, that seems like an odd place to keep anything of value. You know, if we’d just remembered to grab this bin this morning, your ‘surprise’ would have been destroyed along with the rest of the trash we put in the disintegrator.”

He spelled it out in so much detail mostly for Lindsey’s benefit.

Michael shrugged. “I don’t know. This surprise just looked like it belonged here.”

Yep, Robert realized, Michael definitely knew that Lindsey was in the bin. Kind of an odd thing for Michael to present it as a surprise, given that he must’ve heard Robert moving the bins around, but hey. It was making Robert feel horny again, so it was having the intended effect even if it didn’t make logical sense. Sex, after all—and especially fetishes—rarely does.

Robert walked up to the bin, Michael taking a moment to gaze lovingly at his lover’s ass. There was a brief thwack as Robert lifted the bin lid up and let it fall back, swinging on its hinge to bang into the side of the bin. The bin was full to the brim with full bags of trash.

Robert paused a moment and put a hand to his ear, as if listening to the trash. “Well, I certainly don’t hear anything inside.”

Michael grinned. Lindsey was doing an amazing job playing her part. He’d expected that she’d be begging to be let out after how long she’d been left in there. “I guess you’ll just have to get your hands a bit dirty.”

“I hope this surprise is worth it,” Robert said, before reaching in and starting to untie the top bag…

Of course, it didn’t take long for them both to realize that something was very, very wrong.

They untied the second bag, only to find it full of… trash. Legitimate trash, with no sign of the girl they’d both been expecting to see.

“Michael…” Robert said, trying to somewhat hide the panic in his voice.



Michael stepped forward, and saw the trash, and his eyes widened. “But… but… that’s… where’s…?”

“Where is Lindsey?” Robert asked, trying to keep his voice steady. There was probably just some confusion. Or, oh, maybe Michael’s surprise had another layer to it! That would explain why he was talking about it like a surprise even though he knew, he surely knew, that Robert had moved Lindsey out here the night before.

“I… uh…” Michael stammered, trying to parse what he was seeing. “I… I don’t know. She should be here. I mean, I swapped the bins. This morning. She… she should be here.”

“I swapped the bins,” Robert said softly, almost imperceptibly.

“What was that?”

“I… swapped… the bins,” Robert said through gritted teeth.

“You… you what?”

“Last night. While you were asleep. I swapped the bins.”

“But… but I swapped them. This morning. But that means…”

Michael trailed off, and Robert fell silent, as each began to realize the weight of what they were seeing.

“Holy fuck, did this really just happen…” Michael muttered.

Robert made a slow nod. “Yeah… yeah, I think it did.”

“But… but I mean… but how? How? I mean, why didn’t she do something? Say something? Why didn’t she call for help? No… no this can’t be right, we’ve made a mistake…”

“Oh, we’ve made a mistake all right. We just… uh… a woman… like household waste… oh, fuck…”

The two men looked blankly at each other.

“But she liked it,” Robert went on, trying to justify what had happened. “She had to… that’s why. That’s why she didn’t call for help. She liked it… she really, actually wanted it.”

“Holy shit…”

Another brief silence.

“So what do we do?” Michael asked. “I mean… we have to do something.”

“Like what?”

“I dunno… call the cops?”

A fresh look of panic overtook Robert, and he shook his head. “No… no, no no, we can’t do that… what the fuck would we say? ‘Oh, hello officer, it seems we just disintegrated a woman on accident.’ Fuck no, we aren’t telling anyone.”

“What if someone comes looking for her?”

“We tell her we took her home for a night, she left in the morning. That’s it. And… well… and it’s true. I guess.”

“Fuck… so all that stuff… I mean… I thought she wasn’t in there… you thought she wasn’t in there… but she was…”

“And she loved it,” Robert said in disbelief. “She fuckin’ loved it. We were up there, fucking each other silly, and she just… let it happen. Let herself be disposed of like trash.”

Another momentary silence. Pondering, contemplating…

“When you say it like that,” Michael said, “it almost sounds hot.”

“That’s because it fuckin’ is,” Robert said, a mischievous tone working its way into his voice. “It is hot. She’s the most dedicated sexual roleplayer I’ve ever met. Holy shit, she asked to be treated like trash, and she just went all the way. She wanted to be disposed of with the trash… holy shit what a twisted mind, but… fuck… that’s amazing…”

He realized, to his surprise, that his cock was getting hard once again. This fact wasn’t lost on Michael, either. “Oh my god, really?” Michael said. “Really? Now??”

Robert blushed somewhat. “I guess so… what? Aren’t you feeling it too?”

“No! I… well….” That was a lie. He did feel it. Despite his best efforts, despite his mind screaming at him that this was wrong, Michael was feeling incredibly aroused. “Oh, no… this is wrong, this is so, so wrong…”

“…but also so, so right,” Robert finished. “We’ve made this chick’s fantasy come true, just by doing our jobs. Remember last night? Remember how she looked at us from inside that trash bag? She looked right in there. She looked like she belonged… she acted like she belonged… fuck it, she did belong. She was trash. And we disposed of her like trash. There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s just the way of the world. Trash gets destroyed, and people move on. So… what say we ‘move on’ inside and up to the bedroom? I say we take the opportunity to celebrate a job well done.”

Michael was stunned. For Robert to be so blasé about the whole thing… he couldn’t believe it. But… oh… his cock was stirring, too. The whole day, and the night before, had prepared him for this, had readied him to be excited about the disposal of that one naughty piece of trash. And so, he relented. There would be time enough later to reflect on what had happened. For now, they both had urges that needed tending to.

But not outside, not where they might be seen. They entered in through the back door and made for the stairs, Robert in the lead as they went up to the bedroom. Robert pushed the door open and gestured Michael through. “After you,” he said.

Michael rounded the corner, stepped into the room, and stopped short.

There she was.

There was Lindsey. Alive and well. Laying out on the bed, wrapped her body wrapped in a trash bag leaving only her head, shoulders, and arms exposed. She smiled up at the men, both of them stunned by her presence.

“Hey boys,” she said, giving them a coy little wave. “You didn’t think you could get rid of me that easily, did you?”

The two stammered, not sure what to say, not sure how to feel. Relief, certainly. Relief and… well… they’d already been feeling aroused.

“Well?” she said in answer to their silence. She wriggled her body a bit, black plastic crinkling around her. “Don’t just stand there. Come play with your trash.”

“But… but… how?” Michael asked, looking at Robert as though he was expecting some explanation from him, but none was forthcoming from him.

Lindsey, however, could explain. “Figured it might be fun to mess around with you guys a bit. I got myself out overnight, replaced my trash bag with one from the neighbors’ bin, then went and hid for a bit. I just wanted to see the look on your faces when you went digging through the trash! But then you,” she indicated Michael, “went and moved the bins around and left without looking in either of them, so I had to make a slight change of plans. Surprise! So, what did you think when you got to work and realized I wasn’t in the trash?”

The guys looked at each other, their relief plain, but also trying to figure out how to explain everything that had happened.

“Uh…” Michael stammered, “Well… I’m glad to see you’re all right… we had, uh…”

He trailed off, and Robert stepped in. “We didn’t exactly look inside the trash when we got to work.”

Lindsey looked at him, puzzled. “You didn’t?”

“No… ah… we… kind of just destroyed it. Didn’t bother to look inside.”

Her eyes widened. “You mean…” she said, now it being her turn to have to think through what they were saying… “You mean, if I hadn’t gotten out of the trash last night… I would have been…? Really?”

Michael rushed to explain that it was all an accident, just a misunderstanding, and…

Robert put a finger over Michael’s mouth, causing him to fall silent. Lindsey wasn’t finished speaking.

She looked from one to the other. “You just… disposed of it? Of the trash? Without looking inside?”

Robert nodded. “Yes.”

“Oh, that’s fantastic!” Her face lit up with joy. “I didn’t think you’d actually do it! That’s amazing. God, I wish I had been there… it sounds like so much fun… you guys seriously processed the trash even though you thought I was in it?”

“Well, we didn’t—”

Robert hissed at Michael to shut up. Lindsey didn’t need to know the truth, didn’t need to know that they had each thought she was safe the whole time. If she was turned on by the idea that they had thought they’d really been disposing of her, who was he to deny her that fantasy? “Yes,” Robert said. “Of course. You’d asked to be our trash, and our job is to ensure that trash is dealt with appropriately. Today, that meant at all had to get sent into the disintegrator. And if you hadn’t been a naughty girl, sneaking out of the trash, you would have been right there with it. But you are a naughty girl, aren’t you? A naughty, dirty… trashy… girl.”

She nodded enthusiastically, and let one of her hands wander down between her thighs.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I took a shower while you were away… I’m not sure if I’m really all that ‘dirty’ at the moment… but…,” she smiled up at them, and moved aside the trash bag which was covering her naked body. “You can certainly help to fix that. And maybe tomorrow, I’ll be a good girl, and stay put… wherever you decide I belong…”

The guys didn’t need any more convincing than that. But before they settled in for another night of lovemaking… no, strike that, fucking, (“lovemaking” is far to kind and caring of a word for the way they used and degraded their eager piece of trash)… Michael whispered to her. “This day has been amazing, thanks to you. Tonight, we have some fun, and tomorrow, let’s make some rules for trash play… so we can do this again and again.”

Robert noticed Michael talking, and scolded him. “Hey! No talking to the trash. It’s not like it’s going to reply or anything, is it?”

Lindsey shook her head, saying nothing.

“There we go. Now, Michael. I think there’s a hole here in the bottom of this trash that is looking awfully empty. Would you do the honors?”

“But of course.”

And so round two began.


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