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Found Bagged

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2007 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; F/m; leather; cuffs; gag; collar; bagged; kitchen; caught; trash; dumped; object; discarded; outdoors; cons/reluct; X

My second trashbag story, combining my love of self bondage and discovery, along with being objectified and bagged - hope you enjoy.

I had the day to myself, a rare day off during the working week and my wife was working today, the house was mine. After eating breakfast and some cleaning up, throwing some garbage into a bag in the kitchen that I would place in the bin later, I decided to check my emails. They turned out to be mostly spam and other junk mail, then there was one that sparked my curiosity, clicking on the link lead me to a story about someone being enclosed in a garbage bag and dumped. The story was on some group and clicking on the links I found several more stories that contained various forms of play involving trash, dumpster and most important of all - bondage.

Now I like bondage, whether tied up by my wife or binding myself, I loved the feeling of helplessness that it brought about, all my strength was useless against the bonds that confined my limbs. I was fortunate enough to find someone who shared my love and she regularly bound me for her pleasure. I say I like bondage, love would be more like it, I love being bound and left alone, tie me and go read a book, watch television or something, but leave me bound and the longer you leave me the more I like it. I suppose I like it when my wife transforms me into an object for her pleasure, tied and waiting whatever delights she seeks from using me.

The idea of being bound inside a plastic garbage bag seemed to fit with my ideas of being just an object, I would become nothing other than mere refuse inside the smooth plastic that would contain my bound body. The more stories that I read, the more the idea formed in my mind that I wanted to try this, I finished devouring the stories on the group and carefully book marked it so I could return later. Shutting down the computer I rose and began getting things ready to try out my new found fetish.

Heading to the bedroom I went to the box containing my bondage toys, this was kept under the bed for easy reach whenever I wanted to use them on me or my wife. Today I thought I'd use the leather bondage cuffs on my wrists and ankles, these would be fastened using the keyed alike padlocks. A matching leather collar would be nice and snug, making me feel submissive and just a mere object, it's strange that a simple piece of leather no wider than 2 inches could have that affect on my psyche. The act of closing the collar around my throat brought out subliminal desires in me, that made me submit.

Stripping off my clothes, I decided that I would be naked for this session, I began placing the cuffs around my ankles, followed shortly thereafter by my wrists. I would not be securing them together until I was enclosed in the bag. Then I spotted my trusty leather gag, it had a small ball but a large leather patch that covered my mouth and was good at keeping me quiet, as we had found out on many occasions especially when family come to stay. The gag entered my mouth, the leather taste quickly got my saliva glands working and soon a sliver of drool was forming at the side of my mouth. I buckled the gag's straps behind my head and insert a small padlock to ensure the strap could not be undone without the key.

Now that I had placed the leather straps on my wrists and ankles, gagged myself and applied the collar, all I had to do was gather up the locks I would be using and start this session. I would be doing this self bondage session in the kitchen, where else would you find garbage, well maybe outside but I didn't want to risk being discovered by my neighbours bound and enclosed within a garbage bag!

So for today it would be the kitchen, we normally have a trash bag in a corner between the fridge and the wall, when you open the backdoor this then hides the bag from view. We use a large wheelie bin supplied by the local authority, it's one of those that tips and has wheels on one side, the lid flips up and gets out the way when the truck picks it up with it's mechanical arm. We decided to use the large bags to line the inside this bin, mainly to keep it clean, and then we place the smaller garbage bags inside this bag. This would be the bag I would be using today for my selfbonage session, I would easily fit inside, hell I bet I could easily fit inside the bin too.

Walking naked except for the leather cuffs, gag and collar out of the bedroom, I made sure that I left the keys to the locks on the bed, I would have to get myself from the kitchen to the bedroom to gain my release. I got a large 240 litre bag out of the pack, this measured approximately 150 x 120 cms and I thought would be a good size to start my new fetish. This is the bag we use to line the wheelie bin with. Next job was to clear away the garbage in the corner, there was just the one left from this mornings clean up, this only contained soft materials like paper and foodscraps, I had a sudden thought that I could use this inside the bag, so I placed it to one side and in easy reach.

I opened the large bag, flipping it up in the air whilst holding the open edge to allow the bag to fully open and I get a waft of plastic smelling air from inside the bag. I could feeling the start of stirrings in Mr Happy. Arranging the bag in the space I wanted I gather up the edge of the bag and made myself a clearing in the middle. The bag sat on the floor, the sides gathered and waiting to enclose me in it's grasp. I placed my feet inside and moved them to one corner, I thought that I would try to get my feet in one corner and sit myself down in the other, then I would pull the bag around me.

Before sitting down I grabbed the other bag and placed it behind me, this would sit under my legs and I thought it may come in handy to sit on if I became uncomfortable on the hard flooring. Bending down I started to sit down, pulling the bag around and up my back I managed to squat down and then I slipped, the plastic slid on the tiled floor and I landed with a bump. But during this I managed to get myself inside the bag, the bag now sat around my feet and enclosed my bum in it's smooth plasticy grasp. I reached for the locks to begin binding myself, first came the lock between my ankles, the leather cuffs were soon joined by their D-rings when the padlock closed holding them an inch apart.

Pulling my feet inwards towards my body, I began to scrunch up inside the bag. Next came a small chain that had clips fastened at each end, sort of like a dog leash without the leather handle and a clip at each end, that's how I'd made this item. This went from my now bound ankles up to my collar, this effectively pulled my head down towards my feet, bending me over and folding me in two. My knees were now against my shoulders, the chain holding me against them. I pulled the remainder of the bag up and over my naked body, my hands lifting the plastic to cover me. I pulled on the drawstrings to close the top, leaving a small hole at the top, the strings tied inside then pushed through this hole to the outside of the bag.

All that was left now was to secure my hands and I could sit back and enjoy myself, become mere trash sitting in the corner of the kitchen. Picking up the last padlock, I placed my arms around my thighs and inside the space between my legs down near my ankles. Here was a small ring on the same chain that held my neck to my feet, placing the lock through here I then placed each cuff into the lock and with a bit of manipulation that wouldn't go amiss on the yoga mat I managed to close the lock securing my wrists together. Now I was fully bound within the bag, bent over with my head near my knees, my hands bound near my feet and sitting quietly in the corner of the room.

The first thing that hit me was the quiet, I suppose that during the binding I'd made plenty of noise, the rustle of the bag and being engrossed in what I was doing I hadn't taken much notice. Now sitting here, all was quiet. I also started to feel warm, the bag clung to my skin and sweat formed making the bag cling even more. I was getting air from above through the hole, I would have to make sure that I didn't close that. I began to imagine that I was now just garbage awaiting collection, that I would soon be on my way outside to the trashcan to await pick up by the refuse collector. I spent some time inside the bag, lost in fantasy, running thoughts through my head. I was clearly very turned on by this.

Whether my mind was still lost in 'garbage space' or I'd drifted off to sleep with the snug warmth of the bag, that I didn't hear the front door open and my wife return home early. She came into the house and looked for me in the lounge room, she gave a quick look in the kitchen and then went to the bedroom expecting to find me tied up in there. She only found my clothes that I'd worn that morning, so assumed that I'd gone out. "Ah well, I wanted some time to myself to clean out the spare room", she thought to herself. "Now would be the perfect time to do this."

She began her cleaning, gathering things no longer required and putting them aside to be thrown out. Soon the pile had grown enough to need a bag to contain it all and decided to get some. Holding a small pile of her old underwear she walked into the kitchen, she then spotted the large bag in the corner that already seemed to contain some rubbish. Walking over to the bag she undid the drawstrings enough to open the bag and drop the contents on top of me, she was suddenly startled to discover my hiding place and looked inside to see me bound and covered in her old undies.

"What the hell are you doing?" she screamed at me. "You scared me half to death!"

I tried to mumble something and it was then that she noticed that I was not only tied up but gagged as well. She pulled the bag open to look further inside and checked on the way I'd tied myself up.

"So you want to be tied up in the rubbish do you?"

I shook my head the best I could to indicate otherwise, but she took this as a positive response.

"Well then I think that I'd better re-tie the bag and allow you to enjoy becoming mere garbage."

She then tied the top of the bag closed and double knotted it to make sure that I couldn't get out. She then went back into the spare bedroom to gather more garbage to place inside the bag with me. Soon she returned and opened the top, only to drop more stuff on top of me, old nylons, used tissues and plenty of other garbage landed on and around me. Soon I was up to my neck in the stuff, my body long since disappeared under the deluge she poured in.

"Looks like the bag is full." she said. "I'll have to start on another one."

Again she closed the top of the bag, retying the drawstrings and sealing me inside. I sat there listening to her moving about the house, cleaning and throwing more things into garbage bags. Soon she re-entered the kitchen, I couldn't see her through the bag but could hear her footsteps and she got closer. Then something landed on top of me. "There one more bag of garbage." As she dropped the bag on top of the one enclosing me inside. Then her footsteps went away again. She repeated this a couple of times until there four more bags joined me in the corner, some had been placed on top whilst others were shoved against me.

"There that's the clearing up done," she stated, "now to get something to eat and watch some tv."

I heard her moving around the kitchen, clanking pans and plates, though I couldn't smell anything other than the rubbish that was enclosed in my bag. This proved to be a bit of a turn on, here I was surrounded by her old undies, nylons and other items that contained her scent, the warmth of the bag enriching the heady perfume. Plus the fact that I was now being totally ignored by my wife who was standing just a couple of feet from where I lay bound in the bag. I was in heaven, bondage heaven that is, to be tied and left to 'stew' is one of my major turn on's, and here I was getting the full treatment as she pottered around the kitchen seemingly oblivious to my presence.

Soon the noise died down and she left the kitchen for the lounge and turned on the television to watch her favorite soaps. I knew that she would be occupied for a couple of hours watching these inane shows, she knew that I couldn't stand them and it seemed that she'd turned up the volume for my benefit. Now even If I did call out, she would be unable to hear me. Again I felt nothing more than an object, in this case a discarded object, but a featureless object none the less.

Her shows were interrupted when the doorbell rang, a friend had popped over to chat. Soon they entered the kitchen and my wife began making some coffee for the two of them. I was well hidden in amongst the bags of rubbish in the corner, but dare not move in case I gave myself away. My wife prolonged the agony by saying that they should have coffee at the kitchen table. So they sat and chatted for what seemed like hours, women seem to manage to talk about the smallest detail and they share with each other stuff that no man would about themselves with other men. Pretty soon their talk turned spicy, whether it was for my benefit or not my wife seemed to dwell on this topic of conversation. She even mentioned my love of being tied up and that I may even be tied up this very minute.

Her friend burst out laughing at the thought of me bound and waiting, whilst the women enjoy their coffee and gossip. I squirmed inside my bag at their laughter. But pretty soon they had finished their chatter and soon began saying their goodbyes. Just then my wife asked if her friend wouldn't mind helping her place the pile of garbage bags outside.

"Sure, with hubby 'tied-up' at the moment I don't suppose he'd be any use now." her friend said.

"Not that he was much use anyway!" my wife replied.

I felt the weight of the bags begin to lessen as they each grasped a corner of a bag and lifted or dragged it out of the kitchen door to the outside. "Just place it next to the bin, it should be collected tomorrow," my wife said.

Next they grasped the corners of the bag containing me.

"This one's a heavy one, what have you got inside - a dead husband!" laughed her friend.

"Close," replied my wife, "just another dead weight that hangs around the house."

I was unceremoniously dragged along the kitchen floor and across the step, dropping onto the concrete path outside and then placed up against the wheelie bin. Returning they brought out the rest of the bags and placed them on top and around me so now I was totally enclosed with them. The weight restricting my movements, not that I could move much now anyway as my arms seemed to have gone to sleep being held for so long in one position.

I then heard my wife and her friend go inside and the rear door shut behind them. I was being left outside along with the rest of the garbage. Did I hear her right that the truck would be coming in the morning to collect the trash. After her friend had left my wife returned out to where I was now located inside my plastic prison.

"Well I hope that you've enjoyed yourself inside that bag? It's certainly making me hot thinking about you being helplessly bound inside there. I think I'll have to go do something to relieve myself." she said. "Hope you enjoy the rest of the night out here. If you're lucky I'll be up before the men come to take the trash out!"

I heard her footsteps re-enter the house, closing the door I could hear the locks being put in place and then she was gone. I was being left out here as nothing more than another bag of rubbish, I looked just like all the other bags out here so why should any one care about this bag. I tried several times to get myself free, by with the other bags holding me in place I was unable to get myself out.

My wife in the meantime had retired to bed and was busily pleasuring herself with one of her battery operated toys. Her thoughts of me tied and bound in the bag, unable to get free pushed her to several orgasms that night. Finally exhausted she drifted off into a peaceful sleep. She was startled awake in the morning by the sound of the garbage men collecting the refuse at the side of the house. The clanking of the bin as it was lifted into the truck waking her with a start. Soon she suddenly realized that I was still outside bound in the bag along with the rest of the rubbish.

Would she save me or would she roll over and go back to sleep...


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