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From Fantasy To Reality

by DumpsterLife

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Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

“I’m off to work now, see you later” said Zoe in a raised voice.

“Okay, bye” shouted Emily from her bedroom.

Emily heard the door close and with that, she was alone in the flat. She was sharing student accommodation with three other people - Zoe being one of them. The other two were Stephen and Robbie, who hadn’t long left for the quiz night at the pub. Emily watched as Zoe entered her car and drove off, out of sight. A few hours of peace were now guaranteed.

“No point hanging around!” Emily said to herself. Immediately she retrieved her vibrator from her bedside drawer. Emily then removed all of her clothes until she was completely naked. Once stripped off, she made her way to the kitchen. Her eyes landed immediately on the two full black trash bags on the kitchen floor, waiting to be taken to the wheelie bin outside. She was excited already.

“I’ll be joining you for some company!” said Emily, her eyes glowing with delight. She found the large-sized cardboard box in the storage cupboard which she had deliberately stashed there for such events, and after she unfolded it, Emily placed the two trash bags inside. The scene was set.

Emily opened the cupboard and pulled out the roll of black bin liners. The excited female carefully ripped a bag from the roll. She brought the bag to her nose so she could breathe in the intoxicating smell of the liner. That alone was enough to get the senses flowing. Emily unfolded the trash bag and placed it inside the cardboard box. “Here we go!” she said, and she climbed into the black garbage bag, making sure the vibrator was there with her. Skilfully (having had plenty of practice before), Emily tied the bag up while she was inside, giving it the appearance of being just another garbage bag waiting to be thrown away. The size of the cardboard box was ideal to allow Emily to feel closed in with the other two trash bags, as if she was actually inside a bin. Delighted with her current location, Emily immediately began to play with her love button. Before long the vibrator was placed inside her vagina, and major pleasure ensued. Inside a black bin liner, alongside other garbage bags in a tight area, this was comparable to paradise for Emily. Living in a flat with three others meant these opportunities were limited, so when the chances came, they felt all the more sweeter.

The next couple of hours lead to multiple orgasms as Emily enjoyed pretending to be garbage. She loved imagining the garbage truck was ready to empty the bin she was inside, and she pushed herself into the two other trash bags in an attempt to pretend she was being compacted. It may have been nothing like reality, but her creative abilities allowed her to imagine it was a real situation, and that was excellent in aiding her desire to be pleasured.

After three full hours of enjoying life as trash, Emily decided it was time to leave her position. But then...

The front door slammed shut.

“Fucking stupid arseholes, sick of working there!” screamed Zoe. “Argh, fuck the lot of them!”

“Shit!” thought Emily. “She’s walked out of her fucking shift again, hasn’t she?”

“Em, you here? I need someone to rant to!” Zoe’s voice got louder and louder, she was nearing the kitchen. And then...

“I’m grabbing the wine Em! I-“ Zoe stopped in her tracks. For some reason, there was a cardboard box on the floor. And for some other reason, there were three trash bags inside the box.

“Em? You here?” Zoe shouted, not knowing her roommate was inside one of those black garbage bags. Emily stayed perfectly still, not wanting to be found in such a position. There would be no way of explaining this to Zoe if she was found. Zoe finally assumed Emily wasn’t in the flat. “Fuck knows what she’s done here. Probably thought it would be easier moving three garbage bags at once in a box! Ah well, I guess I’ll try it then! Trash day tomorrow after all! Might as well pretend it’s my fucking co-workers or something!”

‘Crap... go away Zoe! Go back out!’ thought Emily desperately. But Zoe had already started dragging the cardboard box through the flat.

“This is quite a good idea actually, I must tell Em it worked a treat!” said Zoe gleefully. 

‘Stop, please! Fuck fuck fuck!’ Emily started to worry her fantasy was going to turn into a reality. Zoe had reached the door and with that, she had also reached the wheelie bin. She opened the lid. Without a care in the world, she picked up the middle trash bag first and dropped it into the bin. 

“That’s one bitch disposed of!” said Zoe, presumably imagining one of her co-workers being inside the trash bag. Little did she know she had actually just binned her flatmate and best friend! Emily felt herself landing on the trash already inside the bin. A second later she felt a trash bag being placed on top of her. Zoe then disposed of the final trash bag, and with that the wheelie bin was full. 

“Right sluts, enjoy the bin!” said Zoe as she continued to pretend she had thrown away her fellow employees. From nowhere Emily felt massive pressure come from above, it appeared and sounded like Zoe was jumping on the trash in a bid to squish it down! Once satisfied, Zoe proceeded to wheel the bin out to the kerbside, ready for collection, still completely unaware she had just disposed of her best friend. The fantasy Emily had been living out was now suddenly a reality, stuck inside the middle of a wheelie bin. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t shift the weight above her. She was trapped!

As the evening wore on, cars drove by and pedestrians walked past, completely oblivious to the fact there was a woman inside the wheelie bin nearby. Eventually Emily allowed excitement to replace her fear, and she began to enjoy her place in the bin. The vibrator was back in action.

Morning came round and nobody had bothered to check if Emily was inside the wheelie bin, although that wasn’t much of a surprise to her - bins weren’t usually the first place you’d look for a human being. As the noise outside picked up with rush hour, Emily realised it wouldn’t be long before she got dumped inside the garbage truck. She was at a loss for what to do. “Do I call for help and embarrass myself?” pondered Emily. “Let’s face it, no one is going to look inside here to find me.” She tried pushing the trash above her again, but it was no use. The weight was just too much. It was a choice of shouting for help or being dumped into a garbage truck. It may have been a lifelong dream of hers, but Emily had a feeling the reality wouldn’t be quite as pleasant as her pretend play sessions.

A couple more hours had passed. It was getting warm inside the bin, and Emily was sweating profusely inside her trash bag. Her breathing was heavy and slow, this was becoming extremely uncomfortable. She wanted to call out for help, but the thought of having to explain why she was naked inside a trash bag, inside a bin was terrifying her. And then the reality of what was about to happen hit her.

Emily heard the garbage truck approaching, emptying the wheelie bins before hers. Her last chance to escape would be to shout at the garbage men for help. But the embarrassment would be too much.

Her bin was immediately seized. Within three seconds it was hooked up to the back of the garbage truck. Fear gripped Emily, and yet she immediately began to feel turned on. The bin went up and violently tipped over, and Emily’s garbage bag was launched into the back of the rear loader alongside the rest of the garbage from her flat. Three more wheelie bins were emptied afterwards. At this point all the garbage men could see was a large pile of black trash bags in the back of the truck, unaware of the woman inside one of those black garbage bags. “If you want out, you need to act now Emily!” she told herself. But she couldn’t speak up. “Fuck, garbage truck it is!”

The packer blade was activated. Upon release, Emily noticed the weight increase from the side as some of the recently packed trash fell back towards the hopper. The blade came down and scooped up the garbage. Helpless, Emily was brought inside the garbage truck. She had played this scenario out so many times in her flat, but now she was experiencing it for real. And with that, Emily let go of her fears and began to furiously rub herself in excitement.

She could hear the sound of more bins being emptied. After two minutes the blade moved in motion again, and Emily’s trash bag slipped back down into the hopper. She was scooped up again and placed more firmly inside the truck this time. The sound of each bin being emptied, the packer in motion, it all added to Emily’s pleasure. The next time the blade moved down, Emily felt a tighter compaction as the blade came back up once more. This lead to Emily experiencing the greatest orgasm of her life. Thankfully the noisy mechanisms of the garbage truck meant nobody could hear the “Ooh” and “Ahh” sounds coming from one of the trash bags inside.

Five minutes later seen the next compaction, and Emily noticed her trash bag starting to rip - part of it had been caught by some other trash, and as a result it was being pulled apart. “Ah shit!” she exclaimed, her preference clearly being to stay inside the trash bag than out in the open. One more compaction did the job, and as more of the trash bag pulled away, Emily felt loose trash being squashed into her naked body. “Eww eww eww!” she screamed, not having a clue what the wet, sticky substances were which was being mashed into her. Now lacking the protection of her binbag, she caught the full smell of what was inside here, and it was absolutely rancid. Her trashy fetish was based on black binbags, she had never opted to play with actual loose garbage, or wanted to smell it for that matter. The garbage truck showed no mercy as more trash was dumped into the hopper, with Emily able to hear every sound going on, from the bins being tipped to the packer blade starting up. At this point Emily was unable to move, stuck in amongst the trash. She could feel garbage all over her naked body. She was living out what she thought would be her ultimate fantasy, and while the start was enjoyable, now it had become a nightmare.

After what felt like forever, the garbage truck had arrived at the transfer station and unloaded the trash that had been collected. Emily successfully made her way out of the garbage pile after a couple of minutes. She stood up and looked down, her body covered in trash - two banana skins, tissues and various garbage juices. 

“What the hell happened to you?” said a voice from behind. Emily turned to see a transfer station worker looking at her in disgust. 

“Umm... I fell asleep in a bin” Emily said sheepishly.

“Naked?” the man asked, confused.

“Umm... yeah... it was warm inside the bin when I went to sleep” Emily said in an attempt to cover what really happened. The man looked at Emily, clearly unconvinced by her story. “I was drunk!” said Emily, trying to further her excuses for this bizarre predicament. The man continued to look at Emily with a face of total disbelief, but he decided against asking more questions, perhaps to save the female from further embarrassment.

“You might want to take that condom out of your hair” said the man helpfully.

“What?” she felt around in her hair, and indeed there was a condom to be found. “Eww!” Emily exclaimed, and tossed it to the side.

“Right, come with me. There are showers upstairs, and I’ll give you some spare clothes. But don’t go sleeping in a bin again, if that’s what actually happened. It’s highly dangerous. And disgusting. If I see you here again, I won’t be so kind.”

“I don’t intend to do that again!” said Emily. She was relieved for now, and while she had sort of enjoyed her experience, Emily certainly had no intentions of doing this again. But she had no idea how to explain her absence and “spare clothes” to her flat mates upon her return.


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