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Got Carried Away

by PolytheneWrappedMe

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© Copyright 2018 - PolytheneWrappedMe - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; hotel; maid; naked; trashbag; mast; climax; trolley; bagged; disposal; compactor; garbage; cons; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death
story continued from part one

Part Two

"Welcome back" said the Hotel Manager, with a grin. "Nice to see you enjoyed yourself so much, that you have come back so soon."

I blushed.

I was still unsure whether the maid had spoken of my last adventure, or whether we had been caught on camera, as she had rescued me from the garbage truck. Oh hell, what if the garbage truck employee had told everyone despite the bribe to stay silent ? Would I be arrested ?

I signed the hotel register, and took my room keys.

These trips weren't cheap as I said before, but last time was worth every penny, and I could not wait to return.

I opened the bedroom door, and there waiting for me, was the hotel maid I had befriended from my first visit.

"I am glad you have returned" said the maid, full of new-found confidence in her voice. "Since your last visit, I have been having these sexual fantasies involving crushing willing young lads like you, again and again in the trash compactor. It is our naughty secret. Don't worry, I told no one, and no one knows."

"How many willing young lads, have you crushed ?" I asked, although I was not sure I wanted to know the answer, in case I had awoken in her the deepest darkest desire to commit mass murder or something. Or maybe the hotel had found a new way to deal with guests who failed to pay their bills ? I smiled at the thought.

"Oh, only one guest. You." the maid replied, "It is not as if this is a common occurrence ! In all the many years I have worked here, you were the only hotel guest who treated me like a human being, instead of just someone to clean up after their mess. And you would not believe the state some people leave their rooms and bathrooms in ! Bodily fluids everywhere, if you get my drift. And you were the only hotel guest to ever show a deep and intimate interest in the workings of our trash compactor - from the inside !" She laughed. "It is strange that a lad so nice as you, wants to be treated as trash and gets his kicks out of doing it. Perhaps, even more of a shock to me, was the fact I enjoyed watching you squirm, as your bag disappeared into the trash container as the compactor ram made such easy work of you !!"

"I am glad that you enjoyed it too. You were the first person I have shared this with, and I have never ridden a compactor before (although, I have thought about doing it a lot). But are you sure no one knows ? How about the garbage truck man ? What about CCTV cameras ?" I asked.

"Relax sir. The garbage truck man is too scared of me to say anything. I am sure he thinks I am a mass-murderer. Can't think why !" She chuckled, like some witch from Macbeth, scheming to do away with her next victim. "As for CCTV" she continued, "Why would the hotel have security cameras to protect someone from stealing the trash ?" Then thinking about it some more, she added, "I don't suppose anyone in Hotel Management thought guests might actually like being inside WITH the trash as it is crushed." She laughed again.

"How did you know I was due back ?" I wondered, half wanting her to convince me she was not a mass-murderer.

"Oh we get a guest list from the concierge. Some guests tip staff, so staff are always eager to see who comes back", she replied.

I handed her some more money. It seemed expected and the right thing to do, after all the work she had done for me previously.

"Oh thank you sir !" She said with glee, "Although there is no need. After all I was only putting the trash out, wasn't I ?" She winked. as she said this, to let me know that was simply a cover story. "Anyway, there are some services staff are willing to perform for free, if they enjoy it too !"

I knew exactly what she meant for she had admitted it turned her on also.

"Have you brought any more of those shiny black, strong 1100 litre bin liners, like you did last time ?"

I sheepishly admitted my luggage did have a few bags.....

"Where on earth did you get them, they are so large ?" the maid asked.

"The internet" I replied.

"Well enjoy your stay," the maid said as she started to leave, "but don't forget the 'Do Not Disturb' sign if you intend to do anything kinky with those bags. I would not want any of my colleagues to be shocked if they found you !" With that remark still fresh in the air, she left, closing the door behind her.

What had she meant, her colleagues finding me ? I thought she said only she knew !

My thoughts returned to the prospect of the whole thing being a trap, and the police bursting in and arresting me. Trespass. Naked in public (except for a polythene bag). Unlawful use of a trash compactor. Mental shock of the garbage truck man requiring decades of expensive counselling. The list went on and on.

But all too soon, movement in my underpants reminded me of why I was here. I grabbed a 1100 litre bin liner from my suitcase, placed the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door, stripped naked, and slid inside the wonderful black polythene with its heavy scent of new plastic. Once completely inside, I masturbated like crazy. Maybe I could have more adventures with the hotel trash on this holiday too ?

I had come several times, and the black polythene liner had become quite sweaty and sticky inside. It no longer smelled fresh and new either. The scent from my semen, and stale breath, and sweat adding to the polythene smell, so that I now smelled like trash, as well as looked like trash.

The more I masturbated, the easier I could visualise me becoming part of the hotel trash again. I imagined her taking me away as before, only this time she would ensure she was alone in the basement, and she was able to load me into the compactor unseen. I imagined her soft moans as her fingers of one hand would rub her clit in soft circular motions, her breathing deepening and becoming quicker, as I lay helpless and bagged in the hopper. Then seconds before her orgasm hit, she would simply press the compactor's green 'on' button and watch me squirm as the ram pushed me inside to join the rest of the hotel's trash. The sight of me disappearing being the catalyst for sending her over the edge and her screams from her intense orgasm might be the last thing I hear as the ram forces me deep inside and the waiting trash consumes me.

Yep. I came again !

I am not sure how long I had been bagged, maybe three hours had elapsed.

I heard the bedroom door open, despite the sign on the door.

I then heard her speak.

"I am so glad I have found you again, so willing to be trashed." the maid said.

I laid there motionless, still naked inside the large polythene bag with the sweat and my loads of cum still dripping off my body.

"So this is what you use those large bags for," the maid teased, for I suspected she knew only too well what I did with them.

"Don't mind me," she continued, "I ignored the sign you placed on the door, after all it was more an invitation to enter than a deterrent not to !" She laughed.

"If I call a colleague to help me 'clean the room' you must keep your end of the bargain. No moving, and only breathe if you have to !" the maid instructed.

I remained still.

Seeing that her slave was obeying her commands, she said, "Good. I am glad we have an understanding. Stay here, while I get Sarah."

I heard her walk outside into the corridor.

"Sarah !" I thought, "Who the hell is Sarah. I had not agreed to any witnesses !!"

"Come in Sarah", the maid said, "Look how this guest has left the room. I am paid to take the trash out, but bags as large as this !" The maid pretended to complain to Hotel Management.

The two women continued to debate what they should do with me. The real me, a guest, who Sarah intended to have words with upon my return. And the me that was the contents of a trash bag.

"I don't really see the problem Debbie", Sarah said, "It does not look that heavy". (Remember I am only 2ft tall.)

Next Sarah picked me up, with ease, and she dropped the 1100 litre liner containing me, into the trash bag at the end of the maid Debbie's trolley. I had now been double bagged.

"Now take this trash to the basement Debbie, and give it a good crushing ! I think it is appalling that hotel guests should leave large amounts of trash around." barked Sarah.

Whether this was staged for my benefit, I could not tell. But if so, the two women remained in character very well.

As before, the maid, who I now knew was Debbie, wheeled me to the good's lift and took me to the basement. The trash bag on the trolley was sealed, and I was dumped into the hopper of the compactor.

"I just have to set up my video camera," said Debbie to the trash bag. "I want to film you, so I have something to watch on lonely dark nights with no company except my rabbit vibrator".

She intended to film me being crushed in the trash for her own erotic pleasure ! She was much more than a willing aid. It was clear she was enjoying it too !

Debbie switched on her video camera, and started fondling herself.

Next I heard her say, as if directing a demonstration video, "We put the trash here", as she pointed the video camera on my plastic bagged body. "Then we push this green button here." but she did not activate the compactor ram, as she wanted to savour the moment. "And the trash gets crushed in here" she said pointing the video camera deep inside the trash container, and zooming in on the flattened bags that were inside. "Obviously, I don't feel sorry for the bags that are crushed flat, after all they only contain trash !" With that she hit the green start button, and I was pushed inside.

"There." said Debbie, very satisfied with her filming, "Something to watch later".

"Thanks for being such a good sport, sir !" she said, "You can come out now."

I wriggled and got myself free.

"Pooh. You stink, sir" said Debbie, "The smell is part hotel garbage and part 'gentlemen's fluid' if I am not mistaken !"

"Fancy getting off being trashed !" she continued, as if to humiliate me.

"I think you have met Sarah before. She is the Hotel Manager who wished your bon voyage after your last adventure, and who welcomed you back this time. She does not know about our arrangement. She just thought you were a bag of trash. I wished I had videoed her as well, as she instructed me to dispose of you. Did you get excited at two women involved with your dumping ? Pictured us as lesbians, did you sir, I mean Trash".

I asked to go back to the room to wash up.

"Nope. I have not finished with you, Trash", Debbie replied. "Since your last visit, I have been promoted to some menial restaurant duties. Only a cleaner, you understand, but it is something better than just chamber maid."

"But you said, the restaurant trash goes inside a bio-digester ! And I am bio !!" I protested at the thought of what she implied.

"It is okay, Trash." Debbie said in a calming voice, "The enzymes are harmless to human skin. I have put them on me several times, never left even so much as a mark". She showed me her hands, as if that passed for evidence. I would have to trust her.

Then she produced a pair of swimming googles.

"The same cannot be said for if you get the stuff in your eyes. It will eat them, and then the rest of you." she said.

I looked horrified at the thought.

She carried on, undeterred. "I had the choice of supergluing your eye lids together, to save you, or to superglue these swimming goggles to you", Debbie said.

"Superglue !" I said alarmingly.

"Its okay, we have a solvent that removes superglue, daft Trash" she said, "The way I figured you would prefer the swimming goggles as you would want to watch the machine process you as food waste".

She had a point, and it looked as if she had covered the risks.

"But how will it work ?" I asked, intrigued at the thought of being hotel food waste.

"I will bag you and take you to one of the hotel kitchens. As we have five restaurants, the one on the 1st Floor, used for breakfast will be empty now and locked. I have a key. I will put you in the bio-digester, naked, and close the lid. All the bio-digesters are fitted with a timer and come on automatically at 1 a.m. and stop at 8 p.m. The staff don't arrive until 6 a.m. to prepare breakfast. If I set my alarm for 5 a.m. you will have four hours to enjoy being processed. Don't worry, the machines take a full 24 hours to eat all the food waste and turn it into water. The kitchen staff just keep topping up the machine with new food waste, so the machines are never completely empty. Four hours should be enough for your first time, then if you enjoy it, the next time I could give you longer and you could witness staff actually dumping more food on top of you. But that option is more risky, as I don't want to be caught taking a nude hotel guest, sorry just some food waste, out of the bio-digester." Debbie said confidently.

"How do I know you will rescue me ?" I asked.

"You don't!" she replied. "Trash cannot expect to be rescued unless its owner deems it so. You are at my complete mercy, and I think, judging by your little cock's movements, that is how you like it !"

Debbie handed me one of my own 1100 litre bags. I recognised it.

"I have access to the internet too, but it is cheaper to use one of yours, from your bedroom !" said Debbie.

I climbed inside, and Debbie carried me out of the basement to the kitchen.

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