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Good Citizen

by Tammy Murfin

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© Copyright 2016 - Tammy Murfin - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; discovery; dumpster; solo-f; naked; trashplay; compactor; garbage; disposal; compress; stuck; cons; X

Jim was leaving a friend's apartment after a fun night with her. It was nothing serious, just an old friends with benefits thing and her home was along his travel route as he headed home from the coast. It was early, about 6 am on a Sunday morning, but since he still had a bit of a drive and she had to meet girlfriends for a Sunday brunch thing, it was time to get on the road.

As he walked to his car, Jim was puzzled at some sounds coming from the apartment's dumpster area. He figured it's just some animal rooting in the garbage, but curiosity got the better of him. He looked around and saw there were no cameras and that there was a partly open gate to the walled area holding the dumpster.

Jim slipped in past the gate and saw that it was actually a closed container, coupled to a compaction unit. Right next to it, he could clearly hear something moving inside the big steel container. He walked over to the hopper, noticing that the controls were right there and someone has left their lock out key in the controls.

Looking inside Jim saw that the ram was retracted and the container seemed full, but the flattened bag in the opening was slowly moving out, back into the hopper.

It suddenly toppled over revealing, to his surprise, one bare foot that had apparently just pushed the bag out. As he watched, another bag dropped into the hopper and revealed a bare ass wiggling backwards toward the hopper. There was no doubt that it was a woman, her naked ass and pussy were right there with her whole upper body still deep in the dumpster's contents.

Jim looked around, confirming there are no cameras and that none of the apartment windows face the trash disposal area. He noticed that someone must have come to the dumpster during the night and just thrown two large bags off to the side, not bothering to put them in the hopper. Maybe it was already running and the hopper was blocked. Jim then decided to be a helpful fellow and go to toss them into the hopper. As he lifted them, he realized they are full of books and newspapers. Heavy and packed solid.

He lifted the first one onto the edge of the hopper and tipped it in. It landed on the leg and foot and he heard a muffled sound from inside the dumpster. He could still see that naked ass, so he turned and got the second bag. In it went, on top of the first before rolling off to the side. Now he could only see the ass and pussy peeking over the new bags.

Jim turned to the controls. The key was already set to on, so he simply pressed the big green button and waited as the hydraulics pressurized.

He watched the ass wiggling, trying to shift the weight off the leg and poke itself further out of the dumpster opening, but there was a clunk from the machinery and the ram began it's movement. The two new bags shifted slowly and pressed tighter against the ass and then the whole pile of garbage was pressed into the dumpster. As the ram itself tried to push into the opening, it slowed, the contents packed together tight enough to block it's tons of pressure. There was a series of muffled crunches and it shifted in a bit, but not much, before it again stalled.

The pressure sensor triggered the mechanism with another clunk and the ram retracted to expose the flattened plastic surface of the two bags in the dumpster opening. There were a couple of tiny lumps, what he realized were toes, just visible at the bottom between the bags. They didn't move and there is no motion or sound from the dumpster.

Jim realized that all that garbage was now just one big compressed blob waiting to be hauled off to the landfill. Smiling, he walked off to his car knowing he had been a good citizen and helped dispose of some garbage.

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