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Got Carried Away

by PolytheneWrappedMe

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© Copyright 2018 - PolytheneWrappedMe - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; maid; discovery; video; plan; M+/m; landfill; rescue; F/f; punishment; F/m; witch; transform; M2object; waste; dumped; compactor; nc/cons; XX

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death
story continued from part four

Part Five

You will recall, that Debbie had been promoted to menial duties in the kitchen, and that is how, I managed to spend the night being processed in the Bio-Digester; well Sarah, had allocated some of Debbie's old chamber maid duties to a new girl, named Lorraine.

Lorraine was in many ways the opposite of Debbie. Lorraine was more my age, if not younger. Lorraine was only 21 years old, and this was her first job since leaving college. She was in need of the money, to pay off her student debts, and wanted to make a good impression with Sarah for giving her the opportunity to join this luxury hotel. Although just a maid, she hoped it was her first step on the employment ladder that would hopefully lead to bigger and better things.

The morning when I was still inside the hotel trash compactor, enjoying myself, Lorraine had been cleaning my bedroom, Room 828, in the absence of Debbie. Whilst dusting, she had found the memory stick flash drive containing Debbie's kinky films of me, and knowing that Sarah had asked her to monitor what I did, she brought the stick to Sarah.

"Sarah" said Lorraine, "you know you wanted to know what the guest was doing in Room 828, well I found this."

"You have done very well, Lorraine" praised Sarah, "Leave this with me, I shall return it to the guest when he returns. Now get back on with your duties, girl. Those rooms don't clean themselves."

"Yes, miss. Straight away." replied an obedient Lorraine.

Lorraine left Sarah's office.

Sarah closed the office door shut and locked it from the inside.

"Well I will return this to the guest, after I have had a nose first !" Sarah said to herself. She inserted it into her computer, and sat down to see what was on it.

To her amazement it showed Debbie loading a bagged small guest into the trash compactor in the basement. The guest, when he climbed out of the hopper, looked like the very guest she wanted to deal with, harshly ! Then she could hardly believe her eyes, as she watched me be loaded into the bio-digester, and processed along with the hotel's food waste.

"Oh my god !" exclaimed Sarah, "He has not been dumping waste in the hotel, he has been living as the waste in the hotel !"

Then she realised that I must have been inside the large garbage bag that Debbie had shown her, and she had a good bet that I was inside the large bag, she saw Debbie trying to load into the trash compactor at 1 a.m. that morning.

"Well Debbie has been working hard to please our guest !!" Sarah said to herself. "I have even aided her in dumping him !"

Sarah tried to find Debbie, but found Debbie had disappeared again.

She rang hotel services, "What time does the trash compactor get emptied ?" asked Sarah.

"The garbage truck has just been, Miss", replied her colleague.

She rang the council tip and explained that someone, sorry, something important had been dumped in error, and that the hotel would pay handsomely for its safe recovery.

Although the lads at the dump knew what truck to look out for, Sarah's instructions were to let it unload, and the waste buried as normal, before excavations began. Fred was only to be arrested afterwards, for his part in "stealing hotel jewels". (A made up charge, that did not stick at his trial.)

"I don't know why it is to be buried and then rescued. We may not find it, and it could be crushed long before we do !" queried one landfill employee.

"Who cares", replied his colleague, "We are getting loads of overtime payments for this".

So the truth was although I had been buried at the landfill, I was rescued long before Fred and Debbie arrived at midnight, and the tip landscaped over again leaving no trace of my rescue.

I had heard the digging and assumed time had passed quickly and my rescuers were Fred and Debbie, instead of council employees. The council employees had been on strict instructions NOT to open my trash bag, but to return it to Sarah, unopened.

I found myself loaded into a car, and transported back to the hotel. I had assumed Fred and Debbie would open the trash bag, first but maybe they had other arrangements for me. I was handed over to Sarah, and she unwrapped me in her office.

"Oh poor you", Sarah said with fake concern, "you came here for a nice holiday and you ended up in the hotel trash at a landfill site. It must have been just awful for you, being processed in our trash compactor, crushed repeatedly in a council garbage truck, and buried alive. It was a good job we found that memory stick flash drive Debbie had left in your TV set, and worked out that horrible Debbie had done this to you. Don't worry, I will sack her."

"But...." I tried to say in Debbie's defence.

"I know what you are going to say" interrupted Sarah, "You are going to sue the pants off this hotel. Well I don't blame you. If this got out, our reputation would be ruined. So I have decided to upgrade you to our special benefits scheme, free of charge."

"I know I am just so nice", muttered Sarah under her breathe, evilly.

"Now here are the keys to Room 24, on the ground floor, it is the master suite, and you can have this bathrobe to hide your dignity".

So I agreed, and left. It was better than being prosecuted for a whole host of things. I thought I had got off rather lucky. I intended to make it up to Debbie, as if Sarah was that worried about the hotel's reputation, maybe she would pay me for my silence ?

I got to Room 24, and had a good bath. I wonder where Debbie is ? I wish I could get word to her.


Fred was not too willing to help Debbie find me. The way he saw it, I was already dead. What should they do, use the excavator to dig and risk slicing me in half ? Even if they got to me, one black bag looks just like another. They would never find me before my air ran out. And they might only find me flat as a pancake anyway. Then they would be caught and have some explaining to do. Fred reasoned that Debbie had not thought this through. But don't worry he was single and lonely too, and he would comfort her in her grief.

Author's note: You thought Fred's wink was about the plan. Nope, Fred fancied Debbie !


Back at the hotel, Sarah was waiting for Debbie to return.

"What is the matter Debbie ? You look upset" said Sarah coldly. "Come into my office, I have something to show you !"

Debbie walked into Sarah's office completely unaware that the memory stick flash drive containing Debbie's video of me, was about to be played.

Sarah switched the computer on, and played the incriminating evidence.

Debbie gasped ! "Where did you find it?" Debbie asked.

"Where you left it !" Sarah replied.

"It is not what it looks like..." said Debbie.

"It looks like you sent one of our guests, a person of small height, unable to defend himself, through a series of waste processes that could kill him, for your enjoyment and his torment. What, pray tell, had he done to you to merit such cruel treatment ?! Answer me that !" Sarah shouted,

Debbie started crying.

"And where is he now ?" Sarah questioned. "He has not been seen since yesterday. I think we should call the police !"

"Oh no, please don't. He wanted it !" Debbie sobbed.

"You do realise you are sacked with immediate effect. We cannot have hotel staff treating paying guests this way." said Sarah.

"Yes, Miss", said Debbie and left in tears.


After I had got dressed, with the clothes recovered from my original bedroom, Room 828; there was a knock at the door. I opened the door.

Standing there, was Sarah, and a bottle of champagne.

"This is with the complements of the hotel, in part compensation. May I come in ?" Sarah said sweetly.

Sarah entered the room.

"I have spoken to the maid, before I sacked her. She only tried to get me to believe that you wanted to be treated as waste. How ridiculous ! Whoever heard of someone wanting to be trash, bagged, and disposed of in a trash compactor, loaded into a garbage truck, and buried in a landfill site. Next she tried to get me to believe you liked being processed in the Bio Digester...."

"How did you know about that ?" I quizzed, for as far as she admitted, she did not know about my adventures in the kitchen.

"Okay" said Sarah coldly, "I obviously cannot lie as well as I thought. You want to be hotel trash, you will be !"

A spell was cast by Sarah, a witch; and I was transformed into a black polythene trash bag that the maids hung from their trolleys.

Sarah carried me out of Room 28, and handed me to Lorraine.

"Use this bag for the bedroom and bathroom waste on your trolley, and when you have finished feeding, I mean filling him, I mean filling it, tie it up and dispose of it was normal".

I felt Sarah hand me to young Lorraine and she stretched my mouth around the ring of the hotel trolley and hang me in place.

For the next four hours, Lorraine filled me with used sanitary bags, used tissues, bottles and other hotel waste.

Then she unhooked me from the trolley, put me on the floor, tied me up, and fed me alive into the hotel trash compactor once more.

The ram forced all the air out of me, and my polythene skin burst open causing me immense pain as I was torn.

But Lorraine just carried on with her duties.

The hotel always gave guests what they wanted.

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