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Giving Her What She Wanted

by Doctor Vader

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© Copyright 2013 - Doctor Vader - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; gag; wrap; saran; cocoon; transport; dumpster; truck; mast; denial; anal; climax; cons; X

Miriam had been pestering more and more over recent months, she wanted more and more from me. To play garbage games and breath play games and other kinky stuff. I’d tried to tell her I didn’t want to do it all the time, but still she went on. Eventually I decided I’d had enough and was going to plan a game she’d remember… For the rest of her life. I told her to be patient and later in the week, I’d give her what she wanted. She had clapped her hands excitedly at the prospect of an imminent game. I busied myself making the preparations.

Friday came and Miriam was beginning to seem dejected that I hadn’t initiated a game for her yet.

“But you said this week” She said forlornly as evening drew close.

“I do have something planned for you… for later” I replied, wearing my wry grin. She knew, that grin meant I had something devious in mind.

“But first, I’m having a nice relaxing bath… and you’ll just have to wait” I smiled.

“You’re just trying to tease me” She said, putting on a mock scowl.

I cannot deny that many times I’d made her wait, let her simmer in building anticipation for what she wanted. I made her wait out of cruelty. But today was different. I was making her wait because I wanted to be sure, before I committed to doing anything. I had to consider what I could be throwing away. I simply smiled at her and went to run my bath. I added some nice smelling bath salts, slipped myself into the hot, steaming water and began to relax and soak. I took my time, a wet flannel over my face. My eyes closed.

I thought about Miriam and how we’d first met. I thought about all the interests and deviances that we shared and about the few that we didn’t. And I thought about how beautiful she was and her young, firm body. I thought about her and noticed how stiff I’d become. Eventually I stepped from the bath, drained the water and towelled myself dry. Leisurely I got dressed and made my way down stairs. She turned in her seat excitedly as I strode into the living room. She looked at me with expectation. I smiled and her eyes twinkled. I’d made my mind up. I knew what I was going to do tonight.

“Go and change, I want you in a tight skirt, a tight blouse and I want to see some ruby red lipstick on… make yourself look like a cheap whore” I said sternly. She looked at me for just a second. Biting her lower lip. Just as she knew my wry grin, I knew this look too, she liked what I’d told her to do.

“Hurry… Now!” I snapped and Miriam leapt up and scampered to our bedroom. While she was gone, I went out to the garage to fetch my big black bag and a few other supplies. I returned from the garage, dropped my bag onto the kitchen floor and sat at the table. I waited for Miriam to get ready as I’d asked. She didn’t take long.

“Very good… You really do look like a cheap slut” I said with a little venom in my tone. She looked to the floor. My smile grew at her shame.

“Now seeing as you’re a little whore… I want you to behave like one” I said and she looked at me timidly. I loved that look and could feel my own excitement building.

“Pull up your skirt and play with yourself… Playing with your dirty little pussy through your panties and groan like a whore while you’re doing it” I said a wicked smile curling on my lips.

Slowly she drew up her tight little skirt, until it was gathered at her waist. Hesitantly she reached for her crotch and as her fingers found the lips of her sex through her panties, I noticed that she’d painted shinny red nails too. I was pleased she’d gone for the full effect. Slowly as she began to stroke herself she began to moan quietly, looking at me for brief moments now and then, seeking my approval perhaps.

“Louder” I said and she immediately began to up her groans, trying to behave like a whore. Soon she didn’t have to try, as she really began to enjoy herself. Her eyes closed and her mouth, open and wanton. She groaned in real pleasure as I sat watching her play with herself. She began to rub and stroke herself harder and faster. I smiled as I saw her slipping into a world of her own, fuelled by her arousal.

“Stop!” I bellowed and Miriam jumped, shocked at my sudden command.

“Are your panties wet?” I asked.

“Yes” She replied shyly, dropping her gaze to the floor again.

“Good now take them off and put them in your mouth” I ordered and she looked a little stunned, but didn’t delay.

She hooked her thumbs into her underwear and began to slowly work them down her legs. Stepping out of them when the dropped to her ankles and quickly balling the up, she stuffed them into her mouth. I smiled for a moment, just looking at her. Made up like a cheap slut and now standing there with her own panties in her mouth. She simply stood there, waiting. I stood up, grabbed a roll of duct tape from my bag and began to wrap layer after layer of the tape over her mouth. Miriam stood there, letting me do it.

“Now over to the table… bend over it and stand, legs apart” I said and Miriam reacted quickly, doing as I’d asked.

I dropped the tape back into my black bag and approached her from behind. I unzipped my jeans and released my hard member. I saw her eyes twinkle as she looked back at me, eager to feel me inside her. I pressed the tip of my cock against her pussy and she groaned into her gag. I held it there, letting her anticipation build, then slowly I moved and pressed my tip against her anus. Miriam shuddered and I began to slowly press myself inside her tight little hole. She moaned and pressed herself back against me, gripping the edge of the table. I closed my eyes and pushed myself all the way in and then withdrew slightly before pushing harder and deeper.

Miriam’s muffled groans intensified as I began to drive myself faster and harder in and out. I began to thrust and pound her backside without mercy or concern and still she backed herself onto me in rhythm to my callous grinding. She moaned and I pounded her, until I eventually climaxed, unleashing my load into her. I was panting a little, and took a moment to compose myself, before I withdrew. Miriam stayed, bent over the table, eyes closed and resting. I pulled her up by her hair and she yelped into her gag as I yanked at her.

“Now we need to wrap this game up” I said with a sneer as I shoved her towards the middle of the kitchen and she stumbled to hold her balance. She was stunned at my rough handling of her, but she didn’t resist or complain. I smiled as I reached into my black bag, drawing out a roll of saran wrap. Miriam’s eyes grew wide. I knew she’d wanted to be wrapped.

“Legs apart” I ordered and she quickly moved her feet a step each way, spreading her legs.

I smiled to myself at her eager cooperation, and knelt with my roll of saran wrap. Holding at her ankle, I began to slowly and carefully wind it around her lower leg. Meticulously I wound and pulled the wrap, firmly all the way up her leg, smoothing it as I went. Eventually her entire leg was covered in the wrap, like a second skin. Happy with what I’d done, I began with her other leg, starting at her ankle and wrapping her leg entirely.

“Arms out” I said and she lifted her arms.

Grabbing a second roll of wrap I started on her upper arm and wound the wrap tightly all the way down to her wrist and then carried on to her fingertips, completely enveloping her hand too. Quickly I started on her other arm. Miriam began to lower her, now very stiff arms to her sides and I shook my head with a stern look. She stopped and kept her arms held up.

I started at her pelvis, and began to wind more wrap around her, working upwards and pulling it cruelly tight as I wrapped her stomach. I carried on wrapping her torso, up and up, pressing her breasts firmly against her chest as I worked on her upper body. I wound the wrap up and over her shoulders and around her neck a little too. Satisfied so far, I stopped and took a step back to admire my handiwork for a minute or so. Miriam stood there, her eyes twinkling back at me. I smiled and grabbed more saran wrap.

“Legs together” I said and chuckled as I watched her shuffling her legs back together, no longer able to bend her knees.

As soon her legs were back together I stooped at her feet and began to rewrap her legs, both together this time. Again I meticulously took my time and wound more and more of the wrap tightly, welding her legs together. I wound it up her calves and up to her thighs. As I approached her crotch and then carried on wrapping Miriam to her waist, I pulled her arms to her sides.

As I wrapped her body, gluing her arms to her sides under the thick amount of wrap I was using, she quickly became totally immobilised. I carried on, slowly smoothing out the wrap as I went, over her chest enveloping her shoulders until she became completely cocooned in the thick, tough wrap up to her neck. I could see beads of sweat on her forehead. She was obviously very hot already. Wearing her tight skirt and blouse, made up like a slut and wrapped in a lot of saran wrap. I imagined her blouse and skirt were probably uncomfortably wet with her own perspiration under all the wrap and I smirked to myself. Now I had to lay her down to finish her off.

“Soon be done” I smirked as I tiled her slowly lowering her to the ground.

She shrieked into her gag the further I tilted her, but I was pleased to see she couldn’t even bend at the waist anymore. Gently I lowered her to the floor and moved down to her feet. I wound some more wrap around her feet, until she was completely covered and her feet seemed to then blend with the rest of her plastic cocoon. Then I moved up to her head. I knelt next to her, looking into her eyes for a moment. Just smiling at her. Then I began to continue to wrap. She looked up at me confused, maybe even a touch of fear as I started to carefully apply the wrap around her neck, where I’d stopped before. She began to try and shake her head as I began to firmly wrap her chin and over her mouth, but the wrap was already minimizing her movement.

“You’ve brought this on yourself” I grinned at her as I slowly continued the wrap and smooth the plastic. She looked up at me wide eyed.

“If you ask over and over relentlessly, eventually you’ll get… exactly what you want” I smiled as I began to pull the wrap tight over her eyes, her head becoming covered in the plastic wrap. All that was left uncovered was just the end of her nose, so Miriam would still be able to breathe through her nostrils

“I’ve made special arrangements for your game tonight…” I spoke a little louder to make sure she’d still hear me through the plastic now covering her ears.

“I’m going to be dropping you off in a dumpster, because I know you like that… But I’ve arranged for a friend of mine to be driving the truck you’ll get picked up in…” I smiled to myself as I smoothed the last of the wrap into place.

“And he’s going to make sure you get dropped off in just the right place at the landfill… So you’ll be buried under tons of trash soon after you get there…” I continued, holding Miriam’s head in my hands.

“You’ll be lost at the landfill… Permanently” I chuckled to myself, wondering what might be going through her mind.

It took quite an effort to manhandle my now completely mummified Miriam into the back of my friends van, but with some effort I managed it. I could feel her trying to squirm and struggle, but her actual movements were miniscule and I laughed as I slammed the doors of the van closed. Jumping in the drivers seat, I checked my watch, I still had plenty of time. I drove at leisure with Miriam in the back of the van, regardless of what I was about to do, I didn’t want her tumbled and jostled about in the back.

I pulled up at the dumpster my friend and I had arranged he’d pick up and hurriedly made my way to the van's back doors, popping them open. I looked at Miriam for a long moment, taking in her utter helplessness, wrapped in that tight plastic cocoon. But I still had to get this done, and I began to haul her from the van and over to the dumpster. I lowered her gently to the floor by the dumpster as I jumped up to open the lid. I then hauled Miriam to my shoulder and heaved her over the edge and deep into bowels of the container.

I gazed in at her. I couldn’t even notice the tiniest of movements from her. Now all I need to do was wait. I let the lid of the dumpster fall closed and perched myself against a lamppost near by, waiting for my friend to arrive. I waited for about twenty minutes, checking my watch periodically and eventually the sound of my friends diesel engine filled the air. I waved to him as he drew near, he nodded to me through the large window.

I attached the dumpster for him and gave him the thumbs up. He operated the controls from inside the cab and I watched as the dumpster was jerked into the air and eventually tipped its contents, including a fully wrapped Miriam, into the vast maw of the truck. Once emptied the dumpster was lowered back to the ground and I disconnected it. I raced to the cab of the truck and hauled myself up and in.

“So does she think she’s on her way to the landfill?” My friend asked as I made myself comfortable in the passenger seat.

“Yeah, she thinks I’m just gonna leave her there” I laughed. It was never my intention, I just wanted to be cruel. My friend and I were just going to take a short drive and let her think she was on her way to the dump. Ultimately I’ll have her back safe and home within an hour or so.

“You‘re a cruel bastard” My friend chuckled as we pulled away.

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