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Girl's Night Party Trash

by Tobe Trashy

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The night was approaching, the monthly girls night that Tobe's roommate, Trish, always talked about and looked forward to. Trish was in a girl's group and their party would rotate among all of the women in the groups' houses. This time it was to be held at their house. Too bad it was in the middle of the week because Tobe had been very stressed out lately with so much work that he hadn't found anything to do to get out of the house.

Trish knew and understood that and felt bad about it. During one of their normal chats one night, they were talking about kinky things and what each others' interests were. They had talked about them before, but not all of them. They had grown more open about their interests as time passed and they played together more. Trish and Tobe had played a little together with their kinks on a low key level, doing things like rope bondage and such. Trish had a slight crush on Tobe, but didn't think it was reciprocal from Tobe, and she wasn't sure how compatible they actually were either, so she didn't pursue it because she liked having him as a roommate. Tobe on the other hand, saw her as very attractive, but was interested in another girl he had been dating, so he didn't think much of Trish as a potential relationship. He also enjoyed their roommate chemistry and didn't want to break that.

This time in their conversation, Tobe hesitantly explained his objectification fetish and how he liked trash bags and thought about being treated like trash. Trish was rather responsive, asking a lot of questions and with a slight smile on her face of amusement. She said that it was a bit odd, but it was kind of interesting. She asked whether he had anyone really treat him fully like trash before, and how far he had taken it. He said that he hadn't gotten very far with it because it was hard to find someone to do it to him. He didn't know how far he was willing to take it, but he'd likely go as far as the scene would go because he would just be trash anyhow and would have to endure the fate of trash. Trish laughed and smiled and said that kind of sounded like fun. She said she would think about it and whether she'd ever indulge him some time.

Trish later thought about the conversation she had with Tobe that one night, and thought of an idea on how to combine several of Tobe's interests at the same time, as well as make it so he didn't have to go out for the evening of their party.

A week before the party, Trish had her best friend over, Suzy. Suzy was also very kinky and they pretty much told everything to each other. Suzy also went to the girl's night parties.

They were all talking in the kitchen and Trish brought up a question. "So Tobe, have you found anything to do on the night of our girl's night?"

Tobe replied, "No, I haven't had a lick of time, but I'm sure something will come up or I'll just go hang out a bar for a few hours, no biggie".

Trish then said, "Well Suzy and I were talking yesterday about how you've been so busy and haven't had much time to yourself, to relax, and even do any kinky play. We were talking about your kinks and came up with an idea that will solve many problems at once. Would you be interested in being tied up for the night that night where no one would see you?"

Tobe's ears perked up and eyes widened. Half stumbling over his words, he said "That sounds like fun, what did you have in mind?"

The girls looked at each other with a devilish smile, and then back at Tobe, "You'll find out later, it'll be a surprise but we know you'll love it." Suzy said.

For the next week, Tobe had all kinds of fantasies rolling around in his head about what they might do to him. Would they just tie him up in a room and come check on him from time to time, or did they have plans to somehow involve the girls at the party? The thoughts were endless and certainly left him squirming for more details. It only made his excitement grow and have something to look forward to, which helped ease his stress on his work enough to get things done and not have work on his mind by the time the party came. Over the entire week, Tobe kept trying to ask what they had in mind, but they would always giggle and say nothing.


So the night of the party came. Tobe had finished up work for the day and drove home excited to find out what was at store. The party was only an hour away so he knew he would get to do something very soon, which gave him butterflies to his stomach in anticipation. He walked in the door to smell some food cooking. The girls were cooking up some dishes in the kitchen preparing for the party. "Hey Tobe, hope your day went well, we made some dinner for you!" Suzy said.

Tobe was happy to hear he didn't have to cook anything. He went off to his bedroom to put away his work stuff and use the bathroom. After a short bit, they yelled into Tobe that dinner was ready. When he came into the kitchen, Trish asked if he had used the bathroom and was ready to start the bondage after dinner. He said yes, he had just done so and couldn't think of anything else he would need to do. The party was going to have a potluck, so they just decided to cook a little bit extra for their dish so Tobe could have some. He sat down and had dinner and chatted a bit with the girls while they finished setting up for the party. They didn't give him a very big portion and told him he shouldn't eat too much before being in bondage.

Just as Tobe was finishing up, the girls sat down with him and leaned towards him with a smile on their faces.

"Are you ready?" Suzy asked.

He gleamed with a big smile and said "You bet!"

"Good," Suzy said, "then let's get started. First, we want you to strip."

"Right here?" Tobe asked.

They had all seen each other naked from time to time because they were all pretty open to nudity and would walk around the house that way sometimes. But he had never been tied up by them naked or done anything sexual of nature with him.

"Yes, right here right now" Trish snapped.

Tobe hesitated for a second, then got up and started undressing. As he did, the girls eyed him up and down and Suzy grabbed each of his garments and put them in a trash bag she grabbed off a roll of bags she had with her. After he was nude, Trish brought over a small roll of plastic wrap and told him to make a fist with his hands. He did so and she started wrapping each of his hands in plastic wrap until they looked like stubs of plastic. Tobe was starting to get excited in more ways than one, as he tried to move his fingers and found them to be trapped inside the plastic prison. Trish then grabbed some duct tape and told Tobe to put his wrists together, as she wrapped tape around them a few times, pinning them together loosely, but enough to make it impossible for Tobe to pull them apart.

"How's that, are they too tight or anything? you'll be like this for a few hours so we need to make sure they don't loose circulation or anything." she asked.

"Nope, they're loose enough for me to move my fingers and wrists around a bit, and there's no way it looks like they'll cut off any circulation" Tobe replied.

He moved his hands around a bit to experiment with his bonds, and found that he couldn't move them much, but enough not to cut off any circulation. She definitely knew how to do this and she has probably done it before, he thought to himself.

Suzy pulled a chair into the middle of the room.

"Ok, now sit down on the chair while we do your feet." Trish said.

Trish grabbed the plastic wrap and started wrapping his feet individually just as she did with his hands. Then, she grabbed the tape and said, "Now cross your feet." Trish barked.

He did so and she started taping his ankles together while they were crossed over each other.

Tobe quickly asked, "How are you going to get me into another room or wherever you're taking me to if my ankles are crossed like this?"

Trish quickly responded, "You don't need to worry about that, we know what we're doing."

She finished up and asked again about circulation and movement, which Tobe replied everything was great.

"Good, now stand up." Trish commanded.

He did so, as Suzie pulled the chair away.

"Now sit down on the floor with your feet still crossed and bring your legs up against your chest, we'll help guide you down. "

They helped him down to the ground and he put his bound arms in front of him up towards his neck and in between his now spread apart knees.

"How's your ankles, still good?" Trish asked.

"Yep, still good." replied Tobe.

Suzy braced his back to keep him upright, as Trish went in the living room to grab something.

Trish walked back in the room and said, "We've figured out a way to keep you close by instead of in another room."

Tobe was a bit puzzled and started thinking what they could mean by that.

Trish came around to the side of him and told him to open his mouth. As he did, she inserted a snorkel into his mouth and quickly started wrapping it to the side of his head with plastic wrap, completely wrapping his head in the process.

As she wrapped around and around over and over, all over his head, she told him "You're going to be well hidden, but in plain sight. We know how you love encasement, play in public, and objectification, so we came up with a great idea to include all three."

"Did she just say encasement?" he thought. He couldn't ask any questions now and could only think about what she meant and what was happening. And he realized he couldn't protest much anymore due to the snorkel effectively acting like a gag. Plus the plastic wrapping against his head was making enough noise that he couldn't tell if she was still talking or not.

She finished with the head wrap until his entire head was covered in plastic. He could still barely see out of the plastic enough to make out their features, but was already having a hard time telling who was who. Tobe was wondering what in the world she meant by what she said, and what they were doing with him. But he also knew they wouldn't harm in any way so he just sat there contemplating. Trish moved to the tape again, but instead of puting it on his head, she started wrapping it around his knees and back, essentially giving him support in the positing he was in, but not at all tight or anything. Suzy helped and let off his back where she had been supporting him with her legs until then. He now stayed sitting upright with some support stretching against the tape.

Suzy then grabbed the roll of trash bags she had from before, and pulled one of them off the roll. They were the big, black, 55 gallon yard waste ones which they used occasionally to rake up leaves in the backyard for disposal. They were the nice and thick ones that resisted tears from branches and such. She opened one up and shook it hard to fill it with air. Tobe could make out what she did and heard the familiar noise of shaking out a garbage bag. Trish quickly grabbed his ball bound body and rolled him over on his side. Tobe finally figured out what they were about to do and the entire night started flashing before his eyes in his imagination. 'Holy crap' he thought, 'they're going to bag me up and leave me in the kitchen during the party as a bag of trash!'

He started getting really excited as they maneuvered the trash bag into position where he had been sitting. They rocked him back and forth a bit to get the trash bag under his butt, then lifted him back upright, where his butt was now mostly inside of the trash bag on the floor. Trish scooted him back and forth a bit, while Suzy started pulling the bag up around his body and up over his head. Tobe's mind was running wild now, was getting very excited, and started to moan a bit into his snorkel, which sounded much the same as it does coming from a gag. He realized he was now gagged, bound, and inside of a trash bag in their kitchen, and the start of the party was nearing quickly.

Suzy and Trish pulled the bag up together, to get Tobe's body as far to the bottom of the bag as possible, and to have the top have enough plastic to bring it closed and tie shut.

Just then the doorbell rang.

"Shit," Trish blurted out, "Someone must have come early!"

She stopped what she was doing and went to answer the door and told Suzy to quickly hide him from view.

Tobe heard a woman's voice and they chatted lightly while their voices came closer. Suzy quickly grabbed the plastic wrap and tape and put them under the sink, then pulled the trash bag shut as she told Tobe to be extremely quiet and extremely still. Trish leaned in ahead of the woman to see what things looked like in the kitchen. She saw Suzy at the end of the kitchen finishing off the bag with a zip tie and poking a tiny hole for the snorkel so it was just barely peaking out and towards the wall. Everything else looked pretty normal in the kitchen.

The kitchen was long and narrow, with cupboards, the sink, fridge and such on each side, with the dining table at the far end of the room. They had Tobe in the bag a little off to one side of the table near the back door which lead outside into the back yard. Trish told the woman she could put her dish on the kitchen table and then could wait in the living room while they finished getting ready. Trish continued out the back door of the kitchen into the backyard, while Suzy helped the woman with her dish and arrangement on the table. Tobe's mind was racing, he had never been in such a position before, where he was bound up, gagged, and then forced to not move a muscle, while encased in a bag that was tied shut, where someone he didn't know could discover him.

The woman walked up to the table, with Tobe's bag only a few feet away. He couldn't see anything out of his bag really, but could make out faint movements from light changes. He also noticed the vibrations in the floor as they moved around. The voices sounded amplified as his senses all seemed incredibly heightened. Suzy and the woman chatted briefly while at the table, and at one point one of them backed up slightly and bumped into the bag briefly.

Suzy walked the conversation from the kitchen into the living room, where she offered the woman to sit and make herself at home. Suzy helped turn on the television and show her how to use the remote control. She made sure to turn up the volume a little louder to help drown out any noise from the kitchen.

Trish reappeared from the back yard, but dragging a trash can behind her. It was a black, round, plastic bin that was 45 gallons in size. She brought it inside and placed it next to Tobe. Trish closed the door, then pulled the trash can over on it's side. Then she leaned over to Tobe's bag and asked him if he was ok. He replied with a very muffled " Good," which sounded more like "ooooouuuu." As Trish started tilting him over on his side, Suzy came back into the room again. With quite a bit of effort, the two girls started rocking the trash bag back and forth, as well as lifting the bottom over the lip of the trash can, and then slowly pushing it down to the bottom of the can. It took a little while, and more than the girls bargained for, but they finally managed to do it. they both grabbed a handle on the trash can and lifted the can upright, which shook the bag and Tobe into an upright position.

Trish then undid the twist tie and opened the bag, which brought a swoosh of colder air into the bag. She leaned in and asked quietly, "having fun?" Tobe shook his head yes happily. "Good, I'm sure you have figured out the rest of the evening for you by now. Just sit back and enjoy and we will come to check on you from time to time to make sure you are ok. Just make sure to not make much noise or movement or someone will find out how much of a dirty, slutty piece of trash you are!"

Suzy walked to the cupboard and came back over with a bottle of some kind in her hand. She opened the lid, and began pouring it over the top of Tobe. He immediately recognized the smell, it was ketchup. She was pouring Ketchup all over him! Next she grabbed the mustard and did the same. Trish grabbed some mayonnaise in a bottle that squirts out the top, and did the same. Next was some chocolate syrup, then some cheese sauce, then some guacamole dip and salsa, and then some whipped cream. Tobe could feel everything dripping and oozing down all over his body. They were being thorough to make sure it was getting all over in different places. Tobe felt humiliated and started feeling like just a piece of trash in a trash can. Once they were satisfied, they put the bottles on the kitchen table next to the food that was already there. They were freshly opened bottles and now looked like they had been partially used over time instead of just freshly opened.

At this point, Trish had grabbed another trash bag from the roll and shook it open. Then some sounds of the bag ripping. She was making a big hole in the bottom of the bag. She came over to the can and told Tobe to move his arms off to the side while she started shoving it into the can between Tobe's legs and chest. Tobe wasn't a very large man, all of 5'6 and 125 pounds or so, so he was small and skinny enough to fit inside the trash can with a little room to spare between his legs and chest, as well as over the top of his head below the rim of the can. She forced it down as much as she could, reaching down into the can with both hands and filling all the nooks and crannies of Tobe's body. It stuck a little bit to Tobe's messy body. When she was shoving it around his crotch area, she made sure to give his now erect member a few pats, brushes, and grabs to give him a little bit of stimulation through the bag. Then she grabbed him pretty hard and stroked him a bit to try and rub all of the messy condiments all over his cock and be like lube against the bag. She had never touched him sexually before, so it was a bit of a surprise at how quick she was to do so.

Tobe's excitement was out of control and he nearly lost it when she did that! He groaned into the snorkel while breathing harder and harder. In his mind he realized how attracted to her he really was, and couldn't believe she was actually doing that to him. She finished up when she thought he was well excited and close to cumming, then pulled the bag up around the edge of the trash can. Suzy had grabbed one of those really big rubber bands that people use to wrap around the lip of a trash can to hold the liner in place. She maneuvered it around the lip of the can and tightly around the trash bag's opening to hold it tight against the can, making sure there was some air trapped inside where Tobe was between the bag and the trash can. From outside, it looked more like an ordinary trash bag just after being inserted, except there were some lumps and such from Tobe's knees and head. Suzy found where Tobe's snorkel was, and felt around for a minute before poking a hole in the new bag and feeding the tube up through the hole. The snorkel was black like the trash bag, so it didn't really look like anything except a plastic tube coming out from the bin, and was just barely over the height of the bin's top edge. Suzy checked the breathing through the tube and everything looked great.

To make the bag look a bit more normal, they grabbed their normal kitchen trash, which was about half full, and started dumping it into the trash can with Tobe. It poured down into the crevices and started piling up over this knees and head. And then the earlier bag ripping made sense, as the trash poured out the bottom and into Tobe's bag. They had made a hole so the trash would come out the bottom!

They continued dumping in trash until they thought it looked a bit more like normal trash and not really make out the lumps from his knees and head as much. Trish took the kitchen trash can out back so no one would see it. So now all that looked like was left, was a large trash can that was mostly full and sitting next to the kitchen table with food on it. But to Tobe, he felt like trash because he had trash in his bag and was completely messy all over. The bag compressing in on him made him feel even more like another trash bag in a bin.

Ding Dong. The doorbell rang again. Suzy and Trish looked at each other again and Trish said "Just in time!" The two of them left the kitchen to greet the next guests and return to the woman in the living room.

As the girls left the room, Tobe thought about his situation. He was bound, gagged, in a trash bag, in a trash can, with condiments all over him, then the outer bag sticking to his body and secured to the top of the can, trash dumped on top of him to look like normal trash, and sitting in the kitchen right next to the table where all the potluck food was going to be put and most likely served from. Tobe was in heaven and incredibly excited. He couldn't believe that his roommates actually did this to him, and that he was about to have a house full of girls having a party while he was right there under their noses as just another object and completely turned on by it without them knowing. He stopped to think that he didn't know how long the party was going to last. He had no idea how long he could last in that position and how the night would go.

Would he accidentally try to shift positions right when someone was trying to throw something away and notice the trash move? Would the trash get full and someone try to empty it for the girls? Would the girls tell the women at the party about him and do something else to him? Or what would happen to him after the party, would the girls decide to leave him bound up like that for longer? All of this went through his mind as he sat and listened to new guests arriving one by one, each being led into the kitchen to put their potluck dish on the kitchen table next to him. The girls chatting away as they greeted the party guests and probably purposely stopping next to the kitchen table for a minute with Tobe sitting there a few feet away or less. Occasionally the trash can was bumped into and sent vibrations through Tobe's prison.

Tobe was in heaven as well as worried about moving much. It seemed like the girls would mill about the house and mostly hang out in the living room on the couches, only occasionally going to the kitchen for more food and drinks. Many were wearing shoes that would make noise on the kitchen floor, enough to notify him when they were in the kitchen and where at.

Also, occasionally someone would throw away a small piece of trash into the bin. Mostly though, they came and went infrequently. He was able to listen carefully and quickly shift his position when they left the room.

At a few points, Suzy or Trish would check on him, either touching the top of his snorkel to check for breathing, or lean in and ask if he was ok, the time in between checks increased over time. Some of the checks, they also told him no one was coming or could hear, and he could shift more if he wanted to. He took advantage of those moments to stretch a tad (what he could) and readjust his position without thinking about whether someone was in the room or not.

After what seemed like hours, the girls started coming into the kitchen with their empty plates and such. They started throwing their paper plates, plastic silverware, and paper cups into the trash. The two girls even planned to use disposable things so they had to throw them away!

Each piece of trash spilled in and filled the trash can even more. There was a lot going in, which was exciting for Tobe to be treated so much like trash.

Then several girls and Trish and Suzy came in, and other things were being tossed in. They were dishes that were all eaten. Apparently most of the dishes seemed to be brought in disposable containers. Tobe thought the girls must have planned that too. All the girls continued to dump more dishes and trash into the bin. They were cleaning up it seemed. The table was being wiped down, some dishes that hadn't been eaten, were either being saran wrapped or just thrown into the trash.

Because everything was able to be tossed, it wasn't long before they had cleaned up. Close to finishing, the bin was getting pretty full and over the brim. One of the girls from the party mentioned that the bin was full and offered to take it out. As she was offering, she was already pulling the sides of the bag out from under the rubber band, starting to expose Tobe! Suzy excitedly burst out "no that's ok, we'll handle that!" The girl stopped what she was doing. Tobe was still hidden fortunately, but it was a close one. The thought excited him and frightened him at the same time. The bin was now so full and was easily pushing outward on the bag, so it was hard to be able to see him in any way, but if she were have continued, it could very well have exposed him.

Suzy came over to the bin and took hold of the bag. She slipped the rubber band around the bag like it once was. She yelled to Trish to help her come take out the trash. One of the other girls offered to help, but she said "no that's ok, we have some heavy stuff at the bottom and we'll take it out." Trish came in. Suzy told her they needed to take it out and grab a side. Trish and Suzy both grabbed a side of the can and started moving it. It was way heavier than they thought it would be.

The other few girls watched in confusion and one of them said "You should just take out the bag and drag it, it will be easier."

They quickly said "No, this is working just fine!"

One of the other girls decided she needed to help, and grabbed the lip of the can from the back. She said "Wow, this thing really is heavy, what do you have in here!"

Suzy quipped back "Oh you know, just our roommate!" with a smile and laugh looking at Trish, who then giggled too.

They brought the bin out to the back through the back sliding door. They set it down just outside the back door. The other girl walked back in the house with a shiver, saying "Wow it's cold out there!" Suzy followed. Trish said she would take care of it, and stayed there. After they went inside, she then started gathering the bag up from under the rubber bands, then grabbed the bag together to tie it shut. She had to push down on the trash a bit to really get it into the bag to tie it shut. This pressure came down on Tobe and mushed him against the walls of the bin, as well as feeling the slippery bag glide over his body.

Trish was successful and was able to tie the bag shut. Suzy walked back out and saw everything was going fine. They both looked around the bag and could see a mix of human flesh and odd colors from the food that was previously dumped in. The bag that was just tied shut, was all messy around it from nearly the top down, since it was in contact with Tobe's messy body. The bag containing Tobe, was then grabbed and shuffled upwards. Trish said "Oh this bag is gross and we need to contain it." With that, she was able to shuffle the bag around enough to pull it closed. The bag closed and Tobe was now in the closed bag, along with a closed bag of trash that he was essentially hugging. He had little room to move. The bag was tied shut with a double knot. The snorkel was still sticking out the side from back when his bag was tied shut with a zip tie the first time.

Then there was a piece of cardboard added over the top of the bag, essentially sitting on the lip of the bin and covering part of the bag. Then the bin's lid was placed on top. The cardboard kept the lid propped open on one side, which allowed Tobe to breath ok for now. Tobe was wondering why that all had just happened, thinking he was now going to end up staying in the bin and bags for an undetermined amount of time.

Suzy leaned down and asked him if everything was ok. He hesitated a second, thinking if he was, and said yes (which came out as close to yes as possible given the snorkel in his mouth. Without hesitation, she told Trish to grab the side. They both lifted the bin and walked it to the side of the house and placed it next to the other trash. Then without hesitation, Suzy said "whew, that was heavy! Oh well, we don't have to move it out to the curb until the morning." Then they both quickly walked away giggling.

Tobe couldn't believe what he just heard. What did she mean by that? Were they going to leave him out here until the morning? He had to work tomorrow! What did she mean, it sounded like they were going to take him out to the curb? It was indeed trash day the next day! Thoughts raced in his head as he now shifted his body around to find a good position, seeing how he was now out of range for making noises. He shifted more than he had before, since before they added all the extra trash at the end of the party. He found that he was being compressed a lot more now, with the extra trash and the fact the bags were tied shut. Every movement he made, was just a lot of squishy mess with the plastic, and a lot of shifting trash. He could also feel more squirts of liquid out the bottom of the inner trash bag, into his bag, every time he shifted and hugged that bag.

This made Tobe really start to feel like trash. He was discarded on the side of the house, in a bin, in a tied bag, with a full bag of trash he was holding, between his legs, trash dumping out the bottom of that bag, and with tied ankles and wrists. He felt pretty much trapped, even if he tried to get out, he likely wouldn't be able to. The predicament set in. He squirmed a bit to test his bonds and entrapment, only to find each movement also lead to a slippery mess inside against the plastic. He found doing it more rubbed against him and made him hornier. It wasn't long before he was moving about more extensively, getting more and more turned on. The thought of being there all night, placed there by his roommates, and the thought of the party still possibly going on inside without anyone knowing he was out there among their previously discarded trash, was enough to send him into orgasmic bliss.

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