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He enjoyed it too much to stop

by PolytheneWrappedMe

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© Copyright 2017 - PolytheneWrappedMe - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; sex; oral; objectified; fantasy; F/m; majick; transform; m2object; FFFF/object; used; dustbin; tied up; collected; garbage truck; compacted; cons; X

Having met a sexy older lady at work, I was quite easy for her to seduce.

We met at her large house in the country, for secret sexual liaisons whilst her absent husband was away on long business trips. Left alone for weeks, or even months, on end, she was bored and lonely. She had a high sex drive, that needed a good seeing to on a frequent and regular basis, and going more than a few hours without pleasuring herself was more than she could stand.

A young, horny, lad, with his hormones firing, was what she was looking for the fill the lonely void.

I liked the idea of being taught new things from an experienced sexy lady, and in this respect Sarah fitted my desires like a tight glove to a hand. Once she grabbed hold of any part of your body, it is a real struggle to get her off, not that you tried !

Sarah gave fantastic blow jobs. Plenty of passion, a willingness to be deep-throated, and a twisting motion with her hands up against her soft ruby lips, could make anyone cum.

In return, I would often spend time with my head between her legs. She liked squashing my head between her curvy thighs, as if to force my face near her pleasure zone ever tighter. I swear if she could have forced my head inside her, she would have. She was that eager.

We did every position in the Karma Sutra, on top, underneath, doggy style, hard up against a door, on the kitchen work surface, in the lounge, in her car, in her bathroom, on her bed. Quite often we never got far beyond her front door, before we were stripping each other naked, almost tearing off out clothes to get to each other.

Sarah bragged to her three best female friends that every woman should find a younger lad to teach !

It was not long afterwards, that Kate, Debbie and Rachel wanted to meet Sarah's mystery man, and I was paraded around the room, like some trophy.

I could feel the other three women's eyes wander up and down my body as I walked, as they studied my curves to try to see bulges in my pants, or how tightly my trousers hugged the curves of my pert bottom. They cooed with delight, and pictured me naked in front of them.

"Why don't you take some clothes off and relax ?" said Kate.

"Why don't you take all your clothes off and relax ?" said Debbie.

"We don't want him relaxed (and limp), we want him aroused !" scoffed Rachel.

"Hey, girls, he is mine !" replied Sarah. "He is not for sharing. Just for show"

"But the show would be better if...... " said Kate.

"Why not ask David what he wants?" said Rachel.

"What would you like to do with four horny women, David ?" asked Debbie, "It seems so unfair Sarah has you all to herself. It is not as if she is faithful to her hubby !"

I looked at Sarah, as if seeking her permission.

"Don't look at me," said Sarah, "I am happy to share you, providing I get the lion's share."

"Well..." I said hesitating, "What do you have in mind ?"

"I think it is better we show you !" said Kate.

The four women easily stripped me bare, and I was encouraged to attend their every needs until the small hours next morning. By which time all five of us were quite exhausted.

The next day, when her friends had gone home, Sarah asked, "Was that a fantasy of yours ?"

I replied quite naughtily, "Even you would be shocked at my fantasies."

Yes, I had enjoyed four women admiring me, desiring me, wanting me. But part of me felt like an object. Just something for their desires. And the more I thought about this, the more I enjoyed the thought of being used as an object.

I sought out a magician to help me fulfil an objectification fantasy. Perhaps to be trashed and discarded......

I approached the subject carefully with Sarah. I showed her the Plaza. We chatted for hours about what appealed to me.

"So let me get this straight !" said Sarah. "You fancy being an object and trashed. Awww yuck !"

What Sarah did not know, was had already researched the disposal of her household garbage.

Sarah employed a young girl nearer my age, named Helen, as her domestic cleaner. Helen was a pretty girl, and part of her duties was to take out the trash each week. Helen would empty the waste bins from around the house (the bedrooms and bathrooms) into the kitchen bin, which held a large white polythene liner.  Helen would seal the bag up, and put it inside a much larger black polythene sack that the council provided for trash collection. The black sack would then be carried out to the family dustbin. Helen would then unlock the lid of the dustbin, and drop the black polythene sack inside, before reattaching the lid, and locking it in place. Then during the rest of the week, further white polythene kitchen bin liners were added.

The council's black sack normally held three white kitchen bin liners, when full. Finally, on Fridays (garbage collection day), Helen would remove the council black sack from the dustbin, tie it up, and carry the heavy bag out to the kerbside for collection. As the rear loader garbage truck progressed down the street, the men would pile the trash bags, which each household had put out, up in a pile of sacks a few doors down, so that the garbage truck had fewer stops, on the busy road. The men would then pick up the black sacks one by one, from the pile of black sacks, and hurl them into the mouth of the rear loader to be compacted and taken to the local landfill site and dumped.

I had watched the weekly trash collection, as only a reader of this section of the Plaza would. I imagined being an object of Sarah's and then being trashed by an unsuspecting Helen as just part of the trash collection.

I then asked Sarah where she kept her council black sacks.

"In the cupboard, here" Sarah said opening a cupboard door in the kitchen, underneath the work surface she and I had made love on.

I asked her to remove the black council sacks.

Sarah did so, and a folded mass of shiny black polythene appeared from within the cupboard, and Sarah carried the twenty sacks to the kitchen work surface.

"Right, now, could you unfold them, and lay them flat on the granite work surface here," I said.

Sarah did as she was asked.

Confused, Sarah asked me what I intended to do next.

"I would like to turn myself into a black council sack, that is in the middle of the pile. I then want you to fold the sacks up, and return them to the kitchen cupboard. Over the next few weeks, each sack will get used. When it is my turn, Helen will drop a full kitchen bin liner inside me, and carry me out to your dustbin. By the time you come home from work, I will have been inside your dustbin for hours. I then want you to remove me from the dustbin, and take me back inside the house. I want you to remove the kitchen bin liner from my insides, and place me back on the work surface, so I can transform back into human form."  I said, quite relieved at finally confessing my secret desire to someone at last.

Sarah was not so impressed. "You want to be a polythene garbage sack in my dustbin !"

"But honey", I said, "Just think of the amazing sex we will have afterwards, as I thank you for saving my life !", I replied, trying to get her engaged in this fetish fantasy.

"Are you sure, you don't simply fancy Helen !" said Sarah, "She is a lot younger than me, and more your own age."

"No."  I replied, "And you must not tell Helen either. For this to work, I have to have no special treatment. As far as Helen knows, I am just another black sack to be used."

Sarah was not convinced, but as the weeks continued, she did mellow to the idea.

"So it is about submissive behaviour. You being powerless to resist, that appeals ?"  Sarah asked.

"Now you understand !"  I said.

So Sarah went to the cupboard and spread a dozen or so council black sacks on the kitchen work surface.

"How will I know which one is you ?" Sarah asked.

"You won't." I replied, "Which is why you need to 'rescue' and empty every sack Helen puts in the dustbin, as one of the sacks could be me. Then if I rematerialize, you can fuck me there and then; if I don't, you will know it is just another black sack, and you can put the bag of kitchen waste back inside, and take it back to the dustbin."

I thanked Sarah for making my dream come true, said my spell, and promptly disappeared into the pile of black council sacks as one of them.

Sarah sighed.

She looked at the pile of polythene sacks, and concluded I was right. I did indeed look no different from the other sacks. She had no idea which one I was.
Then I felt Sarah carefully fold the pile of polythene sacks back up. The shiny black polythene sliding against my own plastic skin. It was heaven.

But as Sarah folded the pile ever tighter, so it began to hurt. "Oww"  I wanted to scream, but Sarah heard nothing, just the rustling of the plastic.

I was then carried to the kitchen cupboard and placed inside my new temporary home, as one of Sarah's garbage sacks.

Whilst Sarah kept my secret from Helen. She could not quite keep it a secret from Kate, Debbie and Rachel.

"I want you to come over tonight", I heard Sarah say to each of them as she rang them on the telephone.  

When Kate, Debbie and Rachel arrived, Sarah had already removed that week's garbage sack from the dustbin, and removed the bag of kitchen waste that it contained.  Then Sarah placed the crumpled black polythene sack on the kitchen work surface.

"Now I want you girls to help me smooth out this empty polythene sack with your hands !"  instructed Sarah, "I might have a surprise for you. But you have to do this each week, for the surprise to happen."

I could not believe my ears, Sarah had got the girls round, and when it would be my turn, they would witness me transform from a black polythene sack back into human form before their very eyes.

In the meanwhile, I sat in the kitchen cupboard all folded up, as I heard the girls smooth the lucky garbage sack with their hands. 

In my head, I pictured their eight hands softly caressing the sack as they rubbed their hands all over its polythene body, as they carefully smoothed it out flat.

"Umm. I have to say, I had no idea that polythene felt so good to the touch", said Rachel.

"Its a bit like latex" said Kate.

"Well unlike you, I have never worn that cat suit you showed up in last Halloween" said Debbie. "To me, a garbage bag is merely a garbage bag !"

After they had played with the empty garbage sack, Sarah opened it and replaced the bag of kitchen waste inside, and took it back to the dustbin.

"What exactly is the surprise we are waiting for ?" asked a somewhat bored Debbie.

"That would be telling !" taunted Sarah, "You will just have to come every week until you find out. It should not take too long".

This was not what I had in mind at all !   I had asked for no special treatment. Now as well as being filled with trash and dumped in the dustbin by Helen, I would be humiliated by Sarah, Debbie, Rachel and Kate.

Each week, Helen took another black sack from the cupboard, and I was folded back up again.

Each week, the four women came round after work, and performed this weird stroking of the polythene sack, much to the increasing bewilderment of Sarah's friends. 

Then it was my turn.

I had heard Helen arrive to do the household cleaning, and I knew what that meant. At the end of Helen's shift, she opened the kitchen cupboard door, and I felt her take me out, as she pulled me free of the other sacks that remained folded. Helen replaced the rest of the sacks back inside the cupboard. There waiting on the kitchen floor, was a full and heavy white polythene bin liner, which Helen had removed from the bin and sealed shut.

Helen shook me open, and my body filled with air. Then with one hand holding me open, Helen lifted a full bin liner and dropped it inside me. I felt it slide all the way down like I had been force-fed and swallowed it whole. Then I felt Helen grab my 'neck' shut, and I was carried outside to the dustbin.

Momentarily, I was placed down on the stone path, as Helen unlocked the dustbin lid, and I was hoisted up and lowered inside. My plastic body touching the hard plastic of the inside of the dustbin. Then I heard Helen reattach the dustbin lid, and I was now sealed inside.

To anyone watching, I was now just a black garbage sack in a dustbin. Not that anyone was watching.

Hours I sat there inside the dustbin. I had no idea of time, and I did start to worry. What if Sarah had met with an accident ? What if I was to be collected ?  No one would know my true identity !

After what seemed an eternity, I heard Sarah's car pull up in the driveway, and a car door slam shut.

Then I heard Debbie, Rachel and Kate arrive.

The girls chatted, about Sarah's weird touching of garbage sacks, but the girls decided to humour Sarah anyway.

Then Sarah opened the dustbin, and I felt myself lifted out. Sarah carried me indoors, and an arm was reached inside me, and the bag of kitchen waste removed, like some painless operation to remove a cancer.

Next I felt Sarah lay me down on the kitchen work surface, and moments later, eight hands descended on me, to spread me out, then I was smoothed out and flattened against the cold granite work top.

I enjoyed the attention, as I pictured them adoring my body once more.

The girls talked, as if I was not there. They commented about the smell and texture of the black polythene on their soft hands. They wondered when this surprise would appear.

I thought, "Not long, now girls !  I just hope I can explain this fetish to you all".

My mind wandered at that concern, as the girls continued to stroke me with their hands.

"I had better change back," a small voice in my head said.

However, a larger voice in my head said, "Lay here just another minute, this is just too enjoyable !"

It will come as no surprise that the larger voice won.

This was far better than any thing I have experienced. The four women stroking and flattening me as a shiny black garbage sack.

All too soon, the attention stopped, and I was picked up, and Sarah reinserted the bag of kitchen waste inside me !

"Oh well", said Sarah, "maybe next week."

"No !" Stop !"  I am David !" I tried to say. But the four women just thought I was nothing more than a garbage sack, and Sarah returned me to her dustbin.

"Wait ! Stop ! Don't do this, you will kill me !" I was shouting in my head.

But as I felt the embrace of the inside of her dustbin, part of me knew I was where I belonged. I was trash.

A few days later Helen placed a second bag of kitchen waste inside me, and I was again sealed inside the dustbin.

Finally, on Friday, Helen placed the third and final bag of kitchen waste inside me. Then I felt Helen tie my neck tight with string, as though she was choking me, and she lifted me out of the dustbin.

As Helen carried me to the kerbside, my bulging plastic body rubbed against her legs.

"Ewww." cried Helen, in alarm, "I hope that has not dirtied my clothes".

I felt her drop me on the pavement, in disgust.

A short while afterwards, a man carried me to a pile of garbage sacks from the neighbouring properties, and then I heard the dustcart arrive. The men set about throwing the heavy sacks inside, and I was picked up and hurled through the air too. I landed in the hopper, and was buried under dozens of other sacks.

Then the packer was activated, and I was flattened again. Not by soft women's hands, but by a steel plate. Everything inside me broke as I was squashed into a large block of trash inside the truck. I would stay there for hours being repeatedly squashed until I was dumped at the landfill site.

After a dozen weeks, of having her friends round to look for me, Sarah could not find me.

"I don't understand it" Sarah protested to her friends, "David should have come back to me by now".

Sarah was carried off in a straight jacket by men in white coats.

"Poor girl", Rachel remarked, "To think she actually believed a trash bag was David !"

"Yeah, she obviously could not face the truth that David was a younger man, and he obviously left her !" said Debbie.

"How long do you think she needs to be at the funny farm, I mean, hospital ?" Kate asked one of the doctors.

"I don't know. In all my years as a doctor, I have never seen a case as strange as this." the doctor replied. "It is as if Sarah actually equates her lover with a bag of trash....."

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