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Fun Day

by Unknown

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© Copyright 2005 - Unknown - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; naked; bond; balltie; gag; bagged; ziptie; sealed; breathplay; tease; cons; X

Well today was a fun day. My ex girlfriend who moved away several years ago was back in town and called me up to see if I wanted to play. Of course I did. So here is one of the games we played.

Jessica came over about 9:00 with a knock at my door. I was ready and waiting for her. I opened the door and invited her in. She walked in and we made small talk for about an hour or so, catching up on what we have been doing.

“Are we going to play?” She asked.

“Of course we are, my lady.” As I led her upstairs to my bedroom. I had already set some stuff up before she came over.

She looked around the room, surveying the toys I had brought out. She smiled and picked up one of the boxes of garbage bags I had bought. “Hmm, what could we do with these?” She asked sarcastically. “Ready for the coin flip?” We always did a coin flip to see who got to play first. As she said she reached into her purse and pulled out a quarter.

As she flipped it in the air I called “Heads” it hit the floor and came up tails. This meant it was her choice to pick what we did first.

She pondered for a second and let me know what she wanted to do first. “Ok, strip. I want you naked for this one.”

I stripped down to my birthday suit and waited to see what was next.

“Now lay down.” She ordered. As I did she started tying my legs together. At the ankles, below and above the knees and at the thighs. “Sit up.” She pulled me up so my knees where against my chest. She grabbed my hands and put them below my knees. She bound my wrists together. She then tied my knees to my chest. Finally she tied my ankles to my thighs. I was effectively in the foetal position.

“Good tie job.” I complimented her.

“Oh we can’t have you talking now can we.” She reached under her skirt and pulled off her panties and balled them up. “Open Up.” As she shoved them into my mouth. She grabbed some duct tape and placed a strip over my mouth.

She then walked back over to the dresser and pulled out a big 55 gallon plastic garbage bag. She rolled me onto my side and placed the bag onto the floor. Then she rolled me back upright. Slowly she pulled the bag up my body. She smiled and asked. “Any last requests?” Not waiting for an answer, she pulled the bag up and pushed my head down. She twisted the garbage bag shut as she laughed. I heard the distinctive clicking of a zip tie being used to seal the bag. Then she twisted the bag over and used another zip tie to make sure no air could get in or out.

It has been years since I have been bagged up like this so I was really enjoying it.

After about a minute, I guess, it started to get pretty hot inside as I was growing pretty hot inside. I was still breathing easily, and was in general pretty comfortable.

A couple more minutes went by. It was getting really hot inside the bag. I was hard as a rock, but could not reach my own cock to relieve myself. The air was getting thinner but still breathable.

“So much garbage in here. I should just throw it all away. Especially after you didn’t move with me.” She said out loud. “I was really hurt when you said no to moving out with me and I have had this planned for years. Sorry.”

I didn’t know if she was just roleplaying or if she was serious. It had been years, but at the time I know she was upset that I couldn’t move with her. I tried to just stay calm.

Over the next few minutes the air was getting thinner and thinner. I was breathing faster now. I was guessing I had been in the bag about 5 minutes now. I had 5 more minutes, at least in the bag.

After a couple more minutes passed, the air was getting real thin. I was breathing in and out all the time, I could not get enough air to hold anything in.

“Hey, I forgot something in my car, I will be back once your air is gone.” She said as I could hear the click of her heels walking out of my room. I could here her walking down the stairs and out the front door. The door closed.

I was getting worried now. I was getting really low on air now. The bag was pulling in around me as I breathed and she had just left. I tried to squirm to get free of the bag. I kicked with all my might and managed to move about half an inch. I tried to swing my hands and managed to move them about an inch. I was really suffocating now. My cock was aching for relief. I lifted my head up, maybe I could push that through the bag.

I started to stretch the bag up. I pressed up into the plastic, once, twice, three times. The bag was just stretching out over my head. After about 10 tries, I had managed to put a thin layer of plastic tight against my head. Including cutting off all of my air. I was really in trouble. I rocked my head up and down and around trying to free my head from the thin plastic.

Just then I felt a pulling on the bag. The opening was cut open, but the plastic was still tight on my face.

“Looks like you got yourself into a bind.” She cooed. “Let me help.” She reached down and stroked my cock a couple times. Then she lifted the plastic from my face.

Oh the precious air. I loved the cool feel of the air and the fact I could breath again.

That was the beginning of the day. We played for another 9 hours. I will post some of the other games later.

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