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Goodbye Garbage

by Jcoop

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© Copyright 2017 - Jcoop - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; naked; bondage; hogtie; zipties; tape; gag; trashbags; vacuum; breathplay; tease; torment; cartrunk; dumpster; disposal; buried; suffocate; death; cons/nc; XX

You've been lying here 20 minutes now, wondering what's going to happen. Face down on the bed, naked and hogtied with cable ties. Waiting for another night of fun, but tonight is different.

I walk in eventually, you notice something is up, I'm just wearing a pair of joggers and a hoodie, my hair is tied back and my sleeves rolled up. Usually I wear something sexy for you but tonight I look like I'm going to do some housework. That's cause I am. I don't even acknowledge you as I leave again and go to the kitchen. I come back in holding a roll of extra large, heavy duty, black, garbage bags in one hand and a roll of duct tape in the other. I toss them next to your face on the bed and leave again. This time I return with the vacuum cleaner and leave it next to the bed. I stand there, look at you and sigh. I start to unravel one of the shiny and smooth, garbage bags and rip it off the roll.

"What's the vacuum cleaner for?" You ask curiously, as I climb behind you.

I completely ignore your question and instead lean close and pinch your nose shut. As your mouth opens instinctively to breathe, you start to feel me packing the un-open garbage bag I ripped off into your mouth until the whole thing is in there. Forgetting to let go of your nose, you start to choke as I force it in. I hold my hand over your mouth to keep it in, then start wrapping it up in tape. Round and round. Pulling it tight as I go until I'm satisfied you're not going to make a sound. Then you start to feel me wrapping up your cable ties with the thick, duct tape, securing the hogtie. Making sure all your limbs are stuck tight. You even feel me tape up your fingers and toes. You wonder for a second if I'm maybe going a bit over the top but that soon fades as the ecstasy of being helpless starts taking over and you start to enjoy it.

"I wouldn't get too excited, if I were you." I say calmly, noticing your dripping erection. You look up at me nervously wondering what I'm planning.

You try to mouth words through your gag, asking what the hell I'm going on about, but nothing comes out. Just a quiet muffled noise.

"Shhhh, don't worry!" I laugh. "I'll explain everything, it's the least I can do considering what I'm about to do to you. I want you to know what's going to happen and why I'm doing this to you." You heart stops for a moment, what's she going to do? Your mind starts racing.

"Well, unfortunately, I'm bored of you now. You've exhausted your last bit of usefulness and just like every disposable object, which you are, you have an expiry date. That date is today, right now."

You start to nervously chuckle through your gag before I interrupt your amusement.

"I'm not fucking joking! You are done. I'm going to pack you up in these garbage bags like the worthless junk you are and throw you out with all the rest of the trash. I guess you could say, I'm dumping you."

I giggle at my own joke, proud of myself for my quick humor as you panic on the bed, wondering if this crazy girl is actually serious. Well, she is.

"Oh yeah, you were wondering what the vacuum cleaner was for? Well, today I spent all day cleaning up SO much trash. There are so many bags that I'm going to have to vacuum pack you to fit you in the dumpster with it all."

Then you realize, she is serious. You start begging through your gag as I rip off more garbage bags from the roll. I don't say a word. I just shake the bag open and slide it over your head and shoulders. I grab onto the tape holding your legs and hands together in your hogtie and use it to slide you into the shiny, smooth, thick bag. You get pushed all the way to the end and start feeling me pushing the air out of the black bag and bringing the sides of the bag together as everything gets darker. You lie there, helplessly moaning as you hear me plug in the vacuum.

"You better hold your breath" I laugh. "Or don't, I don't care."

With that, the vacuum nozzle is put into the bag and the switch goes on. You feel the bag slowly start to suck in around you and your heart starts racing. The confining plastic closes in. Getting tighter and tighter. Before you know it, you are having to blow the bag from your face as it keeps getting sucked into your nose until finally you are air tight. I hold the vacuum there a few extra seconds just to make sure I've got all the air out, then I tape up the end tight. Bending the end over on itself, making sure nothing escapes and taping it again.

By this point, you are starting to struggle for air, trying to signal me to let you breathe. I climb on top of your vac bagged body and all you hear is the sound of tape being ripped off of the roll. You feel me start to wrap the thick, black tape around your mouth, as if I was gagging you again, then around your eyes. Now you are screaming for air.

"But garbage doesn't need to breathe." I say mockingly. I play with you a little and rub your dick with my hand as hard as I can before I finally pop a hole in each of your nostrils for air before you pass out. "I want you conscious for this, you'll have plenty of chances to suffocate later."

Starting to resign yourself to your fate, you hear the unraveling of yet another trash bag. The exact same thing happens again as before. You get slid inside, air sucked out and a couple of holes to breathe through your nostrils. This in fact happens another two times until I'm satisfied.

"Now I need to make you look less suspicious incase someone happens to come across you. I wouldn't get your hopes up though, I'm going to make sure you are nowhere near the top of the dumpster for anyone to find but I don't want to take any chances."

I open up a final three trash bags and put them inside each other and lie them open, upwards, on the floor. I leave the room and come back with two full garbage bags from the weeks kitchen trash. I cut one open and dump it into the three layered, open bags and throw the now empty kitchen bag in with it as well.

"I can't tell the difference between you and the trash in this bag if I'm completely honest, but that's just me." I say passively.

With that, I grab your feet and slide you off the bed and into the bags. You land with a bit of a thud but most of the garbage breaks your fall. Then I grab the other full kitchen bag and cut that open and dump it on top of you.

"Now it's time to take out the trash, I'm getting rid of you for good."

You give off a scream as I pull the draw strings together and tie it tight, not sealing off the bag completely so that you get some air through. You can feel and smell the garbage around you now. Packed tightly in my trash and sealed almost completely in a plastic bag, you can't help but smell your sweat and arousal as well. Wondering if I'll actually dig through the nasty trash to free you. Knowing your going to be trapped under a mountain of bags very soon, who knows if and when you'll get any air. You feel me sliding you all the way too the garage. With you all packed up tight, you are a lot easier to lift into the trunk of my car but I still struggle and eventually drop you into it with a big thud.

"Oh shit!" I scream. For a moment you think I'm concerned for your safety but that hope dies fast as you realize I was worried about having loose trash falling out of the bag into my trunk. Those heavy duty bags don't rip easy though. And I've lost count of how many you are in. You hear me load up the garbage from the big clean up earlier before I close the trunk and we take a short trip to a remote area with a few dumpsters.

The trunk opens.

"This is it, time to throw you away with the garbage. No coming back now, this is happening. No ones going to find you, you're going to lie in that dumpster under all the trash until you either suffocate or get crushed with the trash in the garbage truck. Pick-up here isn't that regular so it will be a while before anyone comes by and I'm going to lock the dumpster shut just to make sure you stay where you belong. Most importantly, die where you belong.

I walk away and grab a shopping kart lying around that some hobo probably left, then proceed to lift you into it. The dumpster has a ramp up to it so I push you in the cart all the way up to the opening.

"Oh wow! That stinks! If you think that kitchen trash is bad you've got another thing coming."

Then I lean in close so you can hear me clearly.

"I'm going to go home now and cum to the thought of you lying here, knowing I've finally taken out the trash for good. Thinking of you gasping on rotten, hot air until eventually enough plastic bags fall on your filthy face and send you to sleep for good. Knowing you'll never be found, just another bag of trash getting dumped and compacted into a garbage truck. And once I've cum, I promise, i will never think of you ever again."

And with that, I tip you into the half full dumpster as you let of a final muffled scream in terror. Or at least the last one I'll ever hear. I let you get comfortable as I go and get the rest of the trash bags from the car. There's about 11 of them, some of them heavier than others. The lighter ones with the soft trash get thrown on you first, and I make sure and drop one of the huge, black bags right on top of where your head is. Then the heavier bags dumped on top of that. I just want to get home now, but I need to finish the job. I push down on the lid, having to force the garbage down to get it closed and lock it shut. You hear the rubbish all around you crumple, creak, and groan before I flip the lockbar in place.

I stop and listen, I can't hear anything. Good. You'll never leave that dumpster, alive at least. You hear the car start and leave. The sound disappears as it gets further away, then just like that, silence. You're fucked. You can't move an inch, the smell is foul and your already struggling to breathe. You start panicking as plastic sucks against your nostrils, desperately trying to control your breathing. But it's no use, you can't find a pocket of fresh air. The bags pushing in against your face slowly from the weight of the garbage around you and the air running out of the bag your tightly sealed inside of. You finally accept your fate, only wishing you could jerk off, but your hands are hogtied to your feet. You start to grind against a bag of trash next to you, trying to get one last bit of pleasure before its lights out, until you finally cum inside your wet, slimy bag. The orgasm is unlike any you've ever had, it's so very intense. In the ecstasy of cumming, you knock a bag loose, which falls down and sinks into your face. The loose bag seems to conform around your face and envelope you, hugging you sternly as you struggle for your last gasp beneath a thin layer of plastic. Goodbye garbage. That's what you get.

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