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The Flat Party

by Pegusas

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© Copyright 2017 - Pegusas - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; strip; naked; bond; gag; bagged; trashbag; garbage; messy; disposal; dumpster; cons/nc; X

Lucy, a first year microbiology student, had organised a flat party at the weekend and the theme was beach party. It didn’t matter to anyone that it was the middle of winter, in fact that probably made it all the more fun, dressing up in beach wear, or bikinis and speedos if you were brave enough! 

It was one of her best parties ever; the beer, wine and cheap spirits flowed on and on. It was well into daylight the next morning before the party died and the guests had gone home. The mess left behind was too much to deal with when so wasted, so Lucy decided to leave it until she got up later on. She shared with two other girls but they were away staying with their boyfriends that weekend so the mess wouldn’t matter for a little while she figured.

That afternoon though they were due to have the fortnightly flat inspection by the complex caretaker, to make sure they weren’t wrecking the place and also for any routine maintenance or cleaning that was required. Lucy was passed out on the lounge sofa, gone to the world she was still only dressed in her skimpy bikini, which did little to hide her generous assets, in fact her large natural breasts had fallen out of her top during the night!

The caretaker, after ringing the doorbell a few times, let herself in with her master keys. As soon as she walked in she was hit with the smell of take-away food, cigarettes and booze. This was going to be one of those flats she silently thought to herself, why don’t these students grow up?

She checked around the hallway, empty pizza boxes, beer cans and glasses everywhere. Then she went to the bathrooms; the floors wet, she dared not think of what with, and the sinks blocked with sick. Surely this was the worst she had ever seen in her years, what sort of animals were these people?

The caretaker went to check out the rest of the flat, the bedrooms didn’t seem as bad but still not great either. It was when she got to the lounge she got the biggest shock, the room was an absolute tip. Glasses everywhere, dishes and pizza boxes on the floor, spilt ash trays, random stains and spillages. This would definitely eat into their deposit.

It was then she spotted Lucy, still asleep on the sofa, tits hanging out of her top. She watched her, her chest rising up and down, the drool dribbling from her mouth. She felt no pity for her, only disgust.

She picked up a glass of wine and poured it over the girl. Lucy moved her face to the side but still didn’t wake up. This infuriated the caretaker even more; a young girl shouldn’t get into this kind of state, unable to defend herself.

The caretaker went away and fetched some cleaning supplies, she didn’t enjoy cleaning up the flats but it was part of her duties and knew the students wouldn’t lift a finger to help. When she came back she spent hours cleaning the flat, the bags of trash piling up, the caretaker had cleaned the bathrooms and all the bedrooms, now all that was left was the kitchen and lounge.

The kitchen and lounge were more or less one open plan room, the first being tiled and the second being carpeted. The girl, Lucy, was still asleep. The caretaker couldn’t believe it, after all the racket she had made cleaning up around her. The caretaker looked the girl up and down. She was drooling again from her mouth, her tits hanging out of her top and.... she looked like she had wet herself too! This girl really is trash. Well, it was time for her to be treated like trash!

The caretaker got an extra-large bin bag from her supplies and opened it up on the floor beside the girl. She pulled out several regular bags and tied the girl’s ankles, knees and wrists together. Looking down at the girl she was satisfied she was secure, but not gagged. It then hit her, the bikini bottoms!

She pulled on her gloves before untying the bikini bottoms; they were still wet and sticky. Carefully she manipulated the girl’s mouth open, slowly and gently pushing them into her mouth. Feeling that there was still a lot of space in her mouth, she needed something else. The bikini top was the obvious choice, close to hand and even more degrading for her to be totally naked. Unfastening her top she could help herself but to cup both breasts in her hands, to feel them and stroke them. She could see the nipples becoming erect. She never considered herself lesbian but she couldn’t help but find herself enjoying playing with this girl’s ample chest.

The girl let out a soft moan, the caretaker backed away a little. Standing still she waited until the girl settled again. Once satisfied she was the caretaker fashioned a ball gag out of another bin liner by tying one in a double knot in the middle, then pushed it into the girls mouth and tying it behind her head. The girls’ cheeks were bulging with her own wet bikini and the bin bag; there was no chance she’d be able to call out.

The caretaker lowered her feet first off the sofa into the bin bag; she folded the girl’s long soft legs under herself so that she was sat on them and then eased her body down forward. She pulled the bag up until it reached the girls shoulders, but then thought she needs to fill the bag up too, and the girl should be awake for this…

The caretaker slapped the girls in the face until she was wide awake, and sore! 


Lucy’s head was pounding, her eyes couldn’t focus, and that taste in her mouth! She tried to stretch out, but she couldn’t move, her legs and arms seemed pinned together. She tried to think, to figure it out, it didn’t make any sense.

“Finally awake, you trashy bitch!!” The caretaker stood before Lucy, legs astride, hands on hips. God she looked pissed off! “A right bloody state you left this flat in, it’s taken me hours to get it straight again, all I have to do now is clean the living room and the kitchen, and I only have one bag left, yours!”

Lucy’s eyes went wide; surely she can’t be serious, could she? Her question was soon answered. The caretaker came towards her bag, “Such a waste, all this food, still it’s garbage now”, She opened Lucy’s bag and poured all the food in, a mixture of crisps, pasta, chicken drumsticks, sausage rolls, everything a good party should have. Lucy watched as it rained down on her, bouncing and sliding off her body before resting around her legs.

Then the caretaker brought over some drinks, open cans of beer and half-drunk bottles of wine. Holding them high she poured them over Lucy’s naked body, Lucy’s eyes looked up pleading for mercy, but none was given. Lucy’s body was soaked in booze, her hair plastered down onto her head and the mixture sloshed around her legs. The caretaker put the empties into the recycling boxes, which looked suspiciously very clean, like they had never been used before.

She looked around for what else to put in the bag, there were lots of old newspapers and magazines lying around which would do just fine. The caretaker gathered them up and one by one she scrunched up the papers, she pushed them into the bag all around the naked girl until they reached around her breasts. Lucy could feel the rough paper scraping against her soft skin, the jagged edges poking her nipples. She looked down and was shocked to see her nipples becoming erect! For all the humiliation her body was enjoying this... treatment! The papers and food were slowly absorbing the liquids and becoming mushy all around her, she could feel it squelching in between her thighs.

The caretaker hadn’t finished yet though; she looked around for more to put in the bag.  She spotted a dirty laundry bag in the cupboard next to the kitchen; she pulled it up next to Lucy’s bag and start to empty the contents into the trash bag. T-shirts, shorts, pants & bras, they filled the bag up to Lucy’s face until the caretaker paused for a moment. The caretaker leaned down over her and pulled a stocking over her head, followed by another, and then another...when she was done Lucy’s features were almost invisible under the layers of black nylon. The caretaker filled the rest of the bag and then unceremoniously pulled the sides together at the top and tied it together.

Inside Lucy had watched as the final layers had grown around her, she had tried to struggle but she was too tightly tied. She had tried to call out but all that had come out was a faint “mmnpph”, no-one would hear that. So she had resigned herself to watching the trash being dumped on her, she was starting to wish she had led a tidier less wasteful life. Now she had no choice but to join her own trash.

Her bag now full the caretaker pulled the drawstrings tight around her neck, tying the ends securely. Pulling the bag shut squeezed the trash tighter against her naked body; she felt less like a person and more like just another content of the bag, another piece of trash. 

The caretaker satisfied the flat was now back to being respectably clean she packed away all of her cleaning equipment, all that was left of the mess was a big pile of trash bags that needed to be disposed of…

She hadn’t really thought of it as she started but she had crossed a line there was no coming back from, she couldn’t let the girl go now, she’d blab and she would lose her job and most like end up with a criminal record. She had to finish the job, trash was trash and she needed to be treated and disposed of as such.

She dragged the bagged up girl out from the flat and along the corridor to the lift, once down to the ground level she pulled her out the back fire exit to where the complex skips were. The skips were kept together in a row at the back lower than the path so all you had to do was lift up the lid and drop your trash down. Rolling the bag of trash into the skip she barely gave it a second thought as it fell into the half empty void, a couple more trips and she had disposed of all the trash, only a few more flats to check and clean before I’m done for the week and can go off for the weekend!


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