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Garbage Day

by Unknown

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© Copyright 2006 - Unknown - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/m; D/s; naked; bond; gag; bagged; trashed; compacted; disposal; truck; oral; climax; nc/cons; XXX

She met me at the door of her apartment. Dressed in leather pants and a leather top with black leather riding boots, she looked down on me with contempt in her eyes. "Enter," she told me. I followed her to the back room. She sat on her ottoman and ordered me to strip.

After several verbal assaults on my body, she told me to kneel in front of her and lick her boots. After several minutes of boot licking, she rose and commanded me to remain on the floor. She returned wearing a 10 inch black dildo strapped to her waist. I gasped and starred at the massive phallus. Sensing the terror in my eyes she laughed and said, "You'll take every inch of it."

As she guided the tool deep into my throat and started a rhythmic movement in and out of my mouth, I was sure I heard a door close in another room. By this time though, the mistress was lost in the pleasure of violating my mouth. She orgasmed shortly thereafter.

She pushed me onto my back with her leather boots and said, "Now you're ready for the real thing!"

When she stepped aside, towering above me was a leather-clad master. He told me that it was garbage day today. He informed me that when he was finished with me, he and the mistress would stuff me into a huge industrial strength trash liner and dispose of me.

As he forced himself into my mouth, I saw the mistress carrying several full, black garbage bags into the room. She held up a large bag and  said, "This one's for you slave."

The master emptied into me with a series of powerful thrusts. When he finished, he forced his massive tool into his tight leather pants. He flexed his powerful muscles over me, placed his boots onto my chest and said, "I want you to walk over to that shiny, black bag and climb into it for the mistress and I."

I wept and said I could not.

"I will show you not to be disrespectful to the mistress and I." He took one powerful hand and grabbed me by the neck and with the other grabbed me between the legs and picked me up. I could not breathe. I squirmed to try to escape. The mistress opened the huge garbage bag. The master dangled me over it for a moment. I saw my clothing in it with some other trash.

He slowly lowered me into it. I found myself entering a dark scary world. He pushed me lower with his boot while the mistress shook the sack allowing me to settle. Before I knew it, they tied the top tightly and dropped me along side the other three garbage sacks.

I tried to get loose from the ropes they used to secure me, but to no avail. The mistress brought to my attention the large floor-length mirror. "Now you can see what garbage looks like," she laughed. "All four bags look alike don't they garbage?' I looked at the mirror. She was right. I looked no different from the other three sacks containing garbage. 

"Do you hear the truck garbage?" The mistress asked. "It's time to take you and your three friends out to the curb." 

I was sure they were joking. Any minute now they will open the bag and let me out. The mistress picked up two of the bags. The master picked up the one along side me and then reached down, grabbed the bag, and hoisted me off the floor. He told me about the two girls that run the garbage truck and dispose of all of their human garbage. He explained how they like compacting worthless garbage like me into the truck.

They wouldn't go through with it--would they? Who was I kidding?

As I was carried out into the alley I realized that I was their garbage. There was no escape. The mistress dropped both of her sacks at the rear of the truck. The master dropped the one bag with the  two that the mistress had left but swung me up onto the ledge of the garbage truck hopper. While the two girls who operated the truck tossed other sacks from a large pile into the cavernous hopper, the master whispered to me, "You can watch them cycle this load of garbage and then you will know what awaits you."

I squirmed to try to escape but almost fell into the hopper as the girl pulled the lever and the truck went into action. The giant compactor slowly moved across the helpless bags in the hopper. It pressed down on them and pivotted to pull them into the container. Slowly the powerfull packer pushed the sacks up into the container where they were crushed and compacted the into the bags already inside.

Without hesitation, the girls started throwing the next load of bags into the hopper. When it was nearly filled, the mistress tossed the two bags she brought out into the truck. The master grabbed me off the ledge and reached down to pick up the other sack he brought with me. He calmly tossed it into the truck. The mistress leaned over to me and said, "Only one left." I tried one more time to get away. It was futile. The mistress ordered me to kiss the masters boot before he tosses me into the hopper and I complied.

He swung me back and with a powerful pull, tossed me up and into the truck. I landed on the top of the bags in the hopper. I looked around at all the other bags and realized that I too was garbage. I looked up at the giant compactor holding the crushed bags from the previous cycle over us. I looked up to see the mistress looking down on me. She told me that I looked good laying in there. 

She said, "You fit right in." I could smell the odor of rotting garbage coming from inside the container. It was neither pleasant nor sickening. I would soon be part of that odor.

The mistress put her boot to my mouth and told me, "Kiss it and I will cycle you with the compactor." I had no choice. I kissed her boot and with that she pulled the lever on the truck and the compactor roared to life.

It slowly moved out over us allowing some of the previously compacted bags to fall down onto me. As the packer blade continued to move over us, the mistress, master and the two garbage girls disappeared. The packer pressed down on top of us and scooped us up. Several bags popped from the pressure. The pistons moved and we were being pushed up into the dark container. As we got to the top, it packed us tight against a wall of garbage bags.

"Do you think he is still alive?" The master wondered aloud. 

"I sure hope so. I'd hate to think he would not have to suffer." Replied the mistress. 

"Don't worry. The truck is only half full. I will have to cycle it through four or five more times until he is completely compacted." Stated one of the girls. They all laughed and made plans to enjoy this again next week.


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