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The Halloween Decoration

by Tobe Trashy

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© Copyright 2017 - Tobe Trashy - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; strip; naked; bond; tape; wrap; mitts; balltie; trashbag; bagged; object; outdoors; public; decoration; stuck; cons/nc; X

It was Halloween night and your girlfriend had told you earlier in the month that she wanted to stay in for the night and watch tv and give out candy to trick or treaters. You were kind of hoping to go out and do something because you were feeling a bit stir crazy lately and wanted to get out of the house. You stated that you weren't really interested in handing out candy and would rather go out, but said it would be fine if she really wanted to. She said thank you and paused, then said "I'll make sure you're not bored." You thought nothing of it except wondering what how she could do that. She was playful and fun to be around, so you just assumed she would find something good on tv and have fun with the trick-or-treaters or something.

Shortly after dinner you had wandered into the living room to watch some tv. You sat for a bit until your girlfriend came in to join you. She bounced on the couch beside you with a huge grin on her face and dumped a small bag on the couch next to you. She said with a wry smile, "I have an idea for you. If you'd like to do some bondage play, I could tie you up and leave you there the whole night while I give out candy. I could just put you out of the way."

Your ears perk up and smile back. You say, "Yeah of course, that sounds better than watching tv, what did you have in mind?"

She then says... "Well, I know how you like the abandonment of being left tied while doing everyday things. So I thought this might be a good opportunity to do something where I'm doing something normal while you're kind of abandoned and ignored. I have something in mind, but I don't want to give it away, only that you will be tied up securely and be placed out of the way so you won't be seen, but close by so I can keep an eye on you."

You say, "Ok, I like surprises" and agree.

She dumps out the bag and some duct tape, plastic wrap, scissors, and rubber locking mitts fall out. You get a little excited as to what might come.

She tells you, "Ok let's begin, strip!"

You are taken back a bit by the quickness and demand, but are getting excited at the same time. So you slowly get up and strip to your underwear. She starts to tie up your wrists in duct tape, wrapping around and around. She then puts the mitts on your hands and proceeds to lock them on, making escape futile because now you can't use your hands! She then proceeds to your feet, but then grabs your underwear and pulls them down and says, "You won't be needing these!" and pulls them down. You step out of them. Then she wraps your ankles in duct tape as well, nice and tight. You feel really helpless now and at her whim, especially at how aggressive she is being.

She says to get into a ball position on the floor. You comply. She then starts to wrap a few layers of plastic wrap around you so that your ball position becomes secured in place. Then she wraps some duct tape as well in strategic places, which then secures your ball position entirely, and you can barely move in any direction.

She stands back to look at her handy work and smiles. She says, "Well, now that you're all tied up, I can't have any kids looking in a seeing you tied up on the floor when they stop by, but I also want to keep you close by."

She turns and heads into the kitchen. You look puzzled but say "ok." She returns quickly with a trash bag in hand and immediately opens it and spreads it out on the floor. She then grabs you by the shoulders and tilts you back onto you back, scoots the bag under your butt, and then sets you upright again. She then pulls the bag up around you way over your head and pulls the bag up shaking it so you get to the very bottom of the bag. She then continues to tie the bag shut with two overhand knots. She makes sure to leave some small holes around the tie so you can still breathe ok and checks to make sure you can. You reply that you think so.

She then grabs top of the bag up and quickly drags it into the corner. Then says, "Ok you're out of the way and look like a normal bag of trash, but just to make sure, don't move whenever I open the door to give out candy. You're out of sight, but we won't want anyone to get suspicious about what's going on inside!"

You say ok and she heads to the couch and turns the channels on the tv. You realise that you're more than out of the way and no one would be able to see you even if they were able to look in, but you guess she's just trying to make sure by also putting you in the bag.

After a bit of time passes, you feel more and more objectified like just a piece of trash in the corner. She checks in on your breathing at one time and everything appears fine. Other than that, she's ignoring you really well.

But soon enough, the feeling of objectification intensifies, as the doorbell rings. Your girlfriend hops up and goes to the door, opens it, and the kids yell out "trick or treat!" She spends some time admiring their costumes and then gives them candy and closes the door. She returns to the couch and says nothing. You now feel a lot more like an object in the corner.

After awhile passes, you've had to readjust your position a few times, which causes the bag to move and make a little noise. She noticed each time and watches the bag move around and thinks that her trash in the corner isn't much like trash because it's moving. This gave her an idea. She goes out front and there is some rustling around, then she comes back in. You were wondering what she was doing. She asked if you were doing alright with heat and you replied that you felt a little hot. Without saying anything, she grabbed your bag and leaned it back, startling you a bit. She then put something under you and then tilted you back. Then she proceeded to pull it up around. It was another bag. You thought for a second, I just told her I was getting hot!

She said, "There, now you're just another decoration, you're in one of the lawn bags from outside. Any movement now just looks like an animated decoration!" She then grabbed the bag and dragged it over to a place that looked a bit more like where a decoration would sit, which was closer to the door, but still out of sight.

Then she stood back for a few minutes while thinking. She then said, "No this won't work, why would I have a scary moving decoration inside my house?" So she just walked over, picked up the bag top and dragged it across the floor the rest of the way to the front door. Thoughts began racing through your mind of what she was doing.

She then opened the front door, glanced out for a few seconds, then grabbed your bag and lifted it slightly over the door frame. She then dragged it out, across, the porch, across the lawn, and stopped where you believe to be under a tree. You couldn't believe she was actually putting you outside! You didn't know exactly where you were, but it seemed like you were well out of the way from sight in some capacity. Or hopefull you were!

She checked the holes were in a good spot, checked if you were ok and you replied yes, then walked back inside without hesitation. The door shut behind her.

You couldn't believe you were now bound, in a bag on the lawn, with people within proximity that could possibly catch you! Thoughts were racing through your mind about what just happened. You felt so much like an object that she was just doing what she wished to do with.

You sat out there for a long time, with her coming and checking on you every so often. You could hear families coming and going down the street and occasionally hearing the door being answered and candy given out. You tried to remain still anytime you heard people, so you wouldn't get discovered.

After a long time more, the candy was all gone, and she came out checked in and saw you were still fine, so she said she would leave you a bit until no one else came around so to not draw attention to bringing a decoration into the house like that.

A bit later she came out again and said she still saw people out and didn't know how long that would last. She asked if you were doing OK and if you could stay longer.

You said hesitantly, "Yes probably, whatever you want is ok".

She paused for a bit without saying anything. Then she said "Great, I'm getting tired and I'm going to either take a nap or go to bed all together." She then turned and went inside and closed the door, locking it behind her.

You thought quickly...."did she just say she might go to bed all together? How long would you be out here?" She locked the door though and you were still all tied up, so you had no way of either getting out or getting into the house after. You were stuck, with no control or no idea how long you might remain!

After what was at least 40 minutes, no people had come for at least 20 minutes, and you started thinking that maybe she did end up going to bed after all. You never felt more like just a part of the decorations than you did now, just left and forgotten.

Shortly after, you heard a neighbor come out front of their house, and you heard the distinct sound of a trash bin being wheeled to the curb, then they returned inside. You immediataly began to wonder, it was actually trash night with pickup in the morning. You were in a trash bag, you were not too far from the street already. You started thinking that maybe she would be even more cruel and put you out at the curb in the morning and throw out all the decorations.

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