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Getting in Deeper and Deeper

by PolytheneWrappedMe

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© Copyright 2018 - PolytheneWrappedMe - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; oral; bag; breathplay; wheeliebin; disposal; kerbside; garbagetruck; collected; compacted; transport; landfill; mast; climax; cons/nc; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

I may be only 2ft tall, but an aunt had left me a less than small fortune in her will, so I was able to buy no end of personal pleasures. I had found some kinky female doms on line, who loved treating me a bit rough in return for me paying them money.

Before you criticize me for paying for such things, I would point out, this was not my preferred choice. I know everyone can find someone who falls in love with them, but Cupid's arrow had never found my address and I was just so lonely. I had even heard one dom mention to her BFF, "He actually pays me hundreds of dollars to treat him like trash. If I had known men liked this, I would have treated my last boyfriend far worse than I did !"

Indeed, you could even say it was easy money. I felt embarrassed to seek full intercourse. I felt what gorgeous goddess in a black latex suit would want me ? I think they either had pity, or just a desire for my money. When you feel worthless, you don't see love staring you in the face.

One girl, Tanya, seemed more willing to see me as a person, and spoke more kindly to me. Naturally while playing the part of a dom, she bossed me around, for she understood that is what I liked. Once I had joked that I wanted to be her love-slave. Such a remark, had caused her to lead me to the bedroom, strip naked, and for her to instruct me to "service her" pussy. Apparently, it needed a good clean, and only a willing tongue would do.

I climbed on the bed, and crawled between her open legs. Tanya liked to have men bury their heads deep in her wet pussy and worship her. She liked to be taken gentle and slow. It helped her to reach an orgasm with a client, if she felt genuinely admired. Tanya wriggled and purred as her pussy (pun intended) responded to the caress of my tongue. I loved her taste, and if my mistress instructed me to insert a finger to stroke her G spot, she would squirt all over my face, which I always licked up like the good little slave I was.

Occasionally, she would offer to do other things for me. I had always had a trashcan fetish, but I did not know how to raise the subject. But one day, she caught me off guard, and I sort of confessed in a moment of weakness.

"You know how some people like to be tied up ?" I started, my words being rather hesitantly spoken, as if I was standing on thin ice and I knew I was going through.

"Yes. Of course", said Tanya "A number of my clients want me to do that. It is not unusual. No need to be shy." She fluttered her eyes at me, as if to reassure me that I was in her safe hands.

"Well I would like to be bagged" I blurted out sheepishly.

A puzzled look came over Tanya's face, for she was not sure what I meant. "Bagged ?" she questioned.

It was too late to back track now. I had to continue telling her my darkest secret, I had never told anyone before.

"Yes, I would like you to put me inside a black trash bag." I said "With my hands free, so I can still play inside there...."

"Oh you mean breath play" said Tanya, still not quite getting it.

She found the black council garbage sacks that I kept in the cupboard. She opened one out. The rustling sound of the thick plastic and my anticipation of what was to come, made my cock instantly erect. Tanya noticed my erection, but said nothing. Instead she picked me up, like a piece of trash, and inserted my small body inside the cavernous dark interior of the black polythene which was meant just for garbage.

She lowered the sack to the floor, with my naked body inside. I looked up and was very aroused at the sight of her pulling the bag together above my head. I grabbed my cock and started rubbing it, as my feet, legs, back, torso and head made contact with the shiny silky polythene as it enveloped me whole.

I watched as she brought the bag closed, and then proceeded to tie the bag shut, as she sealed me inside. I thought to myself, if trash had eyes to see, this is what it would see from inside the black sack, as I was surrounded by the black polythene on all sides. I was now just the contents of a trash bag.

Tanya watched me masturbating as my air supply inside the bag was getting thin. The inside plastic walls of the bag getting steamy with sweat and condensation.

My breathing quickened as I jerked off ever harder. I came shortly afterwards.

Tanya came to help me out.

"Did you enjoy that ?" Tanya asked.

"Yes" I replied. "But I would love to actually experience being collected as trash".

Tanya looked horrified.

"Well no one has ever suggested that to me before !" Tanya barked "Do you have a death wish ?!"

"No." I replied quietly.

"So what then are you proposing I do with you ? Tanya asked

I hung my head in shame at the question, and said nothing.

Tanya continued. "Do you want me to put you inside your wheelie bin as part of the household waste ?"

My eyes lit up excitedly at her suggestion and my cock became hard once more.

"Yuck ! How filthy ! You are definitely the sickest pervert, I have ever come across. I thought you were so nice too !" Tanya said.

I don't know who was more hurt. Tanya or me. Tanya was clearly disappointed at the direction our "arrangement" was heading in. And I did not like being judged that way, when I could not help how I felt. We did not see each other after that, for some while. Trashcan fetish enthusiasts all know we risk ridicule and even rejection if we tell anyone about out fantasies. Not everyone understands. Sadly.

Then the door bell rang, unexpectedly.

I opened the door.

"Hi I'm Lorraine" said Lorraine. "My friend Tanya told me about you and your weird desires. May I come in ?"

Lorraine and I chatted. She had just split from a barlamb of a husband, who had beaten and abused her. This had left her with some anti-men feelings, and if I still wanted to be disposed of as nothing but worthless trash, she would be willing as she felt that is what the men in her life were. Just worthless trash. Indeed, she confessed to getting quite wet picturing me as her husband, being packed inside a garbage truck. Her taking the ultimate revenge after years of hell.

I was now the one quite shocked at her revelation. Was she a man-hater, hell bent on murder ?

"It is nothing personal" Lorraine said. "You want to experience garbage disposal, no questions asked. I want to dispose of someone."

Strange as it seems now, it sort of make sense. Where else would I find someone willing to be a accomplice ?

"What fee do you want ?" I asked.

"Well I would happily do it for free" Lorraine said "But the way I figure, I might need to skip town. Tanya told be you were wealthy, so I want every last dime, to set myself up with a new life in the Sun, far way from this dump of a city."

Then she laughed "But I suppose you will become a permanent resident of the dump of this city !"

We discussed the arrangements and made plans. I had signed over half of my late aunt's money, with the balance to be paid on the day after trash collection to her account, by automatic wire transfer to her bank. She would then come over, and take out "my trash", dumping me inside my own wheelie bin, the day before the trashmen came, so I would have 24 hours to enjoy myself as I waited for my fate.

All the neighbourhood, put their bins out next to the curb on trash collection day. A side loader garbage truck with an automated arm collected each bin, and dumped the contents into the hopper. I had watched Youtube videos of such machines in action. Most side loaders were fitted with double paddle packer that waved back and forth to push the garbage inside. It seemed harmless enough. I might even survive this, I thought.

I gave Lorraine keys to my house. For the next few weeks, she pretended to come as a maid and clean my house. The last duty of each visit was to put the trash out. She would bag my household waste in the council's large black polythene sacks and carry them out to the wheelie bin. Lift the lid, and drop the bags inside. Lorraine would take great care to show me her performing this duty, as we both knew I could be next !

On the day of trash collection, she would pull the wheelie bin to the curb. It would be emptied and then she would push the bin back afterwards. My neighbours had got used to seeing my new "maid" about the place, and had often chatted to her as she put the trash out.

Then the day came.

I had saved up some extra trash, and Lorraine duly bagged it. Then Lorraine ordered me to strip naked, and promptly bagged me also ! But first she taped my mouth shut. "We don't want trash making any noise, do we ?" she quipped.

She carried me and the other bags of trash to my wheelie bin waiting outside.

It was just then that a neighbour Henry saw her.

"I see you are still working for him, when a pretty thing like you could work for me inside" teased Henry.

"Today is my last day" answered Lorraine "I am going to live abroad" Putting Henry in his place.

Lorraine could have added "I shall not work for men any more" but she just glared at Henry, and thought of how rich she would be tomorrow.

Then Lorraine continued to lift the trash bags one by one into the wheelie bin, and Henry looked at her supple body bend down and pick the bags up and dump them into my wheelie bin.

"What a nice arse she has" thought Henry.

Henry was far to busy admiring Lorraine to notice the last trash bag contained me. My bag was lifted up and I was placed inside my own wheelie bin, on top of the bags already inside. I then heard Lorraine slam the wheelie bin lid shut, and it went very dark inside my trash bag. I then felt the wheelie bin tip, as Lorraine wheeled me to the curb.

Henry stood and watched Lorraine manoeuvre the wheelie bin. He would miss the brief chats with her. Little did he know or suspect, where I was. Sealed inside a black council trash bag, with all the other waste, I felt as it I belonged here.

I missed Tanya, and I knew Lorraine would be getting off on this. To her, I was just a willing victim. I hoped she would be very happy spending all my money ! I continued to wank inside the wheelie bin. I was worthless trash. Tomorrow the trash truck would collect me, and no one would miss me.

I pictured my wheelie bin being grabbed by the automated arm of the side loader truck. It would simply lift my wheelie bin as it had done thousands of weeks before. Only now, I would end up in the truck's hopper. The truck would process me as trash. I doubt whether the truck driver would notice me, bagged, as I am processed. After a few houses, nothing might remain, except a squashed black bag of trash, lifeless. I made a small air hole in the bag, and fell asleep.

The next morning I heard the truck as it made its way up the street. Stopping at every house, the mechanical arm picking up each wheelie bin, and chucking the contents inside the hopper to be compacted and taken away. Part of me did not want this. But my excitement mounted as I wanked like crazy, hearing the truck get closer and closer. It stopped at Henry's house, in moments his waste was loaded in the truck. Then it was my turn.

I felt the grabs of the mechanical arm move my wheelie bin slightly to align it properly for the lift. Less than I second later, I was lifted up so fast, I almost vomited. Astronauts on the way to the Moon probably had a slower launch into the unknown. Next my wheelie bin was upended. The lid flew open, and I tumbled earthwards, to then be buried alive under the bags that had been underneath me in the wheelie bin.

Only this side loader garbage truck was not fitted with a double paddle packer. It was fitted with a pendulum packer, that moved like a child's see-saw tipping me into the opening of the truck's container, it then swung towards me to pack me inside.

In fear of imminent death, I managed somehow to climb on top of the pendulum packer before it squashed some of my trash into the truck. To my horror, I heard it crush and break everything as it squeezed it inside.

I tried to shout, but Lorraine had done a good job with the duct tape that prevented me from talking. Before I could free my mouth, the pendulum swung again and once more I fell to be processed. I stopped fiddling to free the duct tape on my mouth and climbed as quickly as I could on top of the pendulum packer to survive once more.

The contents of the next wheelie bin was emptied on top of me. It pinned me down. The pendulum moved and I fell again.

Again I managed to climb on top of the packer. However, the next bin was fully of heavy bags, and when I was buried once more, I know I could not keep struggling. Eventually I would become too tired. The pendulum packer swung again, and this time I knew I could not escape.

The packer pushed me inside with the bagged waste. I felt the tight enclosure and felt and heard the bags pop against me, as I was forced inside.

Luckily the truck was fairly empty, and I survived.

Around another thirty loads were packed into me.

Then the back of the truck was opened, and Lorraine and Tanya, grabbed my bag, recognising it from the yellow ribbon that Lorraine had tied around it. They gave the truck driver some money and he handed over the tape of the hopper, that all our garbage trucks have fitted. He was told never to mention the bag that moved in the hopper, and he just thought an animal had been caught and dumped.

The two women got me safely back home.

Then they explained the whole plan. Lorraine even paid back the money, except for a large fee, on the basis she wanted to own the garbage truck video tape of the hopper contents and watch my struggles.

Tanya was just pleased to be back with me. It was a great plan.

"Now get washed" Tanya ordered "You need to clean me again, after all the trouble I went for you."

"Yes mistress !" I replied.

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