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Got Carried Away

by PolytheneWrappedMe

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Storycodes: F/m; FM+/m; hotel; maid; plan; scuba; bagged; padding; compactor; garbage; truck; collected; transport; landfill; buried; stuck; rom; sex; mast; climax; cons; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death
story continued from part three

Part Four

Once home, I could not stop thinking about my adventures at the hotel. To experience being bagged, dumped, disposed of, compacted, transported and bio-digested as nothing but hotel waste, had got me hooked well and truly. I was even considering applying for a job at the hotel, then I could stay there full time. Who would need annual leave from a job where everyday was a new adventure ? Although I was not convinced Hotel Management would pay me, or even give me a voluntary job, to "test drive" their trash compactor on a regular basis.

My mind also wandered to the last conversation with Debbie. I had hinted that she owed me "big time" for failing to rescue me at the time she had promised; and I knew she seemed like someone willing to go the extra mile to make me happy, especially if she could video the whole thing for her own amusement.

It was not long before I returned to the hotel. I just could not keep away. Sure the cost was burning a massive hole in my bank balance, but I was becoming addicted.

Debbie was waiting for me like last time.

"Oh I heard you were coming back. You cannot keep away, can you Trash (which had become her new pet name for me). Tell me is it the bagging and compacting you enjoy, or have you fallen in love with an older woman, like she has a "crush" on you ?" Debbie asked, her hands wandering to my thighs, as she rubbed my jeans up and down suggestively.

"Well... I... do like you Debbie" I spluttered out, shocked at her revelation. For while I had thought of her as a kinky accomplice; she had obviously been thinking about her lonely nights with her rabbit vibrator.

"Good" she said as she pushed me onto the bed, and started to underdress me, whilst kissing me passionately.

I had never been seduced by an older woman before, and I found that I was enjoying it. We started ripping each other's clothes off and made love there and then. I had been so desperate, I must have rode her three times, until we laid exhausted on the bed, our sweat glistening on our naked bodies.

"I cannot tell you how much I have been dreaming of doing that to you, lad !" Debbie said most satisfied, "I had worried that you might not fancy me being so much older than you, but of course you are Trash, and maybe you might like to sleep with anyone. I have to say, right here and now, I prefer your young man's smell. But I also liked you in the trash. Dirty and smelly, and at my complete mercy. I played back the video of you in the trash compactor. It was most arousing. Did you know I had also fitted a Go Pro miniature camera to the lid of the Bio-Digester ? Well I did, and I must have had several orgasms as I played with myself watching you naked going around and around, getting mixed in the waste food for hours, and you pathetic attempts to call for help and escape".

"I did not want to call out, I just thought you had left me there". I replied, ashamed of my lack of trust in her.

"Well I have not let you down, ……… yet !" Debbie teased.

I got rock hard again.

"I had forgotten how young lads can recover and become erect so quickly!" laughed Debbie, as she saw my next erection.

"Would you like to watch the two films I made of you ?" Debbie asked, as she pulled out a memory card flash drive from her purse, and put it into the USB port at the back of the television set, and turned it on.

We sat there the whole five hours, with the Do Not Disturb sign on the bedroom door. Debbie laying on her back, still naked as she stared up at the TV, and me, looking at the scene, as my face snuggled in between her thighs, as I licked her pussy, slowly but intensely.

"Oh yes" she screamed as she first watched my bagged body pushed into the compactor, and then my naked body being processed in the Bio-Digester. Debbie came to her fourth orgasm soon afterwards, and then knelt down and sucked my cock, until I came over her large pair of tits.

"I think I had better tell you about my next plan. I have something special for you, Trash !" Debbie said excitedly.

"You know how the hotel has swimming pools ?" Debbie continued, "Well we also take guests scuba diving. Each air tank lasts around 6 hours. So I asked the scuba instructor, how long would two scuba tanks last if breathed by a 2ft high person like you. He said it would depend how fast and hard you breathed, but he reckoned you might last 12 hours. So having two air tanks coupled together should give you 24 hours of bagged fun. Of course he was thinking underwater, but I was thinking underground !" She chuckled.

"Underground ?" I asked.

"Yes, I also spoke to the council, our hotel trash is used in landfill." Debbie said. "The garbage truck man has agreed to modify the hydraulic pressures on his truck. I simply bag you and the scuba tanks in some of your large 1100 litre black polythene bags, then I pack lots of packing foam and waste hotel linen around for protection, and bag you again a couple of times. I put you through the hotel's trash compactor, and film you being collected by Fred's front loader garbage truck. He then takes you on his route and squashes you dozens of times. He dumps you at the landfill and makes a note of the location you are buried in. Then when it is dark, and the dump is closed, Fred and I come back to rescue you. Naturally, there is risk. Other dumpsters could be filled with sharp objects that could skewer you or burst your air tanks. You bones could break or your neck snap, but if you really want to sample the entire journey our hotel's trash takes, this is as safe as I can make it for you."

Debbie and I arranged to meet by the good's lift at 1 a.m. I was carrying a dozen 1100 litre bin liners.

She took me down to the basement, and I stripped off my clothes. Debbie grabbed them, "We will use these in a minute, but first you need some lessons in being Trash."

I started getting erect again.

"This is how you use the snorkel, you put it in your mouth and breathe normally. Fred has agreed to come at 12 noon, tomorrow, so you have enough air from now, until 1 a.m. the day after. This will give you twelve hours inside the hotel's trash compactor, and then many hours inside Fred's front loader, then a number of hours at the landfill site. We will rescue you at midnight tomorrow, so you should have a spare 1 hour of air for emergencies." Debbie said.

"Emergencies ?!" I asked quite worriedly.

"Relax, Trash" said Debbie comfortingly, "it is only a contingency plan if we cannot find your trash bag immediately".

So I agreed to climb inside one of my own 1100 litre bin liners.

"Wow" I thought, "Being bagged and trashed again, only this time inside the hotel's trash compactor, a front loader garbage truck and a landfill site !" I owed Debbie a lot. I think I am in love !

On went more and more 1100 litre bags until I must have had five layers of thick black polythene around me. It was a good job I had air to breathe, or I might not have lasted this bit of the procedure.

Then Debbie put me inside a bag of linen and my own clothes, and wrapped it around me. Then she carried on bagging me in the rest of the 1100 litre bin liners.

When she had finished, I looked like a large plump black plastic parcel, and I was now quite unable to move or wriggle. My hands were already on my cock, and they had no trouble moving !

Debbie dragged the bag over to the hopper, when I heard Sarah's voice again.

"You are working late Debbie" said Sarah, "That is very commendable. You might win Employee of the Month, this month if you keep this up. That looks like a very heavy bag, Debbie, would you like me to help you ? What on earth is in it ?"

Debbie and Sarah loaded me into the hotel trash compactor.

Debbie answered her boss, "Oh just more trash from that messy lad in Room 828".

"This won't do" said Sarah, "This hotel has standards of behaviour we expect from your guests. I had a chat with him last time, which he has obviously ignored. When I see him, I will tell him straight, if he continues to abuse our hospitality, it won't just be his trash we crush".

As if right on que, Sarah operated the trash compactor and I heard the ram activate and I was pushed inside the container as just part of the hotel waste.

I heard the two women walk away.

I laid there, squashed up against other black plastic bags of trash, and slept soundly after having cum inside the trash compactor.

I awoke to several visits by different maids, come to clear the trash from the guest bedrooms.

Each time, a bag was dumped in the hopper, then the compactor ram compressed it up against me. The tight enclosure of being wrapped so many times in shiny black polythene, making it very hot. Each time, unseen by the maid, I was bringing myself to another sexual high, as I was just treated as part of the hotel waste.

Debbie had done a good job packing the clothes and foam around me. I could not feel any sharp objects. Instead, I was simply pushed further and further inside the container as the pressure built.

Then Fred's garbage truck arrived, modified to give a softer squeeze.

And Debbie watched as the trash container was detached from the compactor, and poured inside his front loader, and everything included me, fell out.

Fred winked at Debbie and then compacted the load.

I was shit scarred, I had never been inside a working garbage truck before. I was pushed towards the back of the front loader, with the rest of the hotel waste. For the next four hours I was subjected to possibly hundreds of packer cycles, and I was squashed ever tighter.

I imagined the people walking by, getting on with their day, unaware I was inside the trash truck with the trash. They would not know of my plight or what was being done to me. This was the journey Debbie's hotel trash made, and now it was my turn to sample its delights. I loved being treated as an object.

The many trash bags just nestled around me, from above, below and by my sides. I was getting pushed into a giant cube of bagged trash that was being created inside the front loader garbage truck.

For hours this went on. Only Debbie and Fred knew of the truck's special bag of waste, me.

Later, the rear of the front loader opened and I was unceremoniously ejected out the back, and I tumbled a great height onto the slope that waste was dropped at the landfill site before burial.

Fred made a note of where I was, and left.

Other garbage trucks came and dumped their heavy loads on top of me. By the time they finished, I was under 20 feet of crushed polythene bags and their contents. So deep was I, that I hardly felt the earth movers come to bury me for good. When Fred and Debbie returned, the area was already landscaped.

"What shall we do Fred ?" asked a heart-broken Debbie.


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