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Got Carried Away

by PolytheneWrappedMe

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© Copyright 2018 - PolytheneWrappedMe - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bagged; carried; goggles; machine; foodwaste; trapped; process; washed; rotate; stuck; cons; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death
story continued from part two

Part Three

As Debbie carried me inside a trash bag from the basement to the hotel kitchen on the 1st Floor, my heart raced.

Could I trust her ? Would her plan work ? Would I be safe inside the machine ? What if I got injured ?

She carried the trash bag along many corridors, until we came to the breakfast restaurant and hotel kitchen. The hotel corridors were empty at this time of night, what few guests were up and awake, were mostly in the hotel bar. Not that anyone would think it strange for a maid to be carrying a bag of trash around.

Debbie used her key to get into the restaurant and walked in, without switching on any lights on (to stop arousing suspicion) until we were safely inside the kitchen. Then Debbie turned the lights on, and walked over to the bio-digester.

Debbie undressed me, by removing the large black polythene bag that she had carried me in. I stood there naked, and somewhat afraid.

"Don't forget your swimming goggles !" she said as she handed them to me. As I put them on, she gently made sure they were positioned correctly, before she let the superglue on the rims touch the skin around my eyes. The goggles immediately formed a permanent seal on my face.

"Its okay" she said to reassure me, "I will administer the solvent and peel them off, after I rescue you at 5 a.m."

I turned around and stared up at the massive bio-digester. A large steel box of a machine, that I knew I would spend the next four and a half hours inside along with the hotel food waste.

Debbie helped me climb up to its lid. She then opened the lid. I peered inside. Yuck ! Bits of sausages, fried bacon, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, baked beans, bread, tea bags and coffee grinds lay inside all congealed and cold and slimy. The contents of the machine was so deep, I could not even see the paddles beneath the food, that would rotate, and swill the food waste around, to help it dissolve with the aid of the enzymes and unbeknown to me, the addition of hot water.

"Well, don't just stand there looking, get in !" commanded Debbie.

I hesitated.

"Obey ! You are just hotel food waste now, and this is your new home !!" she scalded.

I looked in again. It did not look appetising.

"You are not meant to eat it. You are meant to be it." she said, frustrated at my lack of movement.

"Enjoy your swim !" she said as she pushed a reluctant me inside.

I landed splat in a sea of waste food.

I looked up hoping for Debbie to pull me out, but she just slammed the lid of the machine shut.

I heard her footsteps as she walked away. Then the kitchen lights were put out and the door closed and locked.

I screamed, "Help ! Come back Debbie !" But no one even heard me.

I tried to scramble out, but the steep steel walls of the machine gave no means of climbing to reach the lid. Even if I had, the lid was sealed shut and machine locked.

It did not stop me trying, but all I achieved was a good coating of food waste that made seeing through my googles difficult. I wiped them clean with my hands that were also covered in slime.

Just when I succeeded, I heard an ominous click, and the paddles in the machine started to slowly rotate.

"Oh god, the time must be 1 a.m. already. I am being processed alive in a bio-digester !" I thought.

The paddles caused a tidal-wave of waste food to fall and tumble inside the machine, like I was caught inside a washing machine or Rotopress garbage truck.

Then without warning, my head became submerged in the waste food. I blew bubbles as I tried to scream, but only managed to nearly choke myself half to death.

When I resurfaced, I figured, "breathe when you are on the surface dummy, and hold your breath when you are under !"

I continued to get mixed with the food waste, then the hot water sprinklers came on. "It is a washing machine" I thought, "But this does not wash clothes. It washes waste food !"

There I stayed at the mercy of the machine, not that the bio-digester showed its "food" any mercy as it continued to process me along with the contents of its metal stomach.

Around and around I went. I had not even seen the kitchen lights when they were switched back on at 6 a.m. Debbie's 5 a.m. alarm had failed to ring !

The head chef stopped the bio-digester and opened the lid. I expected to see Debbie. But instead I was greeted by someone dumping more food inside the bio-digester.

"Oh hell, where is Debbie ?!" I wondered.

After the first lot of plates were scraped off and the guests food waste came and joined me. The chef merely closed the lid, and I was processed again. Tumbling around in the food slurry.

I did not know what to do. I did not want to get caught, and get exposed naked and Debbie in trouble, but I felt betrayed as I had not been rescued as promised. So I decided to shout for help. But still no one heard me, so I need not have worried about calling out.

Who was going to search for a small hotel guest, inside a bio-digester with the hotel's food waste ? Answer, no one ! Only Debbie knew I was there, and where was she ?!

Then the fire alarm sounded.

'Oh great, I am left to burn alive', I thought.

However, it was Debbie's plan to rescue me, when the coast was clear.

The lid of the bio-digester opened and a female's arm came in, hunting for me. Debbie found me and pulled me out, covered in mashed and pulped food waste.

"Yuck !" said Debbie as she held me aloft, "No time to explain, the ruddy alarm clock died, and the fire alarm is to get everyone out of the kitchen".

She quickly inserted me into a black polythene garbage bag, and was just about to go when I heard Sarah's voice.

"What are you doing here ?" asked Sarah, "You know the drill. When the alarm sounds you get out. Leave that bag of trash, and get out of the building, now !"

I was placed back on the kitchen floor, only now I was inside a trash bag.

The fire alarm was switched off, and the chefs and cooked returned to finish making breakfast.

I laid as still as I could.

"Take this bag of trash to the compactor, Debbie", ordered the head chef.

"Yes, chef" replied Debbie and I was smuggled out of the kitchen.

Where she took me next, I could only guess. I did wonder whether she was going to return me to the trash compactor.

But instead, she returned me to my room. Ran a warm bath, and hosed me down with the hand shower. Then she applied the solvent to the googles and removed them.

"Oh I am so sorry", said Debbie.

"Oh I am sure you can make it up to me on my next visit", I replied.

As I left, Sarah the hotel manager came and saw me. "I have been meaning to talk to you about the amount of trash you keep in the bedroom....."

I thought if only you knew. I had been trash compacted and bio-digested, and I bet you don't advertise that you treat your guests this way, or else all of the rest of the trashcan enthusiasts on the Plaza will come here !

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