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Frat Party Garbage

by Dangle

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© Copyright 2016 - Dangle - Used by permission

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The frat house was already alive with music and people who were pouring in and out of the door looking like so many ants. Dusty clenched the six pack he was holding until the edges of the cardboard dug into his soft palms and made rough indentations in the delicate skin. He wasn’t ready for this. There was no way he was going to survive. All he could do was look at the swarm of college-age guys with their swollen biceps and dark stubble on their chins and think to himself, ‘oh dear god they are all going to kill me’.

“Relax,” Brian, his older brother, clapped him on the back. He meant for the gesture to be friendly, but Brian’s big hand and grossly underestimated swing ended up colliding with Dusty’s spine and knocking the wind right out of him. Dusty coughed, nearly dropping the six-pack he was holding, and Brian came around to take it from him – making three that he was carrying.

“Aw,” Brian grinned, flashing perfect white teeth. “I didn’t mean to hurt you, there.”

“You didn’t… hurt me!” Dusty gasped, flickering a look up at his brother and squinting his eyes. “I am… okay.” He wheezed and pounded his chest again as if he was just clearing his throat. “You didn’t have to take the beer. I had it.”

“Naw, it’s okay. I got it. They need me to take it into the kitchen anyway.” They were getting closer to the frat house. The very bricks seemed to vibrate with how high they had kicked up the bass on their stereo. “Why don’t you mess around, have some fun? There are some cute girls around here. Not a lot but you know, the night is still pretty young.” As Brian spoke, his eyes landed on a the ass of a bottle blonde who walked past him with the lining of the back pockets sticking out of her close-cropped booty shorts. “Maybe I spoke too soon. Goddamn.”

Dusty chewed on the corner of his bottom lip. He didn’t really know why Brian was doing this to him. He didn’t fit in with these college guys at all… in fact, he had barely graduated high school. He had walked across the stage and received his diploma exactly a week ago, and he had just had his last round of graduation parties last night. Now Dusty had decided it was time for the ‘ultimate initiation’ into ‘manhood’, something that his brother had been itching to do ever since Dusty had turned sixteen and his brother had gotten into college.

Dusty didn’t even want to attend this university. His thoughts were elsewhere with a double major in Communications and English. But Brian was on a full ride with a football scholarship and perfect grades, and he wanted to be the doting older brother who got to show off his sibling and try to drag him into the sports fanatic life. Dusty’s mother told him to ‘indulge Brian’ by saying ‘you’re going to go to college somewhere else and you’re not going to see each other for a long time. He’s going to miss you and you mean a lot to him, you know’.

Dusty knew that. He loved his brother. He just didn’t think that Brian was exactly conscious of the fact that his baby brother was a nerd.

These frat guys were going to have absolutely no interest in him. They were just going to laugh at him and it would turn into something awful… probably really close to being like Carrie, minus the pig blood and the mass murder. Hopefully.

“Hey, don’t just stand there with your jaw hanging down, ok?” Brian laughed, tapping his brother underneath his chin. Dusty clamped his mouth shut so hard his teeth clacked together and ached. “Have some fun!” Brian urged. “Loosen up! I’m going to drop these off in the kitchen. It will take me ten minutes. If you don’t have ten phone numbers by the time I get back, then we’re putting you on the beer keg.”

“Putting me on the what?” Dusty narrowed his eyes, already experiencing traumatic flashbacks to bad movies about teenagers who had parties that started with kegs in the kitchen and then vomit in the yard. He was already picturing trashy barely-legal girls with their legs up in the air, ankles clasped by the meaty hands of some beefy jock while chugging down more alcohol than their blood could process.

He supposed that was meant to sound like fun. It really just sounded like Hell.

“Ten numbers,” Dusty muttered. “Got it.”

Brian punched him in the arm lightly, a gesture of comradery that really grated on Dusty’s nerves a lot of the time. Brian grinned at him and winked, the corners of his eyes crinkling with a genuine smile.

“My man,” he said. “You go kill it. I’ll be back. Ten numbers! Ugly girls don’t count. They’ve got to be hot.” He walked away, already distracted by a group of his friends. He swung the beer their way and they all grabbed some out of the case. One six-pack gone in under thirty seconds.

Dusty looked around. He felt a little bit like he was going to throw up, and he hadn’t even had anything to drink yet. He didn’t know anyone here – just about everyone was older than he was.

These girls were not going to be interested in him. He didn’t have a job, he still didn’t really have a car … for fuck’s sake, he still had applications for loans sitting on his desk that he hadn’t touched in almost a month. He was a mess and he knew he looked like a loser. He had walked in here wearing dark skinny jeans and a black band t-shirt that he had pulled out of his drawer at the last minute when he remembered he was about to head out the door. And then he had arrived walking next to his brother… who was in khaki shorts, brown flip-flops, and a pink polo that was completely off-set by his bronze fucking tan. His brother was every girl’s wet dream, and Dusty was… well… the nerdy kid sibling.

Dusty took a deep breath, scuffing his converse shoes across the floor as he walked over to the couch and started looking for someone to talk to. Every girl here was hot in his opinion. He had no idea what Brian would be referring to in terms of ‘ugly’. Dusty wondered if he could grab a seat on the couch and just shrink into it. If he waited long enough, maybe Brian would get drunk and then forget all about him. If he was able to avoid human contact for just long enough, he could disappear altogether and avoid the most humiliating endeavor of his entire life…

Dusty grabbed onto the arm of the couch like it was a lifeline out at sea. He pulled himself around to the front and threw himself back, landing on the firm cushion. It only sank a little underneath his weight. He was very light and thin-framed – another reason he knew that no girl was going to be after him tonight. They were surrounded by all these muscle-bound beefcakes… what would they want with a little wimp like him?

Dusty tried to force himself to calm down as he shoved his hands between his thighs and looked down, trying to avoid eye contact with everyone else in the room. He didn’t even realize that anyone was sitting next to him until he heard someone speak.

“You look a little lost there.”

Dusty looked up, searching frantically for the source of the voice. The person who spoke was obviously a girl, and she had the weird lilt in her voice that all rich chicks seemed to have. His eyes landed, somewhat horrified, on the girl – the woman – who was sitting right next to him.

He had never seen anyone so beautiful in his life. She was like the girls on the cover of every magazine. She was wearing denim Daisy Dukes, they ride up her thighs and disappeared into the crevice, making a very obvious impression of what was there. Her legs were a mile long and tanned evenly. Her tan, of course, was pure gold. Her D-cup size breasts were threatening to bust out of her low v-necked white t-shirt, and it was so sheer that he could see the lace of her hot pink bra underneath. The shirt was loose and short and the bottom, not coming close to cover her belly button. She had a butterfly navel piercing, and a little pink gem rested right on the slight curve of her tummy.

The hot pink strings of her thong were pulled up and resting on her sharp hips. Dusty had to cover his mouth with his hand to make sure his mouth was not hanging open.

She smiled at him and brushed her blonde hair out of her face. It was white-blonde and thick, and it had so many layers that there was no possible way to keep all of the strands out of her eyes at once. She had a nice husky voice, feminine and pretty but low enough not to be annoying.

He was going to die, she was so beautiful. He could already feel an erection coming on. It was straining against his jeans, and suddenly he was really self-conscious, hoping she couldn’t see.

He didn’t want her to laugh at him. Or worse, laugh and then point it out to everyone around.

She leaned forward and her plush lips curved into a smile. The smile went all the way up to her blueberry-colored eyes.

“Yeah,” she said. “I’m talking to you.”

“I’m not lost!” Dusty said quickly. His face was on fire. He turned to look away, suddenly incredibly shy.

“Well that’s good to hear.” Her eyes sparkled. She moved closer to him and he got a good whiff of her perfume – she smelled sugary sweet – a tiny bit like cotton candy. And she smelled like beer, a slightly more sour scent that lingered just underneath the others. “My name is Candace.”

“Mm-my…” his mouth felt dry. He didn’t want to be making an idiot of himself, but he had never once even looked at a girl this attractive before – much less spoken to one. “M-my name is…”

Goddamn it, he couldn’t talk! He set his teeth on edge and just pushed the words out. “My name is DUSTY.”

He said it with such force that it came out more like an accusation than an introduction. She laughed at him.

“Dusty? Wonderful. You look so lonely… you don’t mind a little bit of company, do you?” she scooted in close to him. “I was getting a little bit cold, actually. You know how it is, when you’re sitting alone by yourself at one of these and all of the sudden the air conditioning kicks on and you’re like, fuck, I didn’t bring a jacket.”

“Oh, yeah.” Dusty lied, completely missing the point of her flirting. “I got to these things all the time?”

She moved in a little bit closer until her thigh was touching his. He could tell, even through his jeans, that she was incredibly warm. His face flushed all over again and he looked over at her. She set a hand down on his thigh and took a sip from her red solo cup, her glossy lips smearing all over the edge.

“So,” she said. “Who did you come with? I know you’re not with any of them.” She gestured to the frat boys gathered in a corner. “I know all of them. And you’re too nice to be part of their bro-man circle jerk.”

“Umm,” Dusty shrugged. “I came here with Brian.”

“Oh, he’s cool.” She started walking her fingers down to his knee, then back up – getting dangerously close to his boner, which was throbbing so hard it was painful. “So he’s like what, your brother? Cousin?”

“Brother,” Dusty said, swallowing so hard his Adam’s apple dipped dramatically and then sprang back up. “I mean he just wants me to get a look at the place, you know? He wanted to make sure that I would get along with everyone…”

“Oh, sure. You thinking about joining?”

“Yeah I mean, I guess you could say…”

She was practically sitting on his lap now. She had a generous ass that cushioned her from his bony legs. Dusty’s hands were out, not quite sure where to land because he had never been this close to a girl. Not in that way. He settled with putting them on her hips, that seemed far enough from her ass to be respectful but… still dangerously close to the seductive dip of her waist and her hot, exposed skin.

She turned a little so that he could look down at him better and finished whatever was in her solo cup. Her breath smelled like beer, too, she was very clearly already intoxicated. He wondered how much she had been drinking, and if he should tell someone or just let things play out. He didn’t want to seem like a wuss. But he also didn’t want someone to think he was purposefully manhandling a drunk girl.

Was there any real middle ground, here?

“Oh, hey!” he breathed, thinking he had come across the solution. “Can I get your number?”

She laughed again and snorted a little bit, reaching up to cover her mouth and nose as she did so. She threw her head forward and all of her bright blonde hair swished into her eyes and across her cheeks. She leaned down and grabbed Dusty by the face, pulling herself down to kiss him. Her lip gloss was sweet and sticky and she smeared it all over his mouth. Her lips were soft, hot, and eager. Her scathing tongue prodded at his mouth, trying to force him to open up for her, and all the while she was straddling his hips – the warm of her thighs so enticing – and of course not doing anything for the fact that he was now rock solid and in danger of ripping a hole through the front of his jeans.

"How about that instead?” she whispered. “Is that good?”

Dusty nodded, and she dove in for another kiss, her tongue spearing his lips and forcing its way into his mouth. Dusty opened up wide and moaned, his arms wrapped around her. Her firm, yet soft breasts were pressed up against his chest, a perfect cushion…

“Hey! What the fuck!”

Dusty didn’t even realize what was happening until Candace was pulled off his lap. He gasped for air, his head still reeling. All of the blood was rushing down to his dick, and yet it was also competing to dominate his face – considering how overheated and flustered he was now.

The guy who had grabbed Candace’s shoulder and pulled her back like a limp ragdoll was easily three times Dusty’s size. He was the biggest guy in the room – tall, maybe like 6’3” – and so muscular that the colorful fraternity t-shirt he was wearing looked like it had been shrink-wrapped. He looked over at Dusty and the kid saw his own death flash back at him in that hard, steely glare.

“Dude.” The bigger guy said. “What the actual fuck. Do you think you can come in here and do that? You think you can just make out with any fucking girl you want? Did you even ask her if she had a fucking boyfriend?”

“N-No!” Dusty said, back to stammering. His boner withered immediately and he shrank back, forgetting that he was sinking into the couch and had nowhere else to go. “No, it isn’t – I mean, no I didn’t ask but no – I don’t think I can – I’m – I’m sorry!”

“Ooh Scott!” Candace pouted, one of her girlfriends already coming over to make sure she was all right. “Don’t be such a bully.”

“Shut up,” Scott told her, never tearing his eyes away from Dusty. A lot of the other fraternity brothers were starting to close in, and Dusty swallowed hard, squirming in the couch cushions. If he could have folded himself in half and disappeared between them he would have done so in two seconds. “You’re on thin ice, kid. Any last words?”

“I’m sorry!” Dusty said, and it came out a squeak. He hated himself so much right now.

“Hey,” one of the other frat brothers came in. He was smaller than Scott, but then again who wasn’t – and bigger than Dusty. “I think I have better idea than just pummeling him.”

“All right, Carlos, let’s have it.”

“Well, I just don’t think it’s fair to beat up a girl.” Carlos flashed a grin. Dusty twisted his body around to look at the guy, his brow scrunched up in confusion at first.

“You’re right,” Scott said, getting it after only half a second had passed. “Candace isn’t lesbian like that.”

“Les-what? No!” Dusty, the last to get it, exclaimed. “I am not a girl!”

“Oh yeah?” Scott sneered. “Didn’t look like she was feeling anything when she was up on your lap. I know my Candace and she would have had that dick halfway in her mouth before I got there if she had sensed it was beneath her.”

Shit. No. He didn’t need this. Dusty was already scrambling, trying to pull himself out of the couch now rather than vanish into it.

“No, you’ve got this all wrong. I’m not a girl. I’m a boy.” Dusty blushed when he heard himself say boy. He should have said man, but at this point, he was just hoping they wouldn’t catch his slip.

“Boy? I don’t think so.” Carlos grabbed Dusty’s shoulders, pulling him back against the couch from behind. “If you are a boy, you’re going to have to prove it.”

“Prove it?!” Dusty looked at Scott, horrified. “How?”

“Real easy,” Scott said, stepping up. “We’re just going to have to see for ourselves.”

“You can’t do that!” Dusty thrashed, kicking his legs. It didn’t matter. Carlos was so much bigger and broader than him. He had Dusty pinned like a butterfly to the back of the couch. Dusty kicked his legs again, flailing them and doing his best to twist out of Carlos’ grip. It wasn’t happening. Scott got in really close, grabbing Dusty’s jeans by their loops and starting to yank them down his hips. Dusty gasped and tried to swat at Scott to stop him. Scott growled.

“Hey!” Scott said. “Someone help me out here!”

Another one of the frat brothers came up and grabbed Dusty’s hands.

“That’s better,” Scott muttered. “Thanks.”

Dusty whimpered helplessly as Scott pulled up on his jeans so hard that he actually lifted Dusty’s ass up off the couch. Scott kept pulling on his jeans and Dusty heard people laugh when they saw his tight white boxer briefs.

Dusty’s shoes hit the floor and then so did his pants. Dusty’s butt dropped back down to the couch and Scott was up close again within a second, his strong hand groping Dusty’s soft cock through his boxer briefs. He wasn’t being gentle, rolling the soft dick around in his big fingers and squeezing it, making Dusty groan and blush deep red.

“Yeah,” Scott said. “I’m not feeling anything, here.”

“It’s there!” Dusty protested, his voice so soft it could barely be heard. “My cock is there. It’s just… it’s soft and…”

“Cold?” Scott said. “I’ve heard that one before. You’re not cold, kid, you’re just super fucking small. Or you’re just a girl.”

“I am not small!” Dusty protested. “I’m big!”

“Big? No, kid. I’ll show you big.”

Dusty’s eyes got wide. Carlos let go of his shoulders and the other guy let go of his wrists. Dusty jumped up, all but flying from the couch, but Dusty just found himself getting trapped in Scott’s enormous arms.

Scott turned Dusty around like he didn’t weigh anything at all and ripped off his shirt. Dusty shivered and felt himself being thrown over the arm of the couch, face being pressed into the cushions.

“No, no, no!” he protested, squirming.

“Let’s get these down.” Scott grabbed his white underwear and yanked it down Dusty’s thighs. “Look at that – a tiny little bubble butt, just like a fucking girl.” He smacked Dusty’s ass and Dusty felt his cheeks jiggle with the crisp sound. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying not to think about all of the other people in the room who weren’t doing anything, they were just waiting around to see what was going to happen.

“I think this girl could use a little bit of prettying up.” Scott said.

“Oh, I’ve got it! I volunteer!” Candace dropped her shorts and started slipping her panties down her legs. Scott grinned and reached up, catching the panties when she tossed them his way. He made Dusty step into them and then pulled them up the smaller boy’s legs, bringing them to rest right where they should be before tugging sharply on the strings. The thong rode up, wedging between Dusty’s ass cheeks, and Scott reached around – manhandling his soft little cock again by tucking it into place with the lace panties.

The panties were damp in the crotch. Dusty’s face was on fire, because Candace had not been wet when she was on his lap. She had probably started getting wet when Scott started throwing him around…

That made it even more humiliating. Dusty was just trying really hard to pray that it didn’t get any worse than this.

“Look at that. You shameless slut.” Scott reached back around and smacked Dusty’s chest, strong fingers pinching the boy’s nipples and twisting them a little bit before pulling up and then smacking the soft, tender spot. “You are walking around without a bra. You must want someone to squeeze your titties.”

“I – don’t…nnhh!” Dusty squirmed, Scott was leaning so far over that Dusty couldn’t help grinding his ass against the bigger man’s jeans. “D-Doesn’t have tits! Not a girl!” he couldn’t even speak in complete sentences anymore.

“Sure you aren’t. Whatever you say, little girl.” Scott grabbed Dusty’s ‘tits’ with both hands and gave them a hard squeeze. I still think we should put a bra on you if we already have the panties. You know, to make them a matching set.”

“No!” Dusty moaned.

“Candace?” Scott queried.

Candace slipped her hands underneath her shirt – now it was quite obvious she was drunk off her ass. She freed her breasts and then pulled the bra off, flinging it at Scott. It was strapless – perfect. Scott pulled it around Dusty’s chest and fastened it, reaching around to grope and squeeze his ‘little girl tits’ again before smacking his ass once more.

“There,” Scott said. “You look like a perfect slut to me.”

“I’m not a slut!” Dusty tried to claw at the couch and push himself away. Scott grabbed his wrists and yanked them behind his back, pinning them across each other.

“Not a slut? I think you’re a little bit of a slut.” Scott rammed his hips into Dusty, grinding against his ass. “I think you take dick just like one.”

“No!” Dusty moaned and whimpered at the same time. “N-No I don’t…”

“Hey, Carlos. Electrical tape is on top of the fridge.”

Carlos went into the kitchen. Dusty’s heart dropped into the pit of his stomach as he tried really hard not to think about what was coming next. Carlos tossed Scott the electrical tape and he caught it, peeling it up and wrapping it around Dusty’s wrists. The tape dug into his skin, thin yet strong and impossible to break in that position. Scott just kept wrapping it until he felt like he had enough and then pulled another piece across Dusty’s mouth, layering several pieces on top of each other so that they covered the whole thing.

“Great,” Scott tossed the tape aside. Dusty felt it land on the couch cushion just above his head. “Now we’ll see how good of a slut you really are.” He grabbed the zipper of his pants and started dragging it down slowly. Dusty was shaking, unable to do anything other than squeeze his thighs together and try hard not to let this happen. Scott unbutton his jeans and pushed them down just enough to pull out his long, hard cock over the top of his boxers. His fingers slipped down the band of the panties, dipping them just enough to expose everything. He spread Dusty’s ass cheeks apart and put the thick, hot tip against the boy’s tight, pale little asshole.

Dusty screamed into the gag, desperately wanting them to at least use lube. He felt Scott thrust his hips forward and Dusty’s ass started to spread underneath the push of the bigger man’s cock. Dusty felt himself open up wide and he felt Scott start to slide in, just the dry head of his dick at first – barely getting in the tip.

“Hey,” some other guy Dusty hadn’t heard from up until now said. “Use this.”

Scott caught something and laughed.

“Butter?” he asked. “Ok. Why not.”

The bigger man scooped up some of the butter from the tub onto his fingers. He pulled out his cock long enough to spread it between Dusty’s ass cheeks. Dusty groaned and squeezed his eyes shut until the darkness on the back of his eyelids started turning white. Scott finished up and then Dusty felt the bigger man grab onto his hips again. He braced himself for what he knew was coming next.

He knew it was coming, but he really hadn’t been expecting it. Scott slammed into Dusty’s ass, sliding in so easily that the whole length went in at once and didn’t stop until his hips crashed into Dusty’s ass and his balls smacked him soundly, swinging heavily like a pendulum. Dusty squeaked at the wet slapping sound and moaned long and low as Scott started pulling back, his long cock slipping out inch by excruciating inch.

Scott pulled almost all of the way out and then slammed back in. This time he grunted, moving himself up far enough so that his muscular chest was pressed against Dusty’s back. He wrapped his hand around Dusty’s throat, squeezing just a little bit and putting his mouth close to the boy’s ear. He grunted again and swiveled his hips, his cock moving around deep inside Dusty’s ass. Dusty’s groan vibrated against the bigger man’s fingers and then Scott started thrusting in and out. He started going at a nice steady pace, keeping the rhythm up as his skin smacked into Dusty’s. He licked the shell of Dusty’s ear and whispered, “Yeah, slut? You like that? You like taking a big man’s cock right up your tight little pussy?”

Dusty moaned. In trying to escape he ended up pushing his ass closer, grinding down on Scott’s cock. Scott squeezed Dusty’s throat a little bit, not hard but enough to remind him who was in charge, and reached down with his other hand to smack Dusty’s ass again – grabbing up a handful of his firm butt cheek and squeezing it hard.

“Mmm. Fuck. Yes. Fuck… shit. You’re going to make me cum like this, girl. You’re going to make me cum really deep inside…”

Dusty shook his head, unable to escape Scott’s strong, built body or his hot breath and humiliating words. Dusty could feel Scott slowing down – his thrusts were getting slower, lingering longer and plunging in deeper than they had before. Dusty let out one last high-pitched whimper as Scott growled and drove himself balls-deep into Dusty’s ass, unleashing a huge load that filled Dusty up. Scott let out a loud, exaggerated sight of self-satisfaction. He started drawing his cock back, and Dusty could feel some of the cum already leaking out a bit.

Scott smacked Dusty’s ass with his heavy cock, which still felt rock hard even though it was going down. He smeared the tip all over Dusty’s ass, making sure as much of the cum was left behind as possible.

“Well,” Scott announced. “That was a halfway decent fuck. Maybe it was okay for you know, a twenty dollar hooker. But I wouldn’t pay much more for that slutty ass. It’s probably had every guy in here before. It’s probably got cum from every fucking dude in this room…”

“What the fuck!” Brian walked into the room, as if he had been absent the whole time. Dusty felt his heart start racing with relief. He didn’t want his brother to see him like this. It was humiliating to even think about what was going through Brian’s brain right now, but that didn’t really fucking matter. Dusty just wanted to go home.

“What the hell, dude?” Brian stomped across the room to approach Scott. “Step back. Right fucking now.”

To Dusty’s surprise, a fight didn’t break out. Scott pretty much stepped back immediately, reining his dick in and tucking it back into his pants. I mean, Dusty thought, why put up an argument about it? He got what he wanted…

He was so relieved when he felt Brian’s hands on him, even if his brother was being a little bit rougher than he would have liked. Brian probably didn’t realize exactly how rough he was being…

Brian grabbed the edges of the electrical tape and peeled it all back in one piece, ripping it away from Dusty’s mouth and then setting him back down. Dusty was still bent over the arm of the couch, except now it was digging into his spine and his back was being arched painfully. He blushed, feeling all of the blood rushing back to his face as he looked at Brian pleadingly.

“Can we go home now?” Dusty asked, tears welling up in his eyes. He could already feel that he was about to cry and he didn’t want to fucking do it in front of all of these guys…

“You just don’t know how to treat a girl, do you?” Brian looked over his shoulder at Scott. He was already unzipping his shorts, undoing his belt and pulling his dick out so that it was jutting from the checkered boxers he was wearing.

Wait – what???

“Brian!” Dusty protested. “What are you doing? Take me home, please, I… you don’t know what they did…!”

“I saw what they did,” Brian said, finally acknowledging his brother. “Guys, I’m so sorry for what Dusty did. I mean, she doesn’t know the deal. She didn’t know who she was hitting on, but I’m not here to say she shouldn’t be punished…”

Brian kept calling him she. This wasn’t a good sign.

Dusty cried out in frustration and started kicking, his skinny legs flying everywhere. Brian grabbed his feet and yanked the pink panties the rest of the way down, quickly knotting them around Dusty’s ankles and making him completely helpless. Brian then got up on the arm of the couch, his knees pressing into the cushioned part that Dusty’s back was resting on. He leaned over and grabbed the back of Dusty’s head, tangling his fingers up in Dusty’s black hair and pulling him up just a little bit, just enough to push his cock up against the boy’s mouth.

“Open up,” Brian ordered. Dusty couldn’t believe what was happening.

“Brian-!” he didn’t even get another word out before Brian slid his fat cock into Dusty’s mouth. He wasn’t circumcised, so his soft foreskin was filling up all of the corners while his rock hard cock was jamming its way down Dusty’s unwilling throat.

“Yeah,” Brian spat. “Take it, slut. Come on, you know you want to. You know you’re good at it. You like cock. You love it. Suck it hard and maybe I won’t cum in your mouth.”

Dusty moaned. He didn’t know the first thing about sucking a dick. He just started sucking as hard as he could, hoping he was doing it right. Brian’s head just kept slipping back and forth over the surface of his tongue, hitting the back of his throat every now and then. He felt the velvety skin brushing over the roof of his mouth and that hard, throbbing pulse was pounding so hard that Dusty’s entire mouth felt like it was vibrating.

He moaned again, trying not to choke. Brian pounded the couch’s back cushion like it was the best goddamned thing he had felt.

“Yes, fuck, yes, keep doing that. You keep doing that you little cheap whore. Mmmm shit you’re going to make me cum…”

Dusty tried to shake his head but couldn’t really move with Brian’s cock inside of him. He thought that this was going to be it, maybe they would leave him alone after this, but he felt someone lifting up his legs, just enough so that his slippery ass was exposed.

He didn’t know who was coming up behind Brian. He couldn’t see. But he could definitely feel the head of another dick pressing up between his ass cheeks. No one said a word to him – maybe it was Carlos, or it could have been any of the other guys. Dusty felt the new guy’s cock start to slowly slip inside while Brian was busy fucking his throat.

Dusty clenched his asshole, but the guy kept going. He was going in raw too, just like Scott had. That meant he was probably going to fill Dusty up with more cum. Dusty slipped his tongue up and down the head of Brian’s cock when his brother pulled back a little bit, prodding at it – he could taste pre-cum. Dusty sucked even harder, trying to make Brian cum, trying to make it so that this was all over as quickly as possible…

The guy behind Brian started making deep thrusts – going hard and fast into Dusty’s ass, kneading his tight cheeks with strong fingers, pulling them as wide apart as they could go so that Dusty could feel every inch of that slender, long cock. The guy angled his cock, speeding up even more. Dusty could hear grunting and smacking, he felt like he would have been moving back and forth across the couch if he wasn’t being pinned by Brian’s cock.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum…” Brian moaned and tightened his grip on Dusty’s hair. Dusty’s moan was cut off as he was choked by the flood of cum. Brian started pulling his cock out right as he was flooding Dusty’s mouth, and then his cock sprang up into the air, cum spouting from his head and splashing onto his younger brother’s face. Dusty felt the cum sliding everywhere – hot as lava, getting into his hair and moving down his neck. He groaned and tried to turn his face away, but Brian immediately grabbed his cheeks, pinching them and forcing Dusty to look up until his cock had finished emptying.

The other guy was speeding up, and Dusty could feel the hands on his skin getting sweaty, the salt stinging where the skin-on-skin contact was rubbing, abrasive. Dusty felt someone grab hold of his cock, and he made a surprised sound. They squeezed it a little bit, mostly stroking it until he was hard. He felt himself fill up their hands and he hated himself for how quickly he was getting an erection. He didn’t want this, and if he got hard then they were going to think that he really liked it…

Dusty felt their fingers slip over his head, spreading his pre-cum a round. He felt them start to jack him off, stroking his cock and massaging his balls in a way that made him feel helpless, but it also felt so good. He couldn’t stand it. Dusty’s hips bucked, and the guy fucking him thrust deep inside. Dusty didn’t realize how close he was to cumming. He started making helpless, feminine sounds as they stroked faster and faster, an expert hand, until he felt the orgasm building up in the base of his cock. It drew up his balls, making his entire dick ache, and then he felt himself explode.

Well, not explode. He was aware that he didn’t cum very much. It was more like a trickle, and they were already laughing and jeering at the small amount.

Dusty whimpered and sank down onto the cock that was hammering away deep inside of him, unable to do anything else as he just lay there, waiting for the guy to be finished with him. The frat brother pulled out, squirting more cum onto Dusty’s cheeks. He felt hands smothering his ass in cum and hot tears started sliding down his cheeks.

“Are we all done?” Dusty asked after a minute, his throat feeling abused and coated with so much cum. He licked his lips and tested to see if they were going to let him sit up. Brian backed off and the other guy vanished.

“No,” Scott said, grabbing Dusty’s arm and flipping him over so that he was on the floor. Dusty groaned as soon as he hit the hard wood, his head sinking and his forehead resting against it.

Scott stood over him, unzipping his pants again. Dusty wasn’t sure if he could take another dick. He opened his mouth to protest, but he was surprised when he felt something else hit his cheek – a stream of something hot and very wet…

Holy shit. Scott was pissing on him.

“You’re going to be our toilet for the rest of the night,” Scott said, the stream still going steady. It was bright yellow and Dusty’s nose filled with the smell of piss and beer. “You’re going to lie there and we’re going to just keep using you however we feel like. You get that?”

Dusty nodded, not wanting to open up his mouth again in case Scott decided to pee right in it. He waited until Scott had zipped up his pants again and then his limbs relaxed a little bit.

“You came like a girl, you know.” Scott smirked. “All it took was rubbing your little clit just a bit. You really liked that, didn’t you? You must have really wanted that cock in your tight little pussy.”

His ears were ringing with white noise, but somewhere he could hear everyone laughing at him. He knew his cheeks were bright red, the same color as the rug underneath the coffee table where he was laying. Someone else, someone Scott called ‘Jess’, walked right up to him as the crowd was starting to disperse and pulled down his pants, whipping out his dick and acting like he was aiming a water gun, pointing it right at Dusty’s ear.

“Ten points,” he said. “If I can get it in that hole.” He started pissing, the stream hitting close to Dusty’s neck. This guy was so fucking off his rocker drunk that it was amazing he could even stand up straight to pee.

The night wore on. It seemed like everyone in the house was happy to use him as Scott said they would – making him their toilet, treating him like he wasn’t even really there. Sometimes they would talk to him, but only the people who were drunk. Everyone else who had their wits about them would just use him and then move on. He heard Brian and Scott laughing in the other room – and at some point someone seemed to be making fun of him and all of the noises he had been making while being used sexually. He had beer spilled on him a couple of times, and narrowly avoided someone throwing up all over him. He was tired, and cold, and he was sore all over. He was humiliated and he didn’t want to be here anymore. He just wanted to go home, he didn’t know how he was going to be able to look Brian in the eye ever after this…

At some point, Scott pulled Candace over and started making out with her on the couch. She moaned a lot, already half naked, and got down on her knees in front of it. Her feet were resting on Dusty’s face while Scott pulled his cock out and told her to suck on it. That was right before he pulled her up into his lap and started fucking her, letting her slide up and down his dick nice and slow while he reached around and fingered her tight asshole. She made all kinds of high-pitched, pleased sounds and they fucked for almost an hour. She came first, and she made sure to scream Scott’s name, and he came deep inside of her, smacking her ass and telling her what a good girl she was. When she got off, she nearly stepped on Dusty trying to get back to the kitchen for a drink. He was just in a position where he could see her unrestrained nipples bouncing up and down in her little half-shirt.

Her ass vanished behind the couch, and Dusty had an erection again. He hated himself for it. He knew that they were going to think he was loving every minute of this. And this time he had no pants to hide it. He just had a little blushing pink erection jutting out from between his legs. He couldn’t even cross his thighs to hide it, because his ankles were still tied together with the panties and his hands were still bound with electrical tape, so that wasn’t an option either.

“Ugh,” Brian came around the corner. He stood over Dusty with his arms crossed. Scott stood up from the couch, pulling his pants back up lazily.

“You reek,” Brian said. “Scott, what are we going to do with this pile of garbage on the floor?”

“I guess we’re going to have to take out the trash.” Scott said. “You’re cool with doing that, aren’t you Brian?”

“Yeah, sure.” Brian said. “I don’t mind at all. I know parties are a real mess.”

“What does that mean?” Dusty was afraid to ask. Brian wrinkled his nose and lifted his brother up while Scott disappearing into the kitchen. Neither of them bothered to untie him, so Dusty just stood there, his feet cold from how much slower the blood was getting to his toes with the panties so tight around his ankles, and leaned awkwardly against his brother as he waited to see what else they had in store for his fate. Scott came out of the kitchen and started getting air into a large black trashbag to open it up more by jerking it up and down. After he finished opening it all the way up, Brian nodded to Carlos and gestured for him to come over.

“Hey,” he said. “Help me out.”

“Help you out with -? Brian…!” Dusty didn’t get out another word of protest. Carlos took the swathe of electrical tape from earlier and wadded it up, stuffing it into Dusty’s mouth so he couldn’t say anything else as he grabbed the boy’s ankles. Between Brian and Carlos, they scrunched Dusty up like an accordion, hooking his bound wrists around his imprisoned ankles and making him into a little ball. Scott held the trash bag open and they dumped Dusty unceremoniously inside, drawing it tightly shut and tying it off completely.

Dusty moaned around his gag but couldn’t do anything else. He waited there, trying to struggle, but all he could really move was his shoulders. He knew that he had to calm down, or else he was going to quickly run out of air to breathe. He forced himself to stay still and waited helplessly until he felt someone lift up the bag and sling it over their shoulder. He felt himself being carried out, and he could hear people laughing, talking, and vomiting. He could hear some people talk and heard Brian respond. Brian’s voice was very close to his head, so his brother had to be the one carrying him out. But carrying him out where? To the car? Were they finally going home?

What was his mother going to say when Dusty got home wearing nothing but a bra and a pair of panties tied around his ankles? She would probably be as embarrassed and ashamed as he was. Well, maybe that was a bit of stretch. She was more than definitely going to be embarrassed but no one could be as humiliated as he was right now…

They walked for a few second until the chatter died down behind them; but Dusty could still hear the music pumping away as he felt the bag slide off Brian’s shoulder. His brother set the garbage back not-too-gently down on the curb. There was a pause, and Dusty wondered if he was alone.

“Hey, mom? It’s Brian.”

Guess not. Dusty felt horrified at the fact that Brian had lingered to call their mom now. He didn’t know what his older brother was going to say. How was it possible to even begin explaining this?

“Yeah, we’re having lots of fun. You could say Dusty is having loads of fun.”

Oh God. Bad puns.

“Mhm. Yeah, he blew every guy in there away. He really opened up for them.”

Dusty felt the need to groan. Brian kicked the side of the bag, his foot connecting with Dusty’s ribs. The bag rustled and Dusty made a muffled squawk of protest.

“Yeah, actually. They dumped a lot on him his first night, but I told him that’s to be expected. He swallowed everything they gave him. He’s a real champ.”

She was oblivious. She wasn’t going to think anything at all was amiss. If Brian told her that all was well and they were having a good time she was going to believe him. Dusty knew that nothing was going to happen to make this night better. It was just going to end with him being in a trash can.

“Yeah, well. I know. I come he comes here too. I know the guys would be happy to have him again. Especially since he really…” he paused on the brink of another pun. “Yeah, yeah. No, yeah. Yeah – he definitely met Scott.”

Dusty cringed.

“Yeah, I’ll tell him. Mhm. Yep – look mom, I’ve got to go. I just had to run the trash out for Scott and I wanted to call and make sure your night was going all right. But I’m going to head back in and we might be staying over. So I’ll call you in the morning and let you know when we’re headed back, ok? Cool. I love you too – yes, I’ll tell Dusty you said so. All right. Love you too. Goodnight.” He hung up, and he kicked the bag again. Dusty moaned a little louder, as if he was hoping to remind his brother that there was something he was forgetting. But it didn’t seem to work. He heard the scuffle of flip-flops and Brian was walking away, disappearing back towards the house. Dusty was all alone.

He wondered how long it would take before Brian or someone else came back to let him out. He wondered if they would be like, ok, joke is over. Time to take you inside and clean you up. This all felt so surreal, like a dream. He couldn’t believe that any of it had actually happened.

He wondered how much longer until morning. If Brian didn’t come back for him, then was anyone going to find him? He had plenty of time to think about what had happened earlier – about how he had been thrown over the couch and used. How they had done everything and anything they could to him. How they had made him cum even when he didn’t want to, and they had treated him like a slutty girl the whole time…

He was getting another erection – damn it! He didn’t even want this one. But he could feel it happening and the worst thing was… he couldn’t do anything about it. He just had to sit there and suffer in silence, and now his cock was sore. His balls ached and he wanted so badly to blow his load. He just wanted to go home, hide in his room forever, and jerk off. He didn’t want to think about this night ever again, he didn’t want to think about all of the big guys who had thrown him around and just used him for their pleasure, used them on the ends of their massive hard cocks…

Dusty groaned. He had to stop thinking about this shit. He closed his eyes and tried to find a position where he could get some sleep. It was going to be a long way until morning.

When Dusty opened his eyes again, he thought he was dreaming again. The bag felt warm, and maybe a little bit wet. He twitched, but tried to hold perfectly still so he could hear everything that was going on around him. Dusty heard some men talking and he kept quiet, thinking that it might be either Brian or Scott out here again.

Maybe Brian was going to take him home, finally. Maybe they figured he had been punished enough with this. Or maybe Scott was going to untie the bag and they were going to take him back inside for even more punishment. He really didn’t want to know. He felt so gross and sweaty already, and he was covered in so much piss and cum, that he was just ready to be done. He wanted to eat breakfast and he wanted a shower – his stomach was growling without shame.

The more he listened the more he realized the voices above his head were not Brian and Scott. He didn’t actually recognize them at all. It took him an absurdly long time to process what they were saying, and then he realized what they were actually talking about…

They were talking about him. Well, they were talking about the garbage…

The bag rustled above his head. A large hand was wrapped around the bunched up, tied-off part of the bag. Dusty was lifted up into the air and he felt another hand cup right underneath his ass. What the hell was going on? Couldn’t they tell that there was a person in this bag? Was it not really fucking obvious-?

He tried to squirm, but his limbs were so stiff and he was so well bound that there wasn’t anything he could do. He tried to make noise, but he couldn’t be heard over their talking and the beeping of the truck.

Dusty went sailing through the air. He closed his eyes and prayed for the best, hoping he didn’t fall onto a ton of glass or just go splat on the sidewalk. Luckily, neither of those things happened. He found himself landing inside the truck on top of a heap of spongy garbage. It cushioned his fall really well, and then he heard the garbage truck start to close. The world inside of a black garbage bag went extra dark, and Dusty felt the trash being swept to the back of the truck. He felt himself moving with it, and then he heard some air releasing, some gas puffing. The garbage man who had thrown him in got back into his seat, and the whole truck move a little with the added weight.

Then there was just a few passing seconds of total silence wrapped up in the darkness. Dusty felt the garbage pressing in from all sides, keeping him snug in its core. He had felt like trash before they had even gone this far. He had felt like total refuse when they had used him up and then started keeping him around as a toilet…

But then they had put him in the garbage bag. That had been like, the cap. He didn’t think it could really get any worse than that. He had apparently been wrong. He hadn’t thought Brian would have left him out there all night or he would have protested a little harder. He might have tried to crawl out or get away if he had known where this was going, but he had been so shocked, and everything had happened so fast… he barely had any time to react. And it wasn’t like he was able to do anything when he was between all of those guys who were so much bigger, broader, stronger…

They weren’t going to let him get away, and they knew it. They had folded him up neatly and tossed him out to the curb. And now he was going to be taken away by a dump truck. What the ever-loving hell?

Dusty finally managed to his mouth and tongue enough that he was able to push the wet tape out. He spat it all out and started trying to scream at the top of his lungs, but his throat was too dry and his voice was too weak. Besides, he knew it was all over by now – no one could hear him anyway.

“Hey!” he called out. “Hey, I’m in here!”

The dump truck started moving. Dusty felt his heart hammering.

“Hey! Hey, I’m in here!” he knew it was useless. He had no idea why he was still screaming.

Dusty forced him to calm down – at least now he could relax his limbs, no longer having to keep himself propped up. He closed his eyes and wondered where the garbage truck was taking him. He also wondered how much trash would be piled up on top of him before someone found him and realized their mistake.

He still wasn’t sure how he was going to get home. And even when he did get home, he had no idea what he was possibly going to say when he saw Brian again.

Oh well… he would just have to figure that out. For now he was just being hauled away like the remains of a good time; being treated just like empty beer cans and used condoms from a frat party.

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